Three Years

By Mike Douglas

Special thanks to nezabudka1 for help with editing the story.

Rating: NC-17 (Adult Language, STRONG Sexual Situations – gay sex)

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It has been three years since Noah left Oakdale and moved to Los Angeles to make a movie. He has been waiting those three years for Luke but he never came. After six months of living in Los Angeles, Luke began to ignore all contact from Noah and to make it worse, Luke's family wouldn't return any calls either. After a year, he gave up on the idea that Luke would ever come to Los Angeles to be with him. Those three very long years have been hard for Noah in his personal life but in his business, life was great.

Noah looked over at the man sleeping in his bed. He has been having a two-month sexual affair with a man that he met at the gym. He would swear it was Dallas Griffin, an Oakdale police officer, but Nathan said he was a salesman from Las Vegas who came to Los Angeles twice a month on business.


Two months earlier, the first time he met Nathan was at the gym down the street from Noah's apartment. Noah had just finished working out when he saw Nathan walking into the gym and looking around.

"Dallas?" called out Noah as he walked up to an African American male who he thought was a police officer from Oakdale.

Nathan was startled as he turned to see who was talking and saw Noah walking up to him.

"Dallas, is that you?"

"No, sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Nathan."

Noah was disappointed but at the same time, he was relieved not to run into anyone from Oakdale. "I'm sorry. You look like someone I used to know. My name is Noah." He shook Nathan's hand. "I swear you could be his clone." Noah laughed.

"Well, he must be hot," Nathan smirked.

"That's for sure . . . uh . . . I mean, you must be right," Noah tried to hide the slip of the tongue but Nathan noticed it.

Tony, the owner of the gym walked up to Noah and Nathan. "Nathan, are you ready for your tour?"

"Sure, it was nice to meet you Noah," Nathan said to Noah.

"Tony, I can give Nathan a tour. I just finished my workout," Noah hoped that Tony would say yes.

"I don't mind," Nathan looked at Tony.

Noah volunteering to give Nathan a tour surprised Tony. Noah was not the same person he was when he first joined the gym. Guys hit on Noah all the time. After all, he was a hot young man. Noah would nicely turn them all down but he had changed about two years ago when he got a tattoo of the word 'taken' over his heart. He closed down emotionally to just about everyone except for a few friends and little Lu but that was different story of course. Tony tried to ask Noah about it a few time but Noah would just shoot down his inquiry every time. Everyone in the gym knew not to bother Noah.

"Sure, Noah. If you have any questions, I'll be at the front desk," Tony had a big smile on his face.

"Thanks, Tony," said Nathan as he started walking away with Noah.

Tony smiled as he saw Noah and Nathan walk away. He heard Noah talking to Nathan about the gym, pointing things out before Tony turned around and went back up to the front desk. "You are one lucky son of a bitch, Nathan. Noah is one hot drink of a man and well, you are too," he thought to himself.


Fifteen minutes later, the tour ended in the locker room.

"You've been so nice, how about I buy you dinner?" Nathan was hoping that Noah would say yes.

"You don't have to do that," Noah tried to get out of it.

"But I would like to," Nathan was being insistent.

"Oh, what the hell," thought Noah.

"Sure but let me get changed." Noah stepped up to his locker and took off his shirt. He could see Nathan looking him over out of the corner of his eye. Noah was surprised that he was starting to get a little excited by the prospect of Nathan looking at him get changed but he was also scared. He hasn't wanted to be with a man other than Luke before but there was something about Nathan that turned him on.

Noah dropped his shorts and was standing there with only his jock on. He knew Nathan was right behind him, just staring at him. He could feel Nathan's eyes roaming around his nearly naked body.

"You know, Noah, you are in great shape," Nathan was now standing directly behind Noah.

Noah could feel his breath on the back of his neck. It was causing Noah's penis to start lengthening. Noah could not say anything for a couple of seconds but was finally able to speak. "Thanks."

