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"Kindred Spirits "

June 2002 Debs-dragon

Chapter 1

Goten rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling. Try as he might, sleep still evaded him. He was so tired and yet his mind would not slow down with the whirlpool of thoughts to allow him to find the solace of dreams. Sighing loudly he gave up and allowed himself to think. Folding his hands beneath his head he tried to fathom out just what it was that he was feeling. He had just waved his best friend off on his honeymoon so he should be happy, but there was an empty feeling inside and he had no idea as to why.

He got up and padded out to the small kitchen attached to the resort unit, maybe a glass of milk would help him to sleep. Idly his mind wandered back to the evening. Bra had danced with him and ended up catching Marron's bouquet, then she scared the living shit out of him by grabbing him and kissing him soundly. He ran his tongue over his lips at that thought. As shocked and surprised as he had been, he had to admit it felt good.

Downing the last of the milk he returned to his bed to think some more. He traced back over the months and years trying to find out just when it was that he had begun to feel something for this girl that intrigued him so. They had always been together, maybe that had something to do with the fact that Trunks was his best friend. As they had grown so the group had begun to swell, Marron, Bra and then Pan had joined the ranks. Over the years they had developed a strong bond, a bond that a few had tried to break - but not succeeded. As they grew older and went their various ways to different schools they still managed to remain close, sharing all their holidays together. Goten fondly remembered the night of Bra's birthday when he and Trunks had played a trick on Marron. Unfortunately the trick had backfired and Marron had been hurt, but then in one way it was a blessing as it was the start of a relationship that ended with the pair of them getting married.

Somewhere along the line Goten found himself more often than not paired up with Bra: the Christmas party at Capsule Corp, movies, school prom, to name a few. Goten had been comfortable with this arrangement as all the girls had been like siblings to him, but now with a jolt he realized that the Christmas party had been the start of it. He groaned and rolled over as he realized suddenly that he was falling in love himself...

...with his best friend's sister.

Bra sat on the edge of her bed staring dreamily at the bouquet she had caught sitting in a vase of water. If superstition was true than she should be the next one to be getting married. A smile graced her lips as she thought back over the evening. Marron had looked so lovely in her wedding gown and her brother positively radiated happiness. They looked so good together, Marron's slim elegance matching and softening Trunks' powerful masculinity. Come to think of it, Goten had looked absolutely stunning in his tux. Her mind happily supplied her with images of Goten in his tux, the way the jacket had hung elegantly from his shoulders, the crisp white shirt that only served to tease the eyes with the promise of the muscled chest beneath.

Whoa! Where did that thought come from?

She shook her head and chided herself. She had to stop thinking like this, Goten was a member of their 'gang'. They had always been together and the boys had been like big brothers to them all. So why then was she thinking about Goten in this way? Sighing, she hoped that Marron was okay. Tears had threatened when she made her farewells to her brother and best friend, she couldn't help it. She knew that she shouldn't feel this way, but while she was so happy for them both and could now count Marron as her sister of sorts, there was a deeper, underlying feeling there, an emptiness. Goten's smiling face once more invaded her head and it was then that she realized what it was that was gnawing away at her.

She was jealous.

Jealous of her brother and Marron and the happiness they had found. As the shock set in so she found herself wanting the same thing. Again Goten's face floated before her eyes. She lay down on the bed and vainly tried to sort through her emotions. Taking the part of her mind she had inherited from her mother ,she attempted the scientific approach, look at the problem... break it down into parts... then find the solution.

Okay the problem first. She wanted what Trunks and Marron had, someone to love and love her back... marriage and never ending happiness. She snorted in amusement at this. That was the sort of stuff that fairy tales were made up of... not real life situations. Still a girl could always dream... couldn't she?

So with the problem well and truly exposed she could move to the next part... break it down. Right, step one... Find someone to love. Step two... Have that person love me back. Step three... Get married and live happily ever after... Yeah right! Giggling to herself Bra saw the absurdity of the situation. You don't just go out there and grab someone and expect everything to work out the way you want it to, these things take time. So, being in the helpful mood it was, her mind once more sent an image of Goten into the mix.

