Chapter Six

. . .

Awoken by something inexplicable, Bunshichiro sat up with a start. Around him lay his fellow comrades, a mix of Date soldiers and Chōsokabe pirates, sprawling on the ground among empty sake bottles. The man closest to him was snoring loudly, his pompadour falling miserably to the side to the point it was almost drooping. Next to him a chubby little man was sprawled on his stomach, and a larger one with pointy brown hair had obviously deemed his back fit for a pillow as he was soundly asleep on top of him. His glasses had fallen off.

Bunshichiro rose slowly, looking down on Yoshinao, Magobei and Samanosuke. Lucky they are, he thought, as he made his way out of the cave, trying to avoid trampling any of the sleeping men in the process. Their leader had not given them any special orders, not even as much as informed them about the "incident" with the pirate captain, or the injuries Bunshichiro had been set to tend to. He was left alone with this strange secret, with strict orders not to go babbling about it.

He had a bad feeling about all of this. Something about the way the two captains had looked the previous night, apart from the general beaten-up state they were in, sent unpleasant shivers up his spine. Ever since that obstinate pirate had shown up, his captain had been acting a little weird; different in a way Bunshichiro could not put his finger on. To be perfectly honest, the two of them were rather alike, which in itself was plenty unsettling.

Once outside the dusky cave, Bunshichiro had to shadow his eyes from the strong rays of sunlight. The storm had given way for a cloudless, blue sky and the morning was filled with the cheerful sounds of birds chirping. What's with this unusually happy setting, the Date soldier grumbled inwardly. Had he not been the dutiful, slightly worried man he was, he could have just stayed asleep, he reflected. But I'm me. Sighing, he stalked off towards the smaller cave where his captain had set his private night camp.

Peering into the cave opening, Bunshichiro suddenly felt cautious for some reason. Even here, the sun shone brightly, and it created a lively pattern of shadows dancing over the grey walls. A sudden movement caught his eye as the sun rays leaped over bright yellow feathers and for a moment he froze in place.

The pirate captain's parrot was seated on a ledge on the wall just next to the cave opening, placed much like any guard would, gazing out over the valley. It did not seem to be bothered by his presence however, merely giving Bunshichiro a queer look before lazily spreading its wings, and flying into the cave.

Hesitantly, Bunshichiro followed, glancing warily about him. The bird flew low, and finally landed next to the hearth. The fire had since long gone out, but the light of day made it bright enough to discern one's surroundings anyway. Next to the burned down fire, a futon was carelessly tossed over the stony ground. Upon it lay two men, half covered by a thick blanket, sleeping deeply.

Bunshichiro's brain raced in all sorts of directions. The more his eyes adjusted to the dim light, the more incomprehensible the situation seemed to become.

His captain and the pirate appeared to be naked, which was the first absurd fact hitting him. Both were exposing bare chests, way too much skin and plenty of cuts and scars they had most likely inflicted upon each other. There was also another kind of bruising, Bunshichiro noticed; scratches and small blue-reddish wounds and marks suspiciously similar to bite marks.

Then it was the position they were in. It seemed almost as if… Bunshichiro gulped. As if, his captain was sleeping in the arms of the pirate. Masamune rested his forehead in the space between the other man's collarbone and shoulder, and his arm was casually flung across his chest.

What's going on here? To Bunshichiro, it felt completely out of place. The One-Eyed Dragon would not snuggle up like that against another man, against anyone, ever.

Yet, there he was, snoring softly with his ear against the pirate's bare chest. His tousled dark hair framed a peaceful, almost content, expression on his face. He noticed the way the Chōsokabe captain's arm was wrapped protectively around his leader's back, and something stirred inside him; whatever he was witnessing at this moment, he was not supposed to - of this Bunshichiro was suddenly painfully aware.

Edging backwards in an attempt to leave unnoticed, his boot accidently hit a rock on the ground. The low thumping sound seemed to echo in the spacious cave. His heart caught in his throat. Panicking, he glanced towards the futon.

Chōsokabe Motochika was looking straight at him. The intense, mildly threatening gaze cut sharply, telling Bunshichiro all he needed to know.

To keep quiet. To leave. To stay away.

Simple as that.

. . .

Masamune felt hot. He acknowledged the feeling absently as he was still drifting in and out of sleep, his mind fumbling for fleeting memories. Shifting his body, he became distantly aware of the warmth surrounding him and the soft surface he was laying on. He had no recollection of going to sleep, and no idea why he was sleeping on such a warm futon.

