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This is a sequel of Broken Baby but hopefully can be read on its own.

Sorry you are going to have to get through about 1600 words of AN before you hit the chapter. Skim, read, but please note there is an important message in all of this. Or I wouldn't bother.

Let's start with me saying I in NO way condone or encourage sexual abuse or any other form of abuse. I originally wrote this as a possible one shot figuring it would be solely to get it out of my head and maybe help RAINN in the process. It did that. But then I felt the need to continue. My goal was to show how things can get out of hand in the abusers mind. Many of my reviewers noted that even though what Charlie was doing to Bella was reprehensible they understood the thinking. For Charlie it was about being in control of something and having an effect on the situation he was in (being the sole care giver for Bella).

Please keep in mind through all of this that it is just a story, and though Peter and Rosalie rescued Bella from her situation that is usually not the case in real life, many survivors need to save themselves. I realize this and encourage those in that position to speak up for themselves.

Chapter 1.1: Summing it up

The reason for this sequel is so people who want to read the rest of the story are able to without having to read the graphic and horrific nature that is Broken Baby. Please keep in mind these are the still the same characters however and the past events (in that story) did happen for the purposes of this story, so they may be recalled or discussed and I'll do my best to avoid any graphic scenes, of course I will post a big fucking warning if I need to.

So I'm going to try to sum up Broken Baby for you in the least graphic but most succinct way possible. You are free to skip any or all of this but it may help down the line.

Ch 1: The story starts over a month after Edward left Bella as Charlie mildly sexually abused Bella, bringing her "pleasure". Bella has been in a depressive catatonic state since she was found in the forest. This is Charlie's POV and what he thinks of what he's doing to "help" her.

Ch2: The back story on how he got started abusing her, which boils down to frustration because she wasn't reacting to anything, though she oddly takes care of her own personal hygiene. She has stopped wearing clothes because Charlie is just taking them off but still remains catatonic.

Ch3: Five months after Bella's birthday and Charlie is feeling more helpless, more confused, more frustrated, just more everything. He begins to think Bella owes him something so the abuse increases so he is now taking his "pleasure" from her (her virginity still intact, hymen however is not).

Ch4: about 5.5 months later now. Charlie wasn't doing very well with getting his rocks off the way he had chosen so he decides to penetrate her (virginity still safe). He is hopeless with caring for her and feeling more alone and isolated, without any aid. He still makes sure to "pleasure" her first but he uses her body to help him cope with his issues.

Ch5: (This chapter is probably safe to read, nothing graphic happens) New character comes on scene! 7 months after Bella's birthday, Rosalie lies to her family that she is going shopping and goes to check and see if Bella is dead. Alice, of course knows this, but she is not getting visions of Bella because Bella is not making any decisions. Alice hasn't been able to see Bella since Edward left and they suspect that he killed her. He left the family a couple weeks after he left Bella, he only contacts Carlisle and Esme once or twice a month. Rosalie feels if she finds out what happened to Bella, maybe she can get Edward to return so they can slowly work on mending their family. Rosalie sees Bella in her room in her catatonic state, watches her go shower and return, and can smell what she believes has been going on. She gets upset because of her history and goes to the Cullen home for a bit to call the family, while Charlie is at work and let them know where she really is and what she found.

Ch6: Same day. New POV! Peter arrives at the Cullen's in anticipation of visiting with the family, not knowing they moved but his intuitive gift sent him there. Charlotte left Peter a few months ago for another vampire they met while in Europe, so he is alone & a bit bitter. Peter is certain Jasper & Alice are not mates. Rosalie gives him the cliffs note version of what happened and then calls Emmett to explain her history to Peter because she is choked up & having a hard time dealing with the situation. He agrees to go with her and help her rescue Bella from Charlie's abuse. They arrive and Rosalie finds Charlie in the act (not graphic). Peter identifies Bella as his mate when he looks into her eyes (she's still out of it) and attacks Charlie. Peter eventually takes Charlie and tortures him (VERY Graphic, includes rape) before leaving him to die buried alive.

