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Rachel stared blankly at the history book in her lap. She was in Ethan's room waiting for him to get back from football practise. She tried her hardest to keep her mind on the hardships the British faced during World War II but her mind kept drifting.

This Friday would be her and Ethan's one month anniversary. A month of secret smiles, stolen kisses, playful glances and whispered songs. A month of love and acceptance, no fighting or bitterness.

Rachel looked down at her page to see she had doodled her and Ethan's initials, enclosed in a heart. She rolled her eyes at how utterly 'school girl with a crush' she was acting and turned in her seat to face the door when she heard it being opened. Her breath caught slightly when she saw him, it always did. His small smile stretched into a wide grin when he saw her sitting at his desk.

Rachel returned the smile but if quickly fell from her face when he walked closer. "No way mister. You go change and have a shower first. You're all sweaty."

"Fine." Rachel was worried with his reply, he would usually put up a slight fight before agreeing. Her worry turned out to be relevant when he grabbed his thin white t-shirt and pulled it over his head, leaving him standing in the middle of the room wearing only his grey sweatpants.

Rachel had seen Ethan shirtless once or twice before when their make-out sessions became a little 'heated', but she never really had the chance to take him in.

Her eyes took in every inch of his smooth tan skin, a light sheen of sweat covering him. His strong shoulders were slightly tense, as were his arms making his muscles pronounced. A light trail of golden blonde hair ran down his chest, over his defined stomach and disappeared into the sweat-pants that were hanging quite low on his hips, showing a very defined 'V'.

"See something you like?" Rachel jerked her head up to see an extremely smug look on her boyfriends face.

"Why yes, I do." She purred standing up and walking closer. She placed her hands flat against his chest and saw his smirk fall slightly. She kept walking, pushing him backwards until they reached his bed. She gave him a shove and he fell onto the bed, landing on his back. She followed him up and straddled his hips.

"You. Are. Such. A. Tease." She placed a kiss on his face, neck and chest between every word, purposely avoiding his lips. Her lips hovered a few centimetres above his. She saw the dare in his green eyes and leaned forward.

Their lips moved together automatically. It started off slow and gentle but quickly became heated. Rachel let out a slight squeal when Ethan flipped them over so he was leaning over her.

"Oh, I'm the tease?" He questioned kissing down her neck. Rachel made a noise of agreement and threaded her fingers through his hair. She pulled his head up joining their lips together again.

"OH MY GOD! MY EYES!" Rachel turned her head towards the door just in time to see Jeff running away from the door screaming about his eyes.

Rachel let her head fall back as she dissolved into a fit of giggles. She squirmed slightly feeling Ethan's laughter against her neck. "What's that? His third time walking in on us this week?"

"Hmm, yeah. Maybe four." He pressed a soft kiss to her shoulder and Rachel smiled pressing against his chest.

"I love you baby but you stink. Go take a shower." Ethan pulled back and playfully glared before pressing a quick kiss on her nose and standing up. Rachel leaned upon her elbows and watched him as he headed towards the bathroom.

"Staring at my ass again?" He teased lightly winking at her over his shoulder. Rachel flung a pillow at him, laughing as it hit him directly in the back off his head. "Just take your shower."

"Come on Strawberry! Please! Pretty please! I'll love you forever!" Rachel furious gaze flickered over to Isaac as he hopped up and down on her bed, a pleading look on face. He had been trying to convince her to sing a song of his choice for the last hour but she had refused. Well, that was until she saw his puppy dog eyes and the last hour of arguments were gone.

"Alright. Fine. We can do something of your choice.." She muttered lowly, her eyes on her laptop waiting for a reply from Ethan. She typed back a message with a smile, ignoring Isaac's joyous shouts in the background. She jumped and let out a scream when his arms wrapped around her from behind.

"I love you so much!" Her scream dissolved into laughter and soon they were both lying on her floor trying to catch their breath. "So, I'll let you know what song we're singing tomorrow. Be prepared to dance."

She simply nodded and rolled her head over to look at him. "Isaac, the last day when we were meant to meet up in the auditorium and I didn't show up… Well, I did show up. You were on the phone and upset so I left…"

She watched him with careful eyes as his own filled with tears and he looked away from her. "That was just an old friend from back home.. I miss them…" She nodded once again, deciding not to ask anymore and pushed herself up off the ground. Her computer binged again and she approached it with a smile.

