Patty was sitting in the hospital bed with her newborn in her arms. The baby slept sound, feeling safe at the beating of her mother's heart. Victor on a chair next to them, charmed. Three years ago he would have never thought that his life was turning out that way until the moment that, his girlfriend back then, had todl him she expecting a baby. He had left his home, he had sacrificed his mother and sister in behalf of his daughter and love of his life, and even though it still hurt him terribly, he knew he had chosen right whenever he had Patty or his daughters around.

"Where is the baby?" asked Prue, entering the room holding her grandmother's hand.

Víctor smiled and bent down to pick her up.

"Hi Prue, I'm happy to see you too". He said, joking, kissing her as Patty made some room for her to sit.

"This is Piper, Prue." Said their mother, holding each girl in her arms.

Prue, who was now a really smart and brave two years old, stared at her baby sister. She had brown hair, her face was swollen and a bit red, what made her look really weird, different to her, who had beautiful green eyes as his grandfather Allen and dark hair as his father. The toddler touched the newborn's hand, and smiled when she held her little finger in her even smaller hand.

"She likes me" she said, looking at her mother's face who had her eyes wet.

"She loves you" said Patty to her daughter, kissing both of them.

"I love her" smiled Prue, trying to hug her baby sister.

Víctor smiled at that. He knew that Prudence was meant to be a big sister and that they would be really close in a near future. He wished he could be that close to his sister...but the only thing he could do was writing to her and sending the letters to school or classmates, because not a long time ago, Penny had suggested him that maybe Dorothy was interfering between them. And she was. He had never expected his mother to do something like that to them, but when he sent a letter to his sister's school and she replied, he had to open his eyes to the kind of person Dorothy was, and that disgusted him.

"Sweetheart, you are a big sister now," said Víctor.

Prue looked at him, puzzled. She had no idea what that meant.

"Your sister is a baby, she doesn't know anything...not like you" said Patty, cleaning her face from a lock of hair, "She doesn't know how to talk, walk, eat, or play..."

"But you do, and as the big sister, you will help her learning all what she needs to learn," added Victor.

"You will be there to protect her, as she will be there for you. She loves you already and I know you love her too. I promise you will be the best friends the world has ever known, but I need you to promise you will never leave your sister alone, that you will always stand by her side as the big sister you are, no matter what".

Prue looked at the baby and smiled. She didn't really understand all what the adults had said, but she did understand the part which she loved her new sister and she liked the idea of having a best friend forever, so she nodded.

Penny smiled to Patty, she was extremely proud of her and how much she had grown in those three years. Their lives had been pure happiness and peace, and she hoped that things could stay that way.

"Are we interrupting something?" asked Jane, holding Andy, who was a year and a half already.

"This is Piper and she's our new best friend!" told Prue to Andy as soon as she saw him in the room.

The adults giggled, happy at that, giving Andy some space to meet the new addition. George Trudeau took the chance to make some pictures to never forget that moment, and to send Molly, now that Victor could contact her via mail.

In Detroit, things were every day worse. Dorothy pretended she had never had a son and put extra pressure over Molly to make her as perfect as a lady should be, meanwhile her youngest daughter was getting worse.

"Are you ok?" asked someone from Molly's school, knocking the door of the public restroom of the building.

"Yes, food poisoning" she lied, holding from the door, tired.

She felt the steps of the girl leaving the room and sighed. No, she wasn't ok but she could handle it, at the end, she was used to purging after almost every meal and it wasn't a big deal anymore. Or that was what she wanted to believe. She closed her eyes, tired. She hated herself and her life. All she wanted to do was dying, because she was trapped in a world she didn't like and the only thing she enjoyed was reading his brother's letters and seeing pictures of him, Prue and Patty's new pregnancy: that was all what was keeping her alive. It was the hope of someday meeting her nieces what had kept her from committing suicide, but she didn't know how long would that last.

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