That brings us to now

**Before we can move on however there is a "Public Service" announcement I would like to make:

This is just a fictional story BUT Broken Baby dealt with a major topic, rape. For the sequel please keep in mind that Bella was catatonic and didn't know what was going on. This is a major thing to consider because most of the time children and teens that do go through similar experiences are wide awake and it is abuse, awake or not.

Abusers will threaten the survivor's family with death if they tell, in some cases they convince the survivor it is deserved or even wanted. Also…a body will react without you wanting it to. There is such a thing as forced orgasms, which makes people unsure of what is going one because they came, but it can happen for both boys and girls if there is enough physical stimuli.

So first off, if someone is touching you in any way that makes you uncomfortable (and you should understand, I'm not talking about my sister hits me in the arm all the time uncomfortable) tell them to stop, if they won't report it to a trusted adult. If it's a parent doing this to you, report it to a teacher or directly to the police, or other trusted family member. If it's a teacher, neighbor, or friend of the family, again tell a parent, adult, or the police. Tell someone! This isn't a joke!

The abuser lives in a world they believe they control because they believe they control you and don't usually even see the cops coming until they are on their doorstep. Rape is about control and power nothing more, it's not love and it's not a punishment. It's to make the abuser feel powerful and in control of another person. It is rarely about the survivor and more about the needs of the abuser, they are selfish and don't care that they are hurting someone.

If you are told as someone hurts you physically in anyway, "look at what you made me do?" or "you deserved it because…," or "I know you want it, stop complaining" or "if you'd just do what I say, I wouldn't have to do this to you," it is abuse, it is illegal, and a trusted adult and the authorities need to be notified. These are only a few examples of what perpetrators say, please don't think its not abuse if you haven't heard these statements but still feel you are being abused. If you feel you are, then most likely you are. People have rights and are not to be mistreated by each other. So PLEASE seek assistance if you need it and take your power back.

You can also contact RAINN at www(.)RAINN(.)org or call 1-800-656-HOPE (all calls are anonymous and confidential) for more information and assistance on how to help yourself or a friend or family member. It should be noted that the call will not show up on a home phone bill because it is a free 800 number however, calling from a cell phone the number will appear on the bill should someone look at it. If this is a concern because your calls are monitored please use a landline or even a friend or family member's cell phone, this call would also count against minutes on the cellular level, based on your plan. There is also an online hotline you can access through the above website.

It's hard to start talking about it, but talking about it can make it stop. Not talking about it allows it to continue.

Survivors are not responsible for the things done to them, they do not deserve that kind of treatment especially as a child or young adult. We can only control our actions and reactions, we cannot control those around us. If someone is forcing themselves on you the key word there is force!

In Broken Baby, Charlie reasoned his abuse, it still makes it wrong and even he knew that but he chose to continue. So please keep in mind that this is just a story but if you feel you need help or want help for a similar situation please ask for it, rescuers are few and far between, don't wait for them, help yourself now. If you need more information or have questions for me, please feel free to PM me at anytime.

Now on with the Chapter!

Previously in Chapter 6 of Broken Baby:

I jumped in the river watching the red rivulets of water leave my body and mix in with the icy blue water floating downstream. I wasn't completely clean but better. I left my boots in the river and just wore my jeans as I ran back, wondering, now what the fuck do I do?

Chapter 1.2: Hittin' the Road

Peter POV (always in this story)

I held a soft, tender Bella in my strong steel arms as we sat watching television. She accepted me, but wasn't sure of me. She felt the pull, the electricity, she couldn't deny the feeling, but she was weary. It didn't help that this whole fuckin' family was adamant that she was Edward's mate, well everyone except Edward that is.

We had made our way to the fuckin' Cullen home in New England three months ago and it had been a battle every day. I dunno why I thought this was a brilliant fuckin' idea. I guess because I didn't know the whole sordid fuckin' tale when I agreed to the visit. Needless to say, I wasn't too fuckin' happy when I was filled in.

