The New Arrival

Chapter One: Rascal the Ribbon Lion

I held my map up and studied it. I took a few steps forward, then turned left and found myself facing the Kinzville Adoption Center. I gulped, folded my map up and walked through the giant double doors. A kindly Groundhog greeted me there. "Ms. Birdy will be right with you." She said. "You can wait right here in the waiting room." I nodded. "Thank you." I said. I found a seat. The chairs were comfortable. That was a good sign. I looked around. The waiting room was empty. That was a bad sign. It was the middle of January, though. All the Christmas Webkinz had come and gone and not too many Webkinz would typically be arriving. Finally, the Groundhog directed me into a huge office. A penguin wearing a pink jacket sat behind a small desk. She opened her laptop and told me to sit down. "My name is Ms. Birdy. Are you going to move to Kinzville?" She asked. "Yes." I answered. "Please answer the following questions. What is your gender?" "Male." I replied. "Yes, yes, very good." Ms. Birdy selected an option on her computer. "What is your name?" She asked. "Rascal." I replied. Ms. Birdy typed my name into her computer. "You are a Ribbon Lion! How grand! We haven't had many Ribbon Lion adoptions this month!" Ms. Birdy exclaimed. I nodded. She turned on her printer and printed out an adoption certificate. "You will be living in Cinderpelt1998's household." She said. She printed a map and gave it to me. As she put my certificate in a large file folder, I left. "Good-bye, Rascal!" Ms Birdy called. "Good-bye." I mumbled.

I turned my map upside down, sideways and studied each line but I just couldn't find my house, as I was walking, I crashed into another Webkinz. "Sorry!" I exclaimed. "Oh, it's alright." The voice said. I looked up. I had crashed into a Barred Owl. "Excuse me; do you happen to know where Cinderpelt1998's household is?" I asked. "Why, no! In fact, that's the place I'm looking for too, but Ms. Birdy didn't bother giving me a map." The owl said. I smiled and handed him my map. "Maybe you can figure out how to find that house; I've been walking in circles all afternoon!" I said. "By the way, I'm Rascal." "I'm Digger. Nice to meet you." The Barred Owl said. "The pleasure's all mine." I replied. "I think I may be able to figure out which way to go." Digger said. We followed the map and finally ended up at Cinderpelt1998's household. According to the sign outside, it housed 111 Webkinz, including us, 9 Mazin' Hamsters and 1 Zumbuddy. The house looked like a mansion. Digger and I gulped, and then entered the house together.