Title: Control Freak

Author: Hollita

Summary: Harry chose to join Voldemort rather than fight him, in return for the safety of his friends and an easy way of life, but now the psychotic dark lord wants him to marry and produce offspring, by the end of the week.

Rating: R

Chapter: 1/7

Beta'd: Nooooo :/

Warnings: MaleXMale relationships, AU, OOC- due to story change, Language, Voldemort.

Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, suggested Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

Disclaimer: I can assure you that I do not own Harry Potter and neither am I making any money from this here fic

Most of his mind said he had done the clever thing, a small part said that it was cowardice. But he shut that idea away with the fact that everyone had survived. Well Dumbledore and Sirius hadn't, but no one else had died, that meant that the Weasley's, Hermione and the members of the order had all lived and were fine, yes bargaining his allegiance in return for the guaranteed safety of everyone else had completely changed the system… and sure they weren't as close anymore and even though they met frequently and laughed like the old days, he couldn't help but feel they were disappointed in him, but maybe it was because they treated him like Harry not…Your highness.

Lord Voldemort was an egocentric, megalomaniac with a severe need to be in control and yet, after toppling the ministry and creating a so called stronger magical Britain, he hadn't been so bad as Harry first had feared.

Sure, Purebloods were more revered now, much like they had been a few decades ago and Muggle-born wizards were slightly more ostracised, but those with talent and strong abilities were treated with an equal respect. Regardless of blood-class.

It wasn't perfect, but it could have been much worse, really it could.

But being the favourite and somewhat heir of the threatening ruler of the wizarding world wasn't perfect either. Whilst he was fawned over by the masses, treated with both respect and awe, he was also feared and hated for not fighting for what was seen as the 'great of good'

And now, Merlin forbid, he was staring down at several black portfolios titled with sections of the alphabet going from A-D to V-Z and the pale looking snake man sitting in his obnoxiously lavish gold office arm chair attempting to smile. It wasn't working, it was downright creepy, even for Voldemort.

"What are these?" Harry asked with a sigh leaning an elbow on the armrest and raking his hand through his unruly black hair and fixing his eyes on the black books on the desk.

"Portfolios of the worlds most influential and beautiful pureblood heirs, all of which can be made available and can bear children." the pale man stated calmly and Harry blinked.

"This is the marriage and heir thing again isn't it." Harry inwardly groaned and puffed out air as his creepy benefactor nodded happily. "Didn't we agree it is too soon?"

"You're twenty-four now." The red eyed man stated with cold nonchalance and Harry rolled his eyes at the statement.

"I'm only twenty-four! Besides in case you haven't noticed, I have zero interest in women."

The dark lord trailed a hand over the books on the table and pictures and text was drawn out of the paper and dissipated. "There you go! No women. It's simple. Pick one, have sex. If it feels right, get married. if not that will be sorted out later. You have a week don't disappoint me." It was strange how persuasive the skinny yet evil man could be when he threatened as he dropped the books in the emerald eyed mans lap and left the room with a self satisfied smirk.

Harry sat up in his king size bed in his grand manor room and scanned the profiles with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

Samuel Janus Goldrich
5ft 6inches
Blood type A
Blood Purity level: 87%

Harry stared at the moving photograph with no interest.

The man had sunken brown eyes, small lips and dull mousy hair. If he was to be subjected to marry someone they would have to at least look good to the eye.

He didn't bother with the blurb beneath the dull looking man's name and instead drew a cross over the page using his wand, the guy was too short and too old anyway. A definite no.

Lucas Belvaro Harrington
5ft 9inches
Blood type AB
Blood Purity level: 92%

A red head with bright blue eyes smiled in the photograph and brushed his hair behind his ear flirtatiously and Harry's brow rose, his interest piqued.

Attended Durmstrang academy, graduating with straight A's in N.E.W.T.S, Specialised in transfiguration and herbology. House Quidditch chaser, Parseltongue.

Harry turned over leaving the page in tact, a definitely maybe.

Several more disappointments later and…

Draconis Abraxas Malfoy
5ft 9inches
Blood type O-
Blood Purity Level: 98%

Harry's eyes widened in shock and he sat transfixed staring at the blondes portrait with his mouth agape.

The blondes hair was longer, so much so it reached his shoulders which were on show as if he wasn't wearing a shirt in the picture, more shocking though was his expression in the picture, at first the blonde pulled the usual tired, unimpressed face whilst looking away from the camera almost pondering something, until after a few seconds as if someone had called him, he turned around to the front and smiled.

Malfoy never smiled, or at least Harry had never seen him smile, and it appeared to be a rare thing as it was only small and perhaps, even hesitant and shy, but at the same time beautiful and gentle and then… he brushed his hair behind his ear, but unlike the redhead it was out of necessity, more thoughtful but at the same time more sensual as his hand then trailed down his neck and he looked back to the side before the image looped and started again.

Attended Hogwarts Academy, graduated with mainly A's in N.E.W.T.S, specialised in Potions and Divination. House Quidditch seeker, Veela heritage, Dragon telepathic.

Harry frowned at the final note, the blonde could understand dragons? He suddenly felt both intrigued and jealous of the blondes apparent skill.

He pulled the page carefully out of the book and left his bed and called for the nearest house-elf passing on his choice to be taken to his pushy, self-proclaimed father.

The next day he sleepily waddled down the stairs and stopped mid-yawn at the back view of a certain blonde sat in the reception seating area, lost in some book that was intricately illustrated.

"Good morning!" Harry cheered and the blonde swerved around to his feet clutching the leather bound literature to his chest looking worried, until he realised it was him, then he just looked angry.

"This isn't because of you is it." He hissed in the same voice Harry remembered from when they had last met… around 5 years ago.

"Well I was the one that called for you yes." Harry grinned but that soon faltered when the blonde looked even more pissed. His hands clenched till his knuckles were pale white with sheer anger and whilst part of him was concerned by his apparent anger another part revelled in the familiar haughty expression that the pure-blooded boy always directed at him.

"Then tell me where they have taken him!" Draco screamed angrily slamming the book on the side table and Harry frowned at him.

"Taken who?" He asked quietly and watched the blonde's anger turn to sheer horror at his response and silver irises widened and glistened slightly with tears and he exhaled with pain.

"Why am I here?" he sobbed.

Harry was taken aback at the comment and grimaced and swallowed the lump in his throat feeling his hands sweat with the type of nerves when you know you've done something bad but not what or how serious it is.

"Umm you're here because I requested for you to be." Harry whispered and frowned mournfully at the blonde who was rubbing away tears leaking from his eyes.

"Why?" He wailed and Harry frowned at how emotional he was getting, this was far from normal and Harry couldn't help but feel worried about the blondes mental state, he was nearing hysterical.

"Because I need to marry someone and I only have a week to decide so I…"

"So this is your fault!" He screamed, the whites of his eyes stained pink and looking painful and enraged. "Stupid Potter! You've always been so bloody stupid!"

"I am not stupid." Harry retorted indignantly and watched the Blonde smile falsely.

"Oh you are." His voice was strangled with upcoming tears that dripped from his eyes with each downcast blink. "I am a Veela Potter, Veeli only have one mate, which they have for life, which completes them…and…because of your selfish request…they have him." his voice cracked now and trembling alabaster hands covered his tear stained eyes. "And…now so that he couldn't interfere with your…stupid! Careless plans…They…they will kill him." He sobbed and collapsed to the floor in a tragic and distressing heap and Harry rushed over to the blonde who was practically quaking with grief.

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