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I can't wait to get back and see my brothers it will be so much fun even if most of don't know i mean Jared is adopted by other people and he is my brother Embry doesn't even know who his dad is and Sam is the only one who actually knows he is my brother my name is Isabella Ulley

You see i am a werewolf well a shape shifter i can turn into a wolf my wolf form is a white wolf with gold flecks in her fur i love being a wolf i am the only one that has ever been white but too bad it is so good to destroy all the dumb blood suckers the people in my pack are Angela, Ben, Conner, Callum, Dean, Rebecca, Clara, Lizzy, Melissa/ Mez, Austin, Will, Matt, Chris and David.

We had a massive pack but by the sounds of it my brother has a pack now too. Sounds like all my brothers plus my best friends and a few others me and my pack were moving to La Push again i was the only one that knew people there so i got my brother to grab like a few friends to come and pick all of us up.

Angela and Ben imprinted as well as Will and Clara but there the only ones any way we will be getting off the plane soon and driving to la push but i got the airport to bring my car i mean i am seventeen i don't want my brother driving me around me Angela, Lizzy and Mez will ride in my car sucked in for the boys.

We had just came through customs we had been in Italy we had destroyed all the vampires there hell i killed most of them by myself that's what i get for being Alpha any way i was looking for my brothers and as soon as i saw them i ran over to them and my pack followed me i just slammed into Sam and then i was passed around to all the people i know

When i got to Paul i looked into his eyes and he was the only thing holding me to the ground he was my life he was who i belonged too and he belonged to me. That was the way we should be forever. Oh crap i imprinted just when i gave up on it but on Paul is the best imprint ever.

Jared and Embry put their arms around me and we started to walk out but Paul was growling at them Jacob and Quil turn and look at him in the type of look that says don't even think about it mate. Me and the girls quickly put our stuff in my car while Sam looks at me i turned and said "me and some of the girls are going in my car Bec come and join us i will talk to you later Clara i promise" then we jumped in my car as did the other girls everyone else jumped in other cars and we all left but i needed to talk to my friends.

"Ok i imprinted girls but i don't know what to do i mean Leah had turned but there all in the same pack and then there is the fact of having all the boys in our pack and that i am a descendent from the last Ulley and Black because mum is Billy's sister so i would end up being pack leader of both and i don't want that i don't know what to do i don't want to order them around"

I hate to say it but the rest of the trip back i was too caught up and crying that the girls spent the whole time reinsuring me that it would be ok and that being a wolf didn't matter but i was so scared and when we got out the car and we went up to Sam's house where i would be staying we had already dropped off all of the girls and the guys stuff so we went up stairs so i could unpack the girls helped while the guys sat there watching us from our pack.

About an hour after we got there we came down Jared was straight away trying to help me he kept questioning me while i kept rolling my eyes and smirking. Paul kept growling which caused some people to laugh others on the other hand were growling at Paul i was almost growling at them because he was my imprint. My pack noticed so they grabbed me and said we were going out. Sam quickly introduced all the guys before we left then he tried to stop us. We ran to the cars.

We drove up past Seattle and we changed we all smiled at us being in wolf form i wanted to see if i could get to the other pack i knew that when they found out about us i would take over i just wanted to check so i ordered the pack to shut up and opened my brain up and Paul and Seth were on i closed up quickly because Seth was like a little brother and Paul would just know.

When we got back Sam asked us where the hell we had been i rolled my eyes grabbed Leah and went outside because she was my best friend they all knew she was who i talked to the most. I told her everything from being a wolf to the double imprint to killing the vampire rulers and back to my pack my real heritage my status and my brothers when i told Leah about Jared and Embry being my brothers someone was around me and Leah quickly went inside.

Jared and Embry glared at the floor as we came inside i now knew it was one of Sam's pack my pack already knew of these things Sam started yelling at me and Chris was shacking. Paul went straight over to me and pushed me behind him in good time two because as soon as he touched me Sam and Chris both phased into a wolf Sam because he was my brother and Chris because he was pissed. I stepped in front of Paul and went to Chris and Sam they were right next to each other almost attacking each other.

I ordered them "change back now you little brat you too Sam." Chris phased and i pulled him out side before he got dressed i quickly grabbed the rest of my pack and pulled them when i passed them as we got outside i quickly striped i know that Sam and his pack were watching but too bad. I didn't care at the moment.

As soon as we phased i know that the other pack was growling at the fact we were all wolfs and we didn't tell them well they didn't tell us so huh i started to order my pack i hated to do this but i had to other wise there would be a war between us.

Bella Chris Matt David Angela

No one attacks them ever again you got it

What he touched you plus your brother was yelling at you

He is my imprint and Sam is protective plus i wasn't answering him remember.

How the hell did this happen

Guys drop it please phase back I'm sorry but there my family just like you guys i knew them before you but i don't know who i would chose please guys I'm sorry

I phased first then they all phased back and hugged me i think they knew i was about to break down as soon as we all phased i got dressed and ran i heard yelling behind me between my pack and there's and then i knew someone was chasing after me which i was confused about my pack knew not to follow me.

I dropped to the ground sobbing i felt someone wrap their arms around me and i turned and sobbed into his chest i knew it was Paul but i didn't care when i stopped i leaned my head up and Paul leant down giving me plenty of time to pull away if i didn't want it put so he leant down our kiss was full of love and as our kiss stayed there i could feel the fireworks of it i knew he was all i wanted.

