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February 28th, 2011

Chapter Nine – A Nimbus 2000

Malfoy was shocked to see Harry at supper that evening in the great hall. He was furious when he found out that Harry had not only escaped expulsion but was not even punished at all. Harry thought he heard him mumble something about favoritism. Malfoy was one to talk, he got favored by Snape all the time, or not just him Snape favored the entire Slytherin house and was particularly hard on the Gryffindors, especially on Harry.

Ron, Hermione and Neville had all been worried about Harry, they hadn't seen him since he left with McGonagall and they wanted to hear what McGonagall had done. When he told them Ron was in awe and Neville was speechless but Hermione was less than thrilled. She thought it was wrong that McGonagall actually rewarded him for breaking the rules. Ron then asked her if she'd rather have Harry expelled, which caused a minor fight to break out between them.

Harry asked Neville to accompany him to the owlery so that he could send a letter to his father, explaining everything, he was sure that McGonagall would write to him as well but he still thought his father ought to hear it from him too.

They left Ron and Hermione to continue with their argument and went to the owlery.

Two days later Harry got a big surprise at breakfast.

Three owls delivered a long square package to him. And then Hedwig came with a letter attached to her leg.

Harry stroked Hedwig's snowy white feathers and gave her a piece of toast before she happily flew back to the owlery.

He decided to read the letter first.


Congratulations on getting on the Quidditch team. I couldn't be more proud of you right now. Seeker, not bad, did I ever tell you that I almost got that position? But I suppose I was a better chaser than seeker. Youngest seeker in a century, that's quite a title.

I'm sure you've figured out that the package contains your broomstick. But I've put a little surprise in it as well, you'll find out when you open it, it may be best if you wait till you get to your dormitory, first years really aren't supposed to have their own broomsticks with them at school.

I wish you the best of luck with your flying. I'll be looking forward to your first match.


Harry, followed by Neville and Ron, made his way out of the great hall with the long square package. They still had a little while before their first lesson so they intended to go straight to their dormitory to open it.

"Potter!" the voice that Harry hated the most called.

"What's that you've got there?" Malfoy asked.

"Why would he tell you Malfoy?" Ron spat.

Harry just looked at his enemy calmly. "It's wrapped, how should I know?"

Malfoy smirked. "It's a broom isn't it? This time you'll surely get in trouble, it's forbidden for 1st year students to have a broom".

Harry was about to answer when a cold voice interrupted them.

"What is going on here, Malfoy?" Snape asked.

"Potter has received a broomstick, professor," Malfoy said and pointed at the package in Harry's arms with a smirk.

"Is that so?" Snape said, his eyes now glowing. "Give it to me Potter".

"No," Harry said.

"Hand it over Potter," Snape demanded.

"You have no right to take my mail, sir," Harry said, a little nervous. One would never know what Snape had up his sleeve and he was not about to hand his broom over to the potions master.

"Five point from Gryffindor for your lack of respect, Potter," Snape said, "now hand it over".

"What is the meaning of this Severus?" a new voice called.

Harry felt relieved when he saw Professor McGonagall approach them.

"I am simply trying to confiscate this package from Mr. Potter here," Snape answered.

McGonagall arched her brow. "Is that so?" she said, "and what gives you the right to confiscate a package from a student?"

"I have reason to believe that the contents of this package are against the rules," Snape replied dully.

"And what might that be?" McGonagall asked.

"Mr. Malfoy here just informed me that Potter has received a broom, Minerva," Snape said.

"And how would Mr. Malfoy know? Unless he sent the package to Mr. Potter himself he has no way of knowing what that package contains".

Snape said nothing. It seemed to Harry that even Snape didn't have the guts to stand up against McGonagall.

"It just so happens," McGonagall continued. "That Potter has received special permission from Professor Dumbledore to have a broom this year as he will be playing seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team".

Malfoy looked absolutely horrified at this and Harry couldn't help but smirk, as Snape didn't look like he had taken the news better.

"I assume that it was your doing?" Snape said. "And I thought you were against favoritism".

McGonagall closed her mouth tightly. She glared at Snape.

She then turned to her students. "Boys, I suggest you get going," she told them.

Harry, Neville and Ron didn't hesitate a second and they hurried away to their dormitories. They decided to unwrap the broom in the common room as there were no other people in there. They were already late for their lesson in history of magic but that was mostly Malfoy and Snape's fault so they didn't think much of skipping it today.

They put the package down on one of the red couches and opened it.

All three boys gasped when all the paper was removed.

"This is not my Cleansweep seven," Harry murmured.

"Who cares, this Nimbus 2000's even better," Ron said. "Wicked".

"It's really awesome Harry," Neville said.

Harry just stared at his new Nimbus 2000 in awe. He decided that he had the most amazing father in the world. He had dreamed of this broom ever since it had become available on the market but he had never asked his father to get one. He knew that his family was wealthy but that was no excuse to be spoiled, like Malfoy whose family never passed an opportunity to show how much money they had. Sure he had hinted to his father a couple of times that he thought it would be awesome to own that broom but that was it. And since 1st years really weren't allowed to have a broom in school then what would the point really be in buying a new broom?

But now when he needed a broom he hadn't thought that his father would give him this, he hadn't spared getting a new broom one single thought actually. But this was great. The next time he saw his father he would give him a big bone-crushing hug.

"Hey there's a note attached to the broomstick," Neville said and took the small piece of paper and handed it over to Harry without looking at it.

Harry saw that it was a note from his father.

You know how I felt about buying a new broomstick. Good broomsticks do not equal good flyers but I thought that this called for a celebration. I am so very proud of you and I think you deserve this present.

Harry's smile grew even wider. Yes, his father would definitely get a hug.

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