Chapter One: school's troubles


"Tohru, over here!"

I glanced up. Uo was watching me, arms folded and mouth set. "We've been calling you. Well, I've been calling you. You know Hana- she was searching for your waves. It's time to start class. Why are you so spacey?" I smiled. "You know me," I faltered. "Spacey Honda- chan… hahaha."

I glanced at Kyo-san, who was a few feet away.

It was spring time and most of the students at Kaibara Academy were hanging out on the grounds, laughing and hanging out with friends. I had been reading my book, and secretly watching Kyo Sohma, who was a few feet away, talking animatedly with friends.

I kind of liked him.

But due to my sad case of –talk-to-me-and-I'll-run-away, which is incurable (but Uo-chan and Hana-chan were looking for a cure), he would never know. Oh, well. I stood up and folded the page of my book. "Okay, Hana-chan, Uo-chan. Let's go to class."

But I couldn't help but sneak a last look at Kyo-san.


I was skipping class. Shiraki-sensei would have a fit when I returned, I knew, but at least it was better than being late, and going now.

Ryuo-san tapped my shoulder. "Skipping, Kyo-san?" he asked. "Yes. You know I have Shiraki- sensei. I'm putting her off as long as possible." Ryuo-san snickered, and then turned to talk to Saburo-kun. I looked at Tohru-san out of the corner of my eye. She was talking to Uo-san and Hana-san. I didn't understand them. One was a yankee thug and the other was a physic freak. I kind of liked Tohru, but if Uo-san and Hana-san didn't like me, I could be beaten senseless and/ or electrified with poison waves.

(*authors note: I didn't know the names of the people who teased Kyo-kun at school, so I made up some characters. Ryuo-san and Saburo-kun, and the rest of Kyo's friends are pretty much made up. I'm sorry if this confuses you.)

Tohru then stood up and closed her book, and then she said something. Her head was turning, this way-

I quickly glanced away, and pretended to be interested in what Saburo-kun was saying.

Suzu (other character)

Tohru liked Kyo-kun. Of course. Who wouldn't love my little prince? But that slut would never get close to him. Or confess. Or hug him. Or kiss him. That would be my pleasure.

I watched Kyo-kun glance at her. Huh. He seemed indifferent, but maybe…? I frowned, tiptoeing closer to where Kyo was leaning against a tree. The sun was falling perfectly, catching his gorgeous red eyes and bending the light in them. He was suddenly talking to Saburo.

(*the reason Suzu does not use honorifics is because she and Saburo are brother and sister)

I rotated my head the other way, where Tohru-san was walking away with her weird friends. But one was looking at me-the physic freak. I sneered at her and stuck out my tongue.

She didn't do anything, merely frowned, her black eyes staring. Then she turned to talk to Tohru-san.


"…But what would be funny was if there was a Kyo fan club, too," Uo-chan chuckled. "I imagine Suzu Kagai would be president of that fan club," muttered Hana-chan. "Who's Kagai-san?" Uo and I said together. "Oh, she's Saburo-san's sister. She's in our year. In fact, she's in our class."

I nodded, processing the information. Saburo-san was a year ahead of us. He was very well known at the school, friends with both Yuki-san and Kyo-san. They were probably the most popular at the school. Yuki's girlfriend was my friend as well, and she was becoming popular. Now that Yuki had a girlfriend, he had lost his appeal to the girls who loved him. Kyo was available, and so they turned to him. I had no chance.

"Why haven't we seen her before?" demanded Uo-chan.

Hana-chan shrugged. "I don't know," she murmured. "She's a very spiteful girl." "Hana-chan. Give her a chance. You don't even know her." UO-chan scolded. Hana-chan smiled in a way that could only be described as evil and tapped her head. Oh yeah. Sometimes you could almost forget that she could mess you up with her poison waves.

We reached the door of our homeroom. "You're late," commented Shiraki-sensei. Oh my goodness! That had been my fault! I had been too busy staring at Kyo that I made Uo-chan and Hana-chan late! "Oh…oh, gomensai! I was reading my book," no way was I telling her about the staring at Kyo part," and Uo-chan and Hana-chan came to bring me to class, and I made them late, and-"

I was rambling.

Hana-chan placed a hand onto my shoulder. "It isn't Tohru-chan's fault," she said quietly. "We didn't pick her up early enough."

I shook my head no behind Hana-chan's shoulder, and Uo-chan quickly blocked me from view, eager to take the fall. Shiraki-sensei watched the spectacle, amused. "Okay, but you're still late. However, since you are all so eager to take the blame…"

We leaned in, wondering who was going to take the fall. Even if I wasn't punished, I would still show up at detention with Hana-chan and Uo-chan.

"…You are excused. Please sit down."