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Summery: He couldn't think. All he could hear was the giggling. It wouldn't stop! "That's it!" he snapped.


He was trying to keep his attention focused on his twenty-page essay due tomorrow, he really was, but it seemed so hard when every three seconds you heard giggling.

Clutching his pencil in a deathly tight grip, he shut his eyes anad tried to remember what he had read.

"And then he smiled! At me!"

More giggling. More irritation. Lost his sentence again.

"And-and- he is so cute!"

Giggling. Lost his sentence.


His pencil broke, and the giggling stopped.

He reached into his pencil case and took out another pencil and sharpened it.

Now, he thought, when the giggling didn't return after a minute. The Great Depression dealt with severe-

"And he's so smart!"

Giggling. He lost his train of thought. Again.

"And he can be so rude, but-"

"That's it!" he snapped. "Can't you keep it down, Odango! Who are you talking about anyway that makes you giggle like a broken record?" he bellowed, spinning in his chair to face the two girls who now stared, wide eyed, at him.

"My crush," Serena replied matter-of-factly.

His eyes narrowed. She had a crush? Since when?

"And he's the most intelligent guy I've ever met, with the bluest eyes and the darkest hair..." she continued on, a deamy look crossing her delicate features.

"I bet he just wants you to think that," he finally replied, still annoyed, after the brief silence, "when, really, he's dumber than a post-stamp." He turned back to his book and essay, and tried to get back on topic.

Serena and her bubbly friend Mina burst into giggles again.


Another pencil broke. Agitated, he stood up and went to find a quieter place to study, without the Odango. But before he left, he stomped up to their booth.

"For future referance, some people are trying to study. Giggling louder than the wedding bells is not helpful! And as for your crush, he's a lunatic! He can't possibly be anything but a lunatic who probably sits at home all alone watching kiddy shows and wishing his life would turn around! Good day!" He stomped off, leaving them.

"So," Mina asked, recovering first. "When will you tell him he insulted himself?"

Serena smiled. "I'll let him find out about it himself. Besides... he's cute when he's angry. Let's go get a milkshake and sit behind his booth again!"



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