HEYYYYY! Again, I have a case of writer's block on "Gone" and "Conflicts", so I'll be doing oneshots for a while until my brain starts up again. The amazing burdge-bug on deviantArt has ever so kindly allowed me to do a Fanfiction on a picture she has drawn. You can see it on my PROFILE PAGE if you like. CAUTION! DH SPOILERS!

If you love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, the Mortal Instruments series, and the Hunger Games, you'll love her art! She has a lot of Next Generation Harry Potter stuff, which is excellent (In my opinion Fred Weasley the Second looks exactly like his dad and uncle/namesake, but whatever….. OMG story spark! That story spark will evolve into a Fanfiction sooner or later…. Look out for it.). Anyway, let's get down to business! (It ends on a sour note, so sorry. Like I said, the fanfic corresponds with the drawing. In the drawing, they really believe Harry is gone. They just haven't found out that he's faking yet.)

A crowd had gathered in front of Hogwarts, at the entrance. Black figures descended from the darkness. One of them was very tall and supporting something in his arms. Then, the accursed snake himself slipped from the black- his scarlet eyes glowing, the bald pate of his head gleaming in the night. He held the Elder Wand aloft, showing it off, daring anyone to be foolish enough to challenge him.

As the shadowy figures neared, they became clearer. The largest was finally revealed as Hagrid, and in his arms was a dead body- the dead body of Harry Potter.

A scream rent itself through the night, a horrible, screeching "NO!" The look in Professor McGonagall's eyes was unfathomable. Students stirred from where they were inside the Great Hall, and scurried to investigate the reason for her despair. As they discovered the source, many found themselves shrieking into the night, not wanting to believe that Harry was gone.

Voldemort stood lazily, the black snake draped around his shoulders, a pale finger caressing its slimy head.

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny dashed out of the Great Hall in a rush, and as the reason for the panic became clear, their hearts were ripped out. Hermione gripped Ron's arm, tears streaming from her eyes. She wailed and felt like fainting. Ron stared blankly at the spot where his sort-of adopted brother was sprawled in Hagrid's arms. He had lost another brother to Voldemort. Saltwater burned the cut on his cheek as tears slowly slid from his eyes. Ginny tried to shove Ron and Hermione apart, so she could run to his body, make sure he was alive- she refused to believe it. Tears streamed without end from her eyes and down her cheeks.

First Hermione, then Ron, then Ginny- heart-wrenching sobs burst from their throats.



"Harry! HARRY!"

They all gripped one another hopelessly, not wanting to believe that Harry was gone from their lives forever. Other voices around them moaned too, cursing the Death Eaters, obscenities darting forth into the night.

They all held one another as they finally grasped the dizzying and unbelievable concept.

The Boy Who Lived was dead.