Wishful Thinking

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"Ok, you remember what to do?" A little boy whispered from the doorway.

"Why do I have to be the one to distract her?" A little girl whined in response.

"Because I'm better at sneaking things than you are. Do we have to go through this every time?"

"You always get caught! Let me try this time!"

The dark haired boy sighed and lowered his head, "Fine. But if you mess this up, I'm doing it next time. Got it?"

The blonde haired girl smirked and nodded with anticipation. Finally, the boy stepped from the door way slowly and made his way to the next room. He noticed a woman standing in the kitchen humming while preparing a dinner. Turning to look at the girl behind him once more, he sighed and straightened himself up.

"Hey mom!" He strutted over cheerfully and wrapped his arms around her waist and then hopped up on the counter.

"Hey yourself!" she chuckled, still focusing on dicing tomatoes, "You sure are in a good mood this afternoon."

The boy chuckled and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair, cutting his eyes to the girl and signaling for her to maker her move.

"Can't a boy be excited to see his mother once in awhile?"

"I suppose," She nodded and side stepped to the sink to wash her hands and wiped them on her apron.

The girl decided to make her move. As silently as she could, she made her way to the jar on the counter adjacent to the two other people. Her foot landed on a squeaky board, and it creeked loudly.

Fearing that she would turn around and spot the girl, he hopped off the counter and grabbed his mom by the shoulders. "I actually wanted to talk to you about something!"

His mother placed her hands on her hips and shifted her weight around giving him a puzzled, but amused look. When he didn't answer, she crossed her hands across her chest and sighed.

"I'm still waiting for the question young man."

The boys eyes darted between his mother and the girl. Finally settling his eyes on his mother, he took a deep breath as she turned around to see what he was looking at. "It's about...girls!"

This immediately drew the attention of his mother. "Girls? Aren't you still at the stage where they have...cooties?" She giggled.

"Moooom!" The boy cried.

His heart started pounding rapidly as the girl slipped her hand inside. She smiled widely as she extracted the contents and replaced the lid silently. She did it! She had actually managed to pull it off without being caught!

"Drop the cookies, Tsuki." Yuna said quietly as she walked over to the sink to wash some fruit off, "Taiyo, it's not nice to put your sister up to such things."

"But mom! I didn't-" Taiyo protested with his hands raised in defense.

"You may not have convinced her to steal the cookies, but you had a hand in planning it like you always do." Yuna giggled softly, "And no Tsuki, you're not off the hook."

"But mom!" She cried out and ran over to her brother.

"No buts from either of you. You will spoil your dinner, and I'm working hard on it. Now, how about you run down to the beach and torture your father for a little while?"

The twins both sighed in defeat and slumped over. As they reached the exit to the hut and slipped on their shoes, Taiyo shot an annoyed look at his sister.

"I told you I should have done it." He grumbled.

"She would have caught you too!" Tsuki hissed.

They both turned to look at their mother, who had reverted back to humming and cooking.

"How does she do it?" They both whispered in unison.

"I have eyes in the back of my head!" Yuna giggled.

Taiyo and Tsuki's eyes went wide and they shook their heads smiling.

"Bye mom!" They giggled as they exited the hut.

As they left, they both ran into someone. Taiyo grabbed Tsuki to keep her from falling over, and they squinted to see who it was.

"Hey you two, watch where you're going hm?" A familiar voice greeted them.

"Sorry aunt Lulu!" Tsuki blushed as she straightened her shoulder length blonde hair.

"Where's Vidina?" Taiyo asked as he shook his unruly mocha hair that seemed to fall into his eyes constantly.

"He'll be out shortly. Where are you two off to?" Lulu smiled, smoothing her black dress down.

"Mom wants us to go down to the beach with dad. Think Vidina can come with us?" Tsuki asked innocently as she folded her hands behind her back and swayed.

Lulu nodded, "I was sending him down with his father. I'm sure he'd love to join you. Is Yuna inside?"

Taiyo snorted and laughed, "Yeah. She's cooking dinner."

