Naruto: The Missing Anbu Commander

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Everywhere you looked you could see bodies of badly burnt Shinobi and Kunoichi alike. Their bodies were not even able to be identified. For what surrounded them were Buldings that were crumbling from what looked like to be crushed or burnt by the massive flames surrounding the area.

What was happening? Well it was simple The once Great place known as Konohagakure, Strongest Shinobi Village of the Five Great Shinobi villages was being attacked by a Massive looking fox with Nine gigantic flaming tail's.

The fox was in legend named the 'Kyuubi no Kitsune' some say it never appears in human affairs aside the fight between Harashima Senju and Madara Uchiha since it was summoned by the Uchiha clan founder.

But the question was why? Why had the fox attacked this once great Shinobi village?

That was on the mind of a few people. While there were more important things going on...

In which case was a fight happening on the frontline. Four figures could be seen...

First was a Man that stood the height of 5'8, he wore the normal shinobi attire which consisted of a Dark blue long-sleeved shirt with a green jounin flak-jacket, he also wore dark blue jounin pants that had medical tapped at the ends. Ending his attire was blue shinobi sandals and a sleeveless white trench coat with red flames licking the bottoms and a small chain connecting the ends together.

The man had tanned skin with icy sharp blue eyes with spiky yellow hair. This mans name was Minato Namikaze 4th Hokage of Konohagakure, Husband to Kushina Uzumaki and Father to his 5 Year old son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and his newborn daughter Mito Uzumaki Namikaze named after Kushina's Great Grandmother.

At the moment he was fighting a man standing the same height not much could be said about this man except for a few things.

First was that all that could be seen was that he wore black shinobi sandal's and black shinobi pant's. Beyond this was just a black cloak that covered everything on the upper body, He also adorned a mask with a design on the left side, but what was unusual was that there was only one eyehole in it. Which was on the mans right side of his face.

These two were fighting while the other two were watching with mixed emotions...

The first was a beautifal woman with long silky red hair that at the moment reached the ground she had a heart-shaped face and violet eyes eyes that showed how tired she looked. She was at the moment wearing a hospital gown and was holding a covered up bundle in her arm's., the only thing you could see was a tuff of red hair.

This woman was Kushina Uzumaki second Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Wife of Minato Namikaze and Mother of Naruto and Mito Uzumaki Namikaze. She was holding her newborn daughter tightley at her chest as she watched her husband fight off the man that ruined everything for them. The one who destroyed the day her daughter was coming into this world.

She looked worringly at the person beside her this person she was looking at now was a boy that looked around the age of 5 Year's old. He was wearing an attire not seen on any other kid their age. He was wearing an attire of a shinobi. His clothes were special made since this boy had become a shinobi at a young age, but it all was what a normal Anbu would wear only not with a mask.

His face was what had her concerned this boy had blue eyes that were round like hers, but were already starting to narrow like Minato's and had spiky yellow hair like minato, but it was much more spiky then Minato's even when he was younger.

This boy was none other then her and Minato's pride and joy and Genius of a Shinobi. He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Genin of Konohagakure, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki and now brother of Mito Uzumaki Namikaze. He had a kunai and shuriken pouch on his left thigh.

Right now Kushina was getting worried for her son who was glaring at the cloaked figure with much hate that surprised her since she hadn't seen such hate from her son at all except when it came to some of the 'higher-up' people in Konoha.

'Although I don't blame him, fucking council been trying to turn him into a weapon since he was born. Kami only knows what they would do when they find out Mito was born.'she thought bitterly before she looked back at the fight and saw Minato rasengan the cloaked figure into the ground using his 'Hiraishin no Jutsu-Level Two'.

That was before Minato jumped back to them as the man disappeared a few feet from them holding his injured arm.

The man himself was glaring at Minato's form with hate and rage. This spiky haired fool stopped his plans fully, but still Kyuubi could still destroy Konoha. So with that he just turned his head toward Kushina's form and saw the little bundle in her arm's. He smiled evily behind his mask and warped behind her and before Minato could do anything the cloaked figure took out a kunai and brought it down to the bundle in Kushina's arms.

Minato watched in horrified eyes as he used Hiraishin to get their in time while Kushina was to weak after having Kyuubi ripped out of her by this man.

But with surprising speed the Kunai was stopped by another which shocked the masked man before he looked into another pair of blue eyes, but they held so much more coldness and hate that it made the man inwardly slightly flinch.

Naruto kept his gaze on the man not seeing the shocked looked of his parents before jumping up kicking the man in the face send the man skidding back a few feet. This gave Minato the time to appear between his family and the cloaked figure who now had a bit of a crack in his mask.

The man now was shocked he was actually kicked or more so was hit! He was now glaring at the other blonde boy in hate and now wonder.

He mentally shook his head before speaking ''Hmph, I don't need to be here anymore my job here is done...''he said before warping out of the area. With the man now gone Minato stretched out his senses to look for the man and sighed in relief not finding the man not there.

He looked over his should and smiled at his family before he heard Kushina start to cough violently. He rushed over to her as Naruto was by her side in a instant and was doing as much as he could to help her. He was looking worried as his mother was coughing up blood while protectingly holding Mito in her arm's.

He gently held her up right as Minato rushed over and was checking her and saw the effects of having Kyuubi ripped out of her taking its toll. He then remembered the threat that was looming over Konoha and looked at the now growling Kyuubi who had turned its sights on them.

He glared as his mind was going a mile a minute to think of an idea to stop the Kyuubi before he remembered a type of sealing the he had created with the Help of Kushina's own mastery in sealing. He grimly remebered the effects of what it does to the user, but remebered the pro's of what it does.

Naruto who was holding his little sister in his arm's and helping his mother to support her weakened state. He looked and saw the emotions running through his tou-sans eyes as he was staring at the Kyuubi who was coming at them.

Kushina must have seen this before chakra chains came out of the ground holding the Kyuubi slamming it down infront of them. This action made Minato and Naruto snap their heads to her in worry seeing her get weaker as she looked into Kyuubi's crazed eyes and saw something wrong with it, but couldn't figure it out in her state of weakness.

Minato sighed before he heard a rush of wind and saw a giant paw heading for Kushina and cursed before flashing in a flash of yellow.

He hoped he would make it in time.

Naruto saw the coming paw and knew where it was going. He looked at his little imouto in his arms before kissing her forehead before putting her in kushina's arms and jumping in the way with his back at the incoming paw.

Kushina looked with horrified eyes as Naruto just threw himself in harms way to stop the incoming attack from killing her. She saw Minato appear to late and saw him watch with horrified eyes as his son just sacrificed himself for his mother. He started to tear up seeing what was happening , but that was squashed down when his son weakly looked at him as blood was dripping from his mouth.

Naruto at the moment was in so much pain he couldn't think straight except for just protecting his mother. He looked over his shoulder and glared at the less crazed eyes of kyuubi before looking at his father that was tearing him at what had happened. He smiled at his father as more blood dripped from him.

'' it...while you have the chance...''he said as the light in his eyes was going out.

Minato frowned before he saw Naruto's understanding his eyes. His eyes were growing wide as Kushina was crying on what was happening she still listened on what Naruto was saying.

''S-sochi...w-what...are you..?''he said

'' the Shikki Fuin on me while you have the chance''he said in a much weaker voice. Kushina shot her head up in disbelief at what her son just said while Minato just looked into his sons eyes seeing his son completely serious of what he was saying.

Kushina voiced her concern ''S-sochi...why?''she said which Naruto looked at her before smiling ignoring the blood running down his chin.

''Why? It's simple I wanted to protect for the sealing as...*Cough* I'm...sure you know...Im actually now connected to now The Shikki Fuin would do its work and...*Cough* drag this fox into me...''he said

''B-but how do y-you know that...s-sealing?'' said Minato as his along with Kushina's eyes were watering.

Naruto just smiled ''Because I've studied the effects from the vault while you weren't looking...I was...curious and knew this...was the only sealing I knew...would stop...the Kyuubi...and I know...for a fact...that if the container was physically the one...being...sealed...this would...greatly increase the chances of the sealing be done perfectly.''he said before going into a coughing fit.

Minato and Kushina were now letting the tears fall they knew of that sealing it was the same one Kushina helped Minato with they both knew of the effect's and what it does. The sealing would summon the god of death itself Shinigami to carry on the sealing and even though the Shinigami has immense power it would have trouble sealing one like Kyuubi.

Thats when they realized Naruto's plan and had to smile even though their son was dieing infront of them while they couldn't do anything about it Naruto showed smart's they went beyond his age.

Minato let a tear fall before looking at Kushina as she didn't hold anything back as she sobbed into Naruto's shoulder. He knew if he went through with the sealing he would most definetly die and the way Kushina was she would too from the lack of Kyuubi even with the Uzumaki's longetivity she wouldn't come out of this alive, and finally his son Naruto his flesh and blood he didn't know if he would survive since the Shinigami would seal it up in the container and drag the container into its realm with himself included or would heal Naruto.

But either way if they three died who would look after Mito? He wasn't stupid to leave her in Konoha's hands, but he did trust Jiraiya if things got bad and Tsunade was there to. He didn't believe in Sarutobi much even if he did call the man sensei he just couldn't place that their was something underneath that old man that was dangerous.

He sighed before he smiled at his son and wife before walking up to Kushina and bringing her into a hug. He looked down at Mito with eternal sadness in his eyes before looking at Naruto with so much respect for his son.

''Kushi-chan...lets do it...''he said which she looked at him with a weak defiant look before a cough intterupted her thoughts.

She looked and saw Naruto looking at with pleading eyes which broke her iron will that she was known for before she nodded as well. Knowing this was the only way...

Naruto smiled before he looked at his father

''Tou-san do!''he said with a struggle as he coughed up more blood. Minato nodded quickly as he did the handsigns.

As he did so Naruto looked at Kushina one more time ''Kaa-san...let me see more time...''he said gesturing to Mito.

Kushina smiled sadly as she weakly shifted Mito in her arms to uncover a sleeping redhead baby girl. Naruto smiled at her and even though he had lost all strength in his whole body he moved his bloody right hand and gently touched her sleeping face.

His eyes were looking at her face soley even as his father was getting to the last signs or the fact Sarutobi arrived with Kakashi and Jiraiya, or the fact his mother was watching with sad tears coming down her face.

''Imouto...I don't know if you can hear me...but I will say this...Onii-san doesn't have long...and he say his...peace...''he said as the baby girls eyes started to twitch.

As Naruto was doing this he didnt see the once upon a time kyuubi crazed eyes glaring down on him go glazed before it blinked before looking upon the situation before its eyes shot wide open seeing Kushina's state. Thats also when it felt something on its left claw it looked down to see Naruto's bloody body struck through its claw. Its eyes shot wide open even more as an emotion flickered in its eyes.

If anyone would have seen it they would have seen a tear drop from the kyuubi's eye...

Naruto looked and saw Mito's eyes starting to slowly open. He was shocked while internally was happy to see her eyes before he died. He knew he would die, he wasn't stupid and it made him sad he wouldn't be able to watch her grow.

He cut out his musings to see violet innocent eyes staring at him curiously. He smiled sadly as he stroked her small cheek which got a small giggle from the now awake little girl. He smirked even as he was on deaths door he would smile at his baby sister since she was taking her first look into the world and was kinda glad he was the first thing she saw.

He continued not seeing the shocked and yet terriblely sad eyes of Jiraiya, Kakashi and Sarutobi.

'' the world...this probably isnt the right thing for you to see on your first look, but at can see Onii-san first...isn't that right?''he said cooing the last part which got a small giggle from the little babe.

Kushina watched with sad eyes at her son talked to his baby sister which to her was his last her words to her.

Minato was on the last handsign before hesitating and looking at Naruto only to get his sight he would remember forever in death.

Naruto was smiling at Mito while holding her small hand in his own. He saw him talking to Mito which the little one was giggling and smiling at her onii-san. That's when he saw the sideway glance from naruto which was so full of determination it shocked him before nodding.

Naruto then looked back at Mito and said his last words to her...

''Mito...I'm afraid Onii-san is going away now and...Big brother wont be able to see you grow up into a beatiful woman he knows you will. I won't be able to protect you at night like a big brother should, I'm sorry I won't be able to help you when you really need it. But know this...I will aways be watching over you somewhere you should know I will always be there even when you dont...know it...''he said with a strong voice even as he was going very pale.

