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"This is our story"

The sun came to hang low on in the sky. It set off a deep pink that seemed to reach from the endless sky, all the way to her feet. She sat in the sunset and let the breeze gently whip through the silky, mocha strands of her hair.

Thoughts seemed to pour in from every which way as her bi colored eyes scanned the scenery before her. Much like the wind, different emotions spilled over her. The past two and a half years have been more than what a young woman of her age should have even experienced. Not to say that all her experiences were bad, but much of them kept her guarded.

She squinted her eyes as the last of the sun peeked over the horizon. This was one of her favorite spots in all of Spira. It allowed her to cast all of her thoughts out to sea, where the cyan ocean carried them off into the universe. Closing her eyes, she smiled. Once again, her soul had been refreshed in the salty sea breeze.

"Whatcha up to?" A familiar voice rang through her ears. It was quite possibly one of the most beautiful things she'd ever heard in her life.

"What I do everyday." She replied with a grin to the man standing beside her. He grimaced and chuckled under his breath as he held out his hand. She placed her hand in his, and he raised her up gently.

"Everything ok, Tidus?" She asked as he turned to see what she was staring at off in the distance.

"Yep. Lulu and Wakka were growing restless. Wanted me to rush, I mean, check...on you." he laughed as he continued to stare in the distance. They stood silently there, just staring at nothing, and yet everything at the same time. It was alluring. She sighed with contentment and started to walk back home.

"Yuna...?" Tidus called to her as she started to walk away.

"Hmm?" Yuna replied without turning around.

"Other than this fantastic view, why do you come out here for hours on end, by yourself? What draws you to it?" Tidus asked as he continued to stare out into the ocean, never turning to her.

Yuna turned slowly, and started back to where Tidus stood. She grabbed his hand, and laced her fingers into his. She stood there and watched him look. A smile crossed her face and she stepped in front of him. Her hand slipped from his, and slowly ran up his arms, feeling his muscular form as they drifted to his chest, and came to a rest on the back of his neck. She let her fingers slide up, touching his blonde, wild hair that seemed to get in his way sometimes. Her eyes met his. One of the million things she was addicted to. His piercing blue eyes were so inviting and gentle. Tidus smiled before looking back at Yuna, and he reacted to her touch by slipping his hands around her waist before returning her look.

"I come here, because this is where we reunited. If I've learned one thing in my life, it's that things are often taken for granted. So I come here and quietly thank everyone and everything that let you return to me. And I cast away all my fears and thoughts into the sea." Yuna finally replied as she pulled herself closer to him, feeling his heartbeat against hers.

Tidus placed his hand on her chin and raised Yuna's head up to meet his gaze again. They both stood, looking at each other with so much love between them they could burst at any minute. He bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, and as always, Yuna melted. His grip on her waist slowly loosened, and moved to the small of her back. Their breathing increased, their bodies pulling each other closer together, and the once chaste kiss, was turning into kisses of passion, desire, and lust.

Tidus knew where this was headed, and he slowed himself down, and managed to pull from Yuna slowly. He pulled her to his chest, and rested his head on hers as they tried to slow their breathing. He whispered something into her ear.

"Yuna, there's only one thing I fear more than anything." He started, as Yuna looked up at him, ready to comfort him.

"What's that?" She questioned, hanging on his every word as their eyes met again.

"The wrath of Lu if we don't get our asses back to the village!" He laughed and taunted as he took off from the surf and headed back.

"Tidus!" Yuna squealed as she gave chase, "Come back here!"

Sin was abolished. Gone from Spira forever. Spira was also rid of Vegnagun. And the one thing Yuna truly lost during it all, she managed to regain. And so now, she can live out her life the way she felt she was meant to. With Tidus by her side. With the whole of Spira left to explore in ways she never got to. Not with him at least. No more running, fighting, looking over their shoulders expecting the worst. Yuna was thankful that Tidus had been returned to her, of course. She was eternally grateful. But deep down, what she was most thanful for, was the ability to live a life with Tidus. Their story was far from over. The exact opposite. This is where it begins.

A/N: And here we are. The end of the prologue. What awaits Yuna and Tidus in their new adventure? How has Spira adjusted to a carefree world? You'll just have to read and see!