A/N: This is the final chapter of a lovely little tale I'm sure has never been told quite this way before. I took some serious risks, and I believe that I have successfully overcome and made them plausible in Nolanverse. I put over a year's worth of effort into this including research on all kinds of stuff and watching the Dark Knight until I never wanted to see it again. I want to seriously thank you all for reading and I really do love reviews so an extra huge thank you to everyone who reviewed, favorited, and alerted me! Thank you so much I love hearing feedback and knowing you're all enjoying it! There WILL be an "official" sequel to this story after the release of The Dark Knight Rises (for a few specific reasons ;D)...but we all know how far away that is. So to compensate for lost time with a plot I have already developed I have written a few short stories involving the bloody mess I've made. A few oneshots and a longer one (not like this) I am currently working on. I will keep this little universe going until I finally get the sequel underway once I have a launching point with TDKR. I want to thank you all so much again support means everything to me I really hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it! I would also like to acknowledge Christian Bale, Amy Lee (Mindy/Minx), Cheryl Cole (Trish), Chris Pine (Viper), and Chloe Moretz (Amber). RIP Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy (my Harley Quinn) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH XOXOXOXO -Vermi

"Police are reporting that the reemergence of MINX outsmarted the system's high-tech security system meant to keep the likes of the Joker contained. Severely injuring both Professor Hugo Strange and Dr. Jeremiah Arkham…both are in critical condition and are the only survivors of this catastrophic escape from the Asylum…" the news anchor read stiffly and Bruce was so distraught watching he had to turn the TV off.

A hand ran over his face and off the bat Alfred knew he was crying into that hand, shaking his head in denial and starting to cough for the sake of masking the tears which burned his eyes. It was difficult for Alfred to stomach because he didn't know what exactly to think of it all. Elizabeth was being fussy and crying for her mother, and Bruce appeared to be halfway into a coma because his beloved wife disappeared to help the Joker escape and took Joker's kids. Aiden sat in Bruce's lap quietly.

"This is my fault…" was his dreary croak, "all of this was me…"

"Master Bruce you mustn't talk like that…" Alfred placed a gentle hand over his shoulder and Bruce couldn't even really look at anything he was so freaked out.

"I wanted to protect her from people like him…" he almost bit his own hand, "but in the end I turned her into a prisoner…I threw away my own happiness just so that schizophrenic clown wouldn't find a way to take her from me"

"I believe, Master Bruce…" Alfred's voice deepened, "that there is no ill will on her part concerning yourself…"

"The mother of my children, Alfred" finally he looked up, "What would you have me do?"

"Women made us lose paradise, but how frequently we find it again in their arms…" Alfred recited and made Bruce stare at him, "that's by De Finod."

"I have to find her, Alfred…" reaching for his son quickly Bruce clutched him close to his chest before giving his small head a kiss, "I have to get her back…I was wrong. She is my partner; Batman needs a partner he needed her but I couldn't afford to listen when she was always so sick I only acted on my own love for her"

"And what if your wife doesn't want to be freed from him? Then what will you do?"

"I'll lock him back in Arkham before she gets herself killed" kissing Aiden harder and rubbing his back he stood and shuddered at the thought.

"What if you spend the rest of your life trying to woo and lure Mrs. Wayne back home?"

"I'll be damned if it takes that long" he shook his head, "Batman needs his apprentice…he's no longer a solo act." Gazing at his two children lovingly he handed Aiden over to Alfred and stuck a hand in one of his pockets before leaving the room.

"And just where are you going NOW, sir?"

"To unravel my own web…if I can't find her, Batman will. This isn't over; the war is only beginning."

Shaking his head with a sigh Alfred watched him disappear to go off into the Batcave and begin his wild goose chase, "Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light."

Back to his old self the purple suit-donning makeup-bearing Joker stood alone on the balcony of Mindy's penthouse alternating between staring out over the city and playing with his wedding ring between his fingers. The sun still stung his eyes being that Arkham kept him like a mole, but he was managing with time to adjust himself. Smacking his lips he put the ring back on his finger and slid a dark purple glove over the left hand. Just as he reached to grab a cigarette a tiny hand covered his, which made him look down and see Mindy standing next to him in a brand spanking new Minx outfit.

"What do you think?" smiling gently she twirled around so he could catch a glimpse of the romper which was the exact same as the old one with the exception of the spandex…the spandex was blood red and the plunge zipper was black and dotted with rhinestones. The faux-fur trimmings at the wrists and hood were black too and her shoes and tail stayed the same, plus her makeup consisted of smoky black eyeshadow and mascara which bled and gave her what appeared to be a sobbing look. Her lips wore a deep red color to match her romper and the glowing eyes completed the picture.

Eyeballing her once he smiled weakly before kissing her and shaking his head, "It's not finished."

"Hm?" her lips pouted and he pulled a box out of his pocket before handing it to her with a roll of his eyes, "Jack…" raising an eyebrow at him and giggling Minx opened the box and held a hand over her mouth.

"I actually paid for it if that 'means' anything."

A blood red cat collar with a bow in the center had a big diamond in the middle of the bow followed by a silver bell which hung from it. Covering a hand over her mouth to hide the whimpers she nodded and pulled it out of the box before jumping up and kissing him.

"I love it" her fingers pet his face and she nodded happily, allowing him to back her to a wall and glide his tongue into her mouth while placing the collar on for her.

"I uh…" he smirked to tease, "love you TOO, Kitten"

"Stop" giggling she lifted a leg to press against him and let his mouth cover hers once more before smiling and downsizing the kisses, "You look really good…" dropping her eyes and stroking his cheek she lifted them once more and nodded, "you had me scared shit for a while there"

"Last I checked…" he licked his lips before poking her nose and kissing her, "you weren't hand-feeding me amphetamines."

"I love you"

"Are you happy with me again?" his head dropped so their lips could brush and in a trance she nodded, gasping at the hand which lightly closed over her throat and slid down over her chest.

"Jack…" they kissed, "darling of course I am. I always was."

"Then…" he traced her lips and kissed her, "why…aren't…you…smiling?"

Her teeth flashed and they kissed deeply, "I am! See?"

"Looking at you, Kitten, I am but there IS only one problem with this picture…"

Her face fell and her lips pouted in confusion as he gripped the potato peeler in his pocket and spoke an inch from her mouth.

"Why so serious?"

The hand went up and she screamed bloody murder as he carefully carved two lines shooting up from the corners of her mouth.

"Here at last
We shall be free;
the Almighty hath not built
Here for his envy, will not drive us hence:
Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven."
— John Milton, Paradise Lost