Author's Note: Hello, everyone! This is my own take on the Twilight series. There are similar plots and situations, but with new twists and turns. I basically kept everything I liked about the series (both the books and films) and took out what I didn't. (For example: NO sparkling. Something else happens in sunlight. The setting is college, not high school. Bella is a stronger character, and Edward has a darker side. For other changes, read!) Please leave me reviews and let me know what you think! Thanks, and enjoy!

I always hated the classic fairytales.

You know, the ones where a princess is in some sort of distress, either by some curse or spell, and can only be saved by the kiss of her true love; aka the unknown, unnamed prince charming. They always bothered me for some reason. Whether it's the cliché plotlines, the unnaturally handsome prince, or the disgustingly weak princess, I never really got how people could love them. I thought the whole idea was ridiculous.

Until I became part of one of my own.

Though, it was a little bit different than the classics. I don't have an evil step-mother trying to kill me. Nor do I find myself to be a damsel in distress…well…I try not to be. It's not my fault that my lack of feminine grace gets in the way and puts me in embarrassing situations. But I do have danger, someone out to get me, and in his own little way, a prince.

Oh, did I mention that he often desires to rip me apart and drain me of my blood?