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I was gonna mess someone up. More accuratly, that little b****!

She... she kissed me! I was pulling away, was gonna tell her that I had a girlfriend, but Tohru saw before I could! No! How could I get Tohru back?

I was in the process of destroying my room before I got the answer. Yuki will know! I thought, and was about to run off to his room, but remembered he'd be at Student Council meeting. I could wait, I thought bitterly. Tohru wasn't gonna come running to my house...

The english project! S***!


How could I forget? I had to do the project... with the guy who cheated on me... This should be fun, I angrily thought. Well, Kyo-san had to have read the book by now. So all we had to do was write. The. Paper. Together.

It was the last word I had a little problem with.

Hana-chan sensed my indescretion and sat down next to me on my bed. "Me and Uo-chan... we had no idea he was like that. I thought that he was good enough... I mean, he did have anger managment problems, but... we thought he'd be good enough. For you. He seemed nice." Hana-chan took a deep breath. "That's why I think that maybe Suzu-chan kissed him. Not the other way around. She forced herself on him. I think." I was shaking my head before she even finished, shooting the idea down. "He would've told me," I said miserably. I glanced outside, at the calm night. "I'm gonna take a walk!" I suddenly announced, grabbing my thin jacket and running outside.


Yuki had opened my eyes. Not to sound cliche or anything, but coming to her room at night... wasn't very smart. Considering it was right after our...breakup. I wandered the woods aimlessly. Tohru lived near here, didn't she? Did she like taking walks in the woods? I wondered. Then I heard the sound of a rumbling, a crack, and a scream. "Ah...! Ah...! Ahhhh!" Did a peice of the cliff come off, with someone on it? The cliff was a bit unstable. I thought people knew that. Another crack sounded.

I ran in the directions of the screams.

And got there in time to watch Tohru fall.

Her eyes found me, wide and panicked. "Ah...! Help me... ! Help! AHHHHH!"

"Shit!" I cursed, and scrambled to the edge, grasping her hand. She screamed again, probably at the fact the her feet were dangling in the air. "Okay," I said, trying to sound calm and to rush the words out. "Tohru, hold on. Dont' let go, okay? I've got you." She nodded, eyes still wide. "Put your foot on that ledge. Right there. Brace yourself against the wall. Now, hook your other hand on top of the cliff. Pull. Yeah." She listened and I helped haul her out. The second she was on top of the cliff, she passed out.

Uo-chan and Hana-chan came not soon after. Before they could say anything, I cut them off. "We should get her to a hospital. Get her checked out. And can I at least explain? As a favor?" They exchanged glances. "Okay," said Uo-chan.


"... And then she leaned in, and before I could tell what was happening, she was kissing me! I was pulling away, already, but you guys came in."

Kyo-san's voice cut into my thoughts, and I felt a wave of anger, before remembering that he saved me. I could give him gratitude, at least. I opened and closed my mouth. "Thank you," I croaked. He looked at me, and I realised he was talking to Hana-chan and Uo-chan. "Sweetie, go back to sleep. We're just talking to Kyo-san here." said Uo-chan.

"Kyo-san," I continued. "Thanks, that's all."

He looked at me, and then I went back to sleep.

"Call me Kyo-kun."



"Then at least explain why you were kissing her."

He looked at me, then smiled craftily. "I'll explain if you call me Kyo- no honorifics." A gamble. I took it, smiling.

Over the past two weeks, after I got out of the hospital, we had been getting closer and closer again. I hadn't forgotten he had cheated on me, but he had saved me. So, as a favor, I would talk to him. But he had never explained what had happened.

And when he did explain, I understood. I mean, Hana-chan hadm't liked Suzu-san. "I forgive you," I said decidely. "And we can get back together," I added. "Kyo-no honorific-san." He stared at me open mouthed. "You didn't say just Kyo." I shrugged. "He tickled me, while I laughed evilly. "Fine, Fine Kyo- no honorific-san! I'll call you Kyo! I'll call you Kyo!" I shrieked, wild with laughter.

He stopped and waited, expectant. "Kyo." I said breathlessly. "Finally." And he hugged me. I stiffened for a moment, then hugged him back. "Okay," I smiled. "Okay."



I stalked down the hallway, looking for the devil in a poinonus form. She- She! Had tried to tear me and Kyo apart! I! I would! I would mess her up! Or... severly damage her! Oh, she made my skin itch! And the plan would work... it had to... or I would stangle the little rat to death.

Run, devil, run.

I found Suzu-san inthe bathroom, and set the foundation for the plan. "Oh, Suzu-san, you're so pretty. No wonder Kyo-san thinks your cool." I said nonchalantly. She shrugged, applying more eyeliner than needed. "Does he talk about me?" she asked. I nodded, keeping my eyes wide. "Oh. Are you still dating him?" I nodded again. "He wants to be paired with you in gym- in case you fall, or something. He's such a gentlemen," I drawled.

And she fell for it- hook, line, and sinker.

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