Italics are dream and flashbacks

Bold demon talking

Justice Origins part 2


The remaining heroes gather on the outskirts of Metropolis.

The first to arrive was J'onn and Batman the next one was Green Lantern and The Flash. The last one was Diana who looked distraught.

"What happen to the Sage?" asked Flash, Diana just looks down in shame

"The sage died to protect Diana" said J'onn. Everyone went silent for a moment.

Aliens Factory

Naruto was alone fighting for his life taking as many aliens with him. Some of the shots missed Naruto and shot the door behind him.

Naruto senses Diana leave as he smirks to himself. "Good, time to go wild."

"Kyuubi I giving you control over my body go five tail for me." said Naruto as he dodges another blast.

"Right Naruto. Can I kill everyone here?" asked a hopeful Kyuubi

Naruto looks at him "go nuts but try to leave one for interrogation" said Naruto as he does some hand signs Demonic Release Jutsu." Said Naruto

Just as he finished the hand signs red chakra starts to leak out forming one tail the aliens start to shoot but Naruto dodges then and other tail come out of the bubbling cloak. Then the red chakra become more dense as the third tail forms. The density become fur as the fourth tail sprouts up as the body grows to a size of a car. Finally the fur turns from red to orange as the fifth tail starts to form. Kyuubi now charges the aliens and begins the slaughter as he rips one to the aliens with his claw. Two more try to sneak up behind Kyuubi but are shot down with a beam from the mouth. The Kyuubi take out all of the aliens in that room and moves to the exit killing all the aliens in the way. Once out side Kyuubi destroys the Factory. The Kyuubi revert Naruto back to himself.

Naruto notices one of the aliens alive outside the factory. He walks up to him a picks him up and slams him against the wall. He then activates his Sharingan and read the mind of the alien. Naruto learns their plans and weakness.


The hero's make it to the factory and they sneak inside. They see Superman and Hawk Girl tied to a machine. Just as they were about to free them they get attacked by fifty aliens. After about a thirty minutes the heroes were captured. The president comes out and transforms into a alien. President Carter never made out of space" said the alien J'onn was sent in front of their leader who landed earlier."It's been to long J'onn Jones. You have defied us for century." said the imperium. "Now I shall complete the extermination of the Martian race." he said as tentacles attack J'onn. J'onn starts to scream "it's not over yet." said the Martian. The imperium "what are you hiding J'onn I will find out." said the alien as he started to prob J'onn mind. "Now" yelled J'onn. Just then Naruto came out of the shadows and threw some shurikens at the machine holding the heroes releasing them. The heroes attack the aliens while Naruto goes to the machine that blocks out the sun. Superman slams into ten aliens knocking them out, while Hawk Girl and Diana both attack their respective targets. Naruto finally place the crystal in the machine while Superman made some holes in the factory letting the sun light come in burning some aliens. The imperium goes to his ship while the fake president latches on to him. "Take me with you imperium" said the alien. The imperium knocks him off "unhand me worm." said the imperium as the alien is burned by the sun light. As the ship take off Naruto does some hand signs "Elemental Rasengan" said Naruto as he throws a rainbow colored sphere at the retreating ship. Right before it enter the atmosphere Naruto closes his fist as his attack expands hitting the ship destroying it.


After the battle the heroes decided to converge on a space station made by Batman. "So why are we here again?" asked Naruto. Superman turns to Naruto "I thought that I could protect the world by myself. But I was proven wrong by this invasion. So I thought that why not get the strongest heroes and form a group?" said Superman. "You mean like a Super Friends?" asked The Flash. Superman smiles "more like a Justice League." said Superman. Everyone thinks for a moment "You know how corny that sound but you have a point. Maybe this is what the world needs. Count me in" said Flash. I will join as well." said the Green Lantern. "Earth is my home so I will join as well." said Hawk Girl. Diana looked at everyone "mother won't approve but it make little difference if the earth is taken over. I'm in." said the amazon. Everyone turns to Naruto "guess I will join as well. Since I am new to this world I will need help getting used to it. I'm in" said Naruto. Batman leave "I'm not a people person. But if need me and you will you know how to reach me." said Batman. J'onn is looking out into space. Naruto comes up beside him "penny for your thought?" asked Naruto. I am the last of my kind." said J'onn. Naruto looks down I lost good friends in war as well. I know a little bit on how you feel." said Naruto as Superman flies up "we might not be able to replace you family but I would like it if you considered earth you home." said Superman. J'onn smiles and goes down to the others.

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