I walked into the massive boarding house that has been my home for a long, long time, much longer then you think I'm talking about.

I live with my uncle Stefan and my big brother Anthony.

My dad and my uncle have been vampires sense the eighteen hundreds, so have me and my brother, well sort of.

We were half vampires but then Katherine found us and turned us into full vampires so I stopped aging at 14 and Anthony stopped at 17 because sense we were half vampires we aged kind of quick, in reality I was about 4 and Anthony was about 7.

I haven't seen my dad in fifteen years, he is always leaving and coming back, and when he's here, he doesn't stay for very long.

Me and my brother were never really close to my dad so whenever he's here we just ignore him and do our own thing.

Stefan wanted to go back to Mystic Falls, where my family is originally from because he saved some girl from drowning like a year before and she looks just like Katherine but he just wants to know if it's her.

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"Come on Uncle Stefan, why do we have to go to school?" Anthony asked walking downstairs into the kitchen of our "new" house.

"Tony, we've been over this. If people see you around town but notice that you don't go to school but I do they'll be suspicious, right?"

"Right" I smiled as I ate my breakfast and watched my two favorite people.

"So, what's our cover story?" I asked grabbing my backpack "I'm your older brother and our parents died a few months ago and sense I'm gonna be eighteen soon, I'm taking care of you"

"We can't make it a little more interesting?" Anthony asked smirking "no because your kind of interesting is telling people that your like Sling Blade and you killed our family with a lawn mower"

I spit the orange juice that I had in my mouth all over the counter and started laughing.

"I did it once because I was bored"

"You even did the voice!" I said laughing, Stefan smiled and shook his head "how did I get stuck with you two?"

"Because you love us and you weren't gonna let Damon take us away" he chuckled softly "yeah, I sure as hell wasn't gonna let that happen" Stefan kissed my head.

"Come on, we're gonna be late"

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I was talking to Anthony as we walked down the hallway to go to lunch when this girl bumped into us.

"Oh my God…"

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