"Thank you. And remember, watch where you're going from now on, ok?"

Taiyo turned his back and mocked his aunt Lulu, causing Tsuki to stifle a giggle.

As Lulu entered the hut, Tsuki fell to the ground in a fit of laughter as Taiyo continued to mock her. After a few seconds, Taiyo himself started to chuckle at his own antics.

"I heard you guys were going to the beach. I say we race, ya?" A boyish taunt came from the next hut over.

A slightly older boy walked over and helped Tsuki up from the ground. His long orange hair flowed freely, and a blue bandanna adorned his forehead.

"You're on!" Taiyo smirked as they preformed their secret handshake.

Tsuki scoffed playfully at her brother and cousin, rolling her eyes.

"Mind counting us off, Tsuki?" Vidina smiled as he glanced at Taiyo.

Tsuki laughed inwardly and nodded, "Ready?" A few seconds passed and she took off running ahead of them, "Go!"

The boys stood there, realizing what she had just done. In a flash, they took off after her complaining about her cheating.

Down on the beach, the Aurochs were grinding out drills preparing for the Crystal Cup tournament being held in Luca. Tidus and Wakka stood in the surf and watched the team setting up the new plays and talking among themselves.

They had been practicing for the better part of the day, and fatigue was evident. Tidus glanced over at Wakka and raised an brow. Wakka nodded once and blew his whistle.

"Alright, alright! Out of the water. That's enough for the day, ya? We'll see you bright and early tomorrow mornin'!"

The Aurochs popped up out of the water and yelled out in unison, "Cap'n!"

Tidus chuckled as he watched the team scuttle on to the beach and head back to the village.

"They're doing really well this year." Tidus smiled and patted his friend on the back.

"Yeah. Think we'll take the Crystal Cup this year?"

Tidus wrinkled his nose and chuckled, "Wakka, haven't we taken the Crystal Cup every year since I've been back on the team?"

"I guess so," he laughed in return, "Man, can you believe it's been ten years already?"

"Yeah, time really flies, doesn't it?"

Before Wakka could respond, both men turned their heads to see three kids laughing and kicking up sand. Vidina tackled Taiyo to the ground and they rolled around squealing and laughing. Tsuki just hopped out of the way when they rolled in her direction and giggled lightly.

"Would you look at that?" Wakka chuckled.

"All those two need now is the famous head lock, eh?" Tidus wrapped his arm around Wakka and attempted to execute one.

"Hey, hey, hey! Watch the hair, brudda!"

"Dad!" Tsuki called out as she left her brother and cousin to wrestle.

Tidus let go of Wakka and knelt down holding out his arms so his daughter could fall into them.

"Come here, sweety!" Tidus chuckled as he pulled her into an airborn bear hug.

Taiyo and Vidina looked up from the sand and noticed their fathers and followed Tsuki's lead. Wakka tussled Vidina's hair, and Taiyo high-fived his dad as Tsuki climbed on Tidus' back.

"Where's your mothers?" Wakka asked the three children.

"Mom went to visit aunt Yuna, and I came down with Tsuk and Tai." Vidina laughed as he tried to pry his dad's hand out of his tangled hair.

Tidus pried the twins from him and knelt down facing them, "You weren't giving your mother a hard time were you?"

Tsuki and Taiyo looked at each other and then back at their dad. That's all Tidus needed to see.

"Cookies again?" Tidus asked as he squinted.

"Not you too!" They whined.

"You know," Wakka grinned, "They're just like you, Tidus. Always getting into trouble."

"Tch, when you have twins, then we can talk."

"Dad! Dad! Show us grandpa's shot!" Taiyo jumped up and down excitedly.

"Yeah! Come on dad! Pleeeeease?" Tsuki followed suit.

Before the two men could agree, a whistle in the direction of the village pierced the sounds of the pleading children. Tidus grinned and looked at Wakka, and Wakka looked at his son who was now joining in with the twins.

"Neh, maybe after dinner." Tidus supplied, "Your mother is waiting on us."