In the meantime, Bella and Charlie were declared missing and speculation that they were having an affair wafted through the media. Other theories were that he went insane caring for her, killed her, hid the body, and disappeared. Either way, the last thing anyone mentioned was that she was fine and he was dead. But that was the reality.

Jasper had gotten Bella a new identity by the time we arrived, but when she finally saw that her papers read Isabella Cullen she went ballistic and shredded the papers into dust, literally. It couldn't even be used as fuckin' confetti, she was that pissed.

She chose the name Gabriella Marie Dove, which she wanted pronounced, "do-veh". She was still going to go by Bella for short and she was happy with the name she had chosen. Jasper quickly had all the paperwork redone to her liking. He was really trying to make amends for trying to make her a fuckin' snack-pack, but she said she didn't care about that. But he did and he fuckin' should!

That's my girl though, she doesn't care that she was attacked by a vampire, she cares that she was abandoned and broken by one.

I have to say I had issues with that fucked up situation myself. I was thankful that she wasn't able to push Edward into a more physical relationship, but at the same time, what he said to her, well, I may have ripped his arm off and beat him with it, before leaving it with 7 scars, one for each month that she suffered because of him. He still felt the pain in his arm because I made sure he attached it before it was healed and he never complained. Well he might have been a bit upset that he was going to be scarred now, but one look at Jasper and I and he became thankful he didn't have endure what we had. I'm sure Jasper had something to do with that, when Edward began whining, Jasper threw his shirt to the ground, probably mentally darin' him to say another fuckin' word. It worked.

Edward now wears seven scars on his left arm from me, for my mate, for the woman who he mentally killed and left to be abused by her father. That's how I saw it anyways. The rest of his family saw it that way too, but again not Bella. She didn't blame Edward for what her father did. And, according to Jasper, she was still somewhat doubtful that anything we said happened actually did. She didn't remember it at all. Doc C says her mind is still protecting itself and she'll remember when she can fully deal with it.

I dunno, maybe he's right, he's an educated fucker, but I think she's just making excuses. I can't believe she just lied there all those months and let him fuckin' touch her like that. I was angry at her for that. I tried not to show it, but it creeped me out now and then.

I looked down to the beautiful and increasingly healthy angel in my arms and was thankful she was alright, well as alright as she could be under the circumstances. I kept reminding myself of my love for her and even felt a little push from Jasper. He was doin' everything he could think of to help her, which included helping me. I gave him a chagrined smile knowing he felt my anger and hate seep up. He didn't know the reason for my stupid fuckin' upsetting feelings, but again everyone knew I was mad at her. I didn't want to be, I really fuckin' didn't, but I couldn't help it. Why didn't she stop him?

I increased my steely hold around her fragile body just a skosh, but she still noticed and eyed me warily from the corner of her eye. I wished none of this had ever fuckin' happened. She knew what I was thinkin' and she allowed me to hold her, I didn't move again. I didn't want to lose her so soon, or even fight with her. This was supposed to be a relaxing evening where we could just fuckin' "be ourselves" and not worry about the past or future.

But I couldn't help thinkin' about the whole fucked up story.

When I had returned to the Cullen's after my run in with the law also known as the fuckin' shithead who is my mate's father, I found Bella in a bedroom still burritoed in the blankets Rosalie had wrapped her in. Rosalie sat quietly, tearlessly crying in the corner of the room on a white settee. I didn't know whose room this was, the smells had faded long ago, but it seemed rather small and sparely decorated for it to have been much more than a guest room.

I went to Bella's side and looked at her. She didn't appear to have changed at all. She was still just staring at the ceiling, ignoring the red-eyed vampire staring at her. I would have thought if nothing else my eyes could have brought her out of it. I am her fuckin' mate after all. Shouldn't that fuckin' matter to her?

