Laria has been on the run ever since she was thirteen years old. She's been going from town to town, state to state. She's never been in one place for long because they always seem to be following her. It doesn't matter who it is. Heaven or Hell, they both want her, and they will stop at nothing until they get her.

The thing is Laria is a runaway demon. She's not like the other demons, though, which were created by Lucifer. She was born a demon. A lot of cultures believe that she could even be the anti-Christ. She is the first one of her kind, and that's why she's being hunted. Hell wants to use her as a weapon once the apocalypse starts and Heaven wants her dead so Hell can't have her.

Laria ran away from Hell the night before her thirteenth birthday. She had overheard one of the demons say that Lucifer would finally begin to train her for the war. As soon as she heard that she knew she had to leave. It's not that her life was torture; she just couldn't stand a life in Hell. She found a way into the human would and just kept running and running.

Her current home is in Black Water Ridge, Colorado. She has been living there for five months now, which is the longest she's ever been in one place, and so far, it's been her favorite. She is now living the life of a normal girl. She attends high school as a senior, has an awesome best friend who she found out was a witch after an incident when they first met, and she doesn't have to run.

Or so she thought, but I guess that's what I get for being the next in line for the demonic throne.