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The final part takes place a month or so after the second.


He kissed her.

All brain activity came to a grinding halt in his skull. It was exquisite. Such a mesmerising sensation of her soft lips under his. His. His Charley.

His Charley who hadn't asked him to kiss her. His Charley who had just said she didn't want to be with him. His Charley who was still angry with him.

He was going to be one dead mouse.

Bummer. And things were just starting to get interesting, too.


Three days earlier...

Charley pushed the last mouthful of potato around the plate. She really wasn't hungry. It was turning into one of those lonesome nights, the sort that snuck up on her every now and again, where she hated living alone and felt the absence of her family more keenly. And tonight, she really hated being alone.

Out the small kitchen window a solitary star twinkled as if watching her.

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight,

Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight,

"Whatcha doing?" His voice startled her out of her dreamy revere. His hands were shoved deep into his jeans pockets. She hadn't heard him arrive.

"Nothing, just thinking."

"Well, I'm always told that's a dangerous thing to do." He grinned at her.

"With you, it usually is." She replied turning and piling the single dish, cup and cutlery into the sink.

Vinnie chuckled. There was something off with her, he could tell. What it was, he wasn't sure, but he would find out even if it killed him. In the meantime he was going to put that smile back on her face. "You sound like Throttle. Now, wanna kiss me?"

She burst out laughing catching her off guard. "Maybe another time, Romeo."

Vinnie just smiled, he hadn't actually expected her to kiss him. They weren't at that stage yet, if they ever going to be. Or if they had anything going on at all, it was getting hard to tell. He felt the smile slipping from his face.

"Okay, so no kiss, you're missing out, but," he shrugged theatrically, "I've got cards?"

"And I've got time." Charley replied wiping her hands off on her jeans, feeling a tiny bit disappointed for some reason.

Vinnie filled the kettle and pulled out a clean cup and began pouring the instant coffee into the cup. He could never remember quantities, but wagered four or so spoonfuls should be enough.

"Yes, please, make yourself at home, drink all my coffee, eat all my food." Charley muttered sarcastically. She felt unaccountably grouchy now.

"This is for you?" Vinnie said, slightly bemused at her sudden mood change. "Ease up, Charley-girl."

"Oh well, okay then." She huffed and turned to hide her face as a little tiny smile slid across her features. "I'll deal first."


Later, Charley lay on her back, her hair mussed up around her head like dark cloud on her pillow. Her face was wet and tears that were usually cathartic, had done nothing to erase her frustration.

The evening had actually turned out to be a lot of fun, their card game had been hilarious, and since neither could remember the exact rules they had improvised and had had a blast. The only sour note had been the end.

"So Charley-girl," Vinnie had asked, glancing over the top his cards at her. "Can I ask something?"

"I think you're going to anyway, so sure," she had replied, chuckling at his face, which was so serious, despite the fact that she could see all his cards.

"Are we, um, going anywhere?" He asked in his uncanny way of catching her off guard.

And what had she said?

"Uh," she stammered, "I...I don't know." And then to make it worse and convince him she wasn't at all interested: "Did you want it to go somewhere?"

She shuddered in her bed. What on earth had made her say that? Especially since the answer should have been so simple?

"All I had to say was: Vinnie, I like you. That was all!" She moaned to the empty room, rolling over and tangling the sheets. "It was so simple."

But was it, a little voice in her head asked. Did she want to be with him? Was he really enough for her?


Across town at the Scoreboard, the door slammed heavily, cracking more of the plaster around the doorframe.

"Hurricane Throttle wasn't forecast for tonight, was it?" Vinnie asked from the tatty brown couch as his tan furred friend stalked past the den. "You wanna talk about what's ticked you off so royally?"

"No." Throttle growled back, slamming things around in the kitchen.

"Good, 'cause I don't really want to hear about it." Vinnie replied. Definitely don't need anything else to ruin this night. He thought to himself. He turned the sound of the television up to drown out the thought of Charley not really wanting to be with him.

Throttle returned and threw himself into the couch, rocking the couch as he did so. Vinnie just raised his eyebrows.

"Never get involved with a friend. Just ruins everything. Pass the remote."

"But I like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Vinnie said, but he handed over the remote just the same. Throttle just snorted and flipped through the channels

They watched in silence, Vinnie wasn't even sure what was on. Never get involved with a friend, that was what Throttle had said. Never get involved with a friend.

"So, you, ah don't think dating a friend is a good idea at all?" Vinnie asked, trying to sound casual.

"Nup. might as well just say: 'I like you, so this is goodbye, since it's never going to work out between us.' That way you can save yourself the hassle of having to go through the whole slow process of killing the relationship and losing a good friend. Just cut straight to the end." Throttle chopped his right hand into the palm of his left. "Capisci?"

"Hm." Vinnie agreed without looking up and couldn't explain why he felt like Throttle had just hit him in the gut.