Nathan reached out with both hands and touched Noah's shoulders. Noah's body instantly shivered. Nathan began to move his hands around, trying to feel all of Noah's shoulder muscles and then moved his hands down onto his arms to feel his biceps and triceps. He moved his hands back up to Noah's shoulders and then ran them down his torso. Noah's breathing became shallower the longer Nathan ran his hands over his body.

"You really have a hot body, Noah," Nathan whispered into his ear.

All this attention from Nathan was scaring Noah. He did not feel he was ready to get into another relationship with anyone but he certainly could not deny what Nathan was doing to his body. "Listen," Noah turned to face Nathan, "I think we should get going. I need to eat within an hour, or my work out was all for shit."

Nathan stared at the front of Noah's body and especially his full jock until Noah put on a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

"There is a great restaurant down the street that we can go to," Noah nervously gathered up everything he needed.

"That sounds fine. I do not know the area that well."

Noah and Nathan walked out of the gym and down to the restaurant down the street. They sat down at a table and placed their order with the waitress.

"So what do you do for a living, Noah?" Nathan was trying to get Noah to open up.

"I'm a film director. I work for a film company here in Los Angeles,"

"That's great. Noah, I have to tell you that you are one hot man."

Noah blushed at Nathan's compliment.

"You're hot too but I'm not really interested in a relationship with anyone at this point in my life," Noah was trying to be truthful and upfront.

"I'm not looking for a relationship either, just some companionship, if you know what I mean."

Noah was shocked by his response. "I do but I'm not sure I want a fuck buddy either."

"We can be friends though, can't we?"

"We sure can," Noah thought Nathan was a nice enough person. "You can even drop by my place if you want."

"That would be great. I need to stop at the drugstore that is next door," Nathan left some cash on the table. "You pay and I'll meet you outside."


Noah opened the door to his apartment and turned on the lights. Nathan followed him in and took a quick look around.

Nathan looked around the room. "Wow, this place is pretty big."

"Yes, but I use it for work as well," Noah put down his gym bag next to his bedroom. "Beer okay?"

"That's fine," replied Nathan.

Noah retrieved Nathan a beer, himself a bottle of water, and they went upstairs to the rooftop deck.

"Wow, look at the view. It's great," Nathan drank his beer.

They talked about nothing important for some time, when Nathan put down his beer bottle and walked up behind Noah, like he did at the gym. He put both his hands on Noah's waist and pushed his crotch into Noah's ass.

"I'm really not ready for this, Nathan," Noah's fear overtook his voice.

"It's okay, Noah. I won't do anything you're not comfortable with," replied Nathan. "But do you know how sexy you are? I'm about to cum in my pants just from touching you."

"I haven't been with anyone in three years," Noah said softly.

"It's okay, Noah," Nathan began to kiss Noah's neck.

Noah began to moan from all the touching and kissing. Nathan made the big move, took off Noah's t-shirt, and began to rub his hands all over Noah's pecks and abs. Noah could feel Nathan's dick getting larger as it rubbed along his ass and it wasn't long before Nathan took off his own shirt and turned Noah around to face him.

Noah looked down at Nathan's naked chest. He brought his hands up and found that Nathan reacted positively to having his nipples played with.

"You like that don't you bitch?" Noah said with broad smile on his face.

"Yes, sir," Nathan was able to moan before he put his hand behind Noah's head and pulled him into a deep kiss. His tongue rubbed against Noah's teeth until Noah unclenched his jaw and let Nathan's tongue slip into his mouth. Noah took his hands and started to feel all around Nathan's body as Nathan took his own right hand and shoved it down the back of Noah's shorts and began rubbing his finger along the crack of Noah's ass. This caused Noah to moan even more loudly and he pushed his body more against Nathan's. He felt Nathan's monster cock rub along his. It felt like an electric shock to Noah but it only turned him on even more.