"Aw man!" The kids whined.

"Come on you three, we'll all come out here after dinner and kick the ball around." Wakka backed up his friend.

"Promise?" Tsuki pleaded with her sparkling blue eyes.

"Yeah, dad. Promise?" Taiyo begged even more with his one blue and one green eye.

"I promise! Now let's go clean up for your mom's cooking. I'm starving!" Tidus laughed as he hoisted Tsuki on his back.

"You're always hungry, dad!" Tsuki giggled as Tidus swatted her blonde hair from his face.

"He's always been that way. That'll never change, ya?" Wakka smiled and playfully tickled his niece.

Tidus shoved Wakka playfully and shucked his daughter higher up on his back. She squealed in delight and he took off in a jog with Wakka right behind him as they headed back to Besaid Village.

Yuna dropped the butcher knife in her hand and it landed with a thud on the chopping board. She turned slowly to face Lulu, but stood silent. As she tried to regain her composure from the shock, she walked over and gave her guardian like sister a comforting hug.

"When are you going to tell him?" She asked quietly.

"I...don't know." Lulu responded as she pulled away, "I don't know if I'm ready to accept it myself."

"It can't be that bad, you know?" Yuna offered, "It's been ten years. Maybe this is something he wants even if he doesn't know it yet."

"Do I even want this?" Lulu asked more to herself than Yuna as she sat down on the stool, "What would you do, Yuna?"

Yuna giggled softly, "Well, I started out with two of my own. And that was at the same time." She paused and then wrinkled her nose, "Though, diapers are something I don't miss. Sometimes I swore those were worse than Sin!"

The women laughed as the grabbed their glasses of wine. Yuna raised hers in the air signaling a toast of sorts. "To the new addition!"

Lulu smiled and nodded as she raised her glass to Yuna's clanking them together lightly, "To the challenge of diapers that rival Sin according to the High Summoner."

As they sipped the wine smiling at each other, the twins came running in laughing. Tidus and Wakka were right behind them doing the same.

"Shoes off at the door!" Yuna giggled.

Tsuki and Taiyo began to protest, but Tidus chuckled and put an end to it quickly, "Do as your mother says, or you two will be the ones sweeping the floors."

The fell silent and did as they were told, and made a mad dash for their rooms, Vidina in toe. Wakka and Tidus smiled at their wives and made their way into the kitchen, their noses lifted in the air sniffing the food as they went.

"Smells absolutely fantastic." Tidus grinned as he walked up behind Yuna and wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her neck softly.

Yuna giggled and spun around on the stool to face him and kissed his lips gently, "Thank you."

Lulu smiled and laughed softly as she watched the two summoners, "Oh Wakka, Yuna invited us over for dinner tonight."

Yuna nodded and looked at Tidus, "I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all!" Tidus looked over at Wakka, "You're welcome to stay."

Wakka nodded and greeted Lulu affectionately.

Tidus turned his attention back to Yuna and picked her up off the stool and sat her on her feet, "Wakka, the kids, and I will clean up afterward while you and Lulu get ready. We promised the kids we'd go play some blitzball on the beach afterward."

"Who am I to turn down an offer like that?" Yuna giggled as she snuggled against Tidus.

"I didn't think you would."

Tsuki, Taiyo and Vidina set the table as instructed. Tidus and Wakka poured the drinks, Lulu and Yuna carried the food over to the table. The seven of them sat around looking at all the colorful foods in front of them.

Yuna had gone above and beyond with this meal. The fish had been grilled to perfection, the salad was crisp and fresh, and the fruit had never tasted as sweet. Everyone sat around discussing the advancement of the Aurochs, and an occasional scolding was warranted toward the children for tossing pieces of food across the table at each other. Life...was good.

Yuna watched on, enjoying the sights around her. But when her eyes fell to Lulu, she noticed the black mage had lowered her head and was pushing her food around on the plate. Yuna reached her hand under the table and grabbed Lulu's hand, giving it a light squeeze. Lulu snapped her head up and caught Yuna staring with a warm smile, and she couldn't help but to smile back.

