E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Pull

Musketeer word: Stone

Set: After 6.10, Caged Heat.

Summary: The only usefull thing his father had ever taught him was chess. He had planned his moves a long time ago. Now it was his turn...

A/N: Hey Barbara, my rolling stone, hope you've got the time to play Supersized Fun Fair - I wanna know more about Rigby :-)

He'd had a rather heated welcome when he arrived.

His most intimate foes had been keen for a little payback, generously distributed through ripping claws and poisoned fangs.

Albeit missing the comfort of his trusted vessel he'd brought his most efficient weapon along, and he knew how to use it.

So he had his sly tongue work it's pulling effect, gathering a crowd of followers who called him master.

He smiled.

Purgatory was going to be his stepping-stone to gain power beyond imagination.

His next moves were fixed: Meg. The bloody Winchesters. And Bobby Singer.

Not necessarily in that order.

A/N: Really, I thought I'd come up with Crawley playing his private game in Purgatory - but guess what, it had occured to others too ;-) Anyhow, I hope and pray that he'll have another move in this huge game, because sisters: I MISS HIM! And his vessel :-)