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Chapter 2: Such A Lovely Place.

The Pussycat was located in the far south of Las Vegas, not too far away from the desert. Catherine understood immediately why. There didn't seem to be a thing in the club that was actually legal, and it scared Catherine that she was supposed to work there. And even live there. Eddie had convinced her that living above the Pussycat would be a lot easier for her, and therefore she was knowing sharing a room with two other girls. One only spoke Russian, Aniya, and the other girl was from some other place in Europe, Eva, but she did speak English. It was ironic that every girl in that club used at least one kind of drug. Catherine knew she was the only one addicted to something as heavy as cocaïne. Her dull eyes were staring around the room that was now her home while she sat on her bed. She then looked at her suitcase; a big, pink one on wheels. Funny how her entire life fitted into that one big suitcase. She felt her body ache and Catherine knew she wanted a fix. That she needed one. She grabbed her purse and took out the white powder that was both her best friend and her biggest enemy. She fixed the line with a little carton paper that was in her bag as well on the table next to her bed. Catherine knew she wouldn't be able to think straight while on cocaïne; but then again, she wasn't able to do that without it either. Her hands were shaking when she brought one of them to her nose and the other one to the table. She knew it would help her through her shift, that would start in less than twenty minutes. She also knew the cocaïne would not help her fix her problems. But at this point, Catherine stopped caring; she didn't have a clue of how to get out of her misery anyway.

Eddie was proud when he looked onto the stage; Catherine was the best dancer on that stage, by far. There were five girls up there on the same time, but Eddie was positive he would be able to give Catherine her own show in a few days. Her gorgeous body swayed around the pole as if it was a natural gift. Her long hair looked golden in the lights that were shining on her and her skanky outfit made Eddie's arousal grow every second. Eddie knew she was high; if Catherine had been thinking straight he knew she would've never set a foot on the stage. But she was addicted to the cocaïne as he was to money. The men in The Pussycat were obviously affected by Catherine's appearance on the stage; he could tell several of them were almost coming right there while watching her. He knew he couldn't let Catherine go with them yet; she wasn't ready for that. That was his goal eventually though; it would let him earn lots of money. He knew he would be able to get her to go with men eventually; it just needed some time. As long as he kept getting her her cocaïne, he knew she wouldn't complain. As long as he did the right things on the right time.

Catherine's routine hadn't changed much from what she did in the French Palace; it did feel different though. It felt weird to dance without having her friends around. She seemed to be the only native American in the club –well, at least the only native American dancing,- and the other girls didn't seem to be interested in her at all. Her confidence was still high and she wasn't bothered by it. For now. When she came backstage, she saw Eddie waiting for her. His appearance still made Catherine feel a little weak inside; he was good looking. She hated him for what he could do to her, but she couldn't stop loving him. Eddie was smiling at her and walked up to her as he said: "You did great, babe." He then kissed her. Not one of those kisses he gave her to quickly please her. It was a real kiss. Catherine hated it that Eddie was able to make her knees go weak and feel like a sixteen year old. But he could. "Thank you. I'm on break now, right?" "You are babe. I'll come get you again in an hour."

Catherine walked up to her room, which was empty when she walked in. She sat down on her bed with her hand and back against the wall, closed her eyes and tried to think clear. This was not what she wanted; this was not what she needed. The drugs prevented her from thinking straight though; Catherine knew she had to quit. But how?

"Ed, this guys here like to see that gorgeous redhead of yours." The bartender, Frank, cocked his head into the direction of four men, standing with their drinks at the bar. Eddie looked at the men; they all seemed to be in their mid-twenties. They were not too handsome, but not ugly either. Eddie raised his eyebrow and said: "All together at the same time? I already told you Cath's not ready for any of those activities yet, so I can't imagine why you think I'll let four men get their way with her." Frank raised his eyebrows and said: "I meant that they'd like to arrange a meeting with Catherine. For their friend, over there. A birthday present." Frank pointed to another man, who was standing a bit behind his friends. He looked rather shy, and somewhat embarrassed for being in a strip club. It was obviously not his idea to get closer to Catherine. Eddie shrugged and said: "Tell them she'll do a lap dance. Put fifteen percent extra on the normal price. Tell the guy to come up. I'll take care of Cath."

While Frank walked back to the group of guys, Eddie walked up again to Catherine's room. He knew she was supposed to have her break now, but Eddie was positive she wouldn't say no. Money was her drive; she wanted money to get out of this place, and Eddie knew it. He also knew that Catherine was oblivious to the fact that she would never get her money; that was something he'd like to keep that way for a while.

Catherine looked at the face of the guy walking into the room. There were several special rooms above the Pussycat, that were not used as bedrooms for the girls, but were dressed up nice. It didn't take Catherine long to realize what was supposed to happen in these rooms. Eddie had assured her that all she needed to do was give the guy a lap dance. Little talking, little smiling… No longer than thirty minutes. Now that Catherine saw the guy's face though, she felt embarrassed. He seemed oblivious to what was supposed to happen in the room. He had a blush on his face and he tried too hard to not look at the skimpy outfit Catherine was wearing. Catherine tried to get into her role again and smiled at him as she said: "Hi handsome. So, I understood you'd like to get a nice birthday present." She walked up to him, her high heels clicking on the wooden floor as she saw the guy's face turn into an even deeper shade of red as he answered: "Well, uhm, no.. Actually, my friends set this up. I'm.. I'm not really into these kind of.. Things." "You're not into these things, huh." Catherine walked up to him, planning on sitting down on his lap, but as soon as the man realized what she was doing, he got up. Catherine was taken aback by his reaction and said, probably with a little bit too much disappointment in her voice: "You really don't like me, don't you?" "No, no, no, I do! In fact, I think you're a very beautiful woman. I just… I don't really like this. Using.. You. I don't want that." Catherine smiled at the guy; he seemed so sweet and so genuine affected by the fact that she was doing this job. He didn't want sex, she could tell. She cocked her head a bit to the side, still fascinated by the man in front of her, before she asked: "What is your name?" The man gave her a hand as he said: "I'm Gil. Gil Grissom."

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