I would like to apologize greatly for my seemingly dropping off the face of the earth for the past few months. I have been INSANELY busy with my high school, college, and honor band work and I needed A LOT of time off. This is a general message I'm posting on every story I have, so just scroll down to whatever story this is and read.

The Daedric Experimentation

You guys have no idea how much I want to continue this. And I am going to continue it, so don't worry. However, it's been MONTHS since I've played Oblivion, and I want this to be as factual with Oblivion as it can be. There's also the problem of Amy and Priya who just sorta showed up out of nowhere after I wrote the first chapter. I think adding them in would unnecessarily bloat the story, but it doesn't make sense as to why they wouldn't be there. Drop me a message about your opinion on this.

My Own Worst Enemy

This story is getting the ending and possibly the rest of the story completely reworked. I don't like the ending, and when writing it, I really didn't like writing it either. But I was getting so overworked and overwhelmed that I needed to just STOP it somewhere and not leave you guys hanging. When I get some more free time, expect to see some chapters reworked.


Dude I am totally out of ideas on this. I want to write a new chapter, but I don't have any good jokes in mind, and I don't want to make a crappy unfunny next chapter. So I'll tell you what. I'm going to be lazy and ask you guys for YOUR IDEAS! But you have to send it to me in a private message, cuz we don't have to spoil the fun for everyone else, y'know! :D


Search "David Tennant" in an internet image search engine, and message me telling me if you'd think he'd make a good Dimka. Honestly I think he would. He's 6'1", can do any accent in the world, and my god is he SEXY. They could probably make him look younger with the right lighting and makeup. Unfortunately he will prolly never be cast as that, but it's fun to share yummy Teninch with the world.