"I mean, there are just too many reasons why I shouldn't be with him." Charley concluded, twisting the phone cord around her left ring finger.

"O-kay, um, Charley, I really just wanted to drop my car round to you, do you that would be okay?"

Charley flushed. Tony was one of her oldest and nicest customers, sort of an adoptive grandfather she had always thought. But clearly discussing her love prospects was not high on his agenda for today. She mumbled a mortified: "Of course, whenever suits you. Bye." And hurriedly hung up the phone.

Her eyes wandered down to the pad of paper she kept by her phone. It currently had a list of pros and cons of a relationship with Vinnie. The list of cons was definitely longer, and for some reason that made her angry. She needed to focus on something else, Modo would be here soon enough as it was. She didn't want him to see her grouchy. That would lead to awkward questions. As if on cue the familiar purr of an engine rumbled somewhere close by.

"Charley? Charley-ma'am? Are you around here?" Modo's deep bass called around to her. He was probably waiting around the front of the garage to get to work on his bike. Dropping the pen on the notepad she hurriedly left the room to let him in.

"Where are the other two?" Charley asked as she rolled up the front of The Last Chance Garage. Modo chuckled as his bike flashed Charley an affectionate hello. "Think she likes you." Then flicked his hand dismissively, "Those other two are playing bottles and brodies, I believe. Acting their age as usual. Throttle needed an excuse to break things, and Vin, well, you know Vinnie, he needs no excuse to act like child." the grey mouse chuckled again.

Charley nodded. He certainly could act like a child. Anyway, she didn't have time to sit idle and analyse a relationship that was most likely not going to eventuate.

Despite how much she wanted it to.

Instead she set her mind to the task at hand, fixing cars. But suppose she did date him, what's the worst that could happen?

They would break up. That's what. And then everything would be different. And lonely again.

So better off not to go there.

But she wanted to. Didn't she? Last night she hadnt been sure. He was wrong for her. Her brain had already told her this when she had realised she had feelings for him, after that night on the top of scoreboard, ages ago, where he had been desperately homesick. After that night she had realised that he was too different from her, with different worlds. And where would a relationship with him go? What happened when he left?

"He's not right for me." She earnestly told the break pad she was replacing. "He talks all the time about being macho, but won't actually fight to be with me. I mean, when I might have made it sound like I didn't want to be with him- he, he just backed right off. Well, a girl doesn't want that." She sighed before pursuing another track:

"And then of course, he's very immature. That time Karbunkle had trapped us, he asked if I was enjoying the view of his butt?" she continued giggling at the memory of how his little tush had wiggled as he said it. And if truth be told she just might have enjoyed the view. Very much.

She didn't hear Modo until he stood right in the doorframe in front of her.

"Um Charley ma'am I didn't mean to make a mess, but I accidently spilt root beer on the kitchen counter, and uh, this note got kinda soaked. I hope it wasn't anything too important?" Modo held up her list from earlier.

Charley blushed, embarrassed to have left that lying around the house. Even more embarrassed to know he had seen it. She ducked her head down and mumbled that it was an old note anyway and headed back for the work bay.

Modo smiled, there was no way he would have 'accidently' spilt his drink on anything he thought was important of hers, but that note was not going to do her any good, especially lying around where she would see it and keep reinforcing ridiculous reasons why she shouldn't be with Modo's bro. He had heard enough to know that Charley needed to start listening to what that heart of hers was telling her. He was just giving her a nudge in the right direction.


Vinnie skidded neatly through the oil slick his bike perfectly controlled despite the lack of traction as Modo pulled up interrupting Throttle and Vinnie's game of bottles 'n brodies.

"Nice work bro, but I still think you don't have the skills to beat me." Modo called, his arms crossed over his exposed grey chest.


Modo frowned. Vinnie had been distracted for the last couple of days. The fact that the White Wonder had failed to respond to a challenge just further proved Modo's suspicions. Kicking off he rode towards the white mouse, who was still standing in the oil patch staring distractedly in the distance.

"You wanna talk about what's going on with you and a certain mechanic?" Modo as quietly and watched as his bro's face fell.

"What's to talk about? She aint interested, and lets face it, she can do better than me." He murmured glumly.

"Whoa!" Modo held up is hands. "What's with the defeatist mindset?"

Vinnie shrugged, still straddling his bike, "She's a lot smarter than me, and she's such a great girl, I just think she could do better than me." He paused, "not physically, of course."

Modo chuckled, "Of course not."

Vinnie continued, barely paying any heed to the grey mouse's comment.

"And I can't keep her safe! Think of all the times she's been captured and used as bait?"

Modo had argued enough times with Vincent, to know that it usually turned out better for the grey mouse if he let Vinnie talk himself out first. So he continued to let the white mouse vent, sensing that the heart of the matter wasn't far from rearing its ugly head.

