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The weekend was gone pretty quickly. How was it possible that those five days from Monday to Friday would usually go slow and then those two days of weekend would run away?

Daniel left on Saturday to see some ruins with SG-6, Teal'c went with them and then took his way off to some other planet to meet some of his friends. Another 4 teams were leaving on Monday morning for simple reckon missions.

Janet called Sam on Saturday to drag her out for lunch. Cassandra wasn't at home so they had their own ladies night. Thankfully she was avoiding the too obvious topic for a conversation. General Jack O'Neill. They spent a lovely afternoon together, discussing unimportant things and clothes and new movies. They had fun actually.

Sam wanted to go to the base but Janet has stopped her. She pulled her best-friend-card and Sam just had to stay. She knew this was best for her but she felt sad anyway. The base would be almost empty and General would be there at least to say goodbye to Daniel. Yeah, it would be dangerous, she knew…

In the evening Janet had to ask anyway. There was no way how to avoid that topic any longer. And besides she felt like she should at least try to discuss it with her friend.

"Janet I really don't wanna talk about it."

"All right, you don't have to… I will."


"Come on, Sam! We both know what's going on… and we both know that I have known for ages. And I have never said a single thing… don't you trust me?"

"Oh Janet… of course I trust you. But… I don't want to put you into any danger."

"How would you?"

"By telling you. Now you can honestly say that you have never known."

"Sam… You are my friend and I hate seeing you like this. I'm here for you, to listen and to help and to … I don't know, hold your hair while you have to throw up because of too many Long Island Iced Teas..."

She had to laugh at that comment.

"You will never let me live that one down, huh?"


She smiled at her. The previous tension was gone. Janet sat next to Sam and offered her a cup of very tasty coffee.

"I just hate feeling useless, that's all."

"You are NOT useless, Janet!"

"Look at me, you two are just … hurting all the time and there's nothing I can do about it!"

She truly sounded sorry and frustrated. It was actually cute.

"Janet… you saved us so many times."

"Yeah, you're talking about lives… I'm talking about hearts."

"No… you saved our hearts. Well at least mine for sure."


"By letting us be together while the other one was hurt? By giving us some privacy by turning off those cameras every once in a while? By not telling about those small touches of comfort? By not seeing those goodnight kisses on foreheads every now and then? By letting him hold me through the night and then pretend he has never been there? Do I have to continue? Because you know, this list would be pretty long..."

She was near to tears. Well, they both were.

"Janet… you and Daniel and Teal'c… you are the best that could have happened to us. You all are taking care of us. Even by not letting us do something stupid. I don't know about Jack… but I am grateful to have you because I know I can trust you."

Janet could only nod.

"Do you guys talk about it with Daniel or Teal'c?"

"No, we don't... I know they know... I know you know... but... you weren't told and then if it comes to dealing with ... this all, you can all say that you haven't known at all... It's safer for you."

Janet could hear the pain in her voice. She squeezed her hand gently. Just to let her know she could understand... Sam hugged her. She was her best friend after all.

"I'm sorry. I've never realized how much this could … affect you as well as us. But you have never betrayed me, or him for the record, as far as I know. I would love to tell you everything, trust me but I can't endanger you after all that you have done for me… for us."

"I'm sorry for insisting…"

They were crying together for a moment… those tears just looked like never stopping! They were laughing and smiling and chatting together and yet they kept on crying. It couldn't be normal! But even they needed this kind of a release sometimes, right? And it has been too long since the last time they could cry together like this, over coffee and cake.

Janet insisted on watching some movie, some very romantic preferably sad movie… Sam didn't understand the reason.

"That's simple… right now we are crying like two silly women over nothing… oh, over guys maybe. That's not too good. But every woman is by all means allowed to cry over a romantic or sad movie… so… "

"You're creating an alibi for the sake of you own mind."

"Sort of."

"Okay, I like that."

They laughed together over this logic. Only a woman would be able to come up with something like this.

"How did you figure this out anyway?"

"I didn't… Once I was crying when… well I was crying. The reason doesn't matter. And Cass came home and she just turned on the TV and we watched Casablanca. She told me 'mom, it's okay to cry now, the movie is romantic and sad…' so… I just really like that idea."

"Clever girl she is…"

"Sure she is. With her mom being me… and her aunt being you and … well that should be enough."

And they were laughing again. They made themselves some pop-corn and they just stayed there in front of the TV, watching silly romantic movies, crying over nothing and laughing all the time.

Janet slipped about two times why talking about some guy… Sam had a pretty good idea who this guy might be… but she didn't say anything. She could understand a bit difficult circumstances.

They could consider themselves as happy. They enjoyed that weekend. It was fun. And when one of them caught the other thinking or day-dreaming… she was able to put her friend out of it.

On the other hand, Daniel tried to talk to Jack because he noticed slight change in his behavior. He wanted to know what was going on… but the only thing he was told was 'Nothing, don't worry, Daniel. Everything's just fine… finally.'

