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More Than Enough

Nodoka's heart has never pounded so hard in her life; alright, maybe when she was ill with cold or nervous about exams or excited to play mahjong, but not like this. Not this hard and so fast it would require some strong medicine to curb the irregular pitter-patter of that life-sustaining organ in her chest.

To hell with medicine. If one girl can cause irregular heartbeats, sweaty palms, and shortness of breath in Nodoka Haramura, the reigning national middle school champion, then this is one sickness she doesn't want to be rid of.

Although she can't shake the feeling Saki's already forgotten their little spill, Nodoka can't deny the surprise she saw in those bright red eyes. No, she tells herself, she saw more than just eyes. Nodoka can recall the spark of electricity when tanned hands touched her pale fingers, a slide of silk that elicited a current to surge from the tips of white half-moons to the soles of her feet. She can feel Saki's breath on her face, warm and soft like a kotatsu on a cold wintry day, can smell the sharpness of Western and Eastern spices intermingling in the air from the variety of food stalls set up around them. She can even taste the sweet tang of tension that'd settled between them, lost in a world reserved for just the two and no one else, their faces inches apart and lips nearly grazing.

Gods, what a rush! Her blood still simmers at the memory, gushing like a river that is soon to grow rapid and plunge into eternity. She feels her cheeks flare with heat and the first drops of sweat emerging from the pores of her brow.

Nodoka sighs loudly and heavily, crushes Etopen to her well-endowed bosom and falls back on her bed like a sack of bricks. She always had the impression something was missing in her short life, a puzzle piece that could fit snugly between her quest for good grades and the national mahjong tournament. She's never put much thought on pursuing companionship beyond the concept of female bonding, but…it's nice to know there are people out there who share the same interests as her, who look out for her, and who cheer her on. She's representing Kiyosumi, after all; her and Yuuki and Mako and Hisa and Kyoutaro. And Saki, too, because Saki is her best friend and Saki makes Nodoka think of things that could happen to them between now and the nationals, things she wouldn't mind popping up when she least expects it. Just like their little spill at the summer festival.

She stares out the window at a star-speckled sky, and within minutes her eyelids droop and her body submerges in a tide of deep slumber.

Although her conscience will later scold her for it, Nodoka hopes Saki will trip more often. Even if their friendship doesn't escalate to that desired turning point, this is okay. She's happy to know that they'll be going to both national tournaments, as friends and as a team.

The thought is more than enough.