Nathan took his hand out of Noah's shorts, brought them around to the front of his shorts, and began to unbutton them but Noah stopped him.

"Nathan, I'm not sure . . . ." began Noah as he stepped back a little.

Nathan pulled Noah into a deep kiss again and drew his body against his own, causing Noah to stop protesting. A few minutes later, he tried to undo Noah's pants again but this time Noah's answer was different.

"Not here," Noah grabbed Nathan's hand and pulled him towards the door.

Nathan was smiling behind Noah and he knew Noah would be his. He could tell it was going to be one hot night. When they got to Noah's bedroom, he reached for Noah's shorts again. This time, Noah didn't protest and he let Nathan slip off his shorts. Nathan left Noah's jock on.

Nathan dropped to his knees and ran his hands up and down Noah's thighs. He ran his tongue around Noah's abs and down his wide pleasure trail until he came to his jock covered dick. Noah reached down and started playing with Nathan's nipples that protruded out from his large muscular pecks. This only seemed to drive Nathan more wild. Nathan took his tongue and ran it around Noah's jock, dampening the jock. He then reached up and pulled it aside letting Noah's ample nine inches fall out.

"Nice," Nathan said huskily to Noah. Noah just about jumped when Nathan began to run his tongue up and down his cock but soon Nathan had sucked it into his mouth and was taking Noah cock all the way down his throat. Noah took his hands and put them on each side of Nathan's head and began to thrust himself fully into Nathan's mouth. After almost four years without sex, it didn't take Noah long to orgasm.

"Take it bitch!" moaned Noah, as he flooded Nathan's throat with his seed.

Noah's trash mouth only turned Nathan on more and Nathan happily took Noah's seed as he knew it wouldn't be the only time Noah would cum tonight. After he made sure he had all of Noah's seed, he let Noah's cock slip out of his mouth and he got up and planted a deep kiss on Noah as Noah began to push Nathan up against the wall, reaching for Nathan's pants and sliding them down his hips releasing his hardon.

"That's some cock you have there, Nathan," Noah was impressed with its size.

"You're going to take it all bitch!" Nathan said with full confidence.

Noah's eyes seemed to have a fire in them as he started licking and kissing down Nathan's body. He tweaked and sucked on Nathan's nipples which caused Nathan to shake with passion. He continued to manipulate them with his hands as he licked and kissed down his six-pack abs and to his crotch area. Just as Nathan had done, he ran his tongue up and down Nathan's cock.

"How the hell am I going to take that shit?" Noah thought to himself. Luke had eight inches but this guy has at least two more inches but the width was similar.

Noah lowered his mouth down to the tip of Nathan's cock and started to suck it into his mouth. He got about half way down the shaft before he started to choke.

"That's it bitch, choke on that shit," Nathan had a lot of passion in his voice.

Nathan's dirty talk only made Noah more determined to take it all. A few minutes later, Noah was able to take about three quarters of his cock but he soon felt Nathan's hand on the side of his head and he knew what was coming.

"Come on bitch, take it all," as he pushed Noah's head towards his crotch, which caused Nathan's cock to go down Noah's throat. He choked a few times but his throat soon began to get used to the large intruder. Nathan would pull out to the head of his cock and then plunge the entire thing into Noah's throat, causing both Noah and Nathan to moan.

Noah was amazed that he could take the whole thing but he knew that he would soon be swallowing Nathan's seed. The closer Nathan came to cumming the dirtier Nathan's commands became.

"Take it bitch. That's it. Your mouth was made for my dick!" growled Nathan. He shoved himself all the way into Noah's throat and shouted as he started to cum. Nathan was soon withdrawing his shrinking dick from Noah's mouth. Only then did Noah taste anything. "Damn that was hot!"

Noah agreed with him.

"It's not over yet, Noah," said Nathan with growing passion. "I want your ass."

"I haven't been fucked in almost four years, Nathan," warned Noah.

"All I have to do is loosen you up, Noah. I'll be gentle, I promise," Nathan almost begged.