Wakka seemed to be paying attention to the kids, but Tidus had caught the interaction between Yuna and Lulu. As his eyes darted between the two, he grew curious. Lulu wasn't acting like herself, and Yuna was...comforting her. But why? He cleared his throat and he nudged Yuna with his knee under the table to get her attention. Yuna jumped slightly and turned her attention to Tidus, who was currently smirking.

"What's going on?"

Yuna squinted and tilted her head slightly.

"What makes you think something's 'going on'?"

"Because you're staring at Lulu like that?"

Yuna shifted her eyes slightly and noticed Wakka was now talking to Lulu.

"I can't talk about it right now."

"But...you will tell me, right?"

"Yes, Tidus."

"Ok, Yuna."

Tidus chuckled as he stabbed the last bit of food on his plate. Wakka rubbed his stomach and groaned.

"That was an awesome meal, baby." Tidus groaned and leaned back in his chair, "You guys ready to clean up and head to the beach for some blitz?"

All the kids leapt out of their chairs excitedly and squealed. Grabbing their plates, they raced off to the kitchen and began to fight over the sink.

"Take it easy!" Tidus laughed as he watched them.

"Why do I gotta clean? You volunteered me after all. That shouldn't count, ya?" Wakka complained.

"It's not going to kill you, you know?" Tidus scoffed as he stood and kissed Yuna on the top of the head and squeezed her shoulders lightly.

Lulu hugged Yuna and headed back to her hut to gather up some things. Yuna smiled and waved, and then broke away back to her room, leaving the men to clean. Wakka scraped off the plates and stacked the dishes, Tidus washed, Taiyo rinsed, Vidina dried and Tsuki put them up.

As they carried on, Tidus glanced over at the giggling children and then back at the somber Wakka who, no doubt, was silently cursing him in his head. Tidus looked down to the dish water and smirked. Without a word or warning, he reached down and flung soapy water on Wakka.

"Hey!" Wakka sputtered the soap out of his mouth and grinned.

Pretty soon, the children followed Tidus' example, and the kitchen became a free-for-all war zone. They all started dipping their hands into the water, sloshing it all over the floor and each other.

"Tidus?" Yuna called out from their bedroom.

"Uh oh," The twins teased, "Daddy is in trouble!"

Tidus chuckled and splashed a little more water on them, "I'm not in trouble with your mother. She could never be mad at me!"

"Alright, let's get this cleaned up so we can go to the beach, ya?" Wakka chuckled as he separated the twins and nodded to Tidus.

"You called?" Tidus snickered as he shuffled into the room covered in soapy dishwater.

"Yes. Look, about what happened at dinn-" Yuna stopped mid-sentence and raised an eyebrow when she seen a water logged Tidus standing behind her, "What happened to you?"

"Eh, the twins, Vidina and I had to cheer up Wakka. We sorta...got into a water fight in the kitchen."

"Ah, so that explains all the ruckus." she giggled as she pulled a loose pink sundress over her bathing suit.

Tidus walked over to his drawer to find his swimming gear, "So, what's going on anyway? Lulu was awfully quiet at dinner."

"About that," Yuna whispered as she walked to the door and looked around before shutting it, "We...um...we need to talk."

Wakka and Lulu hung back as the rest of the bunch made their way to the beach. Since Yuna had let Tidus in on the little secret, he didn't question it. Instead, the two of them led the kids to the beach and watched them race each other to the surf. Yuna hung back, barely getting her feet wet, but Tidus wasn't having that.

"And what do you think you're doing?" He chuckled as he watched her dodge the splashes of water.

Yuna looked over at Tidus and noticed a familiar boyish grin and a mischievous glint in his blue eyes, "No. Don't you even think about it, Tidus."

"Don't think about what, Yuna?" He walked over to her slowly.

"What ever you're thinking right now!" Yuna giggled as she took small steps back.

