Title : Chuck Vs. The Walkabout

This story will be AUafter Ellie and Devon's wedding. The story begins at the reception and follows Chuck as tehtrip he plans for Seattle turns into a 'walkabout' as he begins to re-adjust to life without the Intersect. Eventual Chuck & Sarah. I have the basic outline, it's just a question of if I can actually write something that might be interesting to anyone else. I'll give it a try. JT

No Beta so all errors are 100% my own while the original Chuck characters are 100% not mine.

CHUCK Vs. The Walkabout

The day had started out with beautiful prospects. The weather was southern California perfect and Ellie & Devon's wedding was mere hours away. Then the Chuck Bartowski roller coaster of luck launched itself. Ted Roark and FULCRUM with the help of the social wrecking ball known as Morgan and Jeffster had ripped Ellie's special day to shreds. Chuck was devastated to have caused Ellie's heartbreak, and using a good portion of his government payout and Casey's hidden and , to be honest, unexpected event planning skills, managed to save the day with a beautiful wedding ceremony held at the beach.

The reception was held in the courtyard of Casa Woodcomb and everyone seemed to having a great time. The weather was mild and the lights strung in the trees added a twinkle to the evening. Chuck looked across the courtyard and caught sight of Sarah standing next to Casey, chatting about something. She was looking beautiful in her blue dress and Chuck was getting ready to walk over and ask her to dance when she when she reached into her purse and pulled out her cel phone. After answering her phone Chuck watched the smile slowly slip from her face to be replaced with a slight frown. Finishing her call, Sarah turned to Casey and after whispering something to him, they turned and left the courtyard. Chuck hurried after them, catching them out front.

" What's up guys? Leaving the party so soon?"

"Sorry Chuck, Bryce is getting ready to download the intersect 2.0. We're going along to provide security. I'll talk to you later."

"Sarah… I.. uh…thought you might be staying."

" I'll talk to you later Chuck" Sarah responded and then turned to leave with Casey.

"Better take your car Walker, just in case you need it later."

" Of course. Good thinking. Thanks Casey."

Sarah climbed into her beloved Porsche, backed out of her parking space and gave a quick wave to Chuck before pulling away.

'Well, I guess Sarah's made her choice' Chuck thought, turning around and heading back to the reception. 'Better put on a happy face for Ellie. I'll tell her about Sarah leaving after the honeymoon.'

Chuck wandered back to the party and found himself a quiet corner where he could sit and nurse his cocktail. Orion wandered up and sit down next to Chuck.

" You did a great thing for Ellie today. You should be really proud."

" Well I kinda had to dad since I was responsible for the first wedding fiasco. Sure it was Ted Roark and his goons but they were looking for me."

" No Chuck, they were looking for the intersect and ,thanks to you and Sarah and Casey, they didn't get it."

" Yeah…and now Bryce is getting ready to download the 2.0 and Sarah and Casey have gone off to join him. I guess that an intersect free Chuck wasn't enough to get Sarah to stay. Well dad, at least now I can get back to my life or more to the point, I can get on to my new life. I just wish I knew what that was."

"You'll figure it out Chuck. You can do anything you want."

"Thanks dad, it's great having you around again. I'm gonna go and wish Ellie and Awsome the best and then I'm gonna call it a night. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night dad."

"Well, I'm also gonna wish the lucky couple a good night and then I'm gonna go and help 'Team Intersect' with the download. I'll let you know how it turns out."

"Have a good night but please, I really don't want to hear anything about Sarah and her new team. I think that it's time for me to let it all go." Chuck replied as he turned around and headed off to see his sister and new brother.

"Goodnight Charles, sleep well."

Sarah arrived at the Interesect compound a few minutes before Casey, thanks mostly to the higher horsepower of her Porsche compared to Casey's beloved Crown Vic. After waiting for Casey to catch up, the pair entered the building and proceeded to the lab where Bryce was getting ready to download the 2.0 version of the intersect. Casey knew that they were there to make sure that things went smoothly and after the download was completed, Bryce and Sarah would be heading out to DC and he would be rejoining his old team for some action in Afganistan.

Sarah and Casey were watching from the observation room while Orion prepared to run the Intersect program. After putting on his dark sunglasses and reminding Sarah and Casey to put theirs on, he hit the enter key on his keyboard and watched as Bryce was bombarded by the images that were being displayed on the screens that covered the walls and ceiling of the Intersect room. After 5 minutes the images stopped appearing and Bryce slumped against the restraints that secured him to the chair in the center of the room.