He may be 5 year's old, but he was much more mature for his age and knew this was probably be the last time he would see her. Despite the short years he trained ever since he could walk his mind would unexpectingly grow beyond his physicall appearance. He only told this to his kaa-san and Tou-san and his best friend Itachi...

God he's gonna miss him even though Itachi was the same age as him Itachi was like a little brother to him always asking for help with his shinobi duties.

He just mentally hoped itachi could get over his 'death'.

He looked at mito who was looking at him even more now with tears starting to form in her innocent eyes. It was like she could understand what was happening instinctvely and started to cry.

He smiled sadly before kissing the crying baby on the forehead once more before looking at a sad Kushina.

''Kaa-san...go ahead...take her...tou-san is finished...''he said which she nodded before taking the little girl in her arms once more to lullaby her to help calm her down.

Naruto looked back to see the shocked spectator's and smiled ''See ya later...Kakashi...Ero-sennin...Hokage-sama''he said before Minato shakingly slammed his hands on the ground with his bangs covering the tears falling from his face.

''Shikki Fuin!''

Naruto smiled sadly as a flash of erupted around the family of Namikaze and the deathly silent Kyuubi while a barrier seperated them between the now coming shinobi from Konoha to see what the Yodaime had planned.


That was what greeted Naruto as he had his eyes closed. That's when he felt something...

He doesn't feel pain anymore...

He twitched his eyes a bit before opening them to see darkness he couldn't see anyhing except a outlining of a ghostly abbarition in the darkness infront of him. He couldn't tell what it was, but he did have a suspicion of what it was.

The ghostly abbarition itself was staring at Naruto's suspened form in the darkness with interest, He knew of the boy, but for some reason something about the boy just interested it to no end. And most mortal dont' have the ability to interest a being such as itself.

It decided to show itself to the boy after dealing with the sealing...

Back in the dome of light you could see the still figures of the Namikaze family and Kyuubi with Mito silent as well. That's when they all felt it...


An embodiment of death itself slammed on them all except Mito as to not kill the little babe. The ghostly abbarition showed itself to be a white cloaked purple skinned deity. The appearance of the thing showed its spiky white hair that sticked in all directions as it flowed past its neck. There was also horns sticks out of its head and hair.

It looked at them all with calculating yellow peircing eyes that showed wisdom beyond comprhension. It looked before it settled on Kyuubi it frowned before looking at Minato and Kushina. That's when it linked all the dot's.

It looked down at Minato's haggard form who was staring at him with sadness that showed even a mortal could make a god flinch from the sadness in his eyes. He followed his gaze discreetly at Naruto's prone form with his stomach impaled by Kyuubi's claw.

The deity frowned before looking upon the forms of Minato and Kushina looking at it.

It then started to speak

''Mortal...why have you''it said even though it knew why, it still needed to know everything perfectly.

Minato not looking at Naruto prone form for he was sure it would break him up inside state ''Shinigami-sama...please...I beg you...can you seal the Kyuubi away...into my son!''he said as tears started to form in his eyes.

Shinigami even itself softened its own eyes and stated...

''Mortal...I can't do...such...a...thing...even...though your sons chakra coils haven't fully developed yet, it would certainly kill him. Even now your son is stuck in limbo since I haven't passed judgement on the boy yet. Though we can seal it into your other child...''it said gazing at the other child.

This got shocked and sad reactions from the two and even kyuubi was shocked to hear what the shinigami said.

Naruto? In limbo? They looked at Naruto's prone body and Kushina burst into tears seeing his eyes dull of any life in them. Minato started shaking as he dropped to his knee's with his head hung low. Kyuubi looked at Naruto's prone body in sadness it had watched from within Kushina how Naruto grew up and had come to respect him and now it being the one causing Naruto to die just made it want to die.

Shinigami just watched on with an impassive face not showing the hint of pity in its eyes for the mortal's.

Minato stopped shaking before looking into shinigamis own eyes showing a broken man.

''Yes, but please...I beg you shinigami let us talk to Mito before we join our son thats all I ask of you shinigami-sama''he said kneeling before the being with his head on the ground.

Shinigami on the outside just looked at the man while on the inside just smiled. It nodded making Minato smile in happiness thinking after this he could go see his son on the other side.

He walked over to Kushina as they sat infront of Naruto with him facing them even if he couldn't actually ''see'' them he will remember the memory of what the family together one last time.

The two talked to each other as Minato told Kushina of his plan of sealing part of their chakra in the seal so they could help Mito when she grew up. Kushina agreed to this before she said her last words to Mito as did Minato.

Though they were surprised when kyuubi itself started to slowly wrap its tails around them all bringing them closer to each and Naruto prone form. Kushina looked into kyuubis eyes to see sadness beyond recognition she smiled sadly knowing Kyuubi was back to its true mental stability.

They gathered closer to Naruto's body which instinctivly moved a bit secretly shocking the shinigami knowing the boy was still in limbo so how was his body still moving?

They watched as he looked raised his head to look at them and even though his eyes were dull of life he smiled a gentle smile that radiated happiness never seen before it shined like a sun. Kushina and Minato got up with Mito in Kushina's arms walked closer to him as Kyuubis tails closed in around them and hugged his body which he did his best and wrapped his lttle arms around them as his face was staring straight into Mito's own.

This was the image shinigami saw and right now the deity had come over its shock and was smiling at the picture even now it could feel naruto in limbo smiling as if he was feeling what his body was doing.

It then glanced at Kyuubi who at the moment was tearing up as the tears fell into its fur. It frowned once more that monster Madara Uchiha did this and would be damned if it didn't hunt him down for this.

It then saw the family seperate just a little before they turned toward shinigami with determined eyes knowing they were ready.

It inwardly saddened it to let this happen but even it didn't have the power to break the rules her sister created when this seal was made. Thats when she started the sealing...

(AN:Small authors note Shinigami just like kami will be portrayed as females in my story)

Naruto who was still in the 'dark realm' as he called it was sitting on the floor meditating trying to remember the feeling he just got a few minutes ago. That's when he saw his family around him smiling at him and the kyuubi's tailed around them protectively. He let a small tear drop from his face knowing he wouldn't see them again.

And like someone was reading his mind, ''Oh I don't know about that..''said a feminine voice behind him.

Naruto quickly jumped back in a defensive position only to see a ghostly figure a few feet away from him and it showed the deity shinigami with an amused look in its eyes.

Naruto just stared at the shinigami before relaxing just a slight bit to analyze the situation and remembering who it was just glared into the eyes of shinigami shocking her inwardly since this mortal was only 5 year's old, but showed he wasn't afraid of her in this form.

Naruto just glared at the specter and god of death before he spoke ''I see your here to take me into your stomach as well? Then go ahead and take me and kyuubi!''he said which the shinigami smiled before it spoke

''First off you have quite the courage to stand up to me the Goddess of death like that. And second let me talk in a better form this one is just for show''said Shinigami shocking Naruto before she glowed white before her form started to shrink till it was as tall was Naruto so she could look into Naruto's eyes. When the light disapated it showed the body of a 5 year old girl with straight pitch black hair and porcelean skin that shone beatifull in limbo.

Her eyes were that of the purest white she was wearing a black kimono. She had no footwear from what he could see that was before he saw her smirking at him since he did admitingly look over her body he looked away from her face a tint of pink on his face.

This action only amused the girl before him even more since he heard a heavenly chuckle from her which made his heart warm a little it sounded so much like a melody his kaa-san would sing to him when he was little.

He regained himself and looked back at her only to see himself inches from the girls face. He blushed before taking a step back this only made her smile as she spoke

''You know...up close your kinda cute..''she said admitting the honest truth He was only 5 year's old, but in the academy he was one of the most wanted boy's in the academy. He was growing up fast since his face was getting more angular from all the training he did.

He recomposed himself and stared at her with curious eyes.

''U-um...aren't you shinigami? I mean seriously tou-san finished the sealing shouldn't I be with him in your...I don't know'' pointing to his stomach which got a laugh from her. Kami! Her laugh itself was like a melody!

Shinigami shook her head before looking at Naruto, the boy just interested her greatly even now knowing she was THE shinigami goddess over death and he seemed to totally unfazed by this! It made her interest him him go up higher each time he spoke.

But then she remebered the situation at hand and frowned

''Naruto''she said in a stern voice which shook the boy and made him relaize she was now serious so his eyes hardened since he knew there was a time to goof off and a time to be serious when the situation called for it.

This action made shinigami even more interested in Naruto now, she couldn't wait to tell kami-chan about this one.

She cleared her throat before speaking ''Naruto...I know everything that has happened since kyuubi attacked Konoha and I have to say watching you sacrifice your life for your mother like that even at your age is surprising. Most children would have stayed rooted in the spot yet you threw yourself in harms way to safe someone precious to you. That is a very admirable thing to do naruto.''she said with warmth in her voice.

Naruto just looked down smiling sadly figuring it was his last act of ever seeing his family again.

Shinigami saw this and continued ''Unfortunetly things went bad...your plan from what I can see died before the sealing could complete itself. And we had to choose another container and the only one at the time that could kyuubi was none other that''she said and thats when she stopped seeing the recognition in Naruto's eyes.

Naruto's eyes were wide in terror figuring his plan would have succedded, but hearing what happened made him hate himself he wasn't strong enough to last a bit longer! He thought about what he could do before he snapped his eyes open and raised his head to stare shinigami in the eye.

This action made her flich in his eyes showed determination beyond anything she had ever seen not one mortal ever had those eyes before not in history no one came close to these eyes.

These eyes...both scared her and intrigued her for some reason.

First she was scared for those that fought against him when his eyes were like that and two...

It excited her to see a Mortal! Make her! A Goddess flinch! Oh yes she was now facinated with this one. She then continued despite Naruto's growing aura of that glowed a light blue color.

''Also I hate to inform you, but...your Father and Mother...weren't able to survive the sealing since you know of the price of summoning me to your realm. And your Mother the wounds she suffered and the terrible pain of having kyuubi ripped out of her made her go over the edge. I was able to stop time in the barrier which seperated all of them and kyuubi from the outside world.''she said but was cut off when she felt it...

Naruto's aura started rising after each word was spoken and when she said his parents were his dead, His aura skyrocketed startling shinigami. Her eyes were wide open in shock she now saw Naruto glowing figure shrouded by the waves upon waves of the blue spirutal Energy. She then hesitantly looked and saw hisdyes they now glowed with an unearthly white outlining the pupil.

Naruto couldn't believe it, but hearing it from the Goddess herself made Naruto snap...

His little sister...

She would be all alone in the cursed shinobi world...

The world he knew that had to much violence and greedy humans...

A world he knew would hurt her...

Thats when he made a decision that would change the shinobi world forever and make the Heaven's and Hell itself shift.

He glared at the shocked Goddess of Death.

''''he said with an unearly wind blew through him and past Shinigami ruffling her hair and kimono. But this didn't faze what did was that his reiatsu was growing much larger then any mortals should even for a hokage this was too much.

She heard his words and was about to disagree when she stopped seeing his eyes and saw he wouldn't take a no for an answer and somehow in the deepest reaches of her body she felt that she needed to say yes.

That's when something hit her, his reiatsu was beyond that of any mortal she had ever seen, He had courage and the guts to go up against anyone despite it being Human, Demon or God he wouldn't stop. And the last thing she took in personally was that he would protect his precious people till his dying breath and then some.

That's when she decided on what she wanted to do and knew she would get a tongue lashing from her sister, but even kami would agree when she see's Naruto later on.

Shinigami looks into Naruto's bright blue glowing eyes hiding her anxiety from seeing such eyes and spoke ''Then if that is what you want then I need to ask...''she said with an edge at the end of her voice.

She glared back into his eyes ''Are you willing to sacrfice your humanity to gain your life back? If you choose to do so then you will be brought back, but with the knowledge of you being my Avatar in the living world. Will you do this?''she said with a serious tone in her voice.

This was a decision she actually wanted him to accept. For some reason imagining him being her avatar sent chills down her spine.

Naruto was inwardly shocked at her deal and thought about. Sacrificing his humanity to come back to life? Being her Avatar in the living world? That mean't he would have the powers of a...Shinigami?

He then remembered his baby sisters face and decided with no hesitation ''Hell yes! I would do anything to protect what family I have left be damned if Im a human or whatever the hell I am. I will still protect my precious people and nothing will stand in my way of that!''he said with his reiatsu flaring even higher at that point.

