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by Shadow Crystal Mage

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"Nanoha-mama…" Vivio asked during one rare dinner when she had both her mothers at home. "What does 'straight' mean?"

The next five minutes were consumed by giving Fate the Heimlich Maneuver as she proceeded to choke on her last bite.

"W-why do you ask, Vivio-chan?" Fate finally sputtered out after she finally managed to get it down right.

Vivio frowned in that cute thinking way she has. "Well, I asked Corona and Lio why they'd don't have two mamas, and they said that it's because their mamas are straight. So I was wondering what 'straight' meant, because Einhart-chan asked me if I was straight, but I couldn't tell her because I didn't know what straight meant, and she got all embarrassed and left, and so now I'm asking because it seemed like the question was really important to her."

Nanoha tried to recall where Einhart lived.

Nanoha, you are not going over to that girl and threatening her, Fate warned.

But Fate-chan…! Nanoha whined.

I'll do that.

"Mama?" Vivio asked.

The two mothers shared a look, and Vivio blinked in confusion as they played a quick game of rock-paper-scissors. Fate lost.

"Well, you see, Vivio-chan," Fate tried. "Sometimes, when a girl meets a boy, she comes to really like the boy."

"Oh!" Vivio said. "I get it! You mean like I like Zaffy?"

"No, not like that," Fate explained patiently, already planning what she would do to Einhart for putting her in this position. "Stronger than that. She comes to really, really like him. The way I like Nanoha-chan. Or the way Subaru-chan likes Tea. She comes to care for him very much, falling in love with him."

Vivio stared. "What? Being straight means you like a… a boy that much? That's… that's so weird! It sounds really unnatural!"

The next five minutes were consumed by patting Nanoha on the back for nearly choking on her glass of water and wiping up the mess.

"N-now dear, don't say that," Nanoha said. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with being straight. Why, your grandparents are straight, your uncle Kyouya is straight, your aunt Miyuki is straight, Your uncle Chrono and Aunt Amy are straight… there's really nothing wrong with it!"

Vivio frowned doubtfully. "Still… it just seems so weird. To think people actually do that…" she shuddered.

"Now, none of that, young lady!" Nanoha said, wagging her finger admonishingly. "I won't allow you to go around thinking like that. I'll have you know that even I used to be straight."

Vivio stared at her mother in wide-eyed shock, as if Nanoha had just admitted to serving her hamsters for dinner. "M-mama!-?"

Nanoha nodded. "It's true! Until I was fourteen, I was straight! I even dated you uncle Yuuno for a while! So I don't want you picking up this bad habit of looking down on straight people Vivio-chan! It's not nice!"

Vivio looked down in shame. "Yes, Nanoha-mama…"

Fate clamped her hands. "Well, I'm glad all that's over. Who wants ice-cream?"


Einhart Stratos blinked in confusion as she opened the door to where she lived. "Fate-san? Why are you here? And why are you wearing your barrier jacket?"

Fate smiled grimly, gripping Bardiche. "Stratos-san, we need to talk…"


- END!


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