A/N: The character I chose was Alicia Spinnet. And her mother was killed by Death Eaters, although she wasn't a member of the Order...

we are lost

and all we see

has gone away

('gone away '- lucy schwartz)

You're three years old when your mother dies. And you don't understand why.

You're woken in the early morning by your 13-year-old sister, Holly. She asks you Mummy didn't come home last night, do you know where she is? And you say no and then you cry, 'cause you're hungry and tired and you love Holly, but you want your Mummy and where is she?

You sit and wait. Holly makes you a piece of toast with her wand even though she's not allowed. You keep waiting, but your Mummy doesn't come. You ask Holly where's Mummy? but she just shakes her head.

But then, a man knocks on the door. He is big, with a black hat, and you hide your face in Holly's dress, 'cause he scares you. The man says lots of things that you don't understand, but they must be bad, since Holly starts crying and shaking and tears are dripping down onto your head and you're confused.

Then Holy picks you up and says Leesha, Leesha, Mummy's d-d-dead and you don't really know what dead means, but it can't be good. And you start to cry too, 'cause you want your Mummy!

Holly makes you put on your cloak and says come on, we have to go with the Ministry man. She's stopped crying all of a sudden and she looks like she's lost and you say Holly, we not lost and she says yes, Leesha, we are.

You don't remember the next part, 'cause you've fallen aleep, but when you wake up, you know where you are, at your Auntie Beatrice's house. Holly is sitting on the sofa and crying again and Auntie Beatrice looks sad, too, and is drinking tea. And you say Holly, I wan go home and she says this is home now.

And you're so upset and scared and you know you don't have a Daddy, but does this mean you don't have a Mummy either? Why did she leave you? Doesn't she love you? And who's going to tuck you in a night and tickle you and say you're my favorite little Alicia?

Later, you ask Holly again, where's Mummy gone? and Holly hugs you too tight. Mummy's in the sky now. And you ask will she ever come back? and Holly says no, sweetie, I'm sorry and all you can think is why, Mummy, why?