Or why the hell he was so aroused.

A peek from under his bangs confirmed his predicament quite quickly though, and he involuntarily squeezed his eye shut again. So, he was in the hands of the pirate. Quite literally. He felt strong fingers deftly stroking his hard cock in a slow manner.

In his state of confusion mixed with undeniable need, Masamune could not decide whether to push the other man away or to go along with it. Consequently, he pretended to be asleep. Lazily detangling himself from Motochika's grip, as if it was a sleep-oriented movement, he rolled over onto his side, so that his back was facing the pirate.

When he inhaled the cool air however, he regretted his action. Once no longer flushed against the other's body he felt cold and desperately lacking. The warmth the blanket brought was insignificant compared to the hot skin of the other man; besides, it covered barely half of his upper body. Any attempt to regain it now would betray his act. Masamune shuddered against his will.

A low chuckle was heard, as a pair of lips pressed against his neck. Puffs of hot air caressed his skin, and made the fine, small hairs of his back rise in silent anticipation. When the pirate shuffled closer, Masamune welcomed the warmth of his broad, solid chest pressed close against his back. As strong arms snaked around his waist, and hands resumed their slow journey down his stomach, he could not help but acknowledge the fact that he really, really wanted to be touched. Fuck, I'm horny.

"Sleepy, aren't we?" the Chōsokabe captain murmured. Masamune cringed at the hints of amusement his voice carried, but relished in the sultry tone and the excitement it revealed. He shivered when he felt Motochika lips touch his earlobe, licking it before sucking it gently, all the while continuously breathing warmly all over his ear and neck. The tender affections the pirate paid these areas sent sweet jolts through his body which had Masamune's cock twitching; it pulsated hotly against his hand when he helplessly grabbed it.

The pirate caught his wrist in a gentle but firm grip.

"Easy, Dokuganryuu… I want to touch you."

The low-voiced demand was no more than a whisper, soft but shockingly carnal, close to Masamune's ear. Yet the sound of it seemed to ring through his entire body, causing his blood to seethe with need, and he unconsciously pressed back against the other man.

"Then fucking do it already," he growled quietly, trying hard not to let it turn into a moan. He felt needy enough as it was, and the frustration tugged at his patience.

The chuckle again, and then the pirate captain's hand finally reconnected with his erect member. Masamune could not help but gasp. Motochika knew what he did, sliding his hand along his shaft steadily. He paused only to circle the sensitive area at the tip of his cock, teasing it with his thumb, then resuming the long, firm strokes with practiced ease. The other hand roamed his body a bit less patiently, unveiling the pirate's own growing excitement, in its eager way of touching him – everywhere.

Masamune could feel the hard length of the pirate's erection pressing up against his lower back, all hot and pulsating. Finding the other man so aroused turned him on immensely, in a strange, breathtaking way. He felt a sudden need to grind against the other's arousal, and feel it slide along his backside. To be perfectly honest, the sensation almost had him climaxing. Painfully slow, the movements of Motochika's body and hands drove him close to insanity.

Damn, why am I getting this hot? Is it because of him? Because I can feel him?

The pirate's breathing was becoming a little strained, it sounded almost like gasping now – Masamune distantly noted the change. He loved it. He wanted to hear more, hear the pirate pant, and beg…

His frenzied fantasies were interrupted by a finger probing his most private area. Masamune froze. Gently circulating his opening with his index finger while still steadily stroking his cock, the pirate did not seem to notice the sudden stiffness. Masamune felt his heart racing in panic mixed with something terribly similar to lust. He was just about to turn around and push the other man away when the finger teasing him suddenly made that forceful, forbidden entry into his body.

"Wh.. aaaah! What the f… ah, why…nnnnh," he trailed off, out of breath and reason, when the finger slowly made its way up inside him, brushing this and that, coiling slightly and sliding out before being pushed back in… All sorts of odd sensations demanded Masamune's attention. As much as he wanted to focus on the resistance he initially felt, that feeling only seemed to slip out of reach as he tried to grasp it now, and he was left to deal with the non-familiar, peculiar lust connected to that part of him being played with.

He hardly noticed the second finger sliding in, lost as he was in the unbearable heat of his own want. There was this certain spot inside of him being stroked occasionally, causing him to press back against the fingers in sheer need. Shit, it feels too good. I can't hold back.

Fingers closed around the base of his cock.

