Highway to Hell

A/N: Potential readers: I'm Ana, and this is my story "Highway to Hell!" This is a different version of Twilight, so I guess it's considered AU… I'm not sure!

This is the prologue and chapter 1, enjoy!


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UPDATE: 1-15-2013: This story is undergoing major, major construction! I am in the process of editing (and possibly re-writing a few of) the chapters. However, please do not let this stop you from reading further as the story is still going! As of today, three new chapters have been added and more are on the way!

Chapter 1: First Sight


"She's just a child! We can't kill her!" my mate screamed, crouching protectively over the young child she'd brought home.

"Well we can't keep it, either!" I yelled back.

Charlotte's—my mate—eyes opened wide, and she took a step back, surprised at my outburst. Up until that point, I had been keeping my cool.

If she thought I was going to let her win this one, she was wrong.

Two hours passed, and my mate was still standing protectively over the child, ready to attack if need be; while I was pacing, thinking of ways to get rid of the thing.

No doubt people were out looking for it, wondering where she could have gotten off to. Her parents were probably in a state of panic while my mate was trying to keep it.

"This is ridiculous even for you, Char."

"This is heartless even for you, Peter," she retorted.

I rolled my eyes.

This was going to be a long night, I knew.

As the night wore on, I realized I was fighting a losing battle. Charlotte wasn't going to back down on this one, no matter how much I pushed. Eventually, I gave in with a sigh; I wasn't going to fight my mate.

"If we're going to keep her, we can't go around calling her 'it'," I whispered, resigned. "And I don't want any part of the caring for her. That's all on you."

Charlotte squealed and threw me to the ground, covering me in kisses.

Thirty more minutes passed before the girl finally woke up, her chocolate eyes wide and watery.

"Its okay, sugar, my name is Charlotte. What's yours?" Char asked, stepping closer to the girl.

"Isabella, but I like Bella." Her voice was high and quick, as if she were scared, but she scooted as close to Charlotte as she could.

"Bella, do you remember what happened to your mommy and daddy?" I asked, and she shook her head, the tears then starting to fall from her eyes. I stepped closer, her tears making me want to comfort her.

This little, human girl was supposed to grow up to eventually become the source of life for either me or one of the other thousands of vampires roaming the earth. Instead, I found myself getting lost in her big, brown eyes, wanting to bring as much comfort to her as I possibly could. I wanted—needed—to protect her. I had to.

Mine, my thoughts echoed in my head. Ours.

Charlotte tore her eyes away from the little girl for a moment to glance at me, a cocky, little smirk on her lips. With that, I knew she sensed the changes that were happening inside me. I knew she wasn't going to let me live this one down. Ever.

"Well, Charlotte and I like you, and we want to keep you safe. Can we keep you?" I asked her.

Even though we would've kept her if she said no, I just wanted to make sure this was what she wanted, but she surprised me and Char with, "Will you be my new mommy?" looking as hopeful as can be.

The one simple question was all it took. Isabella was ours.

"I would love nothing more," Charlotte told her, scooping Bella up in to her arms, hugging her as tightly as was possible.

God, help us all when this backfires.

Chapter 1: First Sight (Bella's POV)

I opened my eyes from a dreamless sleep, and the first thing I saw was my mom and dad's perfect smiles.

I groaned and threw a pillow over my face. "I don't want to go school today!" I yelled threw the pillow.

Being the new girl absolutely sucked, no matter how many times I've gone through it.

It wasn't that I was scared, or nervous. It was just the fact that I have to go through a shit-load of rumors every time. I never started at the beginning of the school year, which meant there had to be a big reason for the sudden change of school. We could never be moving just to move.

"Too bad, Izzy. Get up!"

My dad, Peter, took the pillow from my head and my covers. "We will not start this school year off bad, like the others," he mock-whispered in my ear as if his mate couldn't hear him. "First impressions always matter."

I sat up and stared at them. They're my "adoptive" parents, but we're going to be telling the towns people of Forks, Washington, that they were my Uncle and Aunt, my parents having died when I was young—which wasn't a lie— and they took me in because they were my only family, which they truly were.

Charlotte had long, blonde hair and she was a good 5'7 with amazing curves and stunning ruby-red eyes. Peter stood at 6'4 with a lean, muscular type body, ruby-red eyes to match his wife's and dark brown hair.

