"Excuse me, but I have to go." Kazuya tried to pull free, but Elizabeth refused to let go of his arm.

"You can't leave yet Kazuya, the interview isn't over. What would people think?"

"But I need to see Stella and explain what happened." Kazuya said urgently.

Elizabeth didn't loosen her hold on him.

"Just wait until the interview is over and then you can go and find Satellizer." Elizabeth said in a reasonable tone. "It will only be another thirty minutes or so. I'm sure you can wait that long can't you?"

Kazuya glanced around at all the smiling faces that were watching them. "But what if Stella doesn't understand?"

Elizabeth smiled comfortingly. "I'm sure she knows your true feelings. When you see her you can explain I just had a few minor edits made for the sake of your public image. If she really cares about you I'm sure she'll understand."

Even through an alcoholic haze Kazuya wondered about that. "I don't think she could be happy about me saying I was in love with you."

"She is a grown woman," Elizabeth calmly assured him. "She can wait just a little bit. When you tell her it was a misunderstanding you'll probably have a big laugh together."

"I really doubt that."

He knew it would cause a scene, but he would have fled if it had been physically possible. Elizabeth though refused to let go of him and he wasn't going to get into a wrestling match to tear free. So, fidgeting and unhappy, he decided to endure it until the interview ended, and then leave as quickly as he could to track down Stella and explain things to her.

So he stood there where everyone could see him, and plastered a false grin on his face. He watched with mounting impatience as the interview dragged on. As best he could tell, nothing else had been doctored. There he was, sitting in his hospital bed with Elizabeth curled up against him. She answered most of the questions with his providing a few short replies. Standing there, watching with everyone else, he could see people getting the wrong idea.

Watching himself, Kazuya knew he was mostly quiet and short with his replies because he'd felt so uncomfortable in front of a camera. The scene showed his focus on Elizabeth as she spoke, that was done out of politeness, and a need to avoid staring at the lens. He suddenly realized though, that to people watching it looked like he was staring at Elizabeth out of simple devotion. As if she were the center of his world. The way she sat beside him and held his hand; anyone watching would assume they were a couple. If you combined all that with the apparent declaration of love at the start… everyone was going to have the wrong idea.

That would definitely include Stella.

Kazuya didn't fail to notice that Elizabeth never loosened her grip on him, not for an instant.

"Well there's the happy couple." Annette said, as she and the rest of her posse returned.

Kazuya looked at her and the others in hopes that Stella might be with them. "Did you run into Stella-sempai?"

The four girls shared a momentary glance.

"We sure did. She wanted us to pass on her good wishes to you." Annette told him. "She didn't feel like staying for long though."

The other three all nodded.

"Was she upset by what she saw?" Kazuya asked.

"She didn't seem to be." Annette answered smoothly. "Why would you think that?"

"Kazuya is worried that Satellizer might take things the wrong way." Elizabeth said. "Especially the part where he said he loved me."

"That's so sweet," Annette replied with a chuckle. "Seriously Kazuya, Satellizer is not as fragile as you think. She understands the situation and is fine with it."

"Really?" Kazuya asked.

"Everything is just fine." Attia reassured him. "Here, have a drink and relax." She pressed a glass of wine into his free hand.

Hearing that Stella was not angry with him was a relief. Kazuya took the glass and drank about half of it.

As he did so Attia sent Elizabeth a sly wink.

Kazuya noticed the drink tasted just a bit different from the wine he'd had earlier. He began to feel very warm and his already fuzzy head started to go blank. His knees began to buckle and he would have fallen over if not for Elizabeth supporting him.

"Are you alright Kazuya-kun?" She asked him with concern.

He turned to her and his mouth opened and closed but he failed to speak.

"Annette, help me take him over to my limo."

"Sure." She took hold of his other arm and together they led him away.

"Please excuse us," Elizabeth called out to the onlookers. "It looks like my poor Kazuya has had a little too much of the grape."

There were a few laughs and teasing nods. The people applauded and wished Kazuya well as his partner and her friend took him away.


It was some hours later when Kazuya woke up.

His head was aching and his mouth was dry. He opened his eyes to find himself in a very soft and comfortable bed. He sat up. There were pink lace curtains by the window and a row of immaculately kept dolls lined the shelves. This was obviously a girl's room, and not one of the dorm rooms. He noticed that his shoes tie and jacket were all missing. From the light coming through the window he guessed it had to late afternoon.

"You're finally awake. You'll have to be more careful with how much you drink next time. We wouldn't want people to say you have a problem."

Kazuya turned his head to see Elizabeth sitting in a chair by a desk. He gasped. She was wearing nothing but a sheer pink camisole and panties.

"Where? Where am I?"

She rose smoothly to her feet and calmly came over to the bed. "Can't you guess?" She whispered to him as she climbed up onto the bed and next to him. "This is my bedroom."

"Why am I here?" He asked nervously. She was leaning against him and he could feel her soft breasts rubbing against him.

"Silly," she purred in his ear. "You are my Limiter and this is our first time. I know all of a man's appetites and desires. Let me show you my appreciation for all you've done for me."

She kissed him.

Her perfume, the softness of her lips and body, the sweet taste of her mouth, they drowned out all sense and logic. She felt incredibly good and he was enjoying what she was doing to him.

"You don't need to hold back." She said in a soft, sultry voice. She took one of his hands and planted it atop her breasts. The fabric was so thin it might as well have not even been there. He cupped the soft flesh and gave a light squeeze.

"That's it," she breathed. "We can do whatever you want tonight. I won't say no. I'll do anything to please you."

She was unbuttoning his shirt.

"I can't… Stella…"

She kissed him again and pushed him down into the bed as her finger tips glided over his chest. Elizabeth felt him struggle for just another moment, and then he relaxed and began to enjoy what was happening. She would give him the single most amazing night of his life and put Satellizer in her proper place.

Kazuya was a very special Limiter and strong in many ways, but he was still just a man. She was just glad this was the sort of man he was.