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Author's Note- Not sure why out of all my different fanfic pairings I love to write smut with these two. But somehow it just seems right for them! Lol. I intend to add to this one but make no promises… I get distracted easily! :p

Kate knocked loudly on Gibbs' door. She waited a few minutes, hearing only silence from inside. She reached for the door knob, knowing she would find it open.

"Gibbs!" she yelled as she walked into his kitchen. Hearing only the quiet of the house and the soft ticking of the clock in the living room, she let herself into the basement, expecting to find him lost in working on his boat.

The basement was empty.

She walked back upstairs and looked around nervously. His car was in the drive, so she knew he must be there, but she had never been on the upper floor of his house. She sighed and started up the steps, calling his name again.

Four doors led off the hallway upstairs. First was the bathroom, followed by the guest room and a small office. At the end of the hall was the last room, Gibbs' bedroom. She made her way down the hall, peeking into each room, until finally she stepped into the doorway of his bedroom.

She froze as her eyes took in the scene before her.

Gibbs lay on his bed, totally naked, eyes closed. His hard cock rested heavy against his stomach. His left arm was up over his head while his right fingertips idly ran up and down his cock. Her eyes took in every detail of his body. His body was in perfect shape, muscles toned, skin lightly tanned. Her fingers itched to run through the silvery strands of hair on his chest.

Her eyes flickered down to his stomach and then lower as his hand moved. She watched as he placed his palm flat over his cock and his hips rose upwards to press himself into his hand.

She let out a soft, involuntary moan. Gibbs jerked upright, eyes flashing open as he pulled the sheet to cover himself.

His blue eyes bore into her for a long heartbeat.

"What are you doing here, Kate?" His voice was steady and his face bore none of the redness that she could feel burning over her own cheeks.

"I.. um.. there.. they found.." She stumbled over words, trying to regain her composure.

"Where?" he asked.

"Norfolk. Plane leaves in five hours."

"And you didn't call because…?"

"Actually, sir, we did call. You didn't answer. That's why I'm here," she replied, a bit of her composure returning.

Gibbs watched her. He was still recovering from being caught masturbating by the very woman he had just been fantasying about. However, he had not missed the desire filling her eyes when he first looked at her. And he definitely hadn't missed her soft moan.

He decided to take a chance. A very, very big chance. He lay back on the bed, returning to his earlier pose with one hand above his head. He threw the sheet off, his right hand cupping his now half erect cock.

He heard her gasp, saw her take a small step into the room, and he was instantly hard as a rock again. He closed his eyes, wrapped his hand around his cock and thrust his hips upwards, fucking his fist for a few short strokes before stilling again. He reached lower, massaging his balls before trailing his fingertips lightly up the length of his cock.

He was dying to open his eyes and see her reaction.

He resisted the urge and loosely wrapped his fingers around his cock, stroking himself gently.

He swore he could sense her presence closer to the bed, closer to him.

He tightened his grip just a bit and rocked his hips upwards once. Twice. On the third time, he heard her whimper softly.

He managed to hold back his smirk.

Two more thrusts of his hips later and he felt motion on the bed. He stilled, and opened his eyes. Kate had climbed up onto the bed, kneeling next to him as her eyes stared at his cock.

She reached out with her hand, holding her fingers just a hair above his cock, so close he could feel the heat of her hand. His cock seemed to strain upwards, aching for her touch.

She touched him. The tip of her index finger touched the tip of his cock and traced a slow line down to his balls.

He swallowed a groan.

She added the tip of her middle finger as she traced around his balls, along one side, down underneath them, and back up the other side.

Gibbs fought his hips, fought to stay still and quiet.

He lost that battle when she wrapped her small delicate hand around his cock and stroked him from tip to base once. He trembled and moaned softly.

She looked up at him then, her hand still at the base of his cock. Her chocolate eyes locked with his blues. She stared at him for a long minute, seemingly dissecting whatever she saw in his eyes.

He didn't hide anything. He let her see his need, his desire.

She blinked and, holding his eyes, slowly lowered her mouth towards his cock. Her tongue flicked out, tasting the tip of his hardness. He gasped. She closed her eyes and took him into her mouth. She sucked gently as he slid into her hot wet mouth.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed at the unbelievable sensation of her tongue on his cock.

She worked his cock slowly, sliding him in and out of her mouth, one hand stroking the base of his cock in sync with her mouth.

Gibbs groaned, hands gripping the sheets.

She moved her mouth off him, holding the base of his cock as the head slipped free of her mouth. She swallowed, licked her lips, and ran her tongue in a circle around his head. She wrapped her lips around him again and slowly lowered her mouth down his shaft.

He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat.

"Jesus, Kate," he murmured.

She slowly backed off of him, her tongue and mouth working around his cock as she did so. Her hand stroked his shaft as she sucked on the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around him.

Gibbs moaned loudly and his hips rocked upwards.

Kate worked him faster, her hand pumping him as she sucked his head harder, determined to make him cum.

It was working. Gibbs dug his fingers into the sheets as he felt the familiar tightening in his belly and balls.

"Kate…" he warned.

She sucked him even harder for three more strokes. She sat up, wrapping her second hand around his cock, thumb massaging his head.

"Oh, Kate, don't stop," he pleaded, his body trembling.

His hips thrust upwards off the bed as Kate felt the pulse go through his cock. She watched, rapt, as he came, wave after wave of cum shooting in an arc from his cock, landing on his chest and stomach. She moaned at the sight, as he moaned her name in the midst of his orgasm.

As his hips lowered to the bed and he came down from his orgasm, she gently stroked his still hard cock, sending aftershocks through his body. When those calmed, she picked up the nearby towel, obviously put there for this reason, and carefully wiped the cum off his chest and stomach. She then gently wiped his cock clean as well and dropped the towel to the floor.

Gibbs opened his eyes, settling on her face. She was blushing again.

Before Kate knew what had happened, Gibbs flipped her onto her back and pinned her to the bed. He was between her legs, his still hard cock pressing against her center as he captured her lips in the most passionate kiss ever.

Kate's hips rocked up against Gibbs as he pressed down harder against her. He nibbled lightly at her lower lip as he released her from the kiss. He pulled back enough to meet her eyes. "I need to get ready, wait for me downstairs?"

She nodded, and Gibbs thought he caught a hint of sadness in her eyes. He gently cupped her cheek in his hand.

"Tonight. Your place, 2100. Leave the door unlocked. I want to return the favor." He kissed her lips softly.

Kate blushed again. "Ok," she said.

Gibbs got up and pulled her up against him. He kissed her deeply and then whispered in her ear. "By the way, that was fucking amazing." He turned and walked towards the bathroom, leaving an overwhelmed Kate standing in the middle of his bedroom.

Kate was sitting at his kitchen table when he came downstairs twenty minutes later.

"Ready?" he asked, opening the front door. She got up and made as if to walk past him, but he stopped her with an arm across the doorway.

"Kiss me, Caitlin."

She went up on tiptoe and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. His arms went around her, one had at the back of her head, holding her into the kiss, and one on her lower back, pulling her body tight against his.

She whimpered softly when he released her a minute later.

"Tonight, Kate," he murmured, his voice sending a thrill through her body.

"It's going to be a long day," she thought, as she followed him out to the car.