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Hey look, it's a fanfic! How about that?


Johnny drove to his apartment and got out of his car when he got to The Apartment, and when he got out of his ear he went into The Apartment, and when he was in The Apartment he went up to his place, and once inside he was in The Room and Lisa was in The Room and she was on The Couch and she was smiling and happy and she was looking at him smiling and happy and she was on The Couch.

"Honey I'm home and I got a promotion and I'm making bundles and I'm happy my job it pays well and I got raise it's my job I'm happy!" Johnny explasticated as he fiddled out the door and foot stomped onto The Rug.

"Oh great you got a raise that's great I love you you're funny and charming and sexy you got a raise that's great!" Lisa explasticated back as she warped her stretchy arms and strongeled Johnny.

"Ha ha that's great and I got the raise because I'm so funny and charming and sexy and I got a raise and look I got a promotion and it's great!"

"Wow!" Lisa stompered. "You got a promotion when did you get it you do good work you're so funny and charming and sexy!"

"Ha ha ha, I got a promotion because I'm so funny and charming and sexy!"

Then they danced and high fived, while spinning across the room and they hop a lot.

"You got a promotion that's great you're my best friend!" scrambled Mark as he gazed upon The Fireplace.

"Yeah I got a promotion that's great I got a promotion I'm so funny and charming and sexy look I got a promotion!"

"I wanted the promotion!" scradadleized Chris R.

Everyone gasps, and they point fingers at each other and scream , horrified, and gasp.

"Oh no Chris R!" Denny was scared and terrified and sad and angry and upset and scared and he hated Chris R because he bad drug dealer he scares Denny he wanted money he scares Denny because he's scary and wanted money.

"Don't worry about it he works with me now and he's nice now because I am great and I turned his life around and I'm great and so funny and charming and sexy and I used my funny and sexy charm to turn his life around and he turned a new leaf and he's good now and he turned his life around because I'm so funny and charming and sexy!" Johnny said, because he was so funny and charming and sexy.

"Yes I'm good now I don't deal drugs honest I don't deal drugs I don't deal drugs!" Chris R ebzapulexinatefied as he cried and ran out of The Room because he had bad memories of being bad and that was bad and he decided to be good so no more bad.

"I like your fireplace." said Mark, while he was looking at The Fireplace. He really liked it.

"I like it too, it's a fireplace" said Johnny, while eye rowing the place of the fire in the fireplace.

"I turned bisexual and I want hot filthy group sex." Lisa said as she clapped.

"Oh hai Lisa that's great Mark you're my best friend go away what's up?" Johnny said as he gave thumbs up, grinned cheek to cheek, and bobbed his head relentlessly.

"That's great have fun I like your fireplace hi doggy!" Mark said as he petted their new pet doggy. He then ran slowly out of The Room.

And then Peter walked into The Room.

"Johnny I'm a psychologist couples should not cheat group sex is bad don't do it Johnny." Peter said, with his psychologist interference.

"Ha ha ha, it is fun so it is good I know what I'm doing I'm so funny and charming and sexy!" Johnny expastilated.

"Oh okay you're right that is good you're very smart Johnny I wish I was smart like you and I also wish I was as funny and charming and sexy but you are the king of funny and charming and sexy and I can't be as funny and charming and sexy as you but I wish I could." Peter frowned.

"Ha ha ha that's sad I feel sorry for you because you can never be as good as me oh well too bad want to join in on the fun just kidding I'd never do that two is great but three is a crowd oh wait I forgot in that case me and two hot chicks are great which equals three but you also would make four and four is bad unless there's three hot chicks plus me which equals four but if you're in it that's gross I don't want that I want hot chicks they're better than you Mark is my best friend."

"Okay." Peter said and he left.

"Ha ha ha let's have fun ha ha ha I'm so funny and charming and sexy I'm so lucky you are hot Lisa let's have fun and Mark is my best friend how could you do this to me Lisa!" he said and got mad and threw books onto the shelf and sat down on The Couch.

"What's wrong I thought it would be fun what's wrong why are you mad what's going on?" Lisa smiled.

"I don't want to make Mark jealous he deserves someone as beautiful as you and you are beautiful I feel sorry for him he deserves someone as beautiful as you!"

"Good news I cheated on him with you and we did it when you weren't around and he's sexy and I'm evil and you must die."

Lisa pointed her finger at Johnny.

"No!" Johnny screamed as he kicked her gun out of the way and he shot her and she died.

"Oh no I killed Lisa oh well she was a cruel bitch anyway she should die I will make her die!"

And so he shot Lisa and she died and he threw her body out the window.

And then a helicopter man jumped in through the window and he was a cop and he had a badge which said he was a cop.

"No cops I can explain I killed her because she was a bitch and I hate her I'm so funny and charming and sexy don't take me to jail!

The helicopter man and police officer laugh a lot. "No we'd never arrest you because you are the city's most favorite person and everyone would be sad if you were arrested and besides Lisa was a bitch anyway we were going to kill her anyway you did our job for us here some money have a nice day!"

They then got back on their helicopter and flew off of the roof and Johnny looked at the stars because it was at night and he was on The Roof and stars looked nice so he looked out and was happy and he started to hear a lot of cheering and he looked down from The Roof and saw people cheering for him they were happy that Lisa was dead because she was a bitch that deserved to die they stomped on her body and spit on her and she was ugly.

Johnny went to bed.


And there was much rejoicing...


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