Shinigami smiled at this before appeaing infront of Naruto surprising him before she carresed his face with both hands.

''Then...Receive the Kiss of the Shinigami''she said and before he could interupt she captured his lips with her own. This made sparks run down Naruto's spine since this was his first kiss and despite his age he was always curious about his first time. So with a little hesitation he kissed back earning a small moan of surpise from the goddess.

He instinctivly wrapped his arms around her small frame and leaned in a bit more. This went on a bit more before naruto body flashed white.

When it disapated it showed Naruto wearing a different attire, He now wore a white shitagi underneath a black Kosode. Below this he wore a white hakama-himo underneath a black hakama. The last thing was that he wore a white sash around his waist and on his feet replacing his once upon a time shinobi sandals were white tabi as his footwear were waraji.

Finishing off the look was a giant sword on his back that just oozed Reiatsu.

At the moment the Goddess of death was still getting out of her little daze until Naruto flashed and thats when she opened her eyes to see Naruto's transformation. And to say she was shocked was an understatement.

Never before did she think Naruto would become something like this!

For she was seeing a ghostly image of a mask on his face...

She shook herself as she looked at her now Avatar to the real world and she honestly couldn't be happier of who she had chosen.

Naruto blinked before looking at himself and saw his different attire before shrugging it wasn't important at the moment. He looked back up to see The Goddess looking at his form in shock before recomposing herself.

''Well, Now that you have become my Avatar there are somethings you need to know, Though I'm pretty sure you'll get to know most of what you are later on. All I have to say is that you truly only answer to me and no one else even your Hokage. No one is your true leader except for myself. And when I call for you it is either that I need a soul taken when I am too busy to do so.

Also there will be times when I have to call upon you to get rid of people tampering in Kami or my territories. Do you understand?''she said which Naruto nodded already having knowledge of what he is going through his mind.

She smiled before bringing him into a hug this shocked him before he embracing the warmth.

''Now its time for you to go, but before you do...My name isn't 'Shinigami' its actually...''she said hesitantly for no mortal knew her name and this would be the first one to ever know, besides Kami.

Naruto looked at her curiously until she looked back at him and said ''My name is...Megami''she uttered .

He just blinked before smiling ''Thats a wonderful name, Megami...has a nice ring to it''he said before he remebered the happenings in the living world and all sense of playfulness erased from his body.

Megami blushed at his compliment, before seeing the change in his demenaor. Naruto had to go back to the living world fast.

''I guess its time for you to go for now. But remember the abilites of being my Avatar will come to you in time I promise, but for now you have to go back''she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Naruto just stiffly nodded and with that megami snapped her finger and a flash of light erupted from the darkness. As he closed in on them Naruto smiled at Megami surprising her a bit.

''Megami-sama...will you do me a favor and tell my parents...Imouto-chan will be protected?''he said which she smiled before nodding and with that the light covered them both.

As it did so Naruto swore he heard a faint voice from Megami saying...

''Goodbye for now...My Avatar soon will we see each other again and honestly I can't wait for that to happen.''

He smiled before he accepted the light bringing him back to his world. So this way he can still protect what family he has left in the world.

In the living world outside the barrier was half the anbu the Hokage, with Kakashi and Jiraiya. They had all watched as Minato do some kind of seal before this barrier had erupted some had tried to destroy it using every Jutsu they knew. But nothing had worked so they decided to wait for it to finish though they were very worried for Naruto when they saw him impaled on kyuubi's claw before they vanished in the light.

That's when they heard a crack and they looked up to see a barrier cracking before more cracks appeared befpre shattering and a blinding white light erupting from inside blinding them all from what could be seen.

When it died down they had looked up to see a sight that would forever be in everyones mind that day.

Naruto was there dressed in his normal attire holding onto his baby sister as he sat between his parents who were holding on to each other smiling. Naruto was standing between their bodies with his sister held tightly against himself with his head held down his bangs covering his eyes.

When he looked up he looked at the now shocked spectators his once blue eyes were now glowing with a supernatural blue that some took astep back. While some who were friends with Naruto namely some of the Anbu and Kakashi and jiraiya were gobsmacked and were wondering what happened.

Sarutobi though was the first one to get over his shock first before taking the situation at hand and saw how his predecessor was dead along with his wife leaving behind their now alive son and newborn daughter. He looked at Naruto and from the time he seen the kid graduate at the age that was unnatural from the little time he was on his team never once had he seen his eyes like they were he was honest with himself those eyes scared him for some reason...

Naruto looked down at his parents bodies and smiled sadly before looking his baby sister and smiling warmly at her sleeping face he looked at the sealing on her belly glowing red and mentally nodded he saw the only influence from the sealing was the whisker marks on her face.

He bent his head just a little bit kissing her forhead once more and whispered his words that somehow echoed around the area.

''Don't worry imouto-chan Onii-san is here for you and hes gonna protect you from anyone and anything...even if he has to face the devil itself''he whispered which somehow got a small smile from the red headed babe.

He looked down at his parents bodies and took out two storage scroll's he was gonna have them buried where they wanted. He wasn't about to let the council or even Sarutobi decide this only him. He sealed them into the scrolls and pocketed them into a pouch. He looked back at the spectators and walked over to them.

As he did so he ignored the astonished looks he was getting or the suspicious glares aimed at his sister when one did he would glare back making them freeze in their tracks.

He walked right up to Sarutobi and looked him right in the eye.

''Hokage-sama, I'm sure you already know whats happened as do you Jiraiya-san, but right now I don't care what you do cause right now I have a little sister to take care of.''he said and before they could stop him he jumped back into the woods heading for the Namikaze Compound.

He knew what he just did would be called into question and there was also gonna be a council meeting for what happened and him being called in. Well he didn't care at the moment what he did care about was protecting his baby sister.

He knew for a 5 year old taking care of a child would be hard, but he wouldn't give in he wouldn't let others take care of her since he didn't trust most except for a select few.

Hell he didnt trust Kakashi or Jiraiya, they might be family friends it was just something about them told him not to trust them completely.

And Sarutobi...he didn't trust that man at all. He knew he would take after the village more then a Hokage's family and would try to annouce something to the public to quell down their questions. If it did come to that...

Hell hath no fury like a brothers wrath for not even kami would stop him from unleashing his rage upon those that would try to hurt his sister...

When Naruto reached the compound he entered in before activating the security seals around the compund and area to not let anyone in. He then went to his now sisters room that was beside his own and saw everything in order from the little crib with plush toys to oddly enough an orange colored fox as well. Then the diapers to the blankets.

He remebered his kaa-san buying food for when she was hungry and storeing them in the Kitchen. He looked at his sister seeing her sleeping he smiled before sitting in the rocking chair and laying Mito on his chest letting her sleep he then covered them up with a blanket and he started letting himself fall asleep.

He would be doing this a lot to be sure she was safe...

Megami who was watching through the mirror looked at her side and saw the parents of the two smiling warmly at the scene...

She smiled as well before she started to explain why they were here.

With that, the Legacy of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Mito Uzumaki Namikaze and The Avatar of the Goddess of Death Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze began.

Next Day we find Naruto waking up to look down seeing a little snoring babe. He smiled before picking her up and going down to the kitchen. To get her something to eat, that's when he heard knocking he heard it coming from the front door and as he walked over to it he discreetly pulled out a kunai to make sure it wasn't an enemy.

He opened the door to see his panting long time friend Itachi Uchiha. He smiled this was probably the only person he truly trusted in Konoha though he frowned when he saw the worried look on his friends face.

Itachi who was panting to get here as fast as he could looked up to see his best friend looking at him with curiousty and confusion. He needed to hurry before the Personal Anbu of the Hokage came thats when he saw the bundle in his arms and he remebered his mother saying something about Kushina having another child. He smiled despite the situation coming at hand.

He shook his head before looking at Naruto again ''Naruto-Nii-san! Hurry you need to get to the council chambers they have ordered the Hokage's personal guard to come get you I got here as fast as I could before them!''he said which naruto frowned at before looking at his sister then he looked at Itachi with the same eyes he had the night before.

This froze itachi in place his surrogate brother was staring at him with eyes he had never seen before they looked like they were the eyes of a warrior somone who would travel through the nine-levels of hell and back to protect his precious people.

Naruto saw itachi's look but ignored it for more important matters ''I knew this would happen...itachi do me a favor...hold Mito and stay in this house till I come back I personally don't trust anyone except you with her so please keep her safe inside the house, ok?''he said holding Mito to itachi.

Said Uchiha heir hesitated before holding on to Mito he looked down and immediately smiled seeing her sleeping face.

''As for myself I'm going to have a talk with the council, and also itachi if she gets hungry the food is in the kitchen in the pantry, I'll be back alright?''he said which itachi nodded at since he knew from experience taking care of his little brother Sasuke.

Naruto smiled before jumping through the forest to get this meeting over with...

That's when he met up with the anbu guards the personal guardians of the Hokage. He frowned before he saw the leader coming up to him ''Naruto-san you have been requested at the council chambers by the Hokage to discuss of what happened during the Kyuubi attack last night''he said.

Naruto nodded before heading his way with the anbu following him...

When they were passing through Konoha he saw the destruction Kyuubi had left in its wake and the people who were rebuilding. When some saw him they were whispering to each other before getting back to work.

Naruto just ignored them he didn't really care of what they had to say he honestly didn't care for Konoha in general only the people that were his friends.

That's when they stopped at the Hokage tower once inside they lead him to the chambers. He could hear actually feel the feeling of nervousness coming from a few people that were staring at him as they walked to the doors. He frowned it was like he was walkign to his Execution.

Once at the doors he was getting irritated and before the anbu could open the door he did it himself...

The way his Kaa-san used to...

Kicking them open making a (BANG) echo around the chambers silencing the arguing that was happening. The whole council and Hokage included looked to see Naruto with a twitching eyebrow with a nervous anbu squad behind them.

''What is it you have called me here for...''he said with a edge to his voice which made a few raise an eyebrow at.

Sarutobi quickly cleared his throat before someone took offense to what naruto just said. He looked at Naruto ''Nothing Naruto-kun, only to find out what happened at the kyuubi attack and I'd suggest you don't lie. We need to know the truth.''he said

This made Naruto physically scowl remebering the event. He then mentally decided to do this only to get the council off his back on the topic.

He explained everything except of his Buisness with The Goddess of Death. How she was used at the container of the sealing of Kyuubi this got many scowls from the Civilain side. He ended it there when he took Mito away from the area so Sarutobi could clean up the area.

After his explanation the civilain side erupted...

''We have to kill the demon while its weak!''

''The seal is sure to break soon, We have the chance to end kyuubi now!''

''The Kyuubi is weakened we have the chance to end it once and for all!''screeched a pink haired woman.

Naruto was trembling with anger as the few clan head's that were friends with Minato and Kushina knew of their skills in sealing and knew that there was no way of that seal breaking. Uchiha Fugaku though was frowning as he looked at Naruto, the boy himself was best friends with his genius son itachi and knew that there was something he wasn't gonna tell them.

Sarutobi schooled his features as the civilains kept complaining, but that stopped when he saw Naruto trembling his eyes widened when he saw a little glance in his eye.

The shinobi council that was Sarutobi's old teamates Koharu, Homura and Shimura danzo were neutral on what to think actually as they had glances at each other.

Naruto had enough of the death threats and spite against his sister so he raised his head, snapped his eyes open which changed from the sapphire blue they were to the white of his eyes being pure black and the pupil being a golden yellow and practically roared

''IF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DON'T SHUT YOUR MOUTH THIS INSTANT SO HELP KAMI, I WON'T STOP MYSELF FROM KILLING EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF SHIT CIVILAIN IN HERE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!''he yelled as his chakra actually exploded around him making a crater where he stood while the windows shattered as well.

The walls and ceiling as well started to creak and crack from his unleashed chakra. The civilains practically fell down gasping for breath while the clan heads, were looking at Naruto in shock. Well Tsume was sporting a devilish grin, yep Naruto was definetly Kushina and Minato's son.

Sarutobi was staring at Naruto in utter shock. To threaten the civilains like that he hasn't seen except from Kushina or Minato when they were pissed and from the brief glance he saw in naruto's eyes he knew it would happen again if they crossed the line with him.

The anbu that were close to Naruto were blowed back a few feet as well.

When the chakra pressure had cooled down a bit Naruto snapped open his eyes glaring at the civilains making them go pale.