I sighed heavily and went over, sitting next to Rosalie and wrapped a loose arm around her shoulders. She leaned into me as I knew she would. I didn't say anything and despite my grisly appearance neither did Rosalie.

We sat there for a few hours, until Rosalie had gotten through whatever the fuck she was going through. When she was able to talk again, we began making a plan to get Bella back to the Cullen's and hopefully the Doc who could help her.

First things was first, Bella needed clothing. We decided that Rosalie would go to the house pack a bag for Bella and a bag for Charlie and we'd dispose of his bag along the way. I wasn't willing to leave Bella alone or at all for that matter. Rosalie understood and said she'd take care of it. She took her rental car and was gone.

It was now about 9 in the morning and I knew people would be looking for dear old dad shortly, so she had to hurry. We had wasted too much time with her fuckin' crying.

I went and lay on the bed cuddling the fuckin' egg roll that was my mate. She didn't respond and I allowed myself a few weaker moments to lose it like a fuckin' baby who lost his lollipop. She didn't know what was going on, what had been happening to her, and didn't fuckin' know who I was. When I finally gained control of the dry sobs I didn't realize had taken over my body, I got angry. I got really fuckin' angry. I made my way to the room I knew used to be Edwards and began demolishing every possession he had left behind.

Yeah, I might have been throwing a fuckin' temper tantrum, but fuck it, I needed to. I heard the shower in Bella's room turn on and I ran back to the room. Rosalie stood in the middle of the room looking like she had seen a ghost. Shit, when did she get back? She stared at the closed bathroom door and I realized quickly it was Bella in the bathroom.

I didn't know what was wrong with Rosalie, but I hooted and hollered, excited that she was up and moving and she was going to be okay. My noise making brought Rosalie out of her spook induced stupor and she gave me a sad smile.

"She's not okay," she said softly. That stopped me in my ridiculous celebration dance around the room.

"Huh?" I asked dumbly. My brain said she was okay, she was showering, and this was a good thing. It was taking every bit of restraint I had to not run in there and steal her out of the shower. I wanted to claim her, I wanted to talk to her, I just wanted to hold her and see the light in her eyes.

"She does this." Rosalie waved her hand towards the bathroom and I was dumbstruck. I'm sure I looked like one fuckin' ugly vampire fish, tryin' to ask what the fuck she meant, but not truly wanting the answer. I stared at the door, I listened to the soft heartbeat, and I listened for any other noises besides the water running down and off her body.

Rosalie took pity on me and continued, "I saw her do this yesterday at Charlie's. She uses the bathroom and showers, that's why she wasn't wearing diapers or anything, but she's still gone, Peter." I could almost see the lump in her throat that she was swallowing around as her voice cracked. I stared at the door, she stared at the door.

Until the shower shut off. I looked at Rosalie suddenly curious about something. "Did she even have soap or a towel in there?"

Rosalie shook her head, but added, "No, I slipped a few things in for her, though. Clothes, too. I hope she puts them on." Right after she spoke we heard the rustling of clothes and I stared at the door doubtful that my girl was still broken and hopeful that she was actually fine. All because I 'knew' thanks to my lovely fuckin' gift that she wasn't. I also knew that I wasn't going to like what I saw when she came out, and because I didn't know what that was going to be, I was honestly scared.

Not that I'd tell Rosalie or anything. After all, I am the man here, the rock, and a fuckin' vampire. I shouldn't let the sight of a human girl scare me, but I was fuckin' nervous about what was to come.

Finally, Bella opened the door and yes thankfully she was dressed. She however was looking right through us and her movements were jerky as she looked like a fuckin' puppet with strings being pulled, moving her body back towards the bed. It was the freakiest shit I'd ever fuckin' seen and that's saying something. I've been around for over a hundred years. I couldn't help but stare at the fuckin' train wreck in front of me that was my mate.

Before I knew what I was doing I had intercepted her right before she reached the bed. My hands landed on her t-shirt covered shoulders and I was trying to look into her eyes, to find the life there. They honestly looked like fuckin' brown turds or somethin'. Her eyes didn't shine, they didn't focus, they didn't move.