"You and cowboy are sickeningly cute." Her eyes roamed back over to Isaac to see him looking up at her with a smirk.

"No, we're not.." She flushed lightly her gaze turning back to her computer, alerting her she had an IM. She clicked open the tab with a smile, ignoring the sounds of Isaac getting up.

EthanWarbler: Hello Darlin'. J

BroadwayBerry: Hey Eth!

EthanWarbler: Dalton is incredibly boring without your beautiful face.

BroadwayBerry: Bored? With that group of boy's?

EthanWarbler: You become immune to them after awhile.

BroadwayBerry: I didn't think that was possible.

EthanWarbler: Neither did I. You should have seen me when I first moved here.

"Tell him I said hi." She had become so engrossed in the conversation that she jumped when a low voice sounded in her ear. She flashed around to come face to face with a grinning Isaac.

"Don't do that Isaac! You nearly gave me a heart attack!- What are you doing?" She watched as he reached around her and began typing.

BroadwayBerry: Yo cowboy!

EthanWarbler: Hey Isaac.

BroadwayBerry: How'd you know it was me?

EthanWarbler: You're the only one who calls me that beside my Dalton boys. And I doubt one of the guys is with Rach.

BroadwayBerry: I could be one of the DaltmnjvDKBVICKNXQAZ knecfn

"Move! Isaac! Move!" Rachel pushed his hands away, holding back her laughter when he fell backwards, landing on his behind.

BroadwayBerry: Sorry about that. He's gone now.

EthanWarbler: It's fine Darlin'. He's amusing.

"Blueberry! I gotta go. Mom wants help with Dinner and Brie will burn the house down. I'll see ya later." She smiled at Isaac as he leaned over, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek. "Don't you and cowboy get too dirty now." He called out as he raced towards the door.


Rachel's finger danced lightly across the ivory keys of the grand piano. She was spending her lunch in the auditorium today. The spotlights, the stage, it felt like home. The stage was always somewhere she felt she belonged, the one place she could be her true self but that had changed. Dalton, Ethan, they had become a place where she could truly be herself, where she had people who loved her for her she was. Where-


Her hands slammed down on the keys and her head flashed up when she heard a quiet voice, standing not to far from her. Rachel's eyes locked on Finn's and a tinge of happy filled her before it was over taken by complete and utter rage. He had humiliated her, broke her heart and destroyed her faith in boys for awhile.

She had believed he had changed since last year. Had matured as a person and become the man she had fallen in love with. But it was all a lie, a ploy, for reasons she had yet to figure out.

"What are you doing here Finn? This isn't your usual lunch area. Shouldn't you be in a closet somewhere with Santana." Her voice was crisp and cool as she raised an eyebrow in his direction before her hands resumed playing the same soft melody.

"Santana and I broke up." Rachel's hand falter once again before she took a deep breath and continued. That was something she didn't know. She was too wrapped up with Glee and Ethan to really care. She imagined how she would have reacted before if she found out Finn was single and let out a low laugh. She would have acted desperate and ridiculous, but not anymore.

"And? Is this meant to be of some relevance to me? We're not friends, Finn. I don't see why you would tell me this." She wondered for a moment if she was being too harsh but quickly shook that thought off. He threw a slushie at her, this was nothing.

Rachel's gaze flickered up when his voice sounded closer, "I, um…I'm think of, uh, rejoining glee club."

"That's some sort of joke right? After what you done, you think we're going to welcome you back with open arms? If we hadn't found Brie and Isaac we wouldn't have been able to compete, Finn."

Furious was an understatement right now. How dare he say that to her. He had left them hanging, they nearly hadn't been able to compete. All their hard work would have meant nothing. She stopped playing and dropped her hands to her laps.

"But…I'm sorry, Rach. I didn't-"

"Don't call me that." She glared at him, her hands curling into fists. That was what Ethan called her, what her friends called her. Finn didn't deserve the right.

"But I've always called you Rach. It's our thing." She honestly wanted to reach out and smack that stupid smile off his face. They didn't have a thing.

"No Finn. We don't have a thing. You lost the right to call me that when you slushied me. Do you have any idea how that made me feel? How much it hurt? I thought I could trust you. I thought-" The rest of her speech turned into a jumbled mess when Finn leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.