''If I ever hear you say that again, I hold my promise and kill you without a shred of remorse. That goes for every single person in here!''he said pointing to everyone.

''Mito Uzumaki Namikaze is my baby sister and despite me only being 5 years old I will fight to the death to protect her from the enemies outside of konoha and the ones on the inside that includes those that would try to hurt her physically or mentally they will die by my hand. And you Hokage-sama won't stop me either.''he said making Saruobi go wide eyed as well as the rest of the council.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...just threatened the governing body of Konoha with death if they tried to hurt his baby sister in anyway...

Civilains were either red in the face pissed at how this boy threatened them! With death if they tried to in their minds kill the 'demon' or they were pale thinking he was speaking the truth.

The clans heads even Fugaku were doing their best to hold back a smirk. Naruto definetly shut them up with that threat.

Naruto turned toward Sarutobi and spoke ''If that is all Hokage-sama I have to go take care of my sister at the moment.''he said before he started walking back to the doors. Sarutobi snapped out of his shock before speaking ''Wait! We aren't finished here yet Naruto-kun, I have decided to annouce to the public about Mito's status as a Jinchurriki only for them be put under a law that will signfy they speak of it to the younger generation they will be put to death.''he said speaking the truth since he had planned on this to happen just incase.

The civilains looked at Sarutobi like he was an idiot for saying they should be punished only to get a warning glance from the man which shut them up quickly.

Naruto on the outside was impassive, but on the inside he was furious with Sarutobi for what he was doing he was practically announcing to the public his baby sister was a big target to them! He balled up his fists which started making his knuckles turn white and blood dripping from his hand. He looked over his shoulder at Sarutobi and glared a him.

''Very well, but be warned Sarutobi''this got gasps from everyone he disrespected the Hokage! ''Even if they mumble a single insult or try anything they will die no matter what you say this is clan buisness at the moment and they try to hurt or kill an heir of our clan and if they try anything not even you will stop me from killing anyone that tries it be damned them civilains or clan members anyone that tries will meet their end by myself.''he said before walking out the door ignoring the gawking from the whole entire council!

Tsume though was now grinnng Naruto was now appointed as the first person in her book to shut up the council, threaten the hokage and now threaten clan heads as well...Oh yes...Naruto was definetly Kushina's son.

And the year's went on like normal except Naruto had buried his parents in the field of their clan home, marking it with a tombstone with the Namikaze and Uzumaki symbol.

It stated...

'Here Lies two of the most well loved people in Konoha...'

'Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze Mother and Father of two'

'These two were powerful in there right stronger then anyone of their generation and above'

'Though they died fighting the Kyuubi, they still died with a smile on their face'

'They will be missed by all, but much more by the children they protected'

Over the years also after the announcment was made the villagers were like Naruto predicted hateful and tried everything, but they only ended up getting killed by Naruto or arrested before he got to them. Sometimes it was a match between himself and the Hokage as to who would get to them first.

Also as he took care of Mito he had to sped up his training to go on missions to help take care of himself and Mito. So with astonishable speed he sped through the ranks of the shinobi making chunin at the age of 7 Jounin at the age of 9 and shockingly and with the respect of the whole Anbu. Anbu Captain-Commander at the age of 13 something that shocked everyone.

But his best friend Itachi has also grown and rose through the ranks and became anbu captain at the age of 13. They both were respected in Konoha and Prodigies never seen in a century. Over the year's Naruto had made friends with plenty of people from the Inuzuka clan heir Hana, also with Yugao Uzuki, Kurenai Yuhi and Anko Mitarashi.

Jiraiya over the years had come to visit them and the first time he came he was given a decision from Naruto on who he would help more if the time came to it. Him and Mito or Sarutobi, it took a while, but Jiraiya had gotten Naruto's full respect and trust when he bowed his head saying he would help them when the time came.

Naruto had also visited itachi during the years with Mito and was accepted by some in the Uchiha clan especially by Mikoto and Little Sasuke. Fugaku though was shrewd to naruto and would at chances glare at the little Mito.

Mito over the year's she had grown up like a little Kushina she was quite the tomboy and had the firey attitude Kushina had. Though when she trained she excelled in kenjutsu, Taijutsu and surprisingly Fuinjutsu. Although when she had trouble her Onii-san would help her when she needed it.

That was something else she completely adored her big brother he was her hero the one who protected her told her stories of her parents held her when she cried after hearing what was sealed inside her. She was told by him since he didn't want others to mix up the words to make her think differently.

He was there to help her when she needed it, she looked up to Naruto and trained to be like him. Naruto though raised her to be who she wanted to be he couldn't break her of the habit of playing pranks something he found very enjoyable.

He himself of the years had grown beyond what others knew ever since that Night with the Kyuubi attack and him meeting Megami. He had received information a week later about his role and abilites as her Avatar and when he learned that they had different abilites he pushed himself even farther to master them.

Though he did this in secret no one knew of this not even Itachi knew though the man suspected something.

Naruto overall was strong stronger then anyone ever knew as a shinobi he was holding quite a bit back from everyone even the Hokage who he at the moment was starting to hate as the years went by.

He was always training when he had the time using kage bushins when he could not many to make him get chakra exhaustion, but still many. At the moment he was a Fuijutsu Master, Ninjutsu expert, He was fluent in Taijutsu matching Gai himself. In kenjutsu he was unmatched by everyone he could wield a katana masterfully like he had done it his whole life. Secretly he had read the notes on his fathers Hiraishin no Jutsu and decided he would make that a type of Ninjutsu class called Jikan Kukan he had secretly made a few jutsu if the situation called for it. But at the moment he hasn't showed it to anyone.

He also learned one technique he took great pleasure in. it was called Hoho or shunpo it was something needed with spiritual energy. It was a speed movement skill that increased his speed beyond measures. Though when he mastered it he never stopped training to get him even faster then before.

He could honestly say if he told anyone of his true status that he was as fast as his father when he used the Hiraishin no jutsu...

Though he was proficent to him anyway as a shinobi. He quite imersed himself in being Megami's Avatar and through the year's he meditated and finally met his Zanpakuto spirit and when he did he was shocked to see a young teen around his age wearing a black cloak with teared ends at the bottom.

The man had introduced himself as his inner spirit and Naruto couldn't have been happier the guy reminded him of himself when he was doing a mission. Over the years he learned that the teen's name was Zangetsu. That day also sparked when his weapon he received at becoming Megami's Avatar changed forever.

It changed into a giant cleaver that was a tall as he was and grew as he did. The sharpened end was white with the blunt end black as night. The handle had no guard and had what looked like medical tape wrapped around itleaving behind a long flowing end of it when he unvielded it.

His Zanpakuto had told him that it was called shikai a form that manifested what his spirit was. He also learned techniques called Kido.

They were like Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu, but so much different then the others. He had learned that you concentrate your spiritual energy and speak the incantation instead of doing handsigns like Ninjutsu.

Over the years he had practiced and mastered a few that were ranked from 1-80 on all classes. Rangeing from Bakudo, and Hado.

He learned that one was for sealing or stopping one target or multiple and the other was like the other except it was more of the offensive spells.

He heard of Mito mentioning something about Kyuubi and he was shocked to hear that kyuubi said she was sorry. And from what Mito had told him of what lttle she could she said kyuubi was sorry for what she had done and explained all that happened.

He decided on that day Madara Uchiha was his prime target...

Also during his duties and raising Mito he made himself a reputation among Konoha as 'The Demon's Guardian' though he didn't care what they said he brought that title up full blast when he crucified a villager to the wall in Konoha square for punching Mito.

After that incident he was looked at with fear and anger at the same time knowing if they tried to get to Mito they would die by his hand alone.

As the Captain-Commander of the Anbu corps he was respected beyond anything with them and that with his position he never showed his face or identity to enemy villages.

Though that didn't mean he doesn't have enemies in Konoha as well...

The first was the Villagers in Konoha, they always tried to hurt Mito and he would stop and kill those that even tried. Those that did land a hit on her was tortured with a genjutsu of them watching as Naruto killed their family before killing them when their physically and mentally broken.

Another enemy was the council after the council meeting all those years ago he had made an enemy of the civilains and the respect and protection of the Inuzuka, Aburame, Nara, Yamanaka and Akamichi.

Fugaku though was neutral to him as well was Hiashi for reasons unknown...

The Elders were always pushing for Mito to be made as a weapon or executed or made as a breeding stock when she was old enough. This made Naruto unleash chakra slamming them into the ground and ripping off one of their limbs to make the point across if they tried he was watching...

And lastly was Hiruzen the man was always trying to take Mito away from him claiming he was too young to raise the child, well he proved him wrong after all these years and with the protection of over half the clan heads he was protected from the Hokage's attempts.

He knew what the man was trying to do, he was trying to have her either live on the streets or live in his clan compound to seperate her from him and make her loyal only to Konoha and trained as a weapon for only Sarutobi.

He stopped that immiedately with the Fire Damiyo's presence and since the man was a long time friend of Minato he was willing to help out.

At the moment we find Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze walking down the road to the academy to pick up his now 8 Year old sister from the academy. As he passed through the streets he ignored the glares from the men or lust-filled looks from the women.

That's right, Naruto was getting those looks it seems from him being the Last male of his clan and added with his look he was one of the most wanted men in Konoha.

At the moment the Namikaze had grown to 5'7 and wore his normal attire of black shinobi sandal's black jounin pant's and a long-sleeved blackshirt. Over this was a Anbu-chestplate with two pouches on his right and left thigh. One for shuriken,Kunai,Senbo and Ninja wire. The other was for storage scroll's and customized seal tag's.

He was wearing metal-plated fingerless gloves as well as a Konoha Headband tied around his waist like a belt. He had a Anbu standard Ninjato on his back as well as his Kitsune Mask on the side of his face showing himself to the public.

The mask was Mito's idea and he did it for her and plus it really scared the populace when they saw it...

Over all this was a Black trench coat with the Uzumaki and Namikaze symbol of the back as well as 'Anbu Kyaputen-Komanda' (Anbu Captain Commander) in Kanji. As he walked the people went around him since his aura just screamed danger to those that pissed him off.

When he reached the academy he frowned seeing Mito sitting on a swing being glared at by the civilain families. Some were scowling at her while some were spouting insults at her. His blood began to boil before walking to his sister.

As he did so the hidden Anbu who just arrived as the personal bodyguards for Commander mentally gulped and knew their commander wasn't gonna show pity to those villagers even if children were with them.

When Naruto was behind the families he raised his hand and grabbed one civilains head and with surprising strength lifted the man who was one of the few spouting insukts at his sister and actually threw him into a wall making it crack and cave in.

After he did this he ignored the frightened looks he was getting from the children or horrified looks from the adults and walked up to Mito as the crowd made way for him. When that was done he walked up to the sad Mito who had her head hung low with her red hair covering her eyes.

Naruto saw the tears falling down her face before he got on his knee's and spoke ''Hey there Mito-chan, ready to go home?''he said

Mito went rigid she knew that voice she snapped her head up to see Naruto smiling at her warmly as the tears fell from her face.

''Naruto-nii-san!''she yelled before jumping onto his chest hugging him. He smiled while patting her head as he did so he looked back at the glaring crowd and released a burst of his KI shutting them up. He then looked back at Mito and sees her looking at him with cheerful violet eyes.

He smiled before speaking ''Well ready to go home Mito-chan?''he said

''Yeah, but first can we go to ichiraku? I'm hungry and I wanna see Old man Teuichi and Ayame-nee-san!''she said which he smiled again those two were probably the only civilains that respected tou-sans wish and helped her when he wasn't around.

''Sure lets go'' he said before putting her on his shoulder and walking out of the Shinobi Academy fields. As he did so he looked on ahead thinking on what his latest mission had detailed.

It seemed Iwa was getting restless since they found out Minato and Kushina, two of the most hated people in Iwa had children and since they didn't know of his status as Captain-Commander and heard of Mito they were trying anything to kill her. Even risking war...

He scowled as his eyes flashed a bright blue that wasn't gonna happen anytime soon as long as he was alive.

He looked up at a grinning Mito and smiled his sister was his light if he had to say, she was the thing that kept him from obliterating Konoha from the ground it sits on. If it wasn't for her, Itachi, Yugao and some of his friends he would have done it and slaughtered most of Konoha's population.

''Hey Mito-chan wanna go see itachi and his family later on?''he said which her eyes snapped wide and grinned befoe jumping on his shoulder.