...And they were both vampires.

I guessed I should have been freaked out by the fact that they ate humans, but I wasn't. I mean, I ate living things to stay alive, too, just not the same living things that they ate...because I wasn't a cannibal.

Besides, they were the only family I had. If I chose to be scared of them and not want to be with them, I would have no one. I also knew they wouldn't hurt me and that they loved me as if I were they're own, and that was all that really mattered in the end when it came to family. What they were wouldn't change anything.

"Go take a shower and get dressed," Charlotte, my mom, finally snapped when I didn't move fast enough for her. "The faster you get to school, the faster it'll end and we can take you to meet the Cullen's," she said.

I wasn't really looking forward to meeting them. From what I knew, the God of freaking war lived with them, and from the stories I've been told, he was not one to hesitate when it came to killing someone, especially when they posed a threat—which, as a human that knew of the vampire world and was still living, I did.

Then again, his brother was my father, so I shouldn't have anything to worry about…

"They won't eat you. They drink from animals, chiquita, including the Major," Peter said as if reading my mind. "He's a chill guy now, sweets."

I sighed, got up from my bed when they left, and headed straight toward the bathroom, brushing my teeth before I did anything else.




I brushed the tangles out of my hair and then got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a green, long-sleeved 'Kiss me, I'm not Irish' shirt and some all black Chuck Taylor's—high tops.

I looked at myself in my full body mirror and sighed. My hair was dark brown with red highlights and a side bang that covered my left eye slightly. It was waist length, and I usually got yelled at from my science teachers about the hazard it posed when we did labs. I really liked it. Today, I had the bang pinned back and the rest of it pulled in to a loose ponytail, having no clue what to do with it.

My body was a different story altogether. I didn't like it at all. At least, not when any of it was revealed. With jeans and long-sleeves, I could see the appeal. I was as tall as Charlotte, and I was pretty curvy. My boobs weren't too big, but I thought that was okay because my ass was amazing. With the right clothes, I could appreciate it.

"You know, I really hate it when you two have those super secret conversations," I said, making my presence known even though they smelled and heard me coming before I even got down the stairs.

I sat on Peter's lap and began eating the omelet that was in front of him. For a vampire, he was a decent cook. I wished I could say the same for Charlotte, who knew absolutely nothing about cooking.

"Well, that's too bad, but since you're a part of this family I guess you deserve to know that you will be going to school with the Cullen's," Peter announced, and I almost died, choking on a chunk of my omelet that I'd just stuffed into my mouth. He patted my back and kept talking as if I wasn't almost dying on his lap. "It turns out we won't be going to them after school, they'll be coming to us. We decided to keep you a secret, so you can introduce yourself." He smiled down at me when I started choking on my orange juice.

I glared in return.

"Stop that, Peter," Charlotte scolded. "They're good 'people,' Sug, don't let your father scare you. If they weren't good people, your father wouldn't let you anywhere near them." She rubbed my back soothingly before handing me the keys to Peter's motorcycle.

I squealed, "Mom, are you serious!"

I hugged her and then threw my arms around Peter. "Dad, you're seriously letting me drive it?" I hugged his neck even tighter, and he laughed. I'd gotten my license for it a few months back, but he had never actually let me use it.

"Get to school before I change my mind," he said.

He didn't have to tell me twice. With one last hug for them both, I rushed out, grabbing my backpack on the way.




I got to school in a matter of minutes and parked next to a shiny silver Volvo. I hated them. I just couldn't see the appeal to them, and standing next to that one made me hate them even more.

I took my helmet off, fixed up my hair a bit, and then removed the leather jacket Charlotte let me borrow, it getting pretty hot inside it, before heading toward the office.

A group of people were standing slightly in the way of the door, and I was sure my heart stopped for a second. Peter showed me a picture he had with the Major, so I would know his face, and he'd told me countless times that I had nothing to be scared of, but with their past and everything he'd told me about Jasper, I couldn't help but get scared since I was finally around him.

No matter how "chill" of a guy he was, it still didn't feel right to address him the way I would any other person.

Who knew how he would take that?

I put my hands behind my back and looked him in the eye respectfully. "Excuse Me," I murmured. "I'm trying to go in there."