"You mean...this?" Tidus laughed as he started to race toward her.

"Ah!" She screamed as she turned to run from him, but he was obviously faster than her.

In one swift movement, he caught up to her effortlessly by her waist and slung her over his shoulder. Yuna kicked and lightly punched his broad shoulders giggling. He tightened his grip on her and made a break for the ocean, careful to dodge her kicking.

"Do it, dad!" Taiyo shouted as he lifted his knees running over to him.

"Mommy!" Tsuki squealed as she pulled on Yuna's arm trying to pry her free from her dad.

Vidina joined in, assisting Taiyo and Tidus. Tidus was able to handle Yuna's flailing, but adding three kids into the mix? Before he could regain his balance, he toppled over into the water taking Yuna with him.

Wakka and Lulu watched the event unfold from a distance and they couldn't help but to laugh. Lulu soon composed herself and turned back to Wakka.

"So, how do you feel about it?" She asked quietly.

"About us having another baby?"

Lulu nodded once and raised her eyes slowly to meet his, trying to judge his reaction to her sudden news.

"I think it's great, ya? With Sin gone, we have the rest of our lives to live. Our children will never have to deal with what we did; not knowing our parents. I bet Vidina will be happy to know he's going to be a big brudda, you know?"

Lulu smiled and took his hand into hers, "You're right, Wakka. You're absolutely right."

"And hey, if Yuna and Tidus can managed two at once, this should be cake!" He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Lulu, kissing her forehead.

Yuna watched from the water as Wakka and Lulu wrapped up their conversation. Smiling, she jumped on Tidus' back, "Everything is going to be ok." She whispered in his ear as he tossed the blitzball toward the kids.

Tidus brought his hands up to her arms and squeezed them, "Yeah, I guess it is."

Yuna inched her way further up his back, and Tidus made his way to the beach to join Wakka and Lulu.

"I see the conversation went well?" Yuna beamed as she wriggled herself free from Tidus.

"Congratulations, Wakka!" Tidus grinned as he gave Wakka a pat on the back.

"Wait...you told them before me?"

Lulu chuckled, "I told Yuna. She told Tidus."

Yuna stood off to the side and watched her friends joke around some more. Turning back toward the ocean, she watched Tsuki, Taiyo and Vidina attempting the Jecht Shot Tidus had showed them earlier. They always did love that trick. Tidus was good with kids, and he was an extremely good dad as well as a husband. She was elated that Lulu and Wakka were having another baby, but something inside her started to stir. She started to wonder what Tidus would think about having another baby.

Her thoughts were broken when the ground began to rumble. The loud sound of an engine roared in the sky, and Yuna looked up. Sure enough, an airship hovered above the ocean. It was the Celsius.

"Look out!" Tidus shouted to the kids who were scrambling to get back to their parents.

After they finally reached a safe distance, Yuna made her way to the surf and placed her hand to her forehead. Squinting her eyes to get a better look, she seen her cousin Rikku and Paine running toward her. After they reached the beach, the Celsius took back toward the sky and sped off.

"Rikku, Paine!" Yuna greeted them with a rather tight hug, "What are you guys doing here?"

Rikku looked at Paine, and Paine did the same. After a few seconds, they glanced back at Yuna. Tidus, Lulu and Wakka had joined her and said their 'hello's' as well. But it was suddenly very apparent that they weren't here to catch up.

"Guys," Yuna narrowed her eyes, "What's going on?"

"We have...a bit of a problem." Rikku responded nervously, "That's why we're here. We need you to come back with us."

Yuna's eyes widened and she looked toward the twins who were building sand castles, "Rikku, those days are over for me. I have a family I have to worry about now."

"Trust us, Yuna. We understand completely. But this is sorta urgent. We wouldn't have come to you if it wasn't." Paine sympathized as best as she could.

"What is so bad that you'd have to come running to Yuna?" Tidus asked.

Rikku's eyes drifted toward the ground and shuffled her feet, "Gippal and I...found something. Paine and I went to check it out, and there are just no words to explain what was down there."