"Bella? Bella? I'm Peter, Jazz's friend." I waited for a reaction, but there wasn't one. I shook her a little bit then. "Bella? Come on, doll. Snap out of it. He isn't coming back, he won't hurt you anymore." I thought maybe if she knew she was safe from her father that would help, but it didn't. Nothing.

My hopes torn from me I let my hands fall from her shoulders noting that I didn't feel a bra under the t-shirt. I looked over to Rosalie and then back at the girl in front of me. Her clothes hung limply from her frame, like they were 3 sizes too fuckin' big. Where did Rosalie get these clothes? They looked like they belonged on a fuckin' linebacker not my mate.

I stepped to the side so that Bella could sit down and cringed as she proceeded to jerk her way the last few steps to the bed where she went from standing to laying, by passing sitting almost all together.

I don't know how long I just stared at her lifeless body. Yep, she was alive, but not really. She was somewhere else and I dreaded to think about where she was. Soon her eyes closed and her breathing and heart rate stayed the same as she fell asleep. Her closed eyes were the only thing that gave her away.

"Why is she wearing Dumbo's clothes and no bra?" I asked the air, knowing Rosalie wasn't too far behind me and would obviously hear.

"Dumbo?" Rosalie asked as I heard her move to the bathroom. I finally turned to see what she where she was going. A moment later she exited holding bra and panties in her hand. Oh. She just didn't put them on. "Dumbo who?" Rosalie asked when I didn't answer her previous question.

"Dumbo the fuckin' elephant. Those clothes are too God damn big, Rosalie. What are they Emmett's or some shit?"

"No." She shook her head. "They are hers," she whispered the last bit. I looked back over at the girl just lying here and took in her shrunken form. I could see her naked and disgustingly bony body protruding underneath the fabric and just couldn't even imagine a normal sized girl. I tried to imagine her filling out the clothing around her just a simple green t-shirt and sweatpants that had a drawstring pulled as tight as it would go. All I could picture though was one of those ugly fuckin' Cabbage Patch Kids with an obtusely puffy face and body. I snorted to myself, that wasn't right.

Rosalie eyed me wearily, but didn't say anything as mind my raced through scenes of fat children running around, trying to find the one that resembled my mate. She wasn't fat, I knew that, but my brain wasn't fuckin' functioning right.

My phone rang and thank God snapped me out of the horrible daydream I was in. "Hey Fucker, what do ya want?"

"I wanted to see if you and Rosalie were able to take care of the problem out there?" He was nervous, the fuckin' God of War was nervous? What the fuck!

"Yeah man, the asshole cop, which thank you for fuckin' tellin' me that little piece of fuckin' fried info is no more, will not be found, and neither will his damn cop car."

"His car? What'd ya do to his car?" Jasper asked. I looked at Rosalie who didn't know yet either and cocked her head to the side in question at that bit of information.

"I buried him in it," I said with a smug smile.

"You buried him alive?" Rosalie gasped and Jasper yelled simultaneously. People on the other side of the phone began trickling in asking Jasper questions.

"What… what if he gets out?" Rosalie voiced the question they were all wondering. I shook my head, but only she could see it.

"He ain't goin' nowhere, folks. He was barely alive when I left him and if he didn't run outta air first, he'd bleed to death. Not to mention he's so fuckin' far underneath the earth that they ain't never findin' his molestin' ass an' he'd have to make it through trees as well, since I made sure to brace trees over top of the fuckin' car so the weight of the dirt didn't just make smashed taters outta him," I explained this like I was speaking to a kid, but with the way Rosalie was looking at me, and the silence on the other end of the phone, I figured it was best.

A chuckle came over the phone from Jasper. "Man, glad you were there. Why was he gonna bleed to death? What'd ya do?"

I looked at Rosalie and knew the other two women were listenin' also. "Listen fucker, I'll tell ya later, the women folk really don't wanna know." I looked pointedly at Rosalie and she just nodded her agreement.