"It's way too soon for that, Dokuganryuu…" Motochika mumbled into his ear. "I want to play more"

The fingers coiled a little inside Masamune, rubbing gently before they once again started to slide in and out of him at an irksomely slow pace. The grip of his cock did not loosen. Unbridled impatience filled the Date captain's chest. He was not used to being kept back and he hated the fact that he was clearly enjoying it in all the wrong ways.

"I don't give a fuck about what you want," he snarled under his breath. "Release me."

A moment of silence, mixed with their combined ragged breathing, filled the cave.


The dragon, all raging flames and wrath, furiously threw himself at the pirate. He could not let himself be dominated by this man, this forceful existence, not while he was still breathing fire. His fury was met with exasperating resistance, and a will as fiery as his own. Hard, unyielding hands restrained him, holding him down as a he struggled to gain control by plain force. In frustration, and in lack of better means, he bit down hard on the pirate's shoulder, drawing blood and an equivocal moan from the silver-haired man. Masamune involuntarily bucked his hips upwards.

Next thing he knew, he was being violently pushed down, and pinned on his back. His wrists were both caught and pressed to the ground, and the Chōsokabe captain was on top of him, grinning madly. The pirate's one eye was glimmering with intense, wicked desire.

"This… is exactly why… I want to play with you so badly," he panted, not dropping his gaze.

The scent of lavender became heavy as Motochika leaned in closer and Masamune found himself once again paralyzed by that odd, not-at-all-disagreeable smell, filling his nostrils. Soft strands of white hair fell forward and brushed his cheek for the shortest of moments, creating a silver curtain between their faces and the outside world.

So the rage fell away, replaced by something Masamune did not, nor did he wish to, understand. He wordlessly reached for the other man.

. . .

Smashing their lips together in a wild display of impatience and pent-up desire, Motochika hardly found the time to draw breath. He simply had more important matters to attend. For this precious little shred of time, the One-Eyed Dragon was his. He did not intend to waste a single second of it.

Snaking his hand in between their sweaty bodies, his fingers once again wrapped around the Date captain's pulsating flesh. The feeling of it, hard and warm and wet against his hand, had him moaning into the Dragon's ear – causing the dark haired man to shudder violently under him. Motochika smirked.

"You're feeling it, hnn?" he panted close to Masamune's ear, intentionally letting his lips brush against the soft earlobe. He gave the cock a demonstrational stroke before trailing his fingers further down, circling that particular area… It was twitching slightly now, he noticed in delight. When he teasingly let his index finger slide over the opening the Dragon arched his back, as if in silent appeal. Motochika's heart suddenly pounded with hysterical force.

"Say you want it," he breathed, all too aware that he was pushing his luck.

"Hnnn… Who wants it now?" the Date captain growled, voice fearfully low. "If I wanted it, I could've just asked you whenever, dirty bastard."

Motochika could not refrain from raising his head a bit. The single eye meeting his contained nothing but the expected defiance mingled with unbound lust. Fury flashed, and passed, in the dark blue orb fixing him.

"Then why don't you ask me?"

"I don't fucking need to, do I."

No. Motochika ached all over; it was unbearable. His heart was about to beat its way straight out of his chest and his cock wept desperately as he grabbed it, positioning himself over Masamune.

"Brace yourself, Dokuganryuu…" was all he managed as he pressed forward; slowly, slowly sliding into that unimaginable heat that was the other man. The head of the Oushuu clan was breathing heavily under him, wincing at the intrusion and tensing up to the point it was painful… yet he made no further moves to get away. Once in all the way, Motochika lowered his head so that his forehead was lightly touching the Dragon's.

".. can I move?"

"Tch, don't ask pointless stuff when you've got your cock up my ass, idiot!" the Date captain hissed, annoyed and out of breath. "Just do it already."

A second, as long as a lifetime, floated by as Motochika stared down at Masamune. He desperately needed to collect the moment, he did not know why, but every physical and mental sensation came crashing down at him as if it was of mortal importance. He absorbed the image of the Dragon under him; the frown, the clenched jaw and the fire dancing in the depths of the eye. And most of all, amidst that glowering expression those signs which inevitably betrayed him; the flushed cheeks and the almost unnoticeable flicker in his eye before averting his gaze, hiding behind dark hair.

"Here goes." The words came out as a harsh whisper. The Date Captain reached for his shoulders as he slowly began to rock his hips. It was intolerably good, the feeling of pushing his cock into the tight, warm body under him. In order not to come at the spot, Motochika closed his eye, successfully cutting off the lewd vision that was Masamune's bothered face.

He could not shut out the sounds though. The low, suppressed moans the Dragon emitted went straight to his groin, and he realized he would not last long. The sensations were impossibly intense.

