The New Arrival

Chapter Five: The Note

I picked up the note and unfolded it. It came as a total surprise when I read it.


You don't really know me but I live with you, I just wasn't home when you arrived, and I never got around to meeting you. My name is Rush. I'm a Clydesdale. I've been in this school a long time, so I figured maybe I could help you find your classes. I saw your schedule, we have all of our classes together except for a couple, and I'll probably have enough time to help you find them before class starts. You seem really nice. I've never met a Ribbon Lion before. I'd like to get to know you so we can hang out more. Please respond to my note, Ms. Hazel doesn't have very good eyes so she probably won't catch us.


I pulled out a pencil and a piece of paper and started to write.


You're right, I don't really know you. I didn't know there was a Clydesdale living in the house. It would be awfully nice of you to help me find my classes, but you don't have to. I can find my way around if it's any inconvenience to you at all. I like sports, but I couldn't afford a sports themed room. I also really like reading. My favorite books are the W Tales in the Newspaper. I especially like "Molly Pig: Babysitter", which is the one they're writing now. I like entering room designing contests too. When I win, I like giving the prizes to my friends as gifts.


I folded up the note and handed it to Rush. She smiled at me and then giggled. She handed the note to someone sitting next to her. They burst out laughing. I was curious, but I waited for the next note to come.


Yeah, you don't know me at all, especially if you think I'd actually be friends with a dork like you. If you're not smart enough to see a Clydesdale running around the house then I wouldn't be surprised if you got held back this year. It's a HUGE inconvenience to me to help you at all, considering it pains me to even look at you, or talk to you. This note itself is causing me a horrible headache. Reading is nerdy, and the W Tales are written by newborn monkeys, for newborn monkeys. You probably couldn't design a room to save your life and on the off-chance that you do win, giving the prizes away is stupid when you could make millions off of them.


I looked at the note, shook my head around and then looked at it again. I sank down in my seat and crumpled the note up. Oh well. At least I have Digger. I thought.