Past and Present

Bianca: Okay the second chapter to Past and Present

Hydron: *wacks his head against the table in denial*

Jessica: What's up with him?

Shun: He just read the pairing list romance genre

Jessica: This is a romance genre and I didn't know about it?

Jesse: She's like the fire in a fighter's heart

Mason: Or to put it short: Jessica's going to kill Bianca

Bianca: *Sweat drop* Oh-okay Jessie calm down don't do anything rash now…

Jessica: Pushing it


Bianca: Sweetie you look so cute next to him

Hydron: Next to the guy in the chicken suit! Per-lease you're testing my slipping sanity!

Jessica: Make it mine too

Mason: Let's just say all of ours

Hydron... Kill Bianca

Bianca: Let's start now before they all turn into monkey zombie brained cronies! AHHHHHHHHHHH ShunKazamis-Girl HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Keith Clay walked into a dust ridden bedroom. It was quite big and in a way looked rather elegant. But he had no idea why. It had lace, silk curtains that hung over a large screen door and had a large king sized bed. 'Well it looks like Mr Prove manage to update something. Too bad it wasn't the toilet' thought Keith grimly. He walked around the room looking around. The room looked perfectly normal if you ignored the fact that there were approximately 20 layers of dust that finely coated the room. But as he walked he noticed something strange, there was a large mahogany wood desk that was also covered in dust, but the only disturbing thing was that it had a hand print on it. A fresh one too. It looked as if it had been made a few minutes ago. But that couldn't have been right. No one had been in the room except him. Well and Mr Prove but he hadn't been in there since that's about let's see 50 years or so ago. The current Mr Prove {it's not Shadow} had never step foot in the mansion it self. Then who in the world made that handprint. He hadn't done he was sure about it. He had just walked up to the desk.

Suddenly Keith felt a sudden chill in the air. The temperature had dropped so suddenly that it almost freaked him out. He rubbed his bare arms and looked at the door, and then he saw a blonde haired boy. The boy bared identical resemblance to the teen in the portrait downstairs. But the only difference was that he wasn't smiling. There was a cruel smirk that danced across his face. The fringe of his hair covered his eyes. Keith blinked and saw that the boy was still there this time he saw his eyes. Cold lavender eyes were nothing like the dancing bright and happy ones in the portrait. He saw the boy lips form one word that sliced the silent air: "Leave"

After the word was said there was cold harsh wind that blew through the room, blinding Keith for a second. When he looked up again he saw that the teen was no longer there. Keith knew he was about to freak, he could tell. His body was slowly going rigid with shock and fear. And… bingo. A million questions burst opened in his head.

Was that Hydron Myel?

Why was he here?

Why did he look so pissed?

Why did he say leave?

What the hell? Was he hallucinating?

Why was he hallucinating?

Maybe he was going crazy

What if he was?

What was he going to do?

But one question stood out from the rest of the crazy bouncing questions. If that was Hydron Myel shouldn't he be dead?

Keith felt himself losing consciousness but he didn't feel a nerve in his body fight against it. He felt his body hit the floor then all went black.

Keith opened his eyes but he didn't know where he was. He looked around. He was in the same room as he was before except there was no dust. It smelt like lavenders and honey and there was no screen door, just the same dust free lace curtains moving in the gently moving in the breeze. He heard footsteps approaching and turned around. Then he saw the teen in the portrait, like before this time he was smiling beautifully. Shining lavender eyes and silky blonde hair that bounced as he walked, he could've been a re-incarnation of an angel. Or Keith just simply died. "Spectra" was the only words that left his lips. Keith turned around and saw a tall male that wore a red and black mask that covered one of his eyes. "Well hello Hydron why are you here so early I thought you had a meeting to attend to?" the man asked. "I do, but I just wanted to stop by and talk to you first" was a quiet reply.

"You know Shun and Jessica will have my neck if you're late."

"And so will I if you don't give me a kiss"

"Demanding much?"

"Oh shush"

"Yes ma'am"

"Good now where's my kiss hmm?"

"One kiss for the prince coming right up"

Keith turned around as the two love birds kissed. He felt wrong to intrude on such a private scene. Keith turned around at the door again when he heard someone clear their throat. A dark haired teen with hair that went down to his knees stood at the door. "Hydron you have a meeting to attend to, don't you not?" the teen asked. "Right. Err sorry about that Shun I just-"

"Don't worry. Though you will have to worry when Jessica and Jesse find out your late" the teen cut in.

"Wait… Jesse's here to! Oh dear. Sorry Spectra sweetie I have to go. See you tonight"

"Goodbye Hydron"

"Come on Hydron you always let yourself go. Mason and Mylene are going to slaughter you soon with your tardiness"

"The whole council's here?"


"Well I'll be damn if I'm late lets go"

Keith ran and followed the two teens until they arrived at a large wood door. 'Member Council' it said on the gold sign. The door was opened and he saw a long table with 6 other people sitting there frowning slightly. "You're late" snapped a blue haired boy.

"Mason, Hydron's always late. Haven't you noticed that?" asked a short childlike pink haired boy.

"Well for once can't he ever be on time?" asked a purple haired girl.

"No" replied Shun.

Keith walked through the door, then all eyes turned to him. "Hey Hydron who's he?" asked a blue haired lady. Hydron turned around sharply. "Who are you? Why are you here?" he asked in a cold tone.

Wait they can see him now. He had walked through the whole place undetected until he walked into this room? How? Keith opened his mouth to answer but as he was about to speak a large vortex like thing opened and sucked him in.

Keith opened his eyes and looked around to see where he was. To his relief he was in the same room was in he first came. The walls were once again dusty. He looked around. It was already sunset, he could tell through the curtains. He stood up and winced a bit when his back cracked. He brushed off his clothes and went over to look at the desk, to see if the hand print was still there. It wasn't but instead there was writing. The only thing that was written was "Leave while you still can Keith Clay"