Leaning in to catch the other's lips again, he found the other man responding heatedly. Where there was tongue, there were teeth. In this, they were strangely compatible. Blood and saliva mixed as they crushed every normal definition of what might have been called a kiss, losing themselves in the sweet-pain-sharp- pleasure-sensations.

Motochika grabbed the hot flesh between them, stroking it rapidly as he angled his hips, intentionally aiming for the spot of pleasure he knew Masamune wanted him to hit.

"Nhhhgggh! That's… just there…I'm…I want…aaaahg…more."

Motochika lost his sense of reality and control at this, ramming away to the sound of the Date captain's uncontained voice. The cock in his hand pulsated with sudden intensity and Masamune ejaculated, spraying warm fluid all over their chests, and at the same time tightening around him… Motochika groaned loudly, unable and unwilling to hold back at this point.

The overwhelming force of the orgasm washed over him, causing his mind to go blank as the tearing sensations took him over for a moment. Every cell in his body was ablaze with tempestuous pleasure as he came hard inside the Dragon's burning body, empting himself completely into the heat. After a few final thrusts, he collapsed on top of the other man.

They lay like that for a moment, simply breathing, before Motochika rolled off the Date captain's heaving chest. He felt on the verge of fainting due to the intensity of the orgasm, yet he was sharply aware of his surroundings and the vehement beating of his heart. Euphoria, was it? He lay back on his back, drawing a deep breath. Masamune cast him an inscrutable sideway glance, but said nothing. Motochika could not help but notice the mild flush still lingering on his cheeks, before he turned his head away.

The pirate's heart made a little jump at this, why he could not tell, but something about the way the other man acted had him tingling with inexplicable emotions. A feeling suspiciously similar to happiness made a leaping movement down the pit of his stomach. He turned to his side and propped himself up so that he was resting on his elbow, tilting his head in his hand, regarding Masamune curiously. The sight of the Dragon basking in the afterglow of his sexual climax was quite extraordinary.

He felt his breath hitch, contemplating whether or not he was going insane. There was no denying Masamune excited him immensely, and he was quickly becoming addicted to that state of mind. He wanted it to the point he felt obliged to follow him, in a sense. Down the depths of hell, most likely, he reflected. Sun rays danced over the cave walls, occasionally making the Dragon's skin glow in the bright light, sweat drops glimmering.

Hell, I'd probably come at the sheer sight of those flames, too.

"Knock it off. You're annoying," Masamune said, as if he felt his gaze upon him.

"But you're so erotic-looking right now Ryuu Oniisan… I really must watch you."

Masamune slowly turned his head, giving him a long look. An anonymous feeling flickered in his eye. It might have been amusement, thoughtfulness, a warning or something entirely different, Motochika could not tell. All he knew was that he crumbled under that look, suddenly feeling frustratingly self-conscious. He scratched his head.

"Ah, yeah as it is… I wish I was the only one who could see you like this. I thought for sure I was, but then I got to think of that prying idiot walking in this morning, looking as if he was gonna shit his pants any moment and…"

Masamune sat up abruptly.

"Wait. What. What prying idiot?"

"Hmm...what was it again… that Bunshichiro fella!"

Masamune stared at him with an unexpected deadpan expression. Then he dropped his head down his knees, groaning dejectedly. Dark, damp hair fell in unruly strands around his face. Motochika stared, a little shocked, not sure whether to laugh or to be worried. Eventually the first option bubbled to the surface. Laughter rippled his throat with unexpected force.

"Ryuu Oniisan. Your hair is a mess," he helpfully pointed out in between ragged breaths, the need to tease inescapably reaching its limit.

"…and whose fault is that?!" Masamune growled, raising his head just enough to be able to give him a menacing glare.

The pirate grinned happily. He reached out and touched the soft mess of hair, stroking some strands back from Masamunes's glowering face. Before he got the chance to slap his hand away, Motochika leaned in and kissed him on the lips, ignoring the muffled groan of disapproval from the other man.

When he pulled back, the Date captain was all scowls and red cheeks.

"Don't go do weird shit like that whenever you please. I'm not your woman."

"No." Motochika agreed. "You're my dragon."

. . .

A/N: This is the last chapter of this story. My original plan was to leave it at the point (in the anime) where Masamune and Motochika decide to hunt down Masahide together. So basically this is all happening somewhere in between the first meeting/fight *cough* and that event. It should be pretty clear where it's leading though! Imagination is a wondrous thing.

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