''Yeah, yeah lets go I wanna see itachi-nii again!''she said.

Naruto smirked before walking ahead not knowing the future was going to be full of strife for him and Mito.

2 Year's Later

It's been 2 year's and things have went great for Naruto and Mito. The two along with Naruto's friends have been able to keep the council and villagers off his back because of Mito. Though Sarutobi was getting desperate and would often challenge him in clan law's on ways to adopt a child from a unfit parent.

Naruto always countered by saying he has raised Mito and she turned out great and wouldn't let him turn her into tool for him to use and discard.

Though their training along with Itachi's went great. Mito with the help of her brother was at High genin level alone with the studies and training she had done. She was intermediate in Fuinjutsu, Low Chunin in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu was non-existent except to be able to dispell all with the help from Kyuubi. Her taijutsu with the help of her brother was high chunin and with her Mother's sword and help from naruto she was high chunin to low jounin in Kenjutsu.

Overall she was quite the skilled shinobi. Though she never stopped thanking Naruto whenever he helped her train.

Itachi was someone Naruto was positive he could call a brother. The teen was to him a little brohter looking for ways to either get out of situations without violence or ending it quick. He helped Itachi get stronger for the past two years and even before that. He helped Itachi get stronger to be one of the most powerful shinobi in Konoha.

Naruto himself though hadn't change all that much except for being a 15 year old he could beat Sarutobi now even if the man was in his Prime he wouldn't stand a chance, no one knew Naruto's true power except Zangetsu. Though itachi always suspected something.

His skills as a shinobi have only went up more since the last two year's being a The Captain-Commander of the Anbu corps. His skills in Ninjutsu were extroidanary, Fuinjutsu he had passed his father in the art and was on par and close to passing his mothers level as well. Taijutsu was something he added with his Kenjutsu with him always doing physical exercises that would make Gai say it was crazy to do made him past Gai's level and beyond.

Kenjutsu was something he took pride in and could honestly say The Seven swordsmen couldn't hold a candle to him. His speed added with the power of each swing was uncatchable and looked nothing except a blur.

His skills as a shinigami have skyrocketed though as he grew up over the last two year's. His talking with Zangetsu and training in the art of Kido had done wonders.

He had grew more attached to the Zanpakuto like it was his arm he was swinging instead. And with Kido he had mastered 81-99 though the latest ones on both Bakudo and Hado still needed a bit more practise.

He had also created a way of healing with kido, but needed no incantations. Just concentrated Spiritual energy...

His speed though with Hoho had went past even Zangetsu's expectation's he was nigh uncatchable in that aspect no one was as fast as he was.

Though no one has seen his true power yet anyway...

Although his greatest achievement was raising to the next level of his Zanpakuto something called Bankai,Zangetsu had said was only done before by Megami herself.

He was quite proud he achieved the next level though it was hard to control at first, but he had done it and had to say Bankai was only gonna be a last resort when he needed it.

Though even if he was stronger then anyone even truly knew he wasn't arrogant and flaunted his abilities. He was cool-headed, and emotionaly balanced to handle any situation that called for it.

Though there was a share of problems as well...

First off Konoha's civilain populace was getting more brave to actually try and attck him head on with a few shinobi as well thinking they had him outnumbered...

They were wrong and paid the price...

He made an example out of them and showed their mutilated corpes that if they tried it again he would do something far worse then this.

That shut them up only for them to come back a week later in bigger numbers.

Also Iwa was getting much more desperate and it showed when they sent an assasin to kill Naruto and Mito. When this happened and Naruto stopped and killed the assassin. He had placed the body in a box and written a message to the Tsuchikage that if he tried again he would be starting something he would regret later on.

This didn't deter the Iwa kage it actually made him try harder and harder then before. It was putting the strain of war breaking out once more.

There was also another problem, but it was within his own mind there was something trying to get out and he didn't know what it was and he had asked Zangetsu only to get a silent 'I don't know myself'.

This kinda freaked him out, but didn't stop him from his life.

Though everything changed when The day came when the Tsuchikage declared War on Konoha...

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Shinobi of Konoha, Avatar to Megami Goddess of Death and Anbu Kyaputen-Komanda was standing around his personal squad the ones he had grew up with and trained with. Each were strong in their own right. And right now they were having a meeting about the declaration of war with Konoha all because of a grudge from iwa.

First one to speak was Neko AKA Yugao Uzuki ''Naruto-Komanda sir what are we to do with the situation at hand? War has been declared by Iwa and we personally don't have the resources for another war.''she said

Weasel AKA Itachi Uchiha and Naruto's best friend nodded ''That's true sir, after the Third Shinobi war and Kyuubi's attack we just don't have the shinobi to win this war. I know we've pulled through and through in history through all three war's, but this time its different we are limited to shinobi and resources. It would personally take a miracle to win this war sir''he said in a monotone voice

Inu AKA Hana Inuzuka hung her head ''Yeah, and its even worse with half of Konoha calling for a trade with you and Mito-chan to stop the upcoming war.''she said as a tear fell from her face. She Yugao turned their attention to Mito who was sleeping on the couch.

Naruto were now as cold as ice and the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees. The others tensed up as they saw their leaders gaze. ''Let them try and trade us because just like Iwa, those fools in Konoha will suffer for their insolence.''

He stood up with his battle gear ready ''Inform the Hokage that I'll be going to Iwa's borders to deal with the invading force myself''he said getting shocked looks from them all.

''Wha-what? Naruto-sempai (master) you can't be serious!''said Yugao

''We know your strong Naruto, but to face a Battalion alone of Chunin and Elite Jounin would even be tough for the Hokage to deal with, and your saying you are gonna go face THREE Battalions alone!''Hana protested not wanting her friend to go in something like that alone.

Naruto smirked and tightened his gloves. ''You forget Hana-chan,that my father was capable of such a feat and lastly''he said with his eyes narrowed.

''Don't compare me to that old fool. He is nowhere even close to my level and I'm stronger then I look.''He stated and they still looked skeptic until itachi spoke up

''Sempai is right. He alone can deal with the invading force without any help''he said with a small smile on his face. ''Besides, even when I fight him, he never revealed all of his skill's and plus he isn't the Anbu Captain-Commander for nothing''

''B-but what about Mito-chan?With you gone and us being on guard, she'll be defenseless''Hana asked.

''It's already being taken care of.''He said and that was when a puff of smoke exploded into the room and the others jumped to their feet with their blades ready, until it cleared revealing a grinning Jiraiya.

''Fear not younglings because your saviour the Gallant Jiraiya is here to''


An annoyed Naruto gave the man a brain duster to the skull and sending him face first into the ground, causing his subordinates to sweat drop.

''Now's not the time Ero-Kyofu''Naruto said in an annoyed tone. Said Sennin got up rubbing the back of his head, glaring at his Godson. Mito sat up stirring in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes to see her Godfather and her eyes lit up. Before Jiraiya could make an retort at his student's son,a red blur glomped his leg made him stumble back a little. He looked down and saw Mito look up a him with a grin on her face. He grinned back and picked her up.

''Well if it isn't my favorite God-child Mito-chan''he said and tickled her sides, making her giggle. Naruto smiled at this. Despite being a pervet to women, he loved Mitoto death and always tried to spoil her when naruto wasn't around. ''Guess what? Me and you are going on a little field trip while your brother deals with those bakas from Iwa''he said making her eyes light up ''As for you Naruto becareful out there because I'll drag you out of limbo and beat the crap out of you if you leave your imouto here all alone.''he saidin a serious tone.

Naruto just snorted before walking over to his Kyofu and Mito when he looked at Mito he saw her worried eyes and smiled, he put a hand on her head and ruffled her hair making her pout cutely as he spoke ''That's not gonna happen Kyofu I wouldn't even dream of leaving her alone and especially with a pervert like you''he said with a teasing grin.

Jiraiya just glared at his godson before smiling and patting him on the back. Naruto just nodded at him before looking once more at Mito ''I'll see you later Mito-chan, be good for Ero-kyofu now you hear?''he said which she just smiled though he could see in her eyes that she was planning something.

''Of course nii-san I wouldn't dare''she said with a oh so innocent tone, naruto just grinned before kissing he forehead making a tint of pink appear on her face.

Kyuubi within Mito's seal watched on and grinned ''Oh, is little Mito-chan feeling embarrased that her big, strong brother kissed her?'' Kyuubi said. This made Mito blush bright red.

'N-no, it isn't like that!' Mito said, but she could still hear Kyuubi's snickering.

''Then, I'll see you later then'' he looked at Jiraiya and nodded the man nodded as well before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Naruto then looked at his squad and gave out his order''Alright then you know your orders, Move out!''he said

''Hai'' they saluted before dispersing.

Kami's Realm

Within the realm of Kami was two figues watching through a glowing screen of the happening in the elemental countries. These two figures were both female from the curves you could see and the female features they had.

The first was Megami Goddess of Death, she had changed her body to that of a 16 year old woman. She was wearing the same kimono from when she first met Naruto, but it hugged her perfect hourglass figure and didn't leave anything to imagine. Her breasts were a perky C-cup and the kimono showed a bit of cleavage.

The other was Kami Goddess of Life and sister to Megami she had pale porcelean skin like her sister, but had low flowing silver hair with glowing golden eyes that radiated Power and Wisdom. She was wear the exact opposite of her sister, but no footwear. She wore a white Kimono hugging her figure as well exposing her Perfectly round and perky breasts.

Kami at the moment was watching her sisters Avatar heading to war. She had at first heatedly disagreed with her sister on giving a human her blessing, since the last time they did that it only threw the world it is now into chaos.

But that was squashed down as she watched the boy no man grow up and train to get stronger and she like her sister was at fist perplexed and interested in Naruto. She and Megami though frowned when they saw him heading off to war, though they knew this would happen sooner or later.

Althought she and her sister secretly wanted to see what Naruto was capable of...

Iwa Border

Three Battalions of Iwa nin consisting of Chunin, Elite-Jounin, and ANBU were waiting with anticipation to break into Konoha and kill the last Namikaze's as well as make the village pay for what Minato and Kushina did during the war. As they were about to break the border , their eyes widened in horror when they saw the son of their most hated enemy appear before them, walking torwards their position with a stone cold and murderous gaze locked onto them.

They all started to get nervous as his gaze was so much similar to Minato's. ''D-don't be afraid! Just because he's the son of that man and his bitch of a wife doesn't mean he can take on all of us''The commander said of the Battalion stated until they were all finding it quite difficult to breath because Naruto was using his spiritual pressure to make them all break into cold sweat and swore they saw a menacing figure with a scythe hovering over Naruto.

''For that comment on my mother you'll be the last to die ''Naruto said in a dark and Dangerous tone before holding out his right hand and in a flash of light Zangetsu appeared wrapped up fully with medical tape. He unveild it showing his Partner in all his glory. This intimidated quite a few of the already terrified Iwa nin. He suddenly took a step and vanished, causing them to go on the defense and unknown to them, he was already cutting them down at speeds that surpassed even his fathers.

''W-was that the Hiraishin?'' One jounin asked his colleagues but Naruto appeared infront of three squads with Zangetsu drawn out, and the next that happened was forever plastered on the Iwa commander's face. Blood, limbs, and screams of pure agonizing pain filled the air as the three squadrons were all cut to shreds and were either dead or close to dying.

''No, that was a technique I created and learned called Shunpo or Flash Step'' He vanished once again and in slow motion appeared behind the only remaing ninja. ''And the one I just killed you with is currently called Senka'' He said as he sheathed his blade on his back and blood shot out of the Iwa Commander's chest area where the heart is and spinal column. ''And as for your Tsuchikage. He and his village are about to get a wake up call.'' he finished as the man fell to his knees.

''D-damn you Namikaze'' He coughed out and fell to the ground.

''No damn your Village and your Leader's ignorance fool'' he said and starts to leave the area

As he does so he mentally feels that feeling again like someone or something trying to erupt from his mind. He shook his head and shunpos to the Iwa Village.

Onoki the current Tsuchikage of Iwagakure wasn't happy and at the moment was slamming his fists onto his desk. Why? Because an ANBU he sent to check up on the invading force on Konoha came back and told him that they were all massacred with no survivors. As he pondered on what he was going to do next he looked out his window and his eyes widened in terror and horror as he saw Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze hovering over the village and staring right at the man and then aimed his right hand at the tower.