Tossing thoughts of Goten around she began to look seriously at the relationship she currently had with the dark haired, uncouth, but lovable Saiya-jin. They were friends... had been friends for years. She knew pretty much all of Goten's likes and dislikes as well as the traits that made him who he was. He loved to play around, always making light of situations and never giving in to fear. He was sturdy, reliable and dependable, always there to cheer you up or pick up the pieces and put you back together again. There was a gentleness around him and a vulnerability that he had only shown on one or two occasions. Most of the time he was playing practical jokes, and most people when they first met him automatically thought him to be a bit of an idiot. With a jolt Bra realized that she also tended to see Goten through the same eyes as everyone else.

Frowning at this thought she delved deeper. If she wasn't mistaken it all seemed to be a front, a cover up for the real Goten. Casting her mind back over the past she searched for clues... anything to give her a hint as to the real man. What she found startled her. Her birthday party when the joke on Marron had gone wrong, Goten seemed genuinely upset. The Christmas party when they had all been trying to get Marron and Trunks together. Okay, so the little plan hadn't worked but she did get to spend an awful lot of time with Goten. Seemed that she had been spending quite a large amount of time with Goten lately... and not as the group either.

Musing this she remembered the times they had gone out together as a foursome. Goten, while never actually coming out and saying anything, had treated her as if they were dating. She sat up suddenly, a light went off in her head. "Of course," she said out loud. As much as the idea startled her there was only one conclusion...

She felt something for the dark haired Saiya-jin.

The rational side of her mind asked her just when had the relationship started to change from friend and confidant to feeling something more? That she couldn't answer. Hell she didn't even know if Goten was interested in her. For all intents and purposes he was probably just being the perfect gentleman. But she knew one thing...

Come hell or high water she was going to find out!

The next morning saw all the previous day's wedding guests gathered in the resort's large dining room for breakfast. Bra sat at the table with her mother and Vegeta. Idly she cast glances across to where Goten was sitting with Chi Chi, Goku, Gohan, Videl and Pan. They were all leaving today and heading back to their various homes. She smiled as she watched the others table groan under the weight of the food it held. Saiya-jins sure had a big appetite. She wondered just how Chi Chi managed to keep all of them fed. Her own father went through enough food for three, but Chi Chi had had three of them under her roof at one stage and Goku's appetite was legendary.

"Earth to Bra... earth to Bra..." smiled Bulma.

"Sorry mom I wasn't listening," apologized Bra.

"I can see that dear," Bulma cast a glance in the direction Bra had been staring. "I was letting you know that we will be leaving in about an hour, honey."

"Okay, mom. I'll make sure I'm all packed and ready to go," replied Bra.

"Not before time," humphed Vegeta.

"Now calm down, Vegeta. We will be back home so you can get back into your precious training soon enough.," soothed Bulma as she patted Vegeta's hand.

"Don't know why we have to have these stupid shindigs anyway. Just a waste of time if you ask me," Vegeta growled.

"You know you don't mean that, daddy."

Vegeta just glared at his daughter and then his eyes softened. "Yes I do."

Bra laughed. "You did look rather good in your suit, daddy."

Vegeta just glowered.

"She has a point there, Vegeta. It was nice to see you in something other than spandex for a change," added Bulma.

Vegeta waved his hand in the air. "What is this? Pick on Vegeta day? The sooner we get home the sooner things can get back to normal."

Bra smiled to herself, her father may appear to be arrogant and self centered on the outside, but she knew another side to the prince, a side that was warm and comforting.

Everyone began to leave the dining hall and head back to their respective units to prepare for the homeward journey. Bra managed to find a moment to speak with Goten and Pan before heading to her room.

"Wasn't that just the most romantic wedding ever?" dreamed Pan.

"Sure was a lot of food," replied Goten.

Bra gave him a playful dig in the ribs. "That's all you think of isn't it? Your stomach," she said.

Goten put his hand dramatically over his heart. "Ohh... You have mortally wounded me..." he moaned.

Pan and Bra giggled.

"So , what we gonna do when we get back home?" asked Pan.

"I was wondering the same thing," answered Bra.

"Kinda like a bit of an anti climax isn't it?" added Goten.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Things are going to be a bit dull around home without Trunks there," said Bra a little wistfully.

"So let's get together and do something then. No sense in moping about while the love birds are enjoying their honeymoon," said Pan.

