"Kindred Spirits "

June 2002 Debs-dragon

Chapter 15

The police were swift in their actions. Arresting the man and adding further charges to the one of escaping that already existed. They took statements from Bra, Pan, Kauli and Goten. Finally satisfied, they placed the prisoner in the police car and left.

Bra was slumped against Goten. She felt completely drained now that all the excitement was over. Gently, he picked her up and carried her back to the camp. Pan and Kauli followed behind, hands entwined. The incident having brought them all closer together.

Goten wanted to take Bra to the hospital and get her ankle looked at, but she protested so vehemently that he thought it best to let her have her own way lest she do more damage to herself.

They returned to find their dinner had gone cold. Goten sighed as he looked at the now cold fish.

"Look, why don't you take Bra back to the showers so she can clean up a bit while Kauli and I see what we can do to salvage this meal?" suggested Pan.

Goten looked at Bra. "Come on, I'll take you and stand guard."

Bra nodded. She really wanted to scrub herself again and remove all traces of the horrid incident from her body. Her skin still crawled when she thought of that man's hands on her.

Pan helped her to get her things together and Goten carried her down to the shower block.

"I can walk," she protested.

"I know that, but I don't want you doing anymore damage to your ankle. Once you have had your shower I'll bandage it up for you, okay?"

"Yeah, all right," Bra agreed, thinking it best to just shut up and let Goten have his way.

The warm water coursing over her body helped to wash some of the horror of what had happened away. Finally satisfied she was clean enough she wrapped the towel around herself and exited the shower stall. She dried off and dressed in a loose pair of jeans and baggy t-shirt. She called to Goten who was patiently waiting outside that she was finished.

He came in and sat her on the small bench before removing the bandage from his pocket. Swiftly he had her ankle bound. "Feel any better?" he asked.

"Yes, Thank you."

"My pleasure." Goten leaned in for a quick kiss.

Bra returned the kiss feeling safe and secure.

"Mind sitting here and waiting while I grab a quick shower?"

"Sure," replied Bra. She moved towards the entrance to the block and sat again to give Goten some privacy.

Goten quickly shed his clothes and entered the warm spray. He washed himself in a hurry. He didn't want to leave Bra out there for any longer than was necessary. Finished, he toweled off and dressed. Bra was staring at the stars as he came up to her.

"Pretty, isn't it?" she said and motioned skywards.

Goten looked up. "Yes, it is."

"Better get back before they come looking for us." Bra raised herself to her feet. Her ankle was stronger now with the support of the bandage and walking wasn't so painful. Still, they took it slow.

Arriving back at the campsite they were pleased to see that Kauli and Pan had managed to sort out the fish and had a dinner laid out on the table for them.

Goten's stomach growled.

"I think someone is hungry," laughed Pan.

Goten scratched his head. "Ummm, I think you could say that."

"The day that you aren't hungry will be the day that hell freezes over," sniggered Kauli.

"And since when did you become the all wise, all knowing about me?" queried Goten.

"I have seen enough of you these past few days, Goten. I can read you like an open book when it comes to food."

They all laughed and sat around the table to eat their meal. Once finished, Pan and Kauli went to the showers while Bra and Goten cleaned up. When they returned they sat around the campfire and reminisced about the day's events.

"I was so scared when he grabbed me," admitted Bra. "I felt for sure that he was going to kill me."

"Yeah, well, we weren't exactly over the moon to find you missing," said Goten as he pulled her closer to him.

"You really had us all worried," added Pan.

"Sorry about that."

"At least you are safe now," said Kauli as he poked the fire with a stick.

Goten suddenly smiled.

"What?" asked Bra.

"I just thought that you still have to ring your father. What are you going to tell him?"

"Oh shit! I forgot about that. Ummm, I can't lie to him, but then again, there is no need for him to know the full truth either. I think I will just tell him that we managed to capture an escaped prisoner."

"Good idea," said Goten. "I don't think I could handle your father if he suddenly showed up and tried to take it out on my hide for letting you get taken."

"Aww, is the big brave Goten afraid of little Vegeta," teased Kauli.

"You had better believe it," retorted Goten. "That man is unstoppable at the best of times, but when it comes down to Bra... Let's just say I don't need to have my anatomy pulled apart piece by piece."