And that left him thinking… What the hell was going on? But whatever it was, it was making Jack happy. And that was all that counted. He wasn't really happy for a long time… since the team broke actually. Daniel could understand that, he was missing his friends as well… but it must have been hard on Jack because of several different reasons…

The Monday came rather quickly…

O'Neill was in his office, doing paperwork. All his teams were gone by now. Nobody was scheduled to get back on Monday, nobody else was supposed to leave. So… paperwork was really on his agenda.

Besides that he wanted to continue with his little research about the Children's home. And about those kids.

In the morning he had an envelope on his table. He didn't have time to open it till now. When he opened it, his jaw dropped open. And he got that big cute smile onto his face in a minute. Walter saw that and couldn't really understand. But it was funny to see the big General O'Neill grin like that. It actually made him smile as well.

Before lunch Carter decided to go and see him. She just had to.

She knocked on the door. He was sitting there, watching something on his table, grinning like an idiot. He looked funny and adorable. She would love to go to him and run her fingers through his hair and kiss him sweetly. Ooops. Those thoughts had to stop. Right there. Right now.

Her mind didn't want to cooperate though. She remembered that kiss in the garden. Those touches and butterfly kisses, those soft whimpers… she could feel his hand on her face, in her hair, on her body… she could feel the heat radiating from him. How was she supposed to stay sane after that? She had no idea. She felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She shouldn't be thinking about this in his office! Although there were other ideas running through her head considering this place… STOP. She had to stop…

He looked up at her. She looked lost in thought for a moment. But she was adorable.

He instantly remembered the Friday night. He took her home and walked her to her door. She invited him inside… for a beer or coffee, he couldn't even remember. He stepped into her house and closed the door. And then she looked at him with those baby blue eyes and whispered 'kiss me' and his heart stopped – that he could remember.

He didn't want to, he wasn't supposed to, it was just wrong. But his body wasn't listening to those arguments. He reached for her and she melted into his arms.

The kiss started as a gentle loving one but… then it changed. They just couldn't think and they couldn't stop. Her body was pressing him into a wall in her living room. He should mind, he was the man here, he should be having upper hand in this… but he couldn't care less. This was just about him and Carter. He felt powerless. Her will and needs and passion were leading this dance. And it was turning him on even more than having her in his powers...

She liked the situation. He let her lead the way… he let her to have him as she pleased… It must have been hard on him. But she was grateful. And one tiny voice in her head didn't forget to remind her that she even loved him a bit more for this.

It wasn't rough or hectic… those kisses were full of love and passion, full of built-up tension from all those years. And they both knew that the memory of this moment would be killing them for the rest of their lives spent alone. But it surely felt right.

She let him kiss her neck, even mark her a bit. That was exciting… arousing. She was missing these hidden sides of his soul and mind.

"I know this is wrong but I will Zat you if you stop…"

He smiled against her skin. Oh was it need in her voice?


She added as an afterthought. And that made him growl. He had to do something… He tried to take her to the couch at least… And she wasn't complaining. She couldn't imagine where this was going… but she couldn't care less. She would deal with the consequences later. The only thing she could care about was his hands and his breath on her skin. Nothing else really mattered.

They felt onto the couch together, she was on top. He stopped kissing her. He held her face in his hands. They couldn't breathe, they couldn't move, they couldn't even think at that moment.

"Do you know what you did?"

He didn't sound angry, more like amused… and there was something raspy in his voice that made her want him even more. His eyes were dark with lust. He wanted her… She was grateful for the couch... she wouldn't be able to stand anymore...

"No… what?"

"You called me… Sir."


"First. I have a name you know? And in situations like this... you can even use it."


How did it happen that he was able to form a coherent sentence and she couldn't do better than a word in response? Oh she had it bad for him… too bad.

"And… every time you call me Sir now I'm gonna think of this…"


She looked apologetically at him. The only problem was that she didn't feel sorry at all. One side of her liked the idea that it would be her he'd be thinking of all the time. She felt powerful.

They didn't say anything else. They couldn't. Jack kissed her again, gently, slowly. It was their goodbye. They had those unspoken rules and they had to follow them. There would be no more kissing after this. They would lose their sanity otherwise. It was hard enough that they had to survive all those years, working side by side, practically living side by side most of the times.

She was lying next to him, almost on him. She managed to open his shirt so she was playing with his cute hair on the chest. She was drawing lazy circles over his chest. She was driving him crazy. And she was calming his nerves as well. He let her do that. He could feel that she needed it. And well, he needed to too.

She wanted to ask him to stay overnight but he stopped her before she could.

"Don't… Please."


"You are the one that's supposed to do the thinking here…"

"Not now…"

She smiled nervously. He could see her as a teenager. Oh that smile must have been a killer one. He wondered how many boys had fallen for her because of her legs and her smile… and her eyes. He stopped himself before taking this further. He didn't wanna go there.

"If you ask me to stay I won't be able to say no."

