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"Come on you guys! It's the last day that we're here and we haven't ALL hit the beach yet! We gotta go!" Beast Boy begged as he tugged on Raven's cloak and pulled on Cyborg's arm.

"Yo dude! Chill! We all promised we would hang out at the beach together when this vacation started, right? We usually all hang out on the last day of vacation, right? That's how it's been for the past five years!" Cyborg shouted as he pulled his arm back away from Beast Boy's grip.

Raven looked up at Beast Boy, whom after five long years had grown to be about six foot four. He wasn't as tall as Cyborg-heck, nobody was, but he was taller then everybody else. And since both Beast Boy and Robin had grown, and Raven hadn't, she was now the tiniest one of the five members in the team. She snatched back the part of her dark blue cloak that was in Beast Boy's grip out of his green hands and sighed. "I get that you want to spend the day with us and all, but did you really have to wake us up at…" she paused as she looked at a nearby clock in her, Cyborg, and Beast Boy's hotel room. Then she continued "6 o'clock in the morning? During our vacation none the less? I mean, I'm usually awake early, but it's vacation and this is ridiculous."

"Um yea I did! Or else you guys wouldn't be ready in time! Since Starfire just had to room with Robin, me and Cyborg got stuck with you! That's not a bad thing of course, I mean Rae, you're like my best friend! But it's just super annoying how we have to stand outside the door to the room while you shower and get dressed!" Beast Boy complained. "And we're on vacation dudes! We gotta spend every minute of it enjoying this place while we're still here!"

Raven just sighed. She sat down on her bed and signaled for Beast Boy and Cyborg to leave the hotel suite. She had to shower and change for the beach. When both Cyborg and Beast Boy were gone, she looked around the hotel suite. They had gotten a suite because a normal hotel room wasn't large enough. Raven had her own personal, room with many draws, a closet, a king-sized bed, and small bathroom that consisted of a toilet, a mirror that took up the upper half of one wall, and a sink, while Beast Boy and Cyborg shared a bedroom with two queen-sized beds, a large flat-screen television, many drawers, two closets, a mini-fridge, and a bathroom with a toilet, two large sinks, two large mirrors above the sinks, and a nice shower. Raven only went near Beast Boy and Cyborg's space when she had to talk to them or when she needed to shower.

She stood up and made her way towards one of the drawers in her room. She opened it and removed a black bikini with a line-drawing of a silver bird in flight on the right side of her top. The bikini was very stringy and revealing, but it was the only one she had. Starfire had picked it out for her, along with a short, black, spaghetti-strap cover-up dress, and she had only brought it along with her just in-case she was to go near the water. Before this day, she had swiftly avoided contact with the outdoors. Raven had managed to stay in her room, meditate, and read this whole time, hoping to keep it that way. However, she and the others had promised Beast Boy they would all spend at least one day together at the beach, and she wasn't one to break a promise. She laid out her bikini and cover-up upon her floral-print bed sheets, and went over to her closet. She took out a towel and some black flip-flops, and placed the flip-flops near the end of her bed. Then she undressed herself, wrapped her towel around her nude body, and walked towards the shower.

Beast Boy sighed as he sat down on the bright blue sofa with fuchsia floral designs in the hotel lobby. Cyborg sat down next to him, almost making the sofa tip due to his heavy weight. "Yo man, what's been buggin' ya?" Cyborg asked, noticing Beast Boy's troubled mood.

Beast Boy simply shrugged. He didn't know himself.

"Does it got anything to do with the crushin' you've been having on Raven?" Cyborg asked with a sly grin.

Beast Boy looked at Cyborg with a scowl on his face. "Dude! Not cool! I don't like Raven! If you haven't noticed, she sorta hates me!"

"I don't know what you've been seeing, but what I've been seeing is that Raven is totally crushin' back. She might not have admitted it to herself yet, but boy does she like ya!" Cyborg checked the time on his built in digital clock in his arm. It's been about thirty minutes. Is Raven done yet?

Beast Boy sighed. Yea, I wish. "Dude, come on. No way does Raven like me. Raven, of all people! You crazy? You on drugs or something?"

"Come on B, she does." He looked at the clock one more time before standing up. "Let's go wake up Star and her spiky head little boyfriend before heading back to the room to see if Raven's done."

Beast Boy just stood up, nodded, and followed Cyborg to the elevator, his mind filled with thoughts like: Does Raven like me? Should I try and make a move on her? Dude, should I ask her on a date or something? He tried shaking the thoughts out of his head as the elevator doors closed, and the elevator traveled upwards.

It had been about 10 minutes, and Raven had come out of the shower with her body and hair soaking wet, and a damp white towel loosely clinging to her body. She hadn't gone into the shower until 25 minutes after the guys left. She knew that they wouldn't be coming back until the full hour was complete, and she had already used up 35 minutes, so she still had another 25 minutes to herself. Or so she thought.

About five minutes after she had gotten out of the shower, she heard a knock on the door. She walked cautiously towards the door, still sopping wet in her towel, and looked through the peep hole in the upper-middle part of the wooden door. She saw Beast Boy, alone, standing outside the door.