"How about we all have a think about it on the way home? Then give me a call tonight and we will see what we can come up with. Okay?" said Bra.

"Sounds good to me," replied Pan; Goten echoed her words.

"Right. I will hear from you both tonight then."

The three parted ways and headed to their respective rooms to finish their packing. Bra watched Goten as he walked away, her eyes seeing him in a different light. Sighing softly again she headed back to meet her parents and the trip home.

That evening, Bra sat impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. She had thought long and hard during the trip back to Capsule Corp and had come up with a plan. Something they could do together and hopefully she could find out a bit more about Goten and if the feelings she was experiencing were returned. The sharp ring of the phone interrupted her thoughts and she picked up the receiver. "Hello, Capsule Corp. Bra speaking."

"Hey, Bra, it's Pan. You got home safely then?"

"Yeah it was a pretty quiet flight all things considered."

Pan laughed. "So Vegeta didn't complain too much then?"

"No. He was pretty restrained. He only made a couple of comments about mom's flying skills this time. I think he was worried she would drop him out the cargo hold if he complained too much."

Pan giggled. "So, had any ideas? It's another week till Trunks and Marron get back from their honeymoon... we really need to do something. I know my mom will find stacks for me to do around the house if I end up staying here."

Bra snorted... "Tell me about it! Mine will do the same and I have no intention of spending the little bit of vacation time I have left doing boring stuff around here. Its bad enough that I will be working after the summer break ends."

"Life's so unfair at times," sympathized Pan.

"I have an idea though. I thought we might go camping. What do you think Pan?"

"Sounds like a great idea to me. I would love to go but do you think our parents would let us?"

Bra tapped her finger against her chin. "I'm pretty sure they will if they know Goten will be going along too. He can be our body guard," she giggled.

"Do you think Goten will come along? I mean, with just two females?" mocked Pan.

"I'm pretty sure he will. I'll give him a call and sound him out, okay? Then I'll call you back and let you know what's happening."

"All right then. I'll hear from you soon. Bye." Pan hung up the phone.

Bra sat with the disconnected tone buzzing in her ear for a moment as she thought about the camping trip. What better way to find out if Goten was interested in her than to go away camping for a few days. Her mind was working overtime as to all the possibilities for finding out. She replaced the phone in its cradle while summoning the words she would need to convince Goten to join them. Satisfied she knew how to get him to come along, she quickly dialed his number and waited for a response. Chi Chi answered.

"Hello, Son home... this is Chi Chi speaking."

"Hello Chi Chi, it's Bra here. Could I please speak with Goten?"

"Oh, Bra dear, I think he is in the shower at the moment. Just wait a sec and I will see."

Bra's ever helpful mind began to feed images of Goten in the shower to her and she blushed. "I have to stop this!" she admonished.

"Hello, Bra, what's up?" Goten's voice sounded a little breathless.

"Ummm. Sorry to call when you were taking a shower but Pan and I were thinking about going camping for a few days... I... errr, that is, we wondered if you would like to come along as well. It will be fun, you know, cooking over an open fire, sing songs in the evening, back to nature and all that stuff..." She held her breath.

"Aww, Bra. I don't know... I mean, wouldn't you and Pan be better off just going together?"

"That's no fun, Goten. Besides, we need the strong influence of a male with us. You know, for all the wood carrying and chopping." Bra tried to keep her voice light. "Please say you will come. If you don't then I can't see Gohan or my dad letting us go at all." Bra put a tremor in her voice.

Goten sighed. "All right then, I'll come."

"Great! Thanks Goten... I owe you one."

"No problem, just let me know when and where and what I need to bring."

"Will do. I'll get back to Pan and let her know you're coming. I think it would be best if you both came over here tomorrow and we can discuss all the details then."

"Okay. What time?"

"Ohh, about ten'ish I would say. Thanks again Goten." Bra hung up.

Goten replaced the receiver and stared at the wall for a moment. Just what had he gotten himself into this time?

"Goten! I hope you aren't dripping all over my carpet," yelled Chi Chi.

"No mom," replied Goten sheepishly as he tightened the towel around his hips and headed back to his room. The more he thought about this little camping trip the more he began to warm to the idea. At least he could find out if Bra was interested in him. Smiling, he dried himself off and got dressed.