''This is a message to you and anyone else who dares to harm those precious to me you old fool. Hadō #88.Hiryugekizokushintenraiho (Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon). He called out as he fires a gigantic beam of electrical and spiritual energy that hits the kage tower and truly a enormous explosion that not only engulfs the tower, but one quarter of the village as well.

As Naruto watched the mayhem he caused he felt slightly guilty for killing the innocent, but if it wasn't their leader then none of this would have happened. With that he turned around and shunpoed away leaving his mark and message at the entrance of the gate.

It stated...

'You wanted a war...'

'Well you got one and paid the price for it'

From Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

This event was recored in history called the 'Massacre of Iwa'.

Kami's Realm

The two goddess who had seen the destruction was shocked at how strong Naruto was and how he handled Iwa. It was just too fast even for them.

Megami though was beaming with pride her Avatar was making her feel the ultimate feeling of pride knowing the man walking the living world was her Embodiment on earth the one who represented death to those that crossed her.

Kami though was staring at Naruto with half-lidded eyes that showed a emtion Megami had caught and she smirked...

It was lust...

At HER Avatar, oh yes she couldn't wait to start teasing her about this piece of information.

Fire Country Border

After leaving Iwa in chaos and killing most of its shinobi that followed after him he had arrived in record time at the border in Fire Country. He then bit his finger and swiped it over his hand and started doing handsigns.

''Shōkan ribāsu''(Reverse Summoning) He stated before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

With Jiraiya

As Jiraiya played with Mito around on the Toad mountain he couldn't help, but be a little worried for his God-son going against Iwa alone was suicide to any normal human, Sure Minato did the same thing and came out with a victory that ended the Third Shinobi War, but even he had trouble standing after pushing his body past its limits.

As he caught Mito hiding behind a tree he heard a puff of smoke and turned around to see his God-son appear in a reverse Summoning. He looked and saw the only different thing about him was the Giant Cleaver on his back and the cold eyes that were slowly becoming warm seeing his sister, but nothing else out of the ordinary.

Mito looked up to see the sound of poofing to see her beloved Onii-san she smiled cheerfully as her eyes lit up.

As Naruto looked at Jiraiya he felt a red blur tackle into his chest making him stumble back a bit before falling on the ground. He rubbed his head a bit before blinking he looked downward to see Mito staring at him with her big violet orbs which glistened with tears.

He smiled as he wiped away the oncoming tears in eyes ''Whats wrong imouto-chan?''he said in a soothing tone.

She visibly relaxed at her brothers touch and voice she always did as she grew up his voice was the thing that always made her feel safe and relaxed. She pushed her face into his chest as she spoke ''I-I...thought you were gonna be hurt again..''she said sniffiling a little since on the inside as her kyofu took her away was deathly worried for her brother, and seeing him now healthy with not a scratch on him made her feel safe again.

Naruto just blinked before grinning a devilish grin, he snaked his hands to her sides before tickling her making her burst out into giggles as she rolled off of him.

''Haha hows that Mito-chan, This is for believing I wouldn't get back injured''he said as he continued his 'torture' on his poor little sister.

He stopped a few minutes later before picking up Mito who was blue in the face from the lack of air. And sat her on his lap like he used to when she was a little girl. He looked at Jiraiya and she leaned into her brothers warmth, her head was popped up on his chest where she was facing Jiraiya as well.

Jiraiya watched them with a smile on his face as the two actually reminded him of Minato and Kushina when they were younger, but he shook his head before speaking '' did it go?''he said

''They were stopped like I said...nothing else to it Kyofu''he said hiding how he destroyed a quarter of the village itself.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes on naruto he was hiding something and knew it would either be bad or good he didn't know. Cause at the moment he just needed more answers.

''I see well what will you do in Konoha because of your actions it will be regarded back on Konoha seeing as they have someone like you able to destroy armies like that with little effort like your Tou-san then things will be tense with the countries.''

Naruto nodded as he ran a hand through Mito's hair ''I know this, but that won't deter me from protecting my precious people Kyofu and you know this better then anyone.''he said

Jiraiya grinned warmly before walking over to his god-children and gave them a hug ''Yeah, and I have to say I'm proud of both you the way your both turning out in life and both your kaa-san and tou-san would be proud as well.''he said

Naruto nodded before he looked down and saw Mito asleep in his lap with her arms wrapped around him and head buried in his chest.

He blinked before picking her up gently in his arms and stood up he shifted her in a bridal carry with her head leaning onto him. He kissed her forehead once more before he looked at his kyofu with a serious eye.

''Kyofu lets go back to Konoha I'm sure their looking for results, though I'm sure most already know by now.''he said

''Yeah, your probably right though Sarutobi might be pissed after what you did.''he said

''Like I care what the old fool thinks he has no say in what I do or who I protect. I'm sorry Kyofu, but the man to me is nothing more then old fool that thinks he can control me.''he said

Jiraiya nodded sadly knowing his God-son was right Sarutobi had tried for years to either control Naruto or take Mito away from him.

''Now lets go''he said before muttering a small 'Shōkan ribāsu ' before disappearing in a puff of smoke as did Jiraiya...


When new's had spread of what was going on and exactly 'who' was sent to counter Iwa's invading force the Shinobi of Konoha were skeptic if Naruto would be able to do what his father was able to do as well as a few Civilains that got along with him and Mito.

That's when new's had traveled of Iwa's invading Three Battlion's completely massacred with no survivors.

This got cheers from all the shinobi knowing if it wasn't for Naruto they would have lost. They all knew they were still weak from the Third Shinobi war and added with kyuubi's attack made it all the worse for him.

But thanks to Naruto the newly and highly respected Captain-Commander of the Anbu Corps was able to put an end to it.

What was more shocking was Iwa the village itself being attacked with over a quarter itself being obliterated and the Kage tower along with it.

This had served as a warning to Iwa to not try attacking again of petty reasons.

They only hoped Naruto would come back soon...

Sarutobi though was sweating bullets to do what naruto did was completely amazing something that was only told in war stories when Minato completely decimated a battlion of Iwa nin in 1 minute flat.

What Naruto did was going to be told in Legends to come for being a man wiping out Not one or two BUT THREE Battalions of Iwa's finest rangeing from Chunin, Elite Jounin and ANBU. And add the fact he desroyed a quarter of Iwa was telling him there was more to Naruto then he or anyone else knew.

Naruto's squad that was on frontline guard duty heard the news the first though and had funny reactions. Even though they all knew Naruto was strong they never expected him to not only destroy THREE battlions of Iwa nin, but also destroy a quarter of Iwa itself! O h yeah they were definetly not gonna underestimate naruto again.

Itachi just smiled knowing his brother figure/best friend had done something legendary and saved Konoha from iminent destruction.

The said squad who were at the Gate's suddenly saw two figures appeared a few yards away from the main gate. When they sensed out who they were they completely left their posts and shushined to them.

As Naruto walked with Mito in his arms sleeping peacefully with Jiraiya beside them they felt three presences heading their way and smiled when they knew who it was.

They all appeared infront of them before Hana and Yugao surrounded Naruto checking for Injuries as Itachi just walked up to him and pat his shoulder.

''Welcome back Naruto-sempai''he said

Naruto smiled as Hana and Yugao stopped fussing over him before giving him a hug, no one noticed Itachi's slight twitch at the scene, that was before they jumped back hiding their blush.

Naruto just blinked owlishly before he smiled he checked to see Mito still asleep in his arms. He looked up at his squad and announced ''Iwa is offically surrended they have been crippled and cannot even put up a defensive. So there is no more to worry about for a long time so lets go home guys.''he said which they all noded at

With that they all walked back to Konoha awaiting what the future would bring them...

It's been a 3 days since the Invading force of Iwa was stopped and slaughtered as well as Iwa having a quarter of it being destroyed. This had also set events to happen. The survivors that seen what Naruto did had put him in the Iwa Bingo Book as one of the most dangerous men in the shinobi nations.

Kumo's Raikage was excited to see Minato's and Kushina's son do what he did to Iwa and especially the message he carved in the entrance into Iwa's village. That had set the record of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze being entered into the Bingo Book.

Suna and the other neigbhoring villages were wary of Konoha now since they had someone like him in their ranks.

The day Naruto came back to Konoha he was surrounded by shinobi all giving him cheers of what he did and Civilains bowing in respect despite what he had done in the past and their past sins against him and his sister he still saved them from destruction and they owed him that much.

Sandaime though when he confronted Naruto about it later that day earned a glare from Naruto telling the man what he does is not his buisness since he was the Commander of the Anbu Corps he has special law's made for that position of what he does on personal levels is not dictated by the current kage of Konoha so the man couldn't do anything about it.

Tha same night Mito never left Naruto's side she stayed with him every second till it was bedtime and even then she wanted to be by his side, him fighting a war must have really worried her...

It had been the next day and he heard bombarding sounds coming from his door that morning so when he left Mito tucked back in bed he went to open the door only to be bombarded with questions from Anko and Kurenai to see if he was alright.

He just waved off their concerns saying he was alright, That seemed to calm them down.

On the third day as he 'recovered' although he wasn't tired at all, he was called into a Council meeting to discuss of what happened and he wasn't really in the mood. All he really wanted to do was spend time with his imouto was that to much to ask?

He still remembers that when he scared the civilain council shitless and stopping most of Sarutobi's questions about his weapon.

That's right he now fully let Zangetsu sheathed on his back, since for one he wasn't gonna hide his partner anymore, two It was intimidating as hell to see him walking down the street with Zangetsu on his back and three...

It was fun seeing Yugao going gaga over the weapon...

Now after 2 weeks things have been going back to normal except that feeling in his mind was getting stronger with each passing day and it was starting to worry him.

Though this didn't deter him from training or helping Mito with her training when she needed it. It also didn't stop him from going back to duty and doing missions with his squad although he has been seeing Itachi acting strange lately...

That was something else Itachi was hiding something and being childhood friends for so long it worried him and he promised himself he would get to the bottom of what was wrong with him.

He also strangely kept visiting Mikoto and Little Sasuke ever since he heard about Fugaku becoming even more...deranged in his clan. He was worried about the two. So when he came to visit he would talk with Mikoto while teaching Sasuke things he needed to know in the current grade he was in at the Academy.

This sparked a budding friendship with Mikoto he always remembered kaa-san being best friends with the woman and had to say Mikoto was fun being around. And little Sasuke despite having a similar atitude like Fugaku's was easy to tease or get him mad.

He also spent time with his squad when they weren't on duty and with Anko and Kurenai as well.

Though he was noticing some weird things happening with Mito she would sometimes always blush when she looked at him while her eyes were always flashing red a few times when she looked at him as did a few other women he knew. He may be a genius of a shinobi, but he was dense as ever when it came to women...

At the moment we find our Blond hero walking around Anbu HQ after finishing a solo S-rank mission to Kusa country, as he was walking he thought about getting Mito and taking her out to ichiraku after academy the day was over with.

That's when he looked up and saw a sight he thoughts he would never see Itachi was waiting at the door with a distressed look on his face while a scroll was tightly gripped in his hands. Naruto frowned for as long as he knew Itachi he has never seen him look this emotional before, sure they made small jokes around each other, buth this was different something happened.

So with speed unrivaled by anyone he appeared beside Itachi who had yet to even realize his presence. This made him even more worried itachi was always the first one to know he appears at team meetings.

''Itachi...whats wrong?''he said worried for his best friend. When he saw itachi stiffen he knew something was up and decided he would find out what was going. He asked again, ''Itachi, turn around and tell me whats wrong?''Naruto said once more.

Itachi sighed he didn't know Naruto was near him till he spoke, but he just came at a very bad time. He had been hiding this for as long as he could and didn't want Naruto to know about it seems fate didn't listen...

He sighed before turning to naruto ''Naruto...can we talk in private theirs to many ears...''he said looking around the area.

Naruto frowned before nodding he grabbed onto itachi's shoulder and using shushin...

They appeared in the Namikaze compound when he let go of Itachi's shoulder he made a Kage bushin and told it to go get Mito, the clone nodded before disappearing. After this Naruto closed all the blinds and activated silencing seals, after this he looked at the now nervous Itachi who was still staring at the scroll in his hands.

''Itachi...explain to me...whats going on...''he said with a 'don't argue with me' tone. Itachi flinched before looking Naruto in the eye.

''Well if I'm gonna be explaining myself I better do so in my...true form...''he said which shocked Naruto, itachi put his hands up in a handsign and muttered 'Kai' before a poof of smoke erupted from itachi's body covering him completely.

