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Sage of Justice

Chapter 1 Sage of six paths is reborn

In the mountain stronghold of the Akatsuki the final battle was begin waged to bring back peace

In the center stood two warriors locked in combat. One was blond and had a red eye with black tomoe's he had a orange jacket with Japanese kanji for Sage. He also wore a headband with a metal guard with a leaf on it. On his back was about two scrolls. The other man had a purple mask with swirls going around. In one eye he had the same red eye with black tomoe's but on the other eye was different for it had circles in the middle and expanded out. His robe if you can call it that was torn. both warrior were bleeding.

"So it's finally come to this Madara?" said the blond as he starts to weave hand signs. Wind Style: Wind Shuriken Jutsu." shouted the blond just as the wind was picking up cutting everything in its path.

The man with the mask dodged the attack and started to extend his had "Almighty Push" he said calmly as he forced back the blond with an invisible push. Naruto you don't have a chance in hell of beating me" said the man now known a Madara.

The blond now known as Naruto got up a brushed himself off. "Is that all you got" said Naruto as he takes a fighting stance and glares at Madara. Nagato's was much more powerful then that." scoffed the ninja as he starts to gather an energy in his hand. "Rasengan" he said as the ball of energy was formed Madara gained some distance but Naruto did the unexpected and threw it a blinding speed at Madara knocking him back. Madara grabs his chest and coughs up blood.

Damn since I'm tired and almost out of chakra I can't phase out of his attack" thought Madara as he put his arm up in defense as he blocked a chakra infused blow from Naruto that was aimed for his heart. Naruto turned around in a delivered a round house kick to Madara's chest knocking him back. Naruto charged up to Madara only to be kicked back by Madara's foot.

Naruto now coughed up blood from the force of the kick. "I am going to settle this one and for all Madara." said Naruto as he charged up another Rasengan but this one had what looked liked sharp edges and a screeching sound was made. Wind Style: RasenShuriken" he said

Madara looks at his enemy and starts to weave hand sign as well "Element Style: Element Sword" said Madara as he smirked as both fighters charged against each other with their ultimate attacks. They collided and both were hit by attack. Naruto was hit in the chest just missing the heart while Madara was hit in the hearts and both barley alive. Madara seeing his death made a last gamble. "You are the true Sage of Six Paths" mumbled Madara as he used his sharingan to send Naruto to another dimension. Just then three ninjas arrived two men, one girl one man had silver hair the girl had pink hair and the other boy was pale and had black hair. The silver haired man looked around and walked over to Madara. "Were is Naruto?" he asked as the other two ninjas stood beside him. Madara coughed up blood "I sent him to another dimension." said Madara as he smiled. The silver haired man charged lighting in his hand and struck Madara in the heart finishing the madman one and for all.


Naruto got up and looked around what he saw was amazing fast moving vehicles and building that were huge. "Were am I and were is Madara?" though Naruto as he walked to the edge of the building. Just as Naruto was about to scale down the building he heard a scream from a women. He activated his sharingan and looked around he saw four guys ganging up on a women about a few feet away. He put a cloth mask over his mouth and he threw a three pronged kunai at the location and disappeared in a yellow flash. He reappeared and knocked out one of the guys. The other four turned around and pointed their guns at him. Naruto take out three kunai and throws them and the men and disappears in a yellow flash and knocks out all three before they can react. Naruto walks over to one the guys and grabs him. Naruto then activates his Sharingan and copy's the language and drops the thug on the floor. Naruto turns to the scared women and smiles. "You okay?" he asked. The women nods and Naruto walks away. Unknown to Naruto a figure was watching him. The man had a jumpsuit on with a cape and a big S on the chest. Naruto is jumping along the building wondering what happened.

Naruto Mind

Naruto walks up to a cage in his mind and puts his hand on the bar. An orange giant fox with nine tails appears. "What do you need Naruto?" asked the fox. Naruto looks at the fox and sighs. "Do you know were we are Kyuubi?" asked Naruto. The fox thinks for a moment. "I think we are in a different dimension." said the fox. Naruto starts to panic. "What do you mean?" asked a frantic Naruto. The fox once again thinks for a minute. "I think Madara sent you here right before he died." said the fox. Naruto has calmed down "what should we do?" asked Naruto. "The best thing is get any information we have. You already got some information from that goon you just knocked out right?" asked the fox. Naruto nods his head. "I got a lot of information from that one guy." said Naruto as he turns to the fox. "What should I do?" asked Naruto The fox raises an eye brow. "The best thing is to get a job and find a place to live. I would also keep you abilities a secrete when not waring a mask." said the fox. Naruto bows and exits his mind.


Naruto is jumping on buildings wondering how to proceed for his current predicament. "Guess I should get a job" though Naruto as he found an abandon apartment to spend the night. He placed a genjutsu on it to make it looks like he owned it. Now to find a job tomorrow.