"And Throttle!" Vinnie burst out, barely pausing for breath, "look at what his relationship with Carbine has done to their friendship – if Throttle can't make it work, no one can."

Ah, there it was Modo thought and decide it might be the point to intercede.

"Okay, timeout." He held up his hand again to halt the flow of words about to fall from the white mouse. "No, you get to listen to me now. I'm only going to say this once, because if Throttle heard me," Modo drew a line across his throat, rolling his eyes and letting his tongue flop to the side. "Throttle is my bro, and one of the best bro's there is, but as a boyfriend, he aint so great." Vinnie's jaw had dropped. "Well, he did leave Carbine for a long time, and never seemed too eager to get back to her. Well what's she supposed to think- don't get me wrong, it aint all Throttle's fault, but he certainly not blameless neither, so just bear that in mind when you're worrying about his advice, okay?

Secondly," he held up two grey-furred fingers, "Yeah, Charley does get used as bait, but she's not stupid, she knew that was a possibility when she started hanging out with us. And who has come to her rescue every single time? So you know what I think, I think you do keep her pretty safe." Modo paused letting his words take root before giving Vinnie a little nudge in the right direction.

"And finally," he raised his hands to cup the back of his head, "She is interested."

"Yeah?" Vinnie murmured, his ears pricking up. He smacked his fist into the other palm with growing conviction. "Yeah, she should be with me. We'd be great together, damn it!"

Modo stifled a laugh turning it into a strangled yawn, and stretched, trying not to look too pleased with himself, "So why are you still here, telling me this? I aint the one who needs to hear this."

A great smile broke across Modo's face as he watched the white streak tearing away, before a sudden thought occurred to him, and rising to his feet he feet, Modo called after the white blur "Just plan what you're going to say!"

Nudge accomplished.


"Charley! Charley?" Vinnie shouted, barging through the kitchen door "This is important!" he winced as the door handle punched a ring right into the light yellow plaster wall behind.

As she came into view, still scrubbing her hands, sleeves rolled to the elbows in her oversized denim shirt, hair stuck to her forehead, Vinnie was sure he had never felt a desire more strong than the one currently urging him to drag her towards him and hold her.

Her clear green eyes looked up at him, her brows arching questioningly, "Yes?" She dropped the handtowel onto the bench. His now hyped up senses heard the light thud as it landed.

Deep breath. In and out. Plan what you're about to say. His brain cautioned, then, aw screw it, wing it son.

"Look, Charley, there are heaps of reasons why we shouldn't be together-" he began

"I know. And I agree, we shouldn't be together." Her voice was quiet and measured.

"But they're wrong- wait! What?" it took him a minute to register her words. "Are you serious?"

Charley could feel her heart rate increasing. But her resolve had to stay strong. It was what she had decided was best. For their friendship, there was no coming back from a broken heart. Still for some reason, she felt hot, and again irrationally angry,

"Well how can we be together? We're from different worlds!"

Her sudden attack and anger spun him for a moment. "Why? Because you're and mechanic and smart and I'm not?" he asked looking genuinely bewildered.

Charley blew out exasperatedly. "No! Because you're not from Earth! And you're as immature as they come, Vinnie! I'd end up as your babysitter." Her voice wavered again. "There's no future for us together."

He recoiled from her as if she'd slapped him, the hurt for once registering on his face. Without a word he picked up the garage keys he'd let himself in with and turned on his heels.

As soon as the door slammed shut behind him, Charley felt her knees give way and tears blurred the room. Her sobs echoed for a moment before she heard the door slam again.

"You're wrong." Vinnie stood towering over her. His voice and body shook a little. "We do have a future together and if you thought I wouldn't fight for it, you are so wrong. So," he leaned down and pulled her up by the tops of her arms and pressed her to him. "Kiss me now."

And without waiting for a response he kissed her.

All brain activity came to a grinding halt in his skull. It was exquisite. Such a mesmerising sensation of her soft lips under his. His. His Charley.

His Charley who hadn't asked him to kiss her. His Charley who had just said she didn't want to be with him. His Charley who was still angry with him.

He was going to be one dead mouse.

Bummer. And things were just starting to get interesting, too.

Charley couldn't deny it any more. Here he was, this was him fighting for her, to be with her. Charley gave up trying to fight it any more. She kissed him back as hard as she could. And yes, this was going to be enough for her as long as he never let go.

Her eyes slid apart slowly. His face was scrunched up as if waiting for her blow to fall. She couldn't help her giggle. He was utterly adorable. And still a little bit scared of her, which she secretly kinda liked.

"Hey." She smiled anger and frustration ebbing away. At the sound of her voice he relaxed. His face regained that grin was exceptionally goofy and so uniquely Vinnie, that she giggled again.


Their first conversation as an official couple wasn't their deepest, or most interesting. But it showed they were at least on the same page, and if they still weren't one hundred percent sure where they were going, Charley thought, they were at least going there together and it was going to be something beautiful, she was sure.