A/N: This is written in the 2011 movie 'verse, and because there isn't a category on FanFiction for it yet, I threw it into the TV category. So yes, this is Britt Reid and Kato of 2011, not 1966.

Also, this is slash; PWP slash. It starts with slash and ends with slash. If that's not your cup of tea, you can press the back button in your browser right now or (if you're like me and use tabs), press the little red "X" on this tab.

Britt was lying on his back, legs spread and head thrown back onto his pillow, moaning to the ceiling; Kato was perched between his partner's legs, his right hand on Britt's hard dick and his left hand stroking the skin of Britt's stomach underneath his shirt.

"Kato, you little bastard, if you don't suck my dick right now, I will beat the shit out of you."

"I'd like to see you try." He bent his head and took half of Britt's member into his mouth, effectively cutting off whatever witty retort Britt had been about to make.

"Jesus, Kato!" Britt leaned up onto his elbows, intent on watching his partner go down on him. "Yeah, that's it, Kato. Use your tongue more- Yeahhhhhhhh…" He closed his eyes for a few seconds, reveling in the feeling of Kato's hot, wet mouth around him when he felt something circle his hole. "Kato, what the hell are you doing?"

Kato had one finger roving the skin of Britt's crack, occasionally stopping to stroke the muscles that would eventually allow him entrance to Britt's body. His eyes smirked back up at Britt as he continued to move his mouth farther downwards.

"Kato, you're amazing. I want you to know that. This? This is the greatest moment of my life right now." He felt Kato's finger finally breach the tight ring of muscles and he bucked his hips up, nearly choking the poor Chinese man. "Sorry!" He groaned, trying to get his hips under control, but it was very hard when Kato's finger was up his ass and doing wonderful things to his prostate.

The mouth returned to Britt's dick, taking him deeper than before and moving up and down languidly (far too slowly for Britt's liking, but he'd let Kato take his time with it). "Kato…" Britt repositioned himself so his back was leaning against the pillows but he could still look at what was happening. "Kato, I need you to touch yourself for me."

Kato looked shocked, almost like he didn't want to do it (as if he was afraid to), but he very slowly reached down with his unoccupied hand and grasped his own member, stroking slowly. Britt moaned deep in his throat, fascinated by Kato's hand on his own dick; he could hardly feel the mouth quickening its pace or an extra finger being added to the first, he was so enthralled by what was going on in front of him.

"Yeah, Kato, that's it," he encouraged, keeping up his commentator vibe. "Speed it up a bit- that's it. Jesus, Kato, that's so hot." He thrust shallowly into Kato's now stationary mouth, feeling his impending release on the horizon. "God, yeah, Kato, just a little more…" He trailed off as he felt Kato moan around his dick and then shoot out his own spunk onto the sheets below him; Britt wasn't far behind, and he held his partner's hair firmly in his hands as he shot his own load down his throat.

Britt let go of Kato, who had swallowed as much as he could, even though a bit of his spunk still escaped. "Jesus, Kato, c'mere." The Chinese man slid up the bed, lying down next to Britt, who pulled him in and kissed him, simultaneously licking off the spunk he had missed. "That was brilliant, Kato. What did you think?"

"You talk too much."