Dragonball Z High School Fic

Title: Just Like The Rest.

Takes place in senior year.

Character: Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chichi, Launch, 18, and Bulma.

Genre: Romance, humor, hurt/comfort.

Main Pairing: Goku and Chichi.

Parings: VegetaxBulmaxYamcha, Krillin and 18, Tien and Launch.

Rated T: For Language.

Summary: It's the final year for seniors at Orange Star High, everyone is excited to finally leave school. Goku, a senior Bad Boy has his eyes on the sweet, kind, but stronge Chichi. He hints that he wants to go out with her. She hints to tell him to get lost. Krillin finally gets the courage to talk to 18, Tien finally gives Launch a chance to go on a date with him, Vegeta, the Bad Boy and Goku's best friend/rival, wants to go out with Bulma and does what he can to get her. Yamcha, a ladies man and womanizer, is dating Bulma, and does what he can to keep her away from Vegeta. How will this fair out? What will happen? And will the Bad Boy Goku finally get Chichi to go out with him?

The bell had rung in Orange Star High. Students began to enter their classes to start a new year. Seniors went in the upper section of the school building, the fourth and fifth building. But we are focusing on the fourth floor, classroom 416.

All the 38 seniors entered the classroom and sat wherever they wanted or just stood and started chatting, seeing as the teacher wasn't there.

Four girls stood together in one corner and talked about their summer vacation.

"-And then sometime during July-" The one chatting is Bulma. Bulma has blue/green hair and bright blue eyes. Her hair went down to her chin and bangs covered her forehead. She wore a red t-shirt with a black vest, and dark blue jeans. Bulma has a loud personality, but she is very nice and calm, but has a wild temper.

Standing next to Bulma is 18. 18 has short hair like Bulma's, but her forehead isn't covered. Her hair is a light blond and she has sky blue eyes. She wore a plain white t-shirt, light jeans, and a black wrist band on her left wrist. 18 is nice person, but also quiet. She can be quiet a mean person and could be so cold if say something wrong to her or her friends.

Next to 18 is Launch. Launch has dirty blond hair that goes a little above her back and has onyx eyes. She wears a red bow on top of her head and loves guns. Launch wore a green tank top, and white shorts. Launch can only be nice to her firends, but other then that, she is just a naturally mean person.

And the one standing between Launch and Bulma is Chichi. Chichi has black hair that reaches the center of her back, and also has onyx colored eyes. Chichi wore a dark purple t-shirt and a vest like Bulma's, and wore black jeans. Chichi is a kind person with a caring personality, she is a strong and independent young girl, but also has a wild temper much like Bulma's.

Unlike most girls, Chichi, along with 18, know how to fight. Not like just natural punches and slaps, but they know martial arts. They probably may be the only females that know it in the school, but then again, who knows?

At the back of the classroom in a corner, five guys stood and spoke about whatever happened in summer.

"-So this hot chick comes up to me-" The one speaking is Yamcha. Yamcha has black hair and onyx eyes. He wore an orange t-shirt and light blue jeans. Yamcha is one those cool guys and the ladies just love him. He is the star of the football team and he loves to flirt with all beautiful women.

Next him is Tien. Tien is bald and also has onyx eyes. Tien wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Tien is the captain of the basketball team. He is a nice guy and a lot of girls like that about him. Tien is always there for his friends when they are in trouble whether in school or in a fight.

Beside Tien is Krillin. Krillin is also bald, but his hair can grow, and he has onyx eyes. He wore a white t-shirt and dark jeans. Krillin isn't very tall at all, in fact he shorter then most guys, but no one complains they still treat him like any other person. Krillin is a very nice guy, shy when is comes to girls, and like Tien, he also looks out for his friends.

Next to Krillin is Vegeta. Vegeta has black hair in the shape of a flame, and has onyx colored eyes. Vegeta wore a black shirt with white bold letters that said "Bad Man" in the back, and black jeans. Vegeta has a quick tempered personality. He can be cold to whoever he wants. Vegeta is a Bad Boy and no one should mess with him, and he can be cocky when he wants to be. The girls love his looks and cold personality.

And finally, standing between Vegeta and Yamcha is Goku. Goku has spikey hair that looks gold, and his eyes are the color of teal. Goku wore a black button shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a white muscle shirt, and black jeans. Goku is sometimes a nice guy, but sometime he has a rude personality. He dates whoever he wants for as long as he wants. Goku is a Bad Boy. He can be cocky sometimes, and sometimes gets into trouble. He always wins his fights and the girls consider him to be one of the top five hotties.

"Okay class settle down." A man with gray hair entered the classroom. "Now my name is Mr. Whitman, and I'll be your English teacher for the year. Now I'll have you be on your seats, and don't worry they are not in Order." Mr. Whitman began to call out names for the front row. Launch ended up sitting in the front in the right corner beside the door.

The second row was next. Chichi happened to get the seat next to the window, and 18 sat next to her. They both smiled, pleased that they sat next to each other.

