Returning the red necklace

You're so cute when you sleep and the fact I'm here should tell you I remember.

It's been 7 years I'm 17 years old now. I've became a witch. I'm no longer a witch in training.

But then again you probably know that by now.

I wish I could tell you. I have no wait I had so much to say.

But it's pointless now.

When will you come to get me?

Maybe never.

Or will it be in till I remember.

I'm a great actress.

To be able to make it look like I never rembered a thing.

But then again I won't keep this up for long.

I know about Sara

Aquell's and Sammy daughter.

I'm surprised she backed off.

But maybe she was sick of chasseing after you.

I'm not her so I don't know.

I wish you knew just how much I cared for you.

I miss you patting me on the head.

Odd isn't it.

I use to hit you with my pumpkin umbrella every time you did that.

We truly don't realize what we have till it's gone.

I sit by his coffin.

its almost time for him to wake up.

I take out a red necklace from my pocket.

I lean in and kissed his forehead.

I put the necklace in his hands.

"I'm returning this necklace in hopes you find out what it means"

I stand up.

I walk down the stairs.

I stopped.

"bye loue"

And with those final words I leave