ble about the doctors and their favorite words. enjoy! (Note: i've only got the Doctor's that i have seen, 9-11. reason: i'm not old enough to have been alive when the original show came out; i'm pretty sure my mom watched it as a little kid though, and my grandparents definatly watched it. (Hi, if you're reading this!)

9: Fantastic, he was, and is. because after all, somewhere in the universe, he's still out there, saving fantastic worlds, condeming the misdeeds of beings, hating the Daleks with the burning fury of Galifrey aflame...perhaps more so than is healthy-for the Daleks that is...

10: My favorite Doctor-well, no, i think 11 is-well, no, 10! he's awesome, and very rarely creepy-well, there was that one time in The Waters of Mars-well, then again, 9 could be pretty creepy if he wanted to, but he's not the topic here...go back to your own line 9!

11: definatly my favorite Doctor, BUT! then again, 10 would probably win by default, because he was the first Doctor i saw, and i loved him from the start! but then again, technicaly it was the middle...of New Earth...eh who cares? 11 wins! he's the awesomest Doctor yet, plus he's the youngest looking...though he does seem to be going a bit senile at times..."Where's the 'on' button?"-from The Lodger, while holding a (regular) screwdriver...Like i said, senile. BUT! funny; and lots of River Song!

AN: yeah, that's about it...patheti huh? oh well...

anyone notice how i mentioned some unknown companions and enemies in Utopia? that's the possible future for 10: Journey's end (next chap should be done soon!)