Nathan pulled Noah up from his knees and proceeded to kiss Noah again. As their passion reignited, Nathan started backing Noah up to the bed. When he got to the bed, he lowered Noah onto it and then ran out into the living room to get the lube and condoms that he had picked up from the drugstore.

He ran back into the bedroom and as he walked through the doors, he had the bottle of lube opened already. He was anxious to sink his dick into Noah's ass. He just knew it would be sweet. He put the lube and the condoms on the bed and lifted Noah's legs, wrapping them around his waist and then put his knees on the bed and bent down to kiss Noah. His cock was rubbing against Noah's ass and boy did it feel good to both of them.

"What do you want me to do, Noah?" Nathan could already read Noah's thoughts.

"I want you to rim me, loosen me up, and then fuck me until I cum again," Noah knew what he wanted.

Nathan began to kiss his way down Noah's body again. Noah's nipples were almost raw at this point and any touch or lick was sending shockwaves through his body. Nathan was soon down at Noah's crotch, licking Noah's nuts. He lifted Noah's legs so they were against Noah's chest and then he began running his tongue up and down Noah's ass crack. He could hear Noah moan and feel him shiver from the pleasure.

"On your knee's bitch," Nathan demanded.

Noah turned over quickly and lifted his ass up in the air, opening himself up to whatever Nathan wanted to do. If Nathan wanted Noah to do the Riverdance, he would have at this point. He was so turned that his ass started twitching. He so wanted this. He so needed to be fucked.

Nathan pulled apart Noah's ass cheeks and trust his tongue into Noah's ass. There was no beating around the bush. He went for it while making sure he didn't hurt Noah. After about several minutes of rimming Noah, he reached for the lube and began to lube up his finger and then Noah's ass. He gently and slowly shoved his finger into Noah's hole.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," moaned Noah. "That feels so good," as Nathan began to move his finger around.

Nathan soon had two and then three fingers in Noah's ass, moving them all around in all different directions, and attempting to open Noah up as best he could so Noah could take his cock.

"Now, Nathan, fuck me," Noah pleaded in a determined voice. "Now!"

Nathan pulled Noah half off the bed. Noah's knees were now on the floor and his chest was on the bed. Nathan came up from behind Noah and slowly started to insert his magnum covered black cock into Noah's white lubed ass.

"Slower!" asked Noah. Nathan slowed down but Noah's comment brought a quick slap on the ass from Nathan. "That's it. Slap my bitch ass, bitch."

Nathan slapped Noah's other ass cheek, which caused Noah to moan in sheer pleasure. Noah was feeling Nathan's big cock rub against his sensitive ring, across his prostate and the slapping of his ass was all causing Noah to go into emotional overload. It wasn't too long before Noah could feel Nathan's pubes against his ass. He knew that Nathan was fully in him. He had never felt so full in his life.

"Stay there for a minute." Noah was barely able to moan from the pleasure and pain Nathan was causing. "Move to the side a bit." Noah took a sharp intake of air as the pleasure went off the chart. He knew from then on that the pleasure was going to be intense.

After a few minutes of Nathan moving around, he started to withdraw almost fully before he plunged back slowly into Noah. When he felt Noah had been loosened up enough, he started to pull out faster and then plunge balls deep, inserting himself fully into Noah.

"I have to cum!" Noah said in a panic.

"No! You cannot cum until I tell you," Nathan ordered. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

All Noah could feel now was pleasure. Nathan's large cock could not help but rub fully along Noah's prostate. It was just too big to miss it. Noah felt it on every movement Nathan took.

"That's it daddy," moaned Noah causing a quick jab from Nathan. "Take me, Nathan, fuck me like the whore bitch I am."

Noah continued talking dirty to Nathan, causing Nathan to speed up. Nathan had been long dicking Noah for about twenty minutes before he felt his orgasm begin to build. He stopped and pulled out, causing Noah to start complaining.

