TITLE: The Ferry


A/N: First attempt at HIMYM, just a drabblish bit.

She waited for Tony to head to the bathroom, wanting to do this one on one. She tapped Stella's shoulder, a brief sense of cynical pleasure washing over her when the blonde turned and flinched at the sight of Robin. She raised an eyebrow as Stella stammered at her.

The blonde's eyes were wide. "R-r-robin, I'm…I mean…its just…" Robin shook her head, silencing Stella's babbling.

She smiled, though it didn't meet her eyes. "Actually Stella I glad you did this."

Stella's eyes narrowed knowingly. "Because you're still in love with Ted?"

Robin shook her head, thinking about a certain blonde idiot that had been on her mind more and more of late. "No, no not at all. Ted's my family, all of them are, and this has nothing to do with the fact that we dated. I'm glad you bailed on him because you didn't deserve him." Robin could hear the venom in her voice, and was pleased to see Stella look down ashamedly. "Ted is the most sweet, romantic guy in the world, and you just threw him away without a second thought."

She felt herself becoming more and more agitated, but couldn't silence her own words. "Did you even think about what this will do to him? You left him, at the altar, at a wedding he didn't even want. He was going to move to New Jersey for you, slip into your sister's crappy wedding, just to be with you. That amazing, romantic guy is going to be crushed by this, destroyed even."

Stella's eyes widened at Robin's tone, the blonde looking ready to argue back but Robin raised her hand. "No, don't. You can argue all you want, but the fact is you're here. Which means that you took everything Ted had to offer and you spat on it. And truthfully, I'm relieved. Because if it was this easy for you to abandon Ted at his wedding, then you're not good enough to lick the bottom of his shoe. He deserves better, and you deserve whatever subpar existence you're going to have with the man who knocked you up and still couldn't commit to you for years."

The Captain announced they could begin to disembark and Robin stood, staring down at shocked woman before her. She sighed. "I hope you two are very happy together. I'm going to go pick up the pieces of the man you just crushed."

And as she turned and strode off the boat Robin couldn't help the satisfied smile that crossed her face.

She always did love ferry rides.