"We think you need to see it for yourself, Yuna." Paine agreed with Rikku.

"Down there?" Tidus scoffed.

"Tidus, calm down."


"Yuna, if Rikku and Paine think you should check it out, maybe you should." Lulu spoke up concerned.

"Tidus can go with you if he wants. We'll take care of Tsuki and Taiyo for you if you want, ya?"

Yuna sighed and turned her back toward everyone. This was a tough decision she had to make. Didn't she make herself clear to everyone that this was her life now? That she wanted to just live a normal life with her family?

"What do you want to do, Tidus?"

"Well, if they feel so strongly about you checking it out, maybe you should. I may not be too happy about it, but you know you're going to drive yourself crazy if you don't."

"What about the twins? I don't want to just leave them behind like that."

"Wakka and Lulu said they'd watch them. I wouldn't trust them with anybody else. Besides, if we start to miss them too much, we'll just come pick them up. It's the least they could do for us if you go help them."

Yuna took a deep breath and looked back up to the sky again. Everyone stood silent waiting on her answer.

"I guess you're right. But you promise? The moment I want them back, we'll come get them?"

"I promise."

She nodded and faced the group again, "Alright, we'll go check things out. We'll try not to be too long, ok?"

"It's fine, Yuna. We'll take good care of them for you." Lulu smiled.

"I'll call Brother and have him swing back around while you guys get your things." Rikku winked.

Back at their hut, Tidus and Yuna started gathering their weapons and dresspheres.

"Why can't we come with you?" Tsuki sniffled as she huddled under her parents' blanket.

"Yeah, we can fight too, you know!" Taiyo protested as he stomped his foot.

"Guys, this is something your mom and I have to do. I promise we won't be long, and if we are, we'll come pick you guys up, ok?" Tidus looked at the twins with a heavy heart.

"It's not fair, mom!" Tsuki squeaked.

"Oh my babies." Yuna fought tears as she sat on the bed and drew them close to her, "Your dad promised you guys. I don't want to go either, but it's something that I have to do..."

"So if it's something you have to do, why does dad have to go?" Taiyo clung tighter to his mother defiantly.

Yuna looked over to Tidus silently asking for help. He sighed and approached his family kneeling down to get eye level with them, "Because I'm your mothers guardian. It's my job to protect her so that nothing bad happens."

After a few seconds, Tidus got an idea. "Hey, I got an idea. You guys can keep an eye on the hut while we're away, ok? And I'll personally assign you guardians over aunt Lulu and uncle Wakka. So when we come back, you guys can tell us all about how fun it was, alright?"

Tsuki and Taiyo looked at their dad, and then at their mom. Once they realized they weren't winning this argument, they nodded solemnly in defeat.

"You two be good, ok? I love both of you so much." Yuna sniffled as she held on to her children tightly.

Tidus ruffled Taiyo's hair and wiped a tear from his mismatched eyes. After Yuna let go of them, he picked Tsuki up and wiped the tears from her ocean colored eyes and smiled.

"Remember what we talked about. I promised you guys, and I always keep my promises. I love you two." he whispered to both of them and planted soft kisses on their cheeks.

After saying their final 'goodbyes', Tidus and Yuna made their way back down to the beach.

"What do you think this is all about?" Tidus asked as he kicked a pebble with the tip of his shoe.

"I don't know, but I'm really quite annoyed." Yuna sighed.

"I guess the High Summoners job is never really over, huh?" Tidus chuckled trying to lighten the mood a little bit and pulled Yuna closer to him.

Yuna stood silently as they approached the beach once more. Spira was always in need of a savior. And each time, they always looked to her to do the saving.

"No," She looked up spotting the Celsius in the distance, "I guess it's not."

~Every new beginning, comes from some other beginnings end.~

A/N: Now, I hate to see a story like this end. So to answer a few questions roaming around in your head, yes, I will be working on a sequel very soon. I'm not promising anything, but keep an eye out! Again, thank you to everyone. Your support is invaluable!