John Winchester once said he wanted Sam to go to school and he wanted Dean to have a home. It was a good dream to have for your kids but when your last name is Winchester those things were never in the cards. Even though the yellow eyed demon was dead, Sam had to deal with his brother going to hell, coming back, and then there was the whole Lucifer rising thing they had to deal with so being normal wasn't an option or so they though. By some random act of a higher power, Lucifer was put back in the cage and everything went back to normal. Now all Dean and Sam had to do was figure out what they were going to do with the rest of their lives. They though back to what John has said many years ago and they knew what they had to do. They had to move on with their lives.

Sam went back to school and finally took that interview for Law School. He was accepted and enrolled two weeks later. Dean however went back to Lawrence, Kansas where an old Marine buddy of his dads owned an auto repair shop. Last time he was there Marty Johnson told Dean that whenever he wanted it there would be a job waiting for him. Ten years later, Dean is going back to take him up on that offer. It was time to hang up his shot gun and trade it for a wrench. At least until something came up. It was time to let the next generation of hunters take over for awhile.

Dean pulled up at Johnson Auto Body Shop on Bakers St. and got out of his car. The place look exactly the same as it did years ago. As if it was fate, there was a Mechanic wanted sign on the door. Dean took a deep breath and walked inside. This was the first step to being normal. When he walked in he saw a man changing the oil for a 2000 Ford Mustang and walked over to him. "So I hear you are looking for a good mechanic." He said.

The man leaned up from under the hood of the car and turned around. He looked at Dean and after a second he knew exactly who he was, "Well I be damned." He said and wiped off his hands. "If it isn't Dean Winchester." Marty walked over to Dean and gave him a hug. "It's good to see you boy."

"Yeah…it's been a long time." Dean said and the two separate. "So I was wondering if the offer was still open."

"Of course. You have great timing. When can you start?" Marty asked. "We are a little short handed at the moment."

"Well I just got into town so as soon as I find a place I can start." Dean said.

"I can help you out with that. My mother in law passed away a few years ago and left us her house. We will be happy to rent it to you for cheap. It's a great place."

"Awesome. Where is it?" Dean asked.

"It's right next door to our house. Gina never wanted to sale it. I think she was hoping Dana would move in one day and start a family God help us all. That's her dream anyways." Marty smiled. He was referring to his wife and young daughter.

"How are Gina and Dana doing by the way? Last time I saw Dana she couldn't have been older than seven. I bet she has grown. I don't even think I would recognize her anymore."

"I don't think you would. It's been a long time since you were here. They are both doing really good though. Gina still owns her salon and Dana just finished school and she will be going off to college in a few months."

"Really? Well I bet you are excited about that." Dean said.

Marty sighed and rolled his eyes, "Ask me again in a few months. I don't know how I am going to handle it. A word of advice, when you meet the future Mrs. Winchester and start planning a family, plan for a boy." He laughed. "Alight, so how about you help me close up here and I will take you over to look at he place."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Dean said. He took off his leather jacket and got to work. There were three things Dean Winchester was good at, hunting, women, and cars. Hunting was his passed, cars was his future so that left one thing. Would he ever find the one he could spend the rest of his life with? The answer to that question just may shock him.

2 days later.

Dean had finally moved into his house and was finally done unpacking what little he had to his name. Luckily the house was fully furnished. It wasn't a big place but it was the nicest place he had ever stayed. This normal thing may not be so bad after all.

Dean stepped out of the shower and walked across the hall to his bedroom. He dried off and slipped on his jeans and just before he grabbed a shirt there was a knock at the door. He tossed the towel aside, zipped up his jeans, and walked to the door. When he opened it up he saw a beautiful girl standing there in a tight halter dress. "Hi." She said with a smile on her face.

Dean looked her up and down slowly, biting his lip, "Oh God….. please tell me you are the welcome committee."

The girl laughed a little and looked at his perfect, hard, toned body as she licked her lip, "I can be what ever or who ever you want me to be." She winked. "But actually my mom sent me to bring you this casserole." She said and held out a small dish.

"Your mom?" Dean asked.

"Yeah." she said and looked at him. "You don't remember me do you?" she asked.

"I am pretty sure I would remember a face a pretty as yours and I would defiantly remember that body." Dean smirked.

The girl smiled at him and tucked her long hair behind her ear. "Obviously not but I sure do remember you. I would never forget a face as handsome as yours."

"Is that so? Well maybe you should refresh my memory a little tonight. I would love to make up for lost time." Dean said as he leaned against the door frame.

"I would love to do all kinds of things to you right now...Mr. Winchester."

"Please….call me Dean."

"Alright…Dean. I have to be going but I hope I will see you around again really soon." She said, licking her perfect red lips.

"You can count on it, baby." Dean said and gave his chest a little pop as he took the dish from the girl's hands. "See you around."

"God I hope so." She said and started back down the side walk, adding a little extra shake in her step. She knew he was watching.

"Oh God I love this town." Dean said as he watched her ass and he realized he never got her name, "Hey wait!" he called out.

She turned around slowly and looked at him, "Miss me already?" she asked.

Dean smiled, "I didn't get your name." he said.

"Oh it's Dana, Dana Johnson." She said and headed across the yard to her house.

Dean's eyes widened. Did he just really hit on his friends/new boss's daughter? He walked in the house and slowly closed the door. He stood there for a second and though about what had just happened. "Well, at least she was hot." Dean said to himself. "Wait…what the hell am I talking about? I'm 33 and she has to be no older than 17. No Dean No. Don't even think it." he told himself. If he saw her again he was just explain that he was out of line. No harm done. He thought to himself.

Later that night, Dean walked into his bedroom and pulled down the covers. He was about to strip down to his boxers when he saw that the window and blinds were still open. When he went to shut them he saw something unexpected. His room had a view and it was nice.

Across from his bedroom was Dana's bedroom. There she was in all her glory drying her hair with her back to the window. Dean swallowed the lump in this throat as he felt his jeans tighten instantly. She had one of the most beautiful bodies he had ever seen. "I'm going to hell…..again." he said.

Just then, Dana looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. She knew he would be watching her. She was slowly reeling in him. She has had lots of boys and now she wanted a man.

Dean hurried and closed the blinds and turned around. He looked down at his erection and said, "Don't even think about it, dude." He sighed and got into bed. Maybe normal wasn't going to be as easy as he thought.

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