Sarah and Casey joined Orion at the control panel and they waited for Bryce to wake up. After 10 minutes, Sarah turned to Orion and asked if something was wrong.

"Sarah, I'm not sure" Orion replied. "We really don't have guidelines for this but I expected Bryce to be back with us by now. All of his vitals look normal so I don't know why he hasn't woken up yet."

After more than a half hour Orion was beginning to get worried and went into the Intersect room to do a closer examination of Bryce. After checking his pupils for their response to light stimuli, Orion called for help and after a medical team had arrived with a gurney and wheeled Bryce away he went the observation room to talk to Sarah and Casey. After telling them that he was worried about Bryce's condition he pulled a phone from his pocket and called General Diane Beckman. He was worried that his temporary boss might respond poorly to his news that Bryce Larkin appeared to be in a coma. He was right…Diane didn't respond well to his news. In fact, poorly was a poor way of describing her response. Pissed was a much better way to describe her response.

" Stephen, I'll be there in 6 hours. I want you to lead the team that will be looking into the this problem. Keep in touch with the medical team that is looking after Bryce and keep me updated until I get there. I also want you to take a look at the Interesect 2.0 program and see if you notice anything irregular about the programing."

" OK Diane, I'll keep you up to date about Bryce and I'll look over the program for you. Just remember, although I wrote the original program, this new version isn't

mine. If I notice anything , I'll make a note...but the Bartowskis are no longer in the Intersect 'game'. I didn't write your new program and Chuck can no longer access the Intersect. We're out of it and I hope that it's not to late for Chuck to get back to a normal life."

"Thank you Ori.. Stephen. I know that you and Chuck gave a lot to the program and I really hope that you find that normal life you want. Chuck really did a lot for his country and I hope he gets what he wants. What did you mean when you said that Chuck could 'no longer access the Intersect'? I thought you removed it from his brain?"

"Yeah...yeah I did. I just mis-spoke. I'll talk to you when you get here."

After hanging up her phone, General Diane Beckman sat back in her chair trying to remember the last time she had heard Orion mis-speak and , for the life of her, she couldn't.

Chuck rolled over and "showed" his alarm clock who was boss. Pulling himself to a sitting position, he stretched his arms over his head and slowly got out of bed. After shuffling down the hall to the bathroom, showering and shaving, Chuck began getting dressed. As he was pulling his Dark Angel t-shirt over his head a wild thought occurred to him. Today would be the perfect day to take that trip to Seattle he had been promising himself for years.

'Afterall' he thought 'no one here would miss me if I took off for a few days…or weeks even'

Having reached a quick decision, Chuck dug through his closet until he found his duffle bag. Putting the bag on his bed, he began packing a few changes of clothes. Some jeans, t-shirts, socks and ,last but not least, a few pairs of boxers. With the quick packing done, he grabbed his wallet and after doing a count of his available cash stuffed it into his back pocket. Next, he reached for his watch and stopped as he was about to strap it around his wrist.' I really don't need this government issued lowjack system' he muttered to himself before he tossed the watch towards the nightstand by his bed. The watch bounced twice and them dropped right into the trachcan beside his bed. 'Great spot for it' he muttered to himself. Looking around his room he gazed at the photos of him and Sarah, both the real and especially the fake. Taking a deep breath, he gathered up all of the photos he could reach and tossed them into the trash. 'Well, might as well throw out the rest of the trash' he mumbled to himself as he went around the room gathering up all of Casey's bug's. He saved the camera for last, pulling it from the light fixture and mouthing "goodbye" into the lense before cutting the wires that attached Chuck's private life to Team Intersect. Finished with the impromptu spring cleaning, Chuck grabbed a box and dumped all the 'government trash' into it and carried it out and set it by the front door.

Chuck wandered back into his bedroom , grabbed his duffle bag and headed out to the kitchen. Sitting down at the table, he wrote out a short note for Ellie & Awesome : 'Guys, hope you had a great honeymoon. I've decided to take a short vacation and visit Seattle and see some of the country up that way. I'll give you a call in a few , Chuck' . After reading the note over twice, Chuck left the note in the middle of the table, picked up his travel duffle and headed towards the front door. After opening the front door, he grabbed the box of his 'spylife junk' and tucked it under his arm. Steeping out the door Chuck stopped and locked the door. After tucking his keys into his pocket he wandered over to Casey's and dropped the box onto John's front step and headed back out front to catch a bus downtown to the bus depot where he could purchase his ticket to Seatle and begin his journey towards something.. He wasn't sure what exactly, but he was pretty sure that he would know what the 'something' was when he found it.