In the third row next to the window, is Goku and Krillin. On the other side close to the door, sat Bulma and Yamcha.

The fourth row, in the center sat Tien and behind Bulma sat Vegeta.

Mr. Whitman continued to last row.

In the mean time, Chichi checked her schedule.

1st peroid: English 416, Mr. Whitman

2nd period: Art 422, Mr. Honeydoo.

Nutrition- 10 minutes

3rd period: Ap Biology 503, Ms. Hara

4th period: Economics and Government 505, Mr. Kyushu

Lunch- 45 minutes.

5th period: Cooking 101, MN Buliding, Mrs. Uyo

6th period: Dance, MN building, Mrs. Hiroshi

Chichi was pleased with the classes she got.

Since it was the first day of school, Mr. Whitman explained the rules of his classroom, what they will be learning, projects and group projects, and tests. He explained this for about forty-five minutes and then lets the class talk for the remaining half hour, but asked them not to leave their seats. With that said, 18 quickly turned to Chichi.

"So Chichi, what did you do over the summer?"

"Well besides hanging around you and the girls, not much really, except that I have been applying for colleges." Chichi explained.

"Really? What college do you want to go to?"

"Well I'm really into cooking, so I want to go to a culinary school. I haven't decided which college to go to though." said Chichi. 18 nodded her head, she always knew that Chichi loved to cook, it was her passion. "What about you 18? What college are you applying to?"

"Oh, well I'm into business and design, I've already applied to two university college that is really good with majoring in business and I'll probably minor in design." 18 explained. "To tell you the truth, I've always wanted to run my own clothes store."

Chichi giggled. That was something she didn't expect from 18, but who is she to judge?

After the thirty minutes were over, everyone left to their second period.

"Hey Chichi wait up!" Bulma grabbed her bag and caught up to Chichi who was waiting by the door. "What class do you have next Chi?" Bulma asked as they walked down the hall. "I have art in room... 422." Chichi replied. "Sweet. I do to."

When they arrived, they took seats in the back of the room. The room happened to be quite colorful and full of art drawings.

"So Bulma," Chichi began. "how is it going between you and Yamcha?" Bulma sighed. "Honestly, I don't even know anymore." Chichi stared at the blue haired beauty quizzically. "What do you mean? Did something happen between you two?" . "No not really. It's just that- Lately I've seen Yamcha with around other girls, and I don't mind that they are his friends. But I've seen him stare at other girls, and I wonder if our relationship will last." Bulma explained.

"Oh wow. Do you still love him?" Chichi asked with a slightly shocked expression. Yamacha is a good guy, the only bad thing about him is that he loves to flirt.

"Of course I do, but if he ever chests on me then it's over." Bulma said with a frown on her face. She smiled and looked at her friend. "So, what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Oh come on Chichi! Is there anybody you're interested?" Bulma leaned toward the black haired girl and grinned devilishly.

"What? No way." Chichi said stubbornly.

"Well I may know a certain someone who likes you!" Bulma sweetly sang.

"What? Who?" Chichi suddenly asked, curious to know who this mystery guys is.

"He's the school's hottie; Top Five!"

"Who Bulma!" Chichi eagerly asked, not wanting Bulma to keep her in suspense.

"Son Goku!" Bulma nearly shouted her excitement.

Chichi's face fell. "Him? You can't be serious!"

"But I am! Why? Do you not like him?"

"I will admit that he is a very good looking guy, and I like his teal eyes, but there is no possible way that I will ever go out with him! Besides, How do you even know he likes me?" Chichi stared at the pouting Bulma.

"Earlier in English class he was staring at you, Not the simple stare, but the stare that obviously says 'I'm interested.' And besides, I think you should give him chance. I've met him before and he's a pretty cool guy, and he's also nice."

"No." Chichi said bluntly.

"Why not?"

"Because, he's just like the rest." Chichi said quietly and crossed her arms on the table. Bulma stared at Chichi, she did have a point about the Bad Boy Goku, he kind of was just like the rest of the guys who only want one thing. But something bothered her.

"You like him, don't you." Bulma figured it out.

"Whether I do or I don't, I refuse to go out with him."

Bulma sighed and dropped the subject, at least for now anyway. She'll bug her about it later.


Lunch finally came and everyone lined up in the cafeteria to get some food.

Bulma, Chichi, 18, and Launch gathered around a tree with cherry blossoms blooming. It was there usual spot since their freshman year. If you are wondering, these four girls have been best friends since fourth grade. They have made other friends but they weren't as close as the fours girls were to each other, they consider each other sisters either by blood or by bond.

The four girls sat down at a table the is next to the cherry blossom tree. They each brought their own food since they didn't like the food the school offers. They merely brought sandwiches, apples, or peaches. It's not that they watched their diet, they were just used to not eating so much. And it had all started since middle school began.

Whenever it was lunch in junior high, the girls tried to eat the lunch food, but it just didn't sit well with their stomachs, and there were a few times they vomited. Since then they never ate in school.