She wanted to tempt him. She wanted him to stay. She wanted to be with him. But she could see the silent plea in his eyes. He didn't want to hurt her, use her, and make her go crazy afterwards. He didn't want to screw things up now after all those years of being faithful to all those stupid rules.

She nodded.

He kissed her gently once more, for the last time and left.

He remembered those sad eyes while watching her.

In a about three seconds she realized that she had been lost in her thoughts for a moment.

"May I, Sir?"

He woke up from his day-dreaming as well.

"Sure, Carter. Come in."

She walked towards him. He gave her a sheet of paper.

"What's that?"

"It was on my table… take a look."

She came closer... and then she heard him whisper "And try not to blush just because of walking in here, Carter…" Which was said only to tempt her. Of course he had to notice that she'd been thinking about inappropriate things. Just the fact that she was caught almost made her blush. That damn man… She looked at the paper. It was a picture of small Princess. She was holding hand of a big man with gray hair. It was cute. She was glad that she could recognize the picture… sometimes kids let their imagination wander bit too much and it was usually hard to understand the meaning then. It was pretty clear now.

She had to laugh.

"I guess that little girl has a crush on you, Sir. You should do something about that…"

She was amused and it was noticeable in her voice.

"You think so?"

"Certainly, Sir."

"Well I'm sorry but I will probably break her heart…"

"How so?"

"You know… I'm already taken."

She stared at him in shock. Her eyes were wide, looking at him, not believing. Not after the Friday… not after all those years. But maybe… was that possible? She felt her knees go weak.

"Really, Sir?"

And he nodded. He walked closer to her and gave her another paper.

"And apparently somebody noticed…"

She was confused. It was so cute. He loved the face she usually made while being genuinely confused about something.

She looked at another picture. There was a woman with blond hair and a man with gray hair. They had a little girl in between them. The grass was blue, and the sun was green. Carter was laughing again. This time, she couldn't suppress it. This was so sweet!

"You know, General… it's like when Cass used to draw pictures for us."

"Yeah, I remember. I had them at home, on my fridge and in the locker room. She insisted."

"She has always had you wrapped around her fingers… Sir."

"Well… even that can happen you know?"

And she smiled at him again. She could sense the second meaning in that. Oh yeah... he could be wrapped around one tiny little finger...

"What do you think, Carter? How it would look if certain USAF General would have a picture made by six year old kid in his office?"

She smiled at him. She wanted to answer something but he mentioned for her to turn the picture around. So she did it.

There was a line written on the back. It said "Looks like everything is possible in a fairy tale... Well, why not? Janet"

She smiled. Oh yeah… everything should be possible… but her life definitely wasn't a fairy tale… no matter what the picture said. And that made her sad...

Then she noticed a post-it note in the corner. It said "I can retire. Soon. Wait for me?"

She was in shock. Did she read it right? Her heart skipped few beats and she could feel tears of joy in her eyes. This couldn't be real...

She dared to look at her CO. Their gazes locked. She had to be sure this was real. And... it was!

He nodded at her silently. She blinked those tears away. And then she nodded at him with smile playing on her lips. She wanted to run there and hug him and kiss him. She couldn't. Not yet. But she would do it as soon as possible.

Maybe her life was a fairy tale after all. She got her knight after all. She couldn't think of any Princess that would wait for her knight for so long though. But well, she was no Princess. She was the magician here. So... yeah, why not, after all the waiting... she could have her brave knight now.

The tension was building quickly. O'Neill knew what would happen in a minute or two. And he couldn't do that to her. He had been so happy about the agreement about his retirement since Saturday… he could wait for a bit longer. He had to. He couldn't and he wouldn't go to her and kiss her and make her whimper again... no, he would wait and then he would enjoy every single second. He was a bit afraid that she wouldn't want him... but she has made it pretty clear that she actually was still interested in him... that she cared. He didn't know why he was so lucky to have her... but he could be only grateful.

"Why did you come here anyway, Carter? Wanted something?"

And then her eyes were wide open in pure shock. It made him smile again.

She was sooo busted.

"Actually, General… I forgot to make up a reason…"

He laughed at her. This was just way too perfect.

"You had lunch already?"

"Nope, Sir."

"Care to join me?"

"Well I have some things to finish, Sir."

"Come on Carter! Who would eat the jell-o?"

She smiled at him. Those little sparks in his eyes were so visible. He was happy as a kid on Christmas Day. His heart was hammering in his chest. And she was in no better condition. She couldn't know what that soon could mean… but she didn't care.

And right now, he was offering her a friendly lunch... with jell-o. Who was she to say no? So she said yes. Actually... she would probably say yes to anything right now.

They left his office to get some lunch and of course they started to bicker about some piece of technology from P3M-whatever. Life was back to normal... and yet there was this secret promise of a better future hanging in the air. Yeah, maybe they will have the happily-ever-after ending after all. Not the usual one, yeah... but anything close should do just fine.

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