She could love him. She would love him in time. She knew it and he knew it. He just needed to be patient. He could see how she looked at her cousin. He needed to make her sister marry him. Then he would be able to have his lovely Fanny. He knew that the marriage would hurt her. Edmund Bertram was an idiot. The most perfect woman in the world loved him and he was giving his love to another. He knew his sister. She was not worth his time. She was petty and stupid. But Fanny was perfect. He longed for the day when she would make her his.

He set his plan in motion quickly. His sister was not easily persuadable so he put her in the company of some awful acquaintances of his, making sure she never met anyone pleasant. Her time in London was awful and after a while she longed for the pleasure of the country. He wrote to Sir Thomas, asking him for the honour of bringing Fanny home and received his consent. He wrote to her and then set off with his sister.

When they collected Fanny she looked ill and lifeless. She must have hated her time with her family. The air could not possibly have agreed with her. She became happier, however, the closer they got to her real home. He sighed to himself, remembering how he had almost given in to Maria's advances. If his sister had not tired of London he would have lost Fanny.

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