Since 18 and Chichi were taking martial arts classes before, they needed to eat to have energy. They began to bring their own lunches to school when their sophomore came around. Launch and Bulma did the same a few months later.

The four girls began to talk about their classes, and who had who in their classes.

"So Chichi. We have the same class fourth and sixth, well you're the only one who doesn't have fourth period with us. Is there anyone you know that has the same class as you in fourth?" Launch asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.

Chichi scowled at the thought of having a class with him.

Just seeing Chichi have that pissed off look on her face meant something was going to get bad. Her friends knew this all too well. "So who do you have fourth period?" 18 asked slowly. When Chichi was pissed off you do not want to mess with her.

"Son Goku..." Chichi said his name as if it were a curse.

"Whoa! Really! Good for you!" Bulma beamed happily.

"No! Not good for me! I sit next to the bastard and to make it worse, his damn fangirls are in the same class with me! And it's his number one fan club whores!" Chichi snapped and slammed her fists on the table.

"What! You have Higurama Sakumo, Goku's number one fangirl, in your class!" Bulma nearly shouted her lungs out. Just hearing her name made all of them angry. Since they started high school, a girl with orange hair and bright green eyes had began to bully them along with her followers. Since Son Goku came into the picture, she began to bug them even more. 18 was close enough to have a fight with her.

Goku was a Bad Boy then, and still is today, but since he had most of his classes with 18, Bulma, Launch and Chichi, it had been too much and 18 just slapped the girl in front of the school. 18 and the girls were surprised that just one slap from 18 made Sakumo cry.

Sakumo cried even more when she spotted Goku, her long time crush, had begun to laugh at her along with his friends. Since that day had happen, Sakumo hadn't bothered them until their sophomore year.

"Sadly yes. I am in the same class as the jackass and his whore girls." Chichi said in tick off voice.

"At least you sit next to him, that's a good thing." Bulma smiled happily at her gloomy friend. Chichi just glared at her.


School had finally ended and it was not what Chichi had expected. She really didn't want anything to do with Goku or his fangirls, but alas, it seems that Fate wanted to mess with her this year. Her final year of high school.

Chichi gathered her things in her locker. She promised the girls that she would go into town with them, but right now Chichi felt like taking a nap.

"Hello, Chi-chi." A husky voice said from behind her. Chichi sighed and closed her locker. She turned around and came face to chest with Son Goku. Yes, Son Goku is pretty damn tall. Chich is only 5'4'' and Goku is 6'2''. So Chichi looked up at the tall man in front of her. She noticed his friends a few feet away from him, and she was sure they would hear everything that was about go on between her and Goku.

"Hello." She sighed. She really didn't want to see him right now.

Goku smirked when he saw the look on her face. She didn't want to be near him. He didn't mind, he liked a challenge. "You know Chichi, I over heard you at lunch today. That's a pretty mean thng to say, you really hurt me." He faked a hurt expression.

"Did I now? Well, isn't that a good thing." Chichi replied. Goku frowned at her reply, behind him he can hear his friends snickering. He then smirked again and lifted her chin when she looked away.

"You know you're pretty cute." Goku complimented while he slightly leaned forward. Chichi smacked his hand away from her face and glared at him. Goku chuckled. "Feisty one aren't you. I like that." Goku whispered the last part and was now a few inches away from Chichi's face.

Chichi was losing her patience and having a bad boy near her face ticked her off. So Chichi grabbed his chin with one hand and pushed him away from her to the point where he almost fell backwards.

"Yeah, I'm sure you do." With that said Chichi began to walk away toward the exit of the school entrance.

Goku shockingly stared at Chichi as she walked away. No girl had ever done that to him, and damn! She had one hell of a grip. Behind Goku, his friends had burst into laughter as he was pretty much rejected by Chichi.

"Hahaha! Well Kakarot, it seems she's not interested." Vegeta laughed once more as Goku began to rub his chin. "Oh don't you worry Vegeta, Chichi will be mine." Goku smirked and walked toward the exit where Chichi had disappeared not to long ago, while the others followed.

"Whatever Kakarot, but I'm not letting this go." Vegeta chuckled when Goku glared at him.

Finally outside, Chichi searched for her friends. She saw them standing by Bulma's red car. They were obviously looking for her. Chichi made her way over to them.

"There you are Chi. What took you so long?" Bulma asked.

"I had my hands full with something." Chichi narrowed her eyes.

"Really now, with what?" Launch asked, just when Goku and the guys began to walk by Bulma's car.

"Hello again Chi-chi." Goku smirked as he passed by Bulma's car. Chichi growled and Goku merely winked at her. Chichi quickly searched in her bag and found an apple and chucked it at the back of his head.

Goku grabbed the back of his head, looked backed at the smirking Chichi and glared at her. Bulma, Launch, and 18 burst into laughter along with Krillin, Tien, Vegeta, and Yamcha. Not wanting anything coming out of Goku's mouth Chichi quickly went into the backseat of Bulma's car.

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