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Bella Angers the Gods:

The mortal Isabella Swan attempted to defy the immortals. "Hearken," she cried to the heavens, "My skin be as pale as Artemis's beacon!"

Several of the gods were enraged at her presumption. Artemis at the slight on her moon, Aphrodite at her flawed interpretation of beauty, and Athena at the pure idiocy of the girl.

All three of the goddesses decided to bring Isabella back down to Earth, so to speak. Artemis cursed her so that the creatures of the night—vampires—would stalk her wherever she went. And if bloodsuckers on her trail wasn't enough, Artemis was so angry that she set werewolves after her too. "Now she shall flee the moon and all creatures that follow it," Artemis proclaimed.

Her two sister goddesses were happy with this punishment, but it was not enough. Aphrodite used her powers over love to make certain that no matter how many youths courted Isabella and marveled at her beauty, she would only be able to fall in love with Artemis's creatures of the night. "Now she shall never live a happy life with a husband and children," Aprhodite proclaimed.

Artemis and Aphrodite were now both quite pleased with Isabella's predicament, but Athena had not yet cast shown the mortal her malice.

Athena was wise and knew that Bella could easily fall in love with a vampire or a werewolf and live happily ever after. She was stupid enough not to see the dangers of such love. Athena also knew that Isabella was be as bland a creature as any the great poets had created. She had no personality.

So Athena sent a dream-message to another mortal named Stephenie Meyer, who chronicled the life of drab Bella and her paranormal lovers. The curse was that anyone with half a brain would hate the mortal Isabella for all eternity. Isabella would never again be adored.

Athena had another reason for such interference. She could easily rid the world of the foolish mortals who would love reading of Bella. It only took one little change to Stephenie's plans. She made Edward sparkle.

And the moral of the story is that stupidity never pays off in the end.

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