They all laughed knowing exactly what Goten meant by Vegeta's possessiveness over his daughter.

"Better get it done with then," said Bra and she limped to the tent to place the call.

The remaining three stayed around the campfire, content to listen to Bra as she explained briefly to her father what had happened. A short while later she returned.

"Thank god that's done with," she said as she flopped back down next to Goten.

Goten pulled her into his arms. "So I take it that all went okay?"

"Kind of. He had his usual rant and rave and was about to come down here and haul me back home. After he had disposed of you that is."

Goten looked at her with mock horror. "Oh no... I'm too young to die..." he feigned.

Pan and Kauli were in fits of laughter at the display.

"But lucky for you I persuaded him not to."

"I am forever in your debt, my sweet lady."

"Cut it out, Goten."

Goten just grinned and began to kiss Bra.

"I'm going to head to bed. In case you lot had forgotten we are leaving tomorrow," said Pan.

They all looked a little sad as the thought came back that they would be heading home. "It was a fun trip anyway," sighed Kauli.

"Yeah, we should do it again some time," added Pan.

"Without the added extras next time," said Bra.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, each lost in their own thoughts of their adventures. Finally Bra shifted. "I'm going to go to bed," she announced.


"Umm, Goten?"

"Yes, Bra?"

"I really don't feel safe. Would you mind if I sleep with you in your tent tonight. I'm still a little scared."

Goten looked at Pan and Kauli to see if they had overheard.

They had.

Kauli looked at Pan who nodded in reply. "Sure, Goten. Pan and I will sleep in the other tent."

"Thanks. I know I'm probably being silly but I just feel safer knowing Goten is beside me," said Bra as she lowered her eyes.

"It's okay, Bra," said Pan as she reached to place her hand on her friend's arm. "After the trauma you have gone through today it's natural for you to want to feel safe."

Bra looked at her friend and smiled in gratitude. "Then I'm off," she said and stood up to go to Goten's tent.

The remaining three all headed for bed as well.

Bra was lying on top of the sleeping bag so Goten lay down next to her and wrapped his arms around her frame. He pulled her close, happy to feel her return his embrace. He began to place kisses along her jaw.

Bra felt safe in Goten's arms. As he began to kiss her so she felt the emotions swelling within her and she reached for his lips to claim them in a searing kiss born of desire, longing and need.

For a while the kissed, content to just hold and be held. Goten's hands began to stroke her back as her own mimicked the gesture. The kisses grew deeper and more intense.

Goten could feel the fire begin to burn deep inside him as Bra's soft body molded to his own. Her hands began to trace along his thighs and he shivered with the touch. His own hands began their own exploration, running softly along her ribs to brush against her breast.

Bra whimpered at the light teasing contact and pushed herself closer to Goten. She needed more.

Losing himself in a haze of desire, Goten brought his hand up and slid it beneath the loose t shirt to cup Bra's breast and gently massage it. He ran his thumb across the nipple, pleased with the soft gasp the touch drew forth.

Feeling Goten's hand upon her breast and the teasing touch, Bra arched into the sensation. The feeling sent fire racing across her nerves to lodge deep inside. The pleasure was so intense. She brought her own hand up to the juncture of Goten's thighs and began to massage the growing bulge she found there.

Feeling the hand press against his rapidly swelling flesh Goten moaned and bucked his hips into the contact. Bra's fingers were so gentle and yet teasing. He continued to kiss along the column of her neck as his own hand began to wander southwards.

Feeling a little more daring that her advances hadn't been rejected, Bra worked her hand to the waistband of Goten's sweatpants. Swiftly she slid her hand underneath to caress the steel that was still hidden under the silk boxers.

Goten's own hand reached the top of Bra's jeans. He fumbled with the button and zipper for a moment before the fabric parted and he delved inside. Sliding his hands under her panties he began to stroke her warmth.

Bra was riding a wave of pleasure she had never dreamed existed. Goten's fingers stroking her passion to greater heights as she desperately sought something... anything...

Feeling her responding to his touch Goten braved the unknown and dipped his finger inside her warm, willing body. She arched into his touch and moaned with pleasure.