"Put it back in now!" Noah yelled. He felt so empty without Nathan's dick in his ass and he was not ready for it end. "You son of a bitch, put it back in . . . now!"

Nathan just ignored Noah and flipped him over. He then lifted Noah up and pushed him onto the bed. Noah continued to yell insults at Nathan. He lifted Noah legs and then pushed himself back in, causing Noah to moan loudly again.

"It's so good, Nathan," moaned Noah as the pleasure overtook him. "It's so good."

"Who's my bitch?"

"I am!" Noah acknowledged loudly. "I'm your bitch ass whore."

"That's right bitch," replied Nathan.

Once he was fully inserted again, he moved Noah's legs around and then put both hands on the side of Noah's face, making him look into his eyes. Noah pushed Nathan's hands away and refused to look into his eyes. Noah's only done this with Luke and he wasn't going to do it with Nathan.

This irritated Nathan a little and he started to really pick up the pace. He withdrew and then plunged into Noah so fast, that Noah was beginning to scream out with pleasure. He could see Noah's eyes roll back with pleasure every time he withdrew and as he plunged back in fully. He tried to get Noah to look into his eyes but again he refused.

"No!" That was reserved for Luke. Noah was never going to do that with anyone ever again.

Nathan gave up on that and was soon feeling his own orgasm rise up again.

"I'm going to cum soon," Nathan said to Noah. "I'll let you know when you can cum."

"I have to cum," Noah begged with some urgency as he was moving his head from side to side. "Please, I have to."

"No, not yet," said Nathan as he continued to fuck the shit out of Noah.

Noah became so turned on that his body was going into overload again and he unconsciously tried to pull out of Nathan's hold but Nathan kept Noah in place and continued to long dick him. Nathan, once again, picked up the pace. He looked like a bullet train as he plunged and withdrew at a fast pace. Noah just moaned without stopping now, throwing his head from side to side violently trying to cope with the intense emotions he was feeling.

Nathan was ready to orgasm. "Noah, cum with me," groaned Nathan. "Now!"

Both men blew at the same time and both were in agony as their orgasms physically hurt through the immense pleasure. Noah's orgasm was so powerful that he was shooting cum over his head, shot after shot, until it finally stopped. Nathan shot into his condom but he knew from the sheer joy and agony of his orgasm that it was a large load.

After regaining a steady breath, Nathan pulled out his shrinking dick out of Noah and Noah groaned with disappointment at the emptiness he felt. Nathan pulled off his magnum and tied it in a knot, trying not to spill any of his cum out. Just as he thought, there was a lot cum in the condom. He dropped it off the side of the bed and then collapsed next to Noah who was on his way to passing out.

"Next time you can have my ass and I'll be your bitch," Nathan fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

"Cool," Noah fell instantly asleep.


The next morning Noah woke up to find Nathan gone. He found a note on the table that said that he would be back in two weeks and that last night was hot. It sure was hot but Noah was not happy.

"Oh God, I just cheated on Luke," Noah said aloud to himself as he started to cry.

He cried until he was out of tears before he realized that he could not have cheated since Luke has not been around for three years. Yes, he said he would wait for Luke but three years. How could Luke expect Noah to wait this long?

Noah moved his legs and immediately regretted it. His asshole was sore as hell. He reached down with his left hand and started to massage the pain from his hole. There was plenty of lube there and before he knew it, he had sunk in one of his fingers into his hole. He began to finger fuck himself while thinking of Luke and before he knew it, he had two fingers in his hole. His cock was rock hard and he started to jack it off while remembering the first time he had sex with Luke.

It was the first time Noah had sex with a man other than Luke. Even after the great sex last night, he felt sex with Luke was better. It was better because sex with Luke was never about sex, it was always about making love. He replayed the scene in his head and when they climaxed in his memory, he came for real while he was still finger fucking himself and for the second time in hours, he sent cum flying over his head.