Naruto had to shield his eyes before ths smoke disapated, at it did so Naruto was beyond shocked, where once stood his bestfriend Itachi Uchiha stood a long raven haired woman in the same clothes itachi was wearing only difference it hugged her figure like a second skin and the chest-plate armor didn't hide the perky C-cup breasts showing from her chest.

Her heart-shaped face and coal black eyes looked back at him as bangs fell infront of her face.

Naruto just blinked slowly digesting what he was seeing basically it was a clone of Mikoto in his opinion.

Said woman looked at the ground ''A-ano...N-naruto...this is my true form...this is who ...I...r-really am''said the woman.

Naruto just thought about what she said and his eyes went wide in shock that is until he saw her eyes that held a bit of pleading and acceptance. He mentally cringed those kind of eyes always broke him one of his small weaknesses.

He rubbed the back of his head and spoke ''So I'm guessing your actually...a female?''he said

''Yes...''she said

Naruto frowned ''Why hide it?''he said

''It was because Fugaku placed the genjutsu on me to look male because he wanted only son's and not a daughter in the family. But Kaa-san always helped me when I needed emotional support when Father became strict on my training.''she said

Naruto scowled at this Fugaku to do such a thing made him wanna kill the man, but first

''Then why didn't you tell me? I am your best friend aren't I? Don't you trust me enough to keep this a secret?''he said

The woman snapped her head up at him and let tears start to fall from her eyes. ''I didn't know what you would think of me, I didn't want the only person to bring me out of my cold persona to leave me if he found out the truth''she said as she fell to her knees crying.

Naruto was their in a instant holding her to his chest as he rubbed her back in comforting gestures. He still was trying to wrap it around his mind His best friend since childhood the Itachi he grew up with, trained with, did missions with was actually a female and was actually scared of telling him the truth?

He pulled himself back and raised her head by her chin till she was looking him int the eyes. ''You have nothing to be scared about, I would have accepted you either way, now...why not start telling me your true name hm?''he said

This made her emotions break and wrapped her arms around his head and cried andwailed into his shoulder as he held her. Knowing this might take awhile, after she had calmed down a bit she looked at him and spoke ''My true name...the one kaa-san gave me is Hitomi...Uchiha Hitomi...''she said

Naruto actually grinned, the name fit her perfectly,

''That's a beautiful name...Hitomi-chan it fits you, now Hitomi I need you to explain whats been bugging you for the past few weeks.''he said

Hitomi actually blushed at his compliment before she remembered why she was here. ''Naruto-kun, its a long story, but let me start by explaining what my clan has been planning...'' with that Hitomi started explaining the Uchiha clan with her father planning a coup d'état and rebel against Konoha. She told him of how some members of the clan were innocent and didn't even know of the plan.

She also explained her situation as a spy for her father in the Anbu this way she could gather important information and hear on the Hokage's meetings, but she also told him of her Undercover status being a double-agent for Sarutobi and the council.

She told him of Sarutobi's plan along with the Elders to have her slaughter the clan So something like this wouldn't happen again.

She even told him they when she tried to refuse Sarutobi threatened her by having Sasuke getting a loyalty seal placed on him and Mikoto used a breeding stock.

Thats when everyhing broke she fell into his arms and cried her eyes out. Asking, begging for any kind of help.

While she told him all this Naruto was deathly silent his bangs covered his eyes, as his grip on Hitomi was tighter and he kept pulling her closer into him to soothe her as much as he could.

When the woman stopped crying she looked up only to gasp seeing Naruto's murderous and deadly stone cold gaze. She could see his eyes changing bit by bit.

Naruto grit his teeth before pulling away from Hitomi, he got up and pulled her up as well.

''Hitomi-chan, you should have told me this before...''he said

''I-I didn't know if you would...''she said only to stop when Naruto hugged her as his chin was on her head.

''Of course I would have, you should have told me everything from the beginning. But I will tell you this Hitomi-chan''he said ignoring the fact he added the chan suffix to her name.

Though Hitomi did notice and would file it for later...

''I will help you, be damned I become a enemy of Konoha you and I are friends the best of friends you know this, and you should know I'd do anything to help you, Now me and you are going to the Uchiha clan Compound and find the ones who are planning this uprising, and the innocent ones will live. I hope you don't have any problems killing your father do you?''he said

She answered with no hesitation ''Hell no! I'll gladly kill him!''she said

Naruto nodded once more before speaking ''Good I want you to give me the names of who the ones are planning the uprising, also I'd suggest you put back on your 'itachi' genjutsu just incase. I'm gonna help you lift this burden and help out your clan, Now once you have killed your father I want you to get your mother and if possible Sasuke and take them at our squad safehouse.''he said while walking up to his closet.

She nodded with his planning and knew the innocent would be safe at the safehouse the seal's Naruto implated in the building wouldn't allow those with evil intentions would be blocked out. That's when she saw Naruto open up the closet to show a bunch of boxes and clothes, she watched curiously when he moved them out of the way and bit his finger drawing blood.

She watched when a white glow erupted from the closet. When it faded it showed a closet full of scroll's that had kanji for something different. They ranged from (Weapon's), (Medical Herbs and Medicine), (Personal Fuinjutsu books and Tag's), (Family Scroll's and Book's on Nin-Tai-Kenjutsu).

She watched in facination when he pratically cleaned out the whole closet and started sealing everyone into his own body she remebered him making a pocket dimension seal used on the body,but this shocked her.

When Naruto sealed the last bit of things he needed he closed the door, and looked at Hitomi and spoke ''Now Hitomi you know the plan after we kill the ones trying to plan the coup I'll have you take your Kaa-san and the ones that are innocent to the safefhouse after you do this activate the seal's. Because after this I don't want them to feel what is gonna happen afterwards...''he said looking away from her one second before looking back at her.

''Do you understand?''he said

''Yes Naruto-kun, but what about Mito-chan? And the rest of our friends? What will we do?''she said worried about her friends.

Naruto just scowled before punching the wall behind him making a 5 foot crater, this shouldn't be surprising since he had long since passed Tsunade's Legendary strength,but the Namikaze compound was made of the thickest stone and improved with defensive seal's. So what he basically just did was make a crater of pure Chakra-enchanced cement and steel.

This got a wide eyed look from Hitomi when she saw Naruto's eyes change once those eyes. The ones that showed he was willing to do anything to protect his precious people.

''Im gonna do what I should have done a long time ago, Hitomi-chan...I'm gonna usurp the Hokage and take Mito away from here to the Fire Damiyo. When I leave the gate I'm gonna leave a messenger bird for Yugao, Hana, Anko and Kurenai they will be the only ones to know what has happened. After this and I have Mito with me I want you and your clan to follow me ok?''he said

Mitomi just nodded dumbly still trying to wrap it around her mind hearing Naruto going to usurp the Hokage and governing body of Konoha itself. She mentally chuckled naruto was always like that he'd face a village and become its number one enemy if it mean't saving a friend in trouble.

She stood up and went over to Naruto and before he could do anything she did something she had wished to do for a long time.

She captured his lips in a passionate liplock. Naruto went wide eyed before remebering his first kiss with Megami and did what he did with her, He wrapped his arms around her and leaned deeper into the kiss making her moan in surprise, he rubbed her back while they went against the wall. They continued this for a minute before breaking apart for air.

When they seperated they eyed each other before Hitomi smiled with a small blush on her face. ''Thank you Naruto-kun, I just wanted to do that before we went seperate ways for now.''she said.

Naruto just blinked before grinning ''Yeah, me two Hitomi-chan who knows there might be more where that came from''he said with a teasing grin.

She blushed bright red before turning around ''L-let's go...''she mumbled.

Naruto smirked before coming up from behind her and hugged her from behind. ''Very well hime, but first let me reinforce some more clones to go help get my sister.''he said once he did that he grabbed her in a hug and shushined to the outskirts of the Uchiha complex.

2 Hour's Later we find Naruto's clones holding Mito Uzumaki Namikaze as they raced through the woods getting to the outskirts of Konoha. As they did so Mito was asking why he was doing his and only said they needed to get away from Konoha for good and that he would explain later.

At the Uchiha Clan complex chaos was happening 'Itachi' and Naruto himself had already infiltrated the clam compound and were assinating the traitor's. They were officaly found out and at the moment was killing off the planning traitors and was sparing the innocent which had the innocent ones follow 'Itachi's' clone and promised it will be explained later.

Naruto dodged a kunai slash before kicking a uchiha guard into a building and ducked under a Katon jutsu before doing handsigns himself

''Katon: Misairufureimingudoragon''(Katon: Dragon Flaming Missle) He stated before blowing a white flaming dragon incernerating a group of Uchiha shinobi and buring a few buildings along with it.

Naruto exhaled before looking at Hitomi's gobsmacked expression he chuckled before speaking''I had it mastered a bit ago, anyways lets get to your house I have a feeling something bad is happening.''he said which 'Itachi' nodded before they sped through the deserted or destroyed buildings.

When they got their Naruto narrowed his eyes when he heard sceaming so he rushed in kicking the wall in and finding the source with 'Itachi' following him.

When they got there they saw Fugaku trying to stab Mikoto which the woman was resisting the best she could despite her being having Resistance seals on her.

Naruto's blood boiled over and shunpoed between Fugaku and Mikoto and kicking the man through the wall and standing protectivly infront of Mikoto.

He nodded at 'Itachi' who nodded back which she went outside to deal with Fugaku. While that was happeneing he looked back at Mikoto and started ripping off the resistant seals on her and helping her stand.

''N-naruto-kun...whats going on?...Why was Fugaku trying to k-kill me''she said as tears were glistening in her eyes. Naruto just closed his eyes and hugged the woman he had come to see as a very precious person in his life and let her cry in his shoulder. He looked in 'Itachis' direction to see her standing over the dead body of Fugaku, but seemed to be looking at the other direction.

He didn't have time to think about it at the moment as he held Mikoto and helped soothe her as best as he could.

With Hitomi

Hitomi had just killed Fugaku with her Ninjato, before she heard sounds coming from the otherside of the room. She looked over her shoulder and inwardly cursed it was her little brother Sasuke, and with him seeing her over Fugaku's body made it confusing for the child.

''Nii-san, whats going on? That clan has been killed and...and''thats when realization came up on his face.

''N-nii-san...why?''he said as tears fell from his eyes.

Hitomi flinched which was missed by Sasuke and decided on another course of action.

''I was doing this, to Protect those Precious to me Sasuke.''she said in her Itachi genjutsu.

Sasuke looked at his 'Nii-sans form' in confusion, before he saw Hitomi's eyes close before they snapped open revealing her sharingan.

Hitomi knew what she was doing was risky, but maybe this way she could help her little brother. Before Konoha could corrupt him.

''I'm sorry Sasuke, but I have to go now as for why I did this its like I said it was because I wanted to protect those important to me, that included you as brother'' she said before her Sharingan morphed into a Three-pronged Shuriken and said

''Mangekyou: Tsukyomi'' She said that was when Sasuke fell unconcious with a gift from his Nii-san to secretly protect him later on.

With Naruto

He pulled away from her and spoke ''Mikoto-san we have to get you out of here I promise everything will be explained soon, but there is something rotten happening in Konoha and I intend to find out so please do me this favor and follow 'Itachi' when he asks you to.''he said he started walking out of the hole in the wall.

Mikoto watched her best friends son and her personal friend walk out after protecting her from getting killed. She calmed herself and saw 'Itachi' come back in with a sad frown on his face.

''Kaa-san its time we go, but first...'' Puts his hand in a tiger seal ''kai!'' before she changed back to her real form shocking and making Mikoto smile happily.

Hitomi smiled as she hugger her kaa-san. ''Kaa-san we have to go Naruto-kun has helped me get the innocents of the Uchiha clan away we need to get to them and fast''she said surprising Mikoto once more before she started grinning.

''Sooo...its Naruto-kun now huh?''she said Hitomi just blushed and looked away from her as Mikoto was laughing at her daughters expense.

Naruto himself had already shunpoed to the ANBU HQ and demanded for the guards to drag every single council member to the chambers on the law of The Captain Commander himself ordering this. They quickly saluted not wanting to be in Naruto's line of wrath.

When the council memebrs of all kinds were summoned from all the Civilains to the clan heads and Elder's even Sarutobi himself were dragged by the Anbu and told to come for it was an emergency.