"Um Raven, if you can hear me, then I'm coming in. Cy's telling Star and Robin to get ready, and then he's getting all of our beach stuff and putting it in a taxi." Beast Boy stuck his room key in the lock and opened the door.

"Wait Beast Boy, no! I'm not-" Raven was interrupted when Beast Boy collided into her. "Oof!"

"Ow…" Beast Boy said, rubbing his head, which he banged into Raven's. When he realized where he was, who he was with, and who he was on top of, he jumped up, in shock. "Oh no…Raven I'm sorry! Please don't-" He stopped himself and stared, wide-eyed and quite pleased to see Raven sitting up on the floor, rubbing her head, completely naked, her towel underneath her legs. A smiled grew on his face as the wheels in his perverted, young-adult mind started to turn slowly. Oh man, that's hot right there.

Raven looked up at Beast Boy. He was staring straight at her, grinning that goofy grin of his. "Beast Boy…what are you-" She cut herself short and looked down at her completely bare body. "Oh my Azar!" She yelped as she covered up her body with the towel and ran for cover in her room, shattering a few light-bulbs on the way. "Holy shit! Did you see that?" She screamed past her closed door to Beast Boy, who was still in daze of what just happened.

When he finally snapped back to reality, he replied. "Um…no? Well, maybe just a little." He admitted blushing. "Don't worry, I won't tell a soul! Better yet, I'll erase that whole image from my mind!" He promised, his fingers crossed behind his back. He didn't want Raven to totally kill him for seeing a little too much, but he most certainly did not want to erase that memory from his head.

After a couple of minutes of not hearing a response, Beast Boy walked over to Raven's door and knocked softly. "Um…Raven? You there?"

He could hear Raven softly cursing at herself. Then he heard silence, and then he heard quiet tears. "Go away Beast Boy!" She choked in between tears.

"Raven…I…I'm sorry. I didn't know. Trust me, I won't ever bring it up again. We can pretend it never ever happened." Beast Boy tried to coax Raven with a surprisingly soothing voice. Is she crying? But…Raven never cries…

Beast Boy heard her cry for a few more minutes, followed by dead silence. Just as he was walking away from the door, it opened, and Raven appeared dressed in her bikini with her black cover-up over it and carrying a big dark blue beach towel. She looked Beast Boy up and down, then finally spoke. "Aren't you going to get ready?"

Beast Boy smiled a tiny smile and nodded. As he was running to his room, Raven called after him.

She blushed and her cheeks turned into a soft pink color. "Oh and Beast Boy? Thank you for saying you will forget about…um…you know."

Beast Boy stopped in his tracked. His smile grew much bigger as he turned around to face Raven. "What do ya mean, Rae? Nothing happened." He winked at her just before running off to go change in his room.

She shook her head when he called her Rae. This trend of his had started when they were in Mexico. It was about a year after they visited Tokyo. They all decided that they should have a vacation once a year for one week every year. The year after Tokyo, Beast Boy decided he wanted to go to Mexico, and then Starfire chose Tamaran for the year after that, and the year after that, Raven let Beast Boy have her turn in picking a place to go, so he picked Greece, and then this year, Cyborg had picked Hawaii.

Beast Boy came out of his room wearing plain dark purple swim trunks, and a plain white T-shirt with black flip-flops. He was holding a black and green striped beach towel. "Ya ready?" He asked Raven with a smile.

"I've been." She replied dryly.

"It's good to see the old Raven back!" He smiled as he placed his arm around Raven's shoulder.

She gave him a cold stare as she shook his arm off of her shoulder.

By the time Cyborg was back, it was around nine or ten in the morning. Everybody gathered in the lobby, including Starfire and Robin, and climbed into the taxi. Cyborg sat in the front, next to the driver, Starfire and Robin sat in the middle two seats, and Raven and Beast Boy sat behind them, all the way in the back row. Starfire was dressed in a neon purple bikini that was far less revealing then Raven's. She also had on a simple purple skirt that was only a couple inches about her knee and you tied it around your waist, so there was a knot on the right side of her waist, and plain old purple flip-flops. Robin , who couldn't keep his eyes off of Starfire, had on red swim trunks with black on the sides of them, and a white T-shirt. He also had on black flip-flops, like Beast Boy.

In only ten minutes, they arrived at the beach. "Beautiful!" Starfire exclaimed, stepping out of the cab. "The water looks like it is a crystal that is quite clear!"

"You mean crystal clear?" Raven corrected in her monotone voice as she stepped out of the cab. When everybody was out, Robin paid the driver and then picked a spot for them to all sit.

"So what do you guys wanna do first?" Beast Boy asked excitedly. He slid up to Raven and bumped her arm with his elbow a couple of times. "What do you wanna do Rae? Wanna go surfin'? Or buggy-boardin'? Or maybe water skiin'? Hey wait! I got an idea! We can build a sand-castle!" He looked at Raven hopefully, waiting for a response and wiggling one of his eyebrows.

Raven giggled silently. "No." She looked at Beast Boy's face, only to see the famous puppy dog eyes that Beast Boy was giving her. "But, maybe we can go swimming. Later." She offered him a light, small smile.

Beast Boy instantly lightened up. "Okay."

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