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Post-Secret from 3/15/11 update: I wish I had it in me to walk up to you at graduation and say I have liked you for what seems like my entire life.

APOV (Alice)

Looking in the mirror was seriously creeping me out. I was graduating today. Dark blue, fake satin that ended just below my shins, and was making me completely self-conscience, was facing back at me. I ran my fingers through my short spikes, checking to see how the locks fell with the offending garment. I swear I could design something ten times better with just a few minutes and a JoAnn's Fabrics.

Then again, it wasn't just the cap and gown that was getting me down, it was the ceremony itself. I had no desire to walk across that stage and shake hands with some creepy namesake of my high school and then be handed a blank piece of paper.

It was ridiculous and if my mother hadn't begged me I wouldn't be doing it in the first place.

Yet, she had begged me to go through with the stupid tradition and I was suckered into feeling guilty about letting her and Dad down after they had taken care of me for eighteen years and then were paying my way through college as well.

It's completely true; graduation is for the parents.

I reached for the cardboard cap and placed it just above my head, tilting it this way and that. Somehow, someway, I was positive I could make it look less ridiculous upon my head. Maybe having my hair parted to the far right?

Far left?

Maybe I could flip the ends out, a little bit of a throwback?

Hmm, maybe flipped inward instead?

Nope, no matter the style, this dumbass cap was set to look as stupid as possible and I couldn't do a damn thing about it.


As I walked into the entryway of the gym, I headed to restrooms to check my hair once more along with my makeup.

"Hey Pix, I thought you weren't coming?" Bella laughed as she put more bobby pins into her cascading brown hair.

"I couldn't put up the fight when Mom pouted her lips at me. I figured out where I got the ability to do that, though." She laughed again, handing me a few pins to place at the back of her head.


Sitting next to Bella was a miracle considering most seats were pretty scare with two or more together. One of our best friends, Rose, was two rows up sitting with her boyfriend Emmett. We smiled and waved, but I easily got distracted as Bella's boyfriend, Edward, along with his best friend, Jasper, walked up.

Jasper Whitlock.

Holy mother of god, I was so freaking in love with him it was ridiculous. He was gorgeous, but my crush went way beyond that. He was on the football team and I went to every game just to see him in those tight white pants and with his hair pulled back into a wavy pony tail so his blonde hair wasn't in his way while playing. That was a sight that kept me awake all hours, doing plenty of fun, yet solo, activities.

He was interested in social studies, too. History, government, religion, sociology, psychology; he loved the entire department and I'm pretty sure he was on a first name basis with each teacher from that part of the school. It just happened that I was the student aid for that department. Very ironic… I was always finding ways into his History of the Vietnam War class to help out Mr. Thomas. He even had me grading assignments and entering them into the computer.

It was pretty unethical, but I handled nearly every students' grades. However, I never needed to alter his grades; perfect marks on every single assignment, thank you very much. I honestly, almost cried while reading one of the responses he put on an essay. He spoke with such passion about the soldier's devolution to their country.

I copied the essay.

It's stashed under my bed.

I couldn't help it, the obsession was one thing, but I just wanted to feel his arms encircle me. Every time I hung out with Bella and Edward, Jasper was never far away and even though I could talk to him some, it was awkward deep down. I don't know if he could tell I was completely in love with him, but I felt like he could just read it in my eyes when I looked to him. I never wanted him to think he was being set up so I refrained from devoting too much attention to him.

I probably came off as a bitch, if anything.

Edward, followed by Jasper, skipped over to the row between us so he could hug and kiss Bella before the ceremony. I'm sure her Dad was loving that view. He was not the biggest fan of Edward's, which was kind of ridiculous considering he was never anything but a sweet gentleman to her. Bella held all the power and he never made a decision without consulting her.

"Hello my smart girl…" He murmured before kissing her cheek and wrapping his arms around her. "Hey Ali." I smiled as Bella and I both said our greetings back to Edward and Jasper. How could they make these ridiculous outfits look damn sexy?

Jasper reached around, tugging on the tassel of guy sitting next to me, I believe his name was Eric, while Edward tapped on the girl sitting next to Bella and then pointed to his best friend. "Do you guys mind moving so we can sit with our girls?"


Holy shit!

The two boys jumped over seats when the other two that formally sat next to us rushed down the aisle to find new seats. Bella snuggled up to Edward, whispering something in his neck. Her dad had to be steaming.

I was brought out of my ghost-like state when I felt Jasper's arm being slung over my shoulders. I whipped my head around to face him, but no words escaped when I saw the way his lips pulled into a sidelong smirk. He laughed once, before speaking. "What? I just told those two that we needed to sit next to our girls, it wouldn't look good if we went on ignoring each other, would it? Got to make it believable like Edward and Bell over there…" He pointed to the mushy couple.

I was jealous.

I nodded, basking in the weight of his arm over my body. What I wouldn't give to have just a bit more of his weight over me…

"Well Alice, what are your plans for the summer? You're going to U-Dub in the fall with Bella and Edward right?" He said, still not moving his arm away from me.

I nodded, breathing through my suddenly parched throat. "Um, yeah, Bella and I going to be roommates come August; which basically means all three of us will be roommates since Edward will never leave once Charlie is out of the way. And summer will be… whatever, work, you know?"

Work, you know? Come on, Alice!

He nodded, looking rejected so I quickly asked about his plans; in a completely spazzed-out way. "Oh, work, you know, this summer." He smiled, making my stomach pop a bit with sudden butterflies. "And, I'll actually be going to U-Dub as well; the football scholarship was too good to pass up." He said shyly.

My mouth dropped. "You're going to U-Dub? But you got in to UCLA, FSU, and Brown; they all have football scholarships and much better opportunities for you. Why in the world would you go to U-Dub?" I nearly screamed all of this at him and I was ready to smack him upside his perfectly coifed head due to the smirk that had returned to his face. "What?"

He shook his head, looking over to Edward and then back to me. I nearly got whiplash trying to follow his line of sight. "I knew you were listening; I told them." Huh? What is he talking about? "Oh come on, you were listening when we were talking about colleges a month back. You listened the whole time, although without looking at me, while Bell and Edward made out the entire time. You cared, I knew it!"

My mouth fell open. Did he mean I cared about his opportunities… or about him?

"Alice." Damn, my name sounded nice coming out of his mouth. "I was always going to go to U-Dub." He smiled, waiting for me to ask the obvious question.

"Why?" I whispered dumbly.

"Isn't it obvious?" I shook my head slowly. "You."

What the hell?

"What the hell?" Obviously, my brain was turning to mush at this point…

"Alright, now you're making me nervous and we've got this entire ceremony to sit through and then four years in college together…"

"Just explain, please?" I begged.

He took a deep breath. "Ali, I've liked you nearly my entire life, and it has only gotten more intense since I actually got to know you when Bell started dating Edward. I thought you felt the same. You seem like you care for me and that you enjoy being around me. I try to make you smile when I'm around you… Am I completely wrong here? Am I seeing things that aren't there?" He looked so lost, dejected.

"No." His face fell more. "No, no. I mean, I feel the same way. I've liked you since I can remember. I just… never thought you would-"

I was cut off by his mouth again, but this time it was doing simply fabulous things with mine and I was really, truly enjoying the way he was distracting me.

Bella's and Edward's laughter interrupted our moment and be both turned to face them while leaving our hands tangled in each other's hair. "It's about damn time!" Bella giggled as Edward nodded furiously. "Looks like I'm getting another roommate as well." I nodded, before pulling Jasper back to me so we could continue the freaking-awesome kissing until our row was called.

At least someone had the courage to say something…

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