We kept kissing well making out after the first kiss i couldn't stop i didn't want to stop it was almost eleven we had been gone for two and a half hours so he finally pulled away he pulled me up and we kissed again but stopped before we got out of control we went inside and as we went inside everyone looked towards us Angela and Leah quickly hugged me then me and then me and Paul pulled each other up the stairs and when we went up stairs we were kissing on every step

When we got to my bed Paul pushed me down climbed on top of me and we continued to kiss i wasn't ready for sex yet and i knew that he wasn't either put that didn't mean that i would mind being semi naked i mean they have all seen me naked Paul pulled off my top and started stroking my stomach i was tracing his abbs. None of the boys were wearing tops well some of them were they were at the airport i think Paul was i had pulled off his top on the stairs.

Then Jared and Sam came in and they started to yell at what we were doing when they saw i mean we were just kissing duh i put on my top and Paul put on a top i didn't even realise he had one even though i pulled it off this was a day where he actually wore one as we went down stairs with Paul behind me when we got down stairs i put my head in Paul's chest

Then Austin said "so how long until you actually get some boss from what we could hear it won't be long" i growled at him while David Chris and Matt snickered and then Embry said the obvious "wait your both virgins how funny you know sis i thought you wouldn't actually be a virgin at least i know something about you know." I blushed more and Paul held on to me tighter he growled at him and i knew why to Embry was embarrassing Paul's mate he was allowed to growl.

Embry looked confused i mean no one in his pack knew of the imprint my pack smirked at the growl my brothers growled like feral dogs at the moment i growled at my brothers and they backed off i leaned up and kissed Paul quickly which turned into five minutes really quickly actually my pack looked shocked i mean i was never like this at all but i love Paul already even if they don't know it.

I wondered if he loved me then now my brothers were looking at me and Paul in confusion now that i think about it all the boys in that pack did so Paul looked at me for the ok i nodded and he said pretty calmly "i imprinted on her and i believe that she imprinted on me too so could you please back off i wont scream or anything because that would hurt her"

Paul doesn't even know i love him yet but i want to tell him but it is too quick to say that type of stuff yet (even if that was such a cute thing to say) i know that people would be thinking what she only loves him because of the imprint but i fell for him a long time ago when i was like seven he was really nice to me when my dad ran off we were already friends but at that time i felt more i think he did too because he kissed me right on the lips we were friend after that. I liked him so much after that day.

I always have remembered that kiss ever since we left i mean i loved him and then at thirteen i moved in with my dad he was back with my mum and he was yelling at her i couldn't handle it i ran outside and as i ran i changed into a wolf i thought i was crazy with the voices in my head i moved in with Chris he is like my little brother even though he was older i was the youngest to ever phase. Chris acts younger that is why i find him a younger brother

Actually i have a sibling relationship with all my pack the girls are my sisters and all the dumb guys are my brothers i love them all so much i would never let them die that is why most the time i made sure i killed the vampires in Italy.

I moved in to Chris's house he had a house to himself when he moved out it was all he could think of in case he changed the rest of the pack moved in if they lost it so most that they were scared that they would phase in front of the parents i think he was happy that all of us were there not that he really cared at all but i think he was happy to have the company and not be alpha any more.

Of course that means that i became the alpha which i must admit is very bad i hated it but it is better now much better i had my pack always there and if you imprinted on a human you mark them and they stop aging until you stop ageing and phasing. None of us imprinted on a human two of my brothers did i haven't meet there packs imprints yet i would meet them at school

Callum walked inside hissing about something under his breath so i asked "what's wrong cal?" "we have to go to school we start tomorrow i don't want to go to school" he winged "i made you go to school back there at home and in Italy and that is no different here but we all are going to school besides well actually all of us because Sam flunked out so he has to retake year 12 so we have um hang on a sec"

"So there is Leah, Sam, Emily, Kim, Seth, Paul, Jared, Colin, Brady, Jacob, Quil, Embry, Angela, Ben, David, Chris, Clara, Lizzy, Mez, Matt, Conner, Callum, Dean, Rebecca, Will, Austin and me i think that is all of us and the imprints so that we know of so that is um.

So Leah Sam Emily Kim Paul Jared Angela Ben David Chris Lizzy Mez Matt Dean Rebecca Austin and I are in year 12 so that means the next group is

Jacob Quil Embry and Clara are in year 11 so that leaves

Seth Colin Brady Conner and Callum are in year 10 so that is all of us

That means that no one will be lonely in classes and we will all be fine ok" Callum nodded as well as my pack i smirked i got it right without even thinking about it too much but i had done that before "crap tomorrow is school isn't it" everyone laughed i hit my head with my hand and my cousin Jacob found that so amusing for some reason.

I grabbed Paul and we went up stairs well i stomped and he followed me when we got up stairs we stripped to our under wear and as we feel asleep in each other's arms kissing now and then when we wanted to i was so calm i feel asleep dreaming about Paul and the beautiful kids we might have one day in the future i couldn't wait for that day to come.

I hope one of my brothers don't wake me up that would be so embarrassing and they would have the talk with Paul i really didn't want to deal with that poor Paul that would be so annoying i guess i am lucky mum gave me the talk the day i moved in with her.