"Yeah, okay man, when you hittin' the road to come this way?" he asked. I looked at Rosalie who shrugged and nodded towards Bella whose face was now scrunched up with the most emotion I'd seen yet, and she looked to be in pain. I rushed over to her and began just running my hands along her body checking to see if she was injured. She seemed to calm a bit at that.

"I think she was having a nightmare," Rosalie stated. The people on the other end of the phone expressed their confusion and I picked it up where I had dropped it next to the bed to explain what had just happened. As I moved away from Bella she gave a whimper and I glanced at Rosalie silently asking, "What the fuck do I do?" Her answer was to shrug.

I pulled on the collar of my navy blue t-shirt in frustration, a stupid fuckin' human habit I picked up from that bitch Charlotte. I refused to think about her further. I ended the call with the Cullens and turned to Rosalie to discuss a few things. I went and sat next to Bella gently brushing my fingers along her face and again she seemed to calm. I wondered if even in her sleep she could sense her mate was near. I didn't dwell on it; we had shit to figure out.

"You got everything she'll need from the house? And a bag for Charlie?" I asked, making sure our asses were covered.

"Yes," she hesitated. "I… well… I took…."she was fuckin' nervous and it was makin' me jumpy.

"Spit it the fuck out, woman."

"I went through everything as quickly as I could. I took a few pictures and stuff for her and well I found some things…." she trailed off and looked like she was going to cry or bust a gut or somethin'.

I waved my hands encouraging her to continue, hurriedly. We didn't have all fuckin' day to be shy.

"Well, I found some medicated drink shake that was in the cupboards, I took all of it. We should probably give her some. It says 3-5 times a day. Her pictures, well Charlie had one in his room. I think it was of him and Bella. But he shot both their faces. The glass was gone, but he kept the picture and the frame. I took it and put it with his things, if nothing else to get rid of it. I just don't know what that meant. I also found a… a diary, Peter. But I couldn't read it. I brought it too… I just couldn't do it. There was a lot of dirty laundry that was stained, if you know what I mean." She quit speaking and just shook her head in disgust. She was done. But I knew a lot more than I did 10 minutes ago. A lot more that I kinda wished I didn't know.

The stupid fucker kept a diary? Shit! And he had a picture of them shot? I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound too fuckin' good. I was torn if I should look at the diary or not. In the meantime we packed our stuff up in my truck slowly, letting Bella get her sleep and I'd dash upstairs anytime she made a noise which was frequently. I could see Rosalie was trying not to laugh at me and I was thankful for it, but I just didn't know what to do. I'd never been in this kind of fucked up situation.

We finally attempted to move Bella's sleeping form to the backseat of my truck and I was thankful I had the biggest fuckin' thing money could buy. Rosalie placed a pillow under Bella's head and a blanket she got from I don't know where over her. She was just a tad too long for the truck and I had to bend her knees a bit. It honestly felt weird touching her like that, but she seemed easily manipulated into any position; though her normal seemed to be stiff as a board on her back.

We set off for the East coast, unsure of how to work the travel with Bella and discussed it along the way. She slept for a few more hours, we think. I kept trying to watch her, my review mirror angled towards her sallow face instead of the road behind me. Eventually, I saw that her eyes were open, but nothing else had changed. She didn't move, she didn't make any noise, and her breathing and heart rate were still even. Fuck, the only difference was her eyes open or closed. That sure as fuck ain't normal.

I let Rosalie know she was awake and she turned around and started talking to her. Telling her how sorry she was for Edward leaving, how sorry she was for what her dad did to her and how she was going to help take care of her until she died. That's when I pulled the fuckin' truck over before I ripped the fuckin' steering wheel off. I hopped out quickly and screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK?" at Rosalie's side of the truck.