When they asked why they only got ''It was Naruto-Komanda's order'' which made them all think what was going on.

''Why has that brat called us here for so late in the night!''said a pink haired council woman.

''I agree what is so damn important that he'd have his own Anbu drag us from our home to come here.'' said another civilain.

The Clan Head's though were mentally frowning wondering what was going to have a meeting ordered by Naruto himself, and it never happened since he hated the meetings.

''It's because I have important buisness with some people in this very room and your all here to witness what I mean''said Naruto as he appeared from the made everyone jump not even sensing him their while Sarutobi, The Elder's and Civilains glared at him.

''Why have you called this meeting boy? Some of us have better things to do!''

Naruto just throwed a glance at the man before ignoring him completely as he pulled out a folder from his coat. ''This is the reason I've brought you all here, it would seem there was some Uchiha in the clan planning a coup''he said and raising his hand silencing the incoming questions.

He then spoke once more ''Also this folder here is a personal file on my squad Member Weasel AKA Itachi Uchiha and from what I can see there is Top secret information of him being a spy for the Uchiha Clan.''he said gaining even more gasps and narrowed eyes from Sarutobi and the elders.

''But thats not the real reason I've brought you here you see,You Sarutobi and you Honorable elders of the Shinobi Council have made him an undercover spy to be placed as a double agent in the clan and also have ordered for him to slaughter his clan...that also has innocents within that know nothing of the plans some others were making.''he said

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at Naruto while The elders did the same while the clan heads were inwardly trying to figure where this was going.

''So I say right now, What gave you the fucking right to order one of my SUBORDINATES! Even if your the fucking Hokage you have no juristiction with my squad Hiruzen Sarutobi! And even more so you THREATENED my subordinate with his family if he didn't do as you ordered. So I'm gonna give you one chance to explain yourself Sarutobi one chance is all your gonna get!''he said

The Clan head's were gawking before Tsume growled at Sarutobi she always knew something was fishy about the man, but with this recent information tipped the scales.

Sarutobi was thinking a mile a minute on what to do before going with an alternative ''Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, you dare order me! The Hokage of Konohagakure! And dare threaten me? Would you risk your life like this to get information?''he said

Naruto glared at the man ''Hell yes you old bag of fucking bones''he said with venom dripping from each word.

Sarutobi then smirked and decided to play his ace ''But what about Mito? Are you willing to risk her life?''he said getting shocked looks from them all. Naruto was deathly silent after that before an Unmeasuralbe force slammed in the chambers crushing the floor the civilains didn't stand a chance and was slammed into the floor, the Clan Head's had more resistance, but had to hold onto their desks from falling to their knee's.

Though Sarutobi was had the worst of it since it was all aimed at him! He was on his knee's gasping for breath, he looked at Naruto to see a menacing ghostly figure holding a scythe hovering over him as Naruto was glaring at him with his now eyes changed from the ice cold blue to the black eyes with the golden pupils. They held so much anger and hate it was suffocating.

Naruto raised his right hand as Zangetsu appeared in his hand and pointed it at Sarutobi,

''If you so much as try anything to hurt her to get to me, I will make what I did in Iwa and Kyuubi's attack look like a childrens fight compared to what I would do to you and Konoha as a whole!''he said with a much diffeent voice then before.

He then glared ''Now that you have spoken I will leave you will this threat Hiruzen Sarutobi, if you so much as try anything that I find out is not right in my book I will do something far worse for your village and release all the secrets I know of in Konoha from the defensive mechanisms that protect our walls to the fuin-barrier that surrounds Konoha everything to even its dark...little secrets!''he said

This made Sarutobi go pale and nod before the pressure let up completely. When they looked up they didn't see Naruto anywhere.

But they could still hear his voice...

''Always remember Sarutobi, I'm always watching you and I'll be there when you fuck up and I'll be the one to send you to the Shinigami along with your teammates.''he said before the voice faded away.

This event had marked a major shift in Konoha as the Day, One Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze became its number one enemy and Missing-nin...

With Naruto we find him already outside the Konoha Gatesas he headed for the Safehouses. As he did so he sent 4 Kage bushin's Hegned into Messenger bird's to relay the information, and for them not to do anything until they got another message from him again.

5 Minutes later using shunpo he arrived at the Safehouse to seethe security seal's activated and the occupants safe and sound inside, he could also sense Mito in there as well with Hitomi and Mikoto around her.

He sighed before walking up to the doors and activating a blood seal to unlock the security seals as to not set the alarm off.

As he got inside he locked it backa nd turned around to see the Uchiha survivor's looking at him with understanding eyes, Mitomi must have explained while he was out. He nodded at them as he walked up the steps to talk to Hitomi and Mikoto and also to check up on Mito.

When he got to the second floor he saw a few Uchiha shinobi that weren't involved with the traitors guarding the door. Once they saw him though they saluted before opening the door. He smiled at them before walking through as the doors closed behind him ending with a 'click'.

Once inside he was on the receiving end of getting tackled by a red missle knocking him backa few steps. He looked down to see Mito smiling at him, he smirked before looking out to see Hitomi in her true form and Mikoto smiling at him.

He smiled back at he picked up Mito and set her on his shoulder only for her to stay put. He sighed before setting her in his arms in a bridal carry as she cuddled in to his chest,

Naruto rolled his eyes with a gentle smile Mito was always clingy when it came to him. He kept walking as Mito snuggled closer into him and spoke ''So I'm guessing you told the others of the situation?''he said gesturing to Hitomi.

Said now revealed female Uchiha heir smiled ''Yeah, though it was surprising when a few said they had suspected something, but couldn't get any real evidence.''she said

''And have you told'' pointing at Mito ''about anything else?''he said

Hitomi nodded ''Just the small portion, but what I don't get its what were going to do next?''she said with a frown.

Nauto just grinned ''I have an idea, just have the survivors get ready were leaving in about an 10 minutes.'' Naruto said while shifting Mito so her head was resting in the crook of his neck as he walked to the window looking out in the forests of Fire country.

Hitomi nodded before walking out to adress the survivors of their next move. Mikoto though stayed and walked up beside him as she looked at him with a gentle smile.

''You know Naruto-kun, you remind me so much of your father and mother its remarkable''she said

Naruto smiled ''Heh, yeah though honestly I think I take more after Tou-san, but got the short anger fuse from kaa-san. Especially when it comes to council meetings''he said with a frown.

Mikoto just laughed ''True, Kushina wasn't one for politics, but could make them shut up when they needed to, and I can see you got your fathers and physical appearance and skill's.''she said with a little humor in her voice.

Naruto just grinned ''Yeah, but I think Mito-chan here is just like Mom in everything from the tomboyish-attitude to the talent in Fuinjutsu.''he said as his eyes softly settled on Mito as he pat her head causing the little girl snuggle closer into him.

Mikoto blinked and smiled at the scene ''Naruto-kun, you really love her don't you?''she said. Which Naruto just looked at Mikoto softly.

''Yes, I love her more then anyone could imagine and would protect her to my dieing breath just like you, Hitomi, Kyofu, and all my other precious people...That was the promise I made when I died'' he said with the last part quietly, but Mikoto caught it, but before she could question him Hitomi came back in.

''Naruto-kun, everyone is ready its time to go.''she said

Naruto just turned around and nodded and walked to the door with Mikoto eyeing him strangely, she still couldn't get out what he said out of her mind. Now she knew there was more to Naruto then she or anyone else even knew. She then decided she would find out what he mean't later on.

Naruto walked out the door before he remebered something and looked at Hitomi ''Hitomi-chan, where is Sasuke?''he said

Hitomi just closed her eyes ''I decided to leave Sasuke behind I explained this to kaa-san and agreed, I have a plan that has a risk of a 50/50 chance in the future to work. Until then we'll have to wait till then''she said

Naruto just closed his eyes remebering Sasuke when he was growing up, and decided he would keep an eye on him to make sure he was okay. He opened his eyes ''Very well, then as your still-acting Commander I am gonna keep an eye out on Sasuke if hes ever in trouble or decides to take the wrong path. I'll straighten him out for you''he said with a grin.

This made Hitomi as well as Mikoto go wide eyed before they smiled and nodded

''Arigatou Naruto-kun!''they both said in unison which was pretty funny seeing they looked like clones of one another. Naruto just smiled and waved them off.

''It's alright, but right now we have to get moving.''he said as he walked out the door with the two following him. Mikoto wandering where they were going.

''Where will we be going Naruto-kun?''she said, Hitomi raised an eyebrow she too wanted to know, but she was more curious at how her mother was exclaiming his name in such an affectionate manner.

Naruto just kept walked as he held Mito ''Where we are going is the one place I know you all will be safe, its the one place Konoha can't touch you. Were going to the heart of Fire Country, we're going to Hi-shi The Capital City of Hi-no Kuni'' Naruto said.

This made them gasp, They were going to the Fire damiyo's city? The very place that was built even before Konoha? Sure they had been around the area on Mission's, but never before inside the city. Naruto somehow knowing their thoughts,

''Don't worry, we'll be let in I know the Fire Damiyo and hes a personal friend of my Fathers and myself as well. Even if the man is a Lord of a country he will not deny help from me since I've helped him out before and saved his family from assasination once or twice.''he said shocking them even more.

Naruto then looked at Mito before patting her head as he softly spoke,

''No matter how long I have to, I will always protect you through Life or Death. I shall stick to my promise and always protect you...'' Naruto said. He inwardly didn't know why he said that, but its just something within him Demanded him to say it. He shook his head as he was followed by a smilling Mikoto and Hitomi.

Hi-Shi Gates

At the gates of Hi-shi, we find Naruto with Mikoto and Hitomi on both his sides while Mito was on walking beside Naruto holding his hand with the last remaining Uchiha's following them. When they finally reached the gates they were surrounded by the Guards. They were Samurai the personal army of any Damiyo, They were the security force and police force of Each Capital City in every country.

As everyone was tense, Naruto was just staring at them with an impassive face. That is until they heard a voice from the Samurai.

''N-naruto-dono?''said a male voice

''Captain?''said a samurai, The Samurai were looking at their Captain who was walking past them torward Naruto before he bowed surprising them all.

Naruto just smiled at the man who was wearing the Standard Samurai armor except he wore a Captain's badge for Squad 3. the man had messy brown hair and grey-black eyes. He wore a Katana at his hip and a small dagger attached to his back with the handle facing his right so it would be an easy quickdraw.

''Its good to see you, Nokura''Naruto said.

The newly named Nokura stood up and smiled at the man before him ''As it is to me Naruto, what have you come here for?''he said eyeing the people with him.

Naruto frowned and spoke ''That will have to be spoken with Izo-sama''he said, which got a frown from Nokura and nodded.

''Then follow me, You all back to your posts, nothing to see here!''he said making the Samurai head back to their positions. Nokura then looked back and said ''Now if you will all follow me, we will head to see Izo-sama''he said getting a nod from Naruto.

Mito who was watching curiously looked up at Naruto and asked the question on all their minds, ''Ano, Naruto-nii who is Izo?''she said with her face scrunched up cutely making her look like a confused fox.

Naruto just smiled as he ruffled Mito's hair making her pout as a tint of pink rose up on her face.

''Why, Hes the Fire Damiyo of Hi-no Kuni''he said in a nonchalant manner although inwardly he was grinning like a madman.

This got gaping looks from everyone as he walked on with a confused Mito as to who the Fire Damiyo was.

Faiāparesu-Throne Room Eantrance

Naruto with Mito followed by Mikoto, and Hitomi. They had left the remaining in another room so they could rest after the long journey. As they left them they had followed Nokura as Naruto had yet to say a word only to speak when asked a question from Mito.

When they reached the Throne Room door's Nokura turned around and smiled ''Izo-sama, will be expecting you Naruto-dono, so Please go on ahead.''he said before the giant doors opened up slowly to reveal a room twice the size of the Hokage's office. The room itself had paintings of the previous Damiyo's along with their accomplishments listed below.

Ahead of the group was a small red carpet leading to a throne with a person sitting in it, This person was wearing elegant and formal clothing. He had black hair with some grey could be seen showing he was middle-aged. The man had brown sharp eyes that showed wisdom and a feeling of commandance.

This man was Iro Mazaki, Current Fire Damiyo of Hi-no Kuni and Lord of Fire Country...

The man smiled brightly when he saw Naruto and speaks ''Welcome Naruto how long has it been?''he said.


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