Chapter six: Yes, I will.

Patty was in her bedroom, standing in front of her mirror. She smiled. Her hair was tied in a bun decorated with red and white flowers. Her make up was soft and light, matching with the warm spring that May had came along. Her white dress was delicated yet simple, showing her arms and long enough to touch the floor.

"You look beautiful, dear". Said Penny, entering the room.

"I wish dad could be here today". she replied, a little nostalgic.

"He is." her mother smiled. "Don't be sad now, you're only going to mess up your make up, and stress Prudence".

Patty smiled, touching her belly, excited. Her mother was right: her father was there, he always was. She didn't have to cry, that day she was going to marry the love of her life, the father of her daughter and it was meant to be the happiest memory of her life. Tears of sadness weren't allowed.

"I came to tell you that everyone is here and it's time that you come downstairs".

"Are they...?" Patty asked. Her mother shook her head.

"Victor is waiting". said Penny, leaving the room.

Her daughter nodded, sighing heavily. Dorothy hadn't assisted, therefore, Molly wasn't there either. It had been a month since Victor had left and appeared in her door with her head down telling her what had happened. He had cried. Victor wasn't the crying kind, but she knew how much his little sister meant to him and how painful was for him leaving her behind.

She sighed and encouraged herself to go to the first floor. Once she was at the top of the stairs and looked down, she could find her mother, a couple of friends from college and some neighbors that were her mother's age, except for a young couple that had moved a week ago, the Trudeau's family. There were not signs of the Bennett, nor of any other relatives: both, her father and aunt Janice had died after a gas explosion at her place: she immediately, his father two days later.

They were the last ones in the line.

She strated walking with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, thinking about that, when she reached the bottom of the stairs meeting Victor's eyes, who was offering her his arm. It was then when she realized that they weren't the last ones: there was still a family made of her and her mother, and that day, Victor was joining them, and soon, the symbol of their love was going to come in the shape of a baby girl.

"I'm sorry..." whispered Patty, talking about his family.

"You look perfect". He replied, ignoring that fact.

Patty nodded with a warm smile, he smiled back, leading her to the altar they had set in the dining room. She knew how sad he was, as he knew how sad she was about Allen, but none of them wanted to ruin the moment. They owed it to their daughter, and to themselves. What didn't mean that Victor stopped thinking about his mother and sister, the first one was really passive-aggressive and it wasn't fair to Molly that she had to face her alone because of what he had done. Or was doing.

Penny observed her daugher walking holding hands with her fiancé with pride and emotion. Both looked happy, despite all the difficulties their marriage brought, both seemed to be doing what their hearts dictated.

Many miles away to the East, the reason of Victor's bitterness was locked in her room. She hadn't left it since he had left, except when Molly was at school: she didn't want to see her youngest daughter because the girl agreed with what her firstborn had done, so, she was in the same category he was: betrayer. She knew that, at that very moment, her son was marrying the home-wrecker of Patricia Halliwell and that made her sick. She didn't want to know anything about him nor about her, and as soon as Molly learned the lesson, she would make sure she didn't lose her way, and if she couldn't, she would lock her in a convent.

Meanwhile, the teenager was in the kitchen, cleaning what didn't need any cleaning; actually, the house was always clean now that she was alone...even though she knew her mother cooked and made stuff when she wasn't around, but always left things clean so she didn't know that she was eating and, basically, alive. She needed to distract, to think about anything else because she couldn't bear the anguish that caused her the fact that her brother was about to get married and she wasn't there. The house was a hell and she didn't know what to do, because days passed extremely slowly and with every minute, her hopes left. In moments like that, she wanted to be dead.

In San Francisco, Penny took the floor when she saw her daughter and future son-in-low had reached the altar.

"Dear friends, I would like to thank you for being here in this special day to the Halliwell family. As the mother of the bride, I appreciate your presence here and I wish, to both, my beautiful and beloved daughter, as to my future son." she smiled, emotional. "All happiness on Earth".

Patty thanked her with her eyes watered and Penny left the space to the minister, who after saying a few words, asked:

"Patricia Halliwell and Victor Bennett, are you here to marry by free will, with the objective of making each other happy and living under God's laws?"

"Yes, father." replied both at the same time, looking into each other's eyes before nodding.

The couple turned around to face the other, holding their hands.

"Victor. Will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto her, for so long as you both shall live?"

He looked at his future wife to her eyes and with a smile and no hesitation, made of confidence, accepted.

"Yes, I will".

Patty pursed her lips trying to stop the tears that were a mix between her emotions and the hormones. She was happy, more than never before. As she never thought she would be again after her father's death.

"Patricia. Will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto him, for so long as you both shall live?"

"Yes, I will".

Penny observed from her spot with a handkerchief in her hands. She couldn't stop thinking about her own wedding day and there was any other desire in her heart than the happiness of the couple and her granddaughter. She wished that they had complete success in all their plans, that their union lasted forever and that nothing could ever make them apart.

"What God has joined together let no man put asunder".

These words said, Victor pulled his now wife close to his face, and not thinking it twice, he kissed her.