She looked scared shitless and looked to check on Bella once more before she cautiously exited the truck, but still stood up against it. In the meantime, I was prowling up and down the shoulder of the highway like a fuckin' lion on the prowl and Rosalie was a smart bitch, she stayed against the truck so I wouldn't attack her. She knew I wouldn't do anything to Bella and she was using her as a shield and that fuckin' pissed me off more.

"Get your fuckin' ass away from my fuckin' truck, bitch," I growled at her. I wanted to advance on her but I was doin' everything in my fuckin' power to keep myself in check and remember that Bella was in the truck.

The bitch had the audacity to shake her head no as her eyes widened with my words. "W… what d…did I d… do?" she stuttered out. I stopped dead in my tracks and leveled my onyx glare on her. My muscles were coiled to spring and I was nearly there, I didn't want to talk, I wanted to tear some shit up. In the interest of not hurting her or my mate, I turned and ran into the field behind me and since there were no trees nearby I dove into the ground and began just tunneling like a mother fuckin' gopher. I didn't have a destination and I didn't care what I was doing or where. I was just focused on ripping the shit out of the ground in front of me and as it got deeper I went with it.

I heard a far away sob come from Rosalie as she probably wondered if I was digging her grave and that idea didn't honestly sound half fuckin' bad. Then I could hear whisperin' but no actual words. I was just far enough away I couldn't make out what she was sayin' or who the fuck she was talkin' to. As soon as her words finished my cell rang. "Fuck!" I screamed into my hole.

I sat down and answered the mother fuckin' phone figuring it was Jasper or Emmett, neither of which did I want to hear from now. "What?" I answered with a growl. I was considerably calmer at that point, but still nowhere near relaxed.

"You're an ass," Jasper voice said full of sarcasm. He was calm. I wasn't fuckin' calm.

"That's not a news bulletin, fucker," I retorted with a snort, smashing my hand into the dirt below me. I finally took a look around the crater I had made in this field. Fuck. It was about 10 feet deep and yep the size of a fucking grave.

"So what's up?" he asked all nonchalant like.

"I think I've become a fuckin' gopher," I replied. "But hey, everyone thinks their fuckin' cute, right?" I asked trying to sound like nothing was wrong, but I could still hear the growl in my voice and I knew Jasper could.

"Uh huh, did you grow a fluffy tail? Maybe some fur?" he asked playing along. And then it hit me.

I began laughing my fuckin' ass off. "Peter?" Jasper asked. I knew he thought I was off my rocker, but let's face it. I was!

"I'm not your fuckin' meal, asshole! So no actin' like I've got a fluffy tail and long ears! I sure as shit ain't pumpin' blood around in veins either. So you'll have to wander somewhere else for a fuckin' snack!" I laughed and pretty much my anger was all gone, except when I thought about Rosalie and then I sobered quickly.

Sensing my abrupt change in mood like a woman with PMS, Jasper asked the million dollar question, well questions, "What did Rose do, Peter? She's scared to death of you, but doesn't wanna leave Bella. What happened?"

"Man she fuckin' implied that Bella was gonna die. That she'd stay by her side and take care of her until she died. Like Bella is never gonna be normal again," I said grinding my teeth together, my anger making a quick come back.

"Shit," Jasper replied quietly over the phone more to himself than me. "Ummm… Peter… well hell… that's not what she meant," he was hesitant. The fuckin' God of War is never fuckin' hesitant. What did he mean that's not what she meant?

"What d'ya mean 'that's not what she meant'? What the fuck did she mean then?" I asked, still angry but increasingly confused.

"Peter, keep your cool man, okay?"

"m'kay," I answered trying to brace myself for what was coming. But bracing yourself for the unknown is fuckin' hard!

"She meant… that she'd be there for Bella as she grew old and died a natural death."

"Fuckin' spell it out brother. I'm still not getting' it. That's what she said. She implied Bella isn't gonna get better and just die that way," I repeated myself and I fuckin' hate repeating myself.

"Well, I… fuck man… she's not plannin' on Bella ever becoming one of us."

Blank, everything went totally fuckin' blank.

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