Bra's hand managed to find the opening in Goten's boxers and she gently eased his shaft out. Wrapping her hand around the length she began to stroke. Hips snapped forward in response.

Goten couldn't hold the groan that escaped as he felt Bra's hand on his aching need. Dimly his brain registered what they were doing and reluctantly he forced himself to open his eyes and still his wayward body. "Bra?"

"Yes, Goten?" she panted.

"If we don't stop now then I'm not going to be able to."

Bra kissed him before whispering in his ear. "I don't want to stop Goten. I want you to make me fly. Let me forget about that man's hands on me, take away the pain and replace it with your love."

Her soft blue eyes begged him to understand and fulfill her plea.

He replied by way of a kiss. Heated, demanding, and full of lust and love.

Her hand tugged at his pants and he assisted her to remove them. He also pulled at her jeans and she responded coyly. Finally they removed all the barriers of clothing and lay naked, completely exposed for the other to see.

Goten's eyes drank in the sight of Bra lying nude and wanting beside him. He felt his groin burn with need. They came together, gently touching and exploring each others body, driving themselves higher with their lust. Goten thrust his fingers deep inside Bra's warm body as he sought to pleasure her even more. Bra responded by running her fingers across the tip of his manhood and spreading the droplets of desire over the head.

Rolling Bra onto her back Goten positioned himself between her legs and again looked at her for consent.

She nodded as she spread herself for him.

Pushing forwards gently, Goten watched Bra's face carefully for any signs of pain. He reached her barrier and paused. His hand caressed her cheek as he whispered in her ear. "This may hurt for a moment, but I promise it will get better real soon."

She nodded to him. "I trust you."

He captured her lips and caught her cry as he swiftly thrust forward, braking the barrier and sinking himself to the hilt. He paused for a moment to allow Bra to adjust to the sensation before gently pulling out to plunge back in.

The sharp sting caused Bra to cry out as Goten thrust home. The stinging soon went and was replaced with a dull ache. Goten began to move and as he did so, the ache also went and Bra found herself overwhelmed by new sensations.

Goten closed his eyes in pleasure as the warmth and tightness of Bra's velvet walls caressed his length. He began to pick up the pace. His hips drove forward to plunge him into heaven and then withdrew only to stoke the fire again.

The friction Goten was causing inside her drove Bra to even higher ecstasy. Her nerves sang with the pleasure that raced along them threatening to shut down her mind.

The sensations that Goten was feeling turned his blood to liquid fire as he felt the tide beginning to rise. He reached again for Bra's breast and began to tease and torment the nipple, driving her insane with need.

Bra's hips began to meet Goten's as she climbed the ladder to the pinnacle of pleasure. With one more thrust of Goten inside her she teetered on the edge before plunging over and into an orgasm of unequalled intensity.

Goten felt her come. Her body shook and spasmed around him as she rode the waves of her pleasure. The clamping down of her inner walls was all it took to send Goten spiraling after her. He felt his body tense and then his liquid passion shot forth to be swallowed up by her willing depths.

Goten collapsed shaking onto her sweaty form. Gently he rolled to the side as his softening shaft slid from her warmth. They lay together, holding each other as they came down from their endomorphic high. Still enjoying the warmth of the afterglow, Bra snuggled closer to Goten. "Thank you," she murmured.

Goten gazed down at her, his coal black eyes aflame with love and tenderness. "Thank me for what?" he teased.

"For making me free."

"Ahh..." he snuggled closer and pulled the blanket over them.

"That was incredible," muttered Bra sleepily.

"Yeah, it was kind of mind blowing," agreed Goten.

"Hmmmm. Happy now."

"I love you, Bra. With all my heart and soul."

Bra stared at her dark haired lover and friend. "I love you too, Goten," she whispered and placed a kiss atop of his nose.

"So does this mean we can make this relationship a permanent one?"

"I think I would like that, Goten."

"Yeah, me too, Bra. Me too."

The moon shone her silvery light down into the clearing as the campers drifted off into sleep. The trip had certainly proved to be one of discovery for them all. As Bra succumbed to morpheus' embrace so she wondered idly about the future and then smiled